Yuletide Policemans Ball, PoV Rose


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Time: 9h
Involves: 30 unique people, give or take.
12/26/2019 @ 3:15pm SLT
Red Tail Event Ballroom

[17:23] [Weather] You are now inside.
[17:23] Erika: "I use to work here! It sucked!"
[17:24] Ping MK:3: makes way inside since it was like, way past time~!
[17:24] Kensei Nobunaga makes it a POINT to brush off his half cape and coat as he strides on in, really fucking owning that shit. Scotland forever folks. Scotland. Forever.
[17:24] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a bow, "Please make your way up the stairs, I have prepared the ballroom for tonight.
[17:26] Rose Nikki Draconis bows once more, "Please, feel free to sit where you please, we currently lack servers, but theres plenty of foods and drinks to pick at, and each table has a bottle, should that run dry, please inform me."
[17:26] Kensei Nobunaga: stopped before Rose, taking a few moments to properly take a step back, place a hand on his heart and bow.

"Y'look lovely tonight, miss Draconis. Thank ya fer hostin' this ball fer us again. We appreciate th'hard work y'go through tae accommodate EarthGOV's personnel."
[17:27] Sekan Vaako walks through the door and smiles as he sees the ballroom, looking over at Feya, "See somewhere you want to sit, love?"
[17:27] Talia feels suuuuuuper out of place and uncomfortable...
[17:28] Erika is even more out of palce and she loves it
[17:28] Feya Vaako: "Hmmm... You lead. I'm fine with anywhere."
[17:28] Rose Nikki Draconis nods, "I appreciate the compliment." She looks to the folks entering now, "As I have stated, please, sit where you like, food's a plenty and drinks are around. I am working on getting servers currently, and there will be entertainment before too long."
[17:29] Khoba: tucks his hands behind his back, doing his best to maintain a stonefaced front. But he was also incredibly uncomfortable in this setting. It was way too- "..Fancy.."
[17:29] Kensei Nobunaga: stood up straight, offering a gentle nod as he strode on past. He has learned since last time. All those endless hours learning table ettiquite, all those endless ballroom dances, all the time spent jumping around a sword...
[17:29] Inphi wanders on in after everyone else, not entirely sure why she was even going to this... as she didn't exactly have friends. She stared at everyone's outfits for a few moments, comparing them. She wonders if she looks too much like a boy in this vest... but then remembers that she doesn't really care.
[17:29] Sekan Vaako purrs and slides a seat out for Feya, making sure she was comfy before sitting in his own seat.
[17:30] Talia shifted from side to side, one arm down straight while the other gripped at her elbow. Glancing about the small collection of officers, she weaved her way through to stand behind Cirdan and grip her shoulders, head resting beside hers. "So. Where ya wanna sit? "
[17:30] Erika looked up towards Farra "Let's grabba seat, I'll tell you all about what a Ball is."
[17:30] Kensei Nobunaga IS scared to sit down, however.He's jsut going to stand and look noble for a time.
[17:30] Feya Vaako would take her seat with a smile from such manners of her husband. "Thank you dear. Oh it's been too long."
[17:30] Ping MK:3: heads on inside and looks around, smiling... still nervous... but she's here. "So...what now?" She looks around a bit more.... Very much clueless.
[17:31] Sekan Vaako smiles and winks to her before gesturing to the bottle, "A little champagne? And indeed. It's been quite a while."
[17:32] Farra Klondike: eyed around the room. Frowning. "...I mean, frrr... I think it's still a front... I mean, wait... Holy, feh, heck. Erika. It looks like HOME here. Just with...more healthy, living trees... Seriously, cover this room in skulls, and uhh, Get rid of the ball, put in a clown head in, and you basically got the old council chamber." frowns. "I mean, obviously make it dirtier."
[17:32] Feya Vaako raised her hand up and shook her head. "Dear. You know I can't drink right now."
[17:32] Jassi Meep eases up next to Rosey with the final tray in hand and a collection of white and red wine
[17:32] Kensei Nobunaga came to grin as he looked at the others. "Bit nerve wreckin', aint it?" He asked. "Was th'same with me first ball. Trust me, y'come tae relax 'n feel right at home quickly enough."

Of course he glanced aside towards Seshet, giving her a gentle bow of his head. "Wearin' yer mask, e'en now?"
[17:32] Erika nodded her head "Oh yeah it totally is, Farra. I can like, confirm that." she spoke with a smile But aahhh dood, we shoulda brought some skulls, woulda made this place hella dope."
[17:33] Sekan Vaako gives a nod, "Fair enough, love. Some water, then?"
[17:33] Feya Vaako: "Yes please.~"
[17:34] Rose Nikki Draconis twitches her ears some and sighs, looking to her side and smiling some, "Oh good, you're here, please do tend to the tables, and let me know if there are any issues." She looks down to her datapad and taps at it a few times.
[17:34] Farra Klondike: frowned, eying down to Jassi. She'd probably get in trouble for removing their skull just for a decoration for a table... Darn. But he...Definitely a he, small, in a dress? Boy. "..Hey, you able to get us a skull for our table, shrimp? No eyeballs though, can't have eyeballs in Holy Time."
[17:34] Seshet peered up at Nobunaga as she lazily paced about. "Of course. In my profession, chances to relax are chances to make mistakes. Someone has to play chaperon."
[17:35] Sekan Vaako nods, getting up and making a beeline for the tables to snag a glass of water. He licked his lips at the arrangement of food prepared, but he does the polite thing and waits for everyone else. He slides back into his seat and sets the water down, "Here ya go."
[17:35] Jassi Meep nodded to Rose with a polite smile and his ears perked up before he looked around and eased back a bit to make more room
[17:35] Khoba: side-steps to take up position by the door, tucking his hands behind his back for a minute or two. But the curious urge wins over briefly. He reaches his left hand up to try to catch one of the falling white flakes. "..What's all this?"
[17:35] Holly wanders across the room and gives Nobunana a quick pat. "Go on and sit, why don't you?" The 'disguised-not really disguised' Major would find a seat and reach for Seshet. "You, too."
[17:35] Feya Vaako reached up and holds onto her glass, leaning back in her chair as she looked at the others arriving. "A good bit of this is what we needed."
[17:36] Cirdan Levidensis grabbed Talia by the arm, hoooking her arm under theirs. "Your with me tonight, i need the company..." She said with a nod... "Shall we try to have a good evening?"
[17:36] Kensei Nobunaga gave a snort as he reached down, resting a hand upon the elaborate basket hilt of his sword. "Why d'ya think I'm here?-"

He paused upon being patted by Holly, staring down at her while blinking a couple of times. "I er.... I'm afraid tae sit down. Also, have we met before? I don't seem tae recall..."
[17:37] Talia "Better you than. Well. Ahem." She didn't have a great way of putting how uncomfortable just about everyone else here made her in a setting not, work. Letting Cirdan lead, Talia reached back to grab at Ping's arm and drag the robot along with them, too. She wasn't gonna leave the Private alone with her being so out of place.
[17:38] Ping MK:3: blinks a bit as she saw some hooking up and... thinks... Who could she go with, even for a short time. Though, feeling shes being grabbed, would come along as well. "Beep!"
[17:38] Farra Klondike: eyed down to Erika. "I don't think the shrimp heard me. Feh, drag me to a seat then, Kirkibani. We'll uh, ask about the skulls when they get to us." takes a deep breath, and would let Erika lead her wherever.
[17:38] Seshet was about to tap her holster in that metaphorical dick measuring contest but at Holly's urging, she plopped herself in a seat without argument. She wasn't a stranger to these get togethers, but as usual she avoided most food and drink.
[17:39] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Hadrian Riddell (Rossana Guardian) has used there Formless_Shape_(Permanent) ability.
[17:39] Sekan Vaako nods and sighs softly, pouring a bit of champagne for himself before looking around, "Indeed. With everything going on we all need a chance to relax."
[17:40] Fate enters the rooms before looking around before glancing up at the room to see where the snow was coming from trying to figure out if it was real or not and if not he was curious if it was edible
[17:41] Feya Vaako: "Oh very much so." she smiled in return before looking over at the crowd still at the doorway.. "I hope everything is alright with Colonel as well."
[17:41] Erika nodded her head once and smiled "Yeah sounds great!" she spoke while gently taking Farra's arm and leading them over towards a table!
[17:41] Erika: "I like this table!"
[17:41] Inphi lets her eyes wander about the room for a while as pretty much everyone seems to be pairing up and finding seats, just sort of floating in front of the doors. She pauses for a moment on the piano in the back, moving to stand next to it then continue her peoplewatching.
[17:42] Holly blinks a bit at Nobu reaching up to point at the markings that were near identical to the ones she had normally. "A few dozen times or so, I'd say, Nobu."
[17:42] Sekan Vaako tilts his head a bit at her last statement, sipping his drink a bit, "Yes, I noticed they're not here yet. Then again I doubt everyone is here yet."
[17:42] Farra Klondike: "Close to food, able to watch the entrance--yeah, good choice, frr.. It's a controlling seat. It's a POWERFUL chair..!"
[17:42] Rose Nikki Draconis takes a moment to look around, then looks down at the clock on the lectern, frowning a bit, she reaches up to clap rather loudly twice, the old grand piano in the back would start playing a tune, then resume manning the post.
[17:43] Erika had a big grin on her face and nodded "Yeah! Exactly! It all works out super perfectly! And a good vantage point over the entire ball room."
[17:43] Cirdan Levidensis giggles softly as she watches Talia grab Ping. "Lets all gfind us a table, im thinking near the buffet~" She said with a nod of her head before dragging them along over that was.
[17:44] Kensei Nobunaga: waited. He waited a little bit. Waited a bit more...

"... OH!" Quickly clearing his throat, he continued. "Y'look lovely, Major." Having corrected himself, Nobunaga reached to take the Champagne Bottle, picking apart the foil and net beneath.

"Shall I?"
[17:45] Ping MK:3: smiles somewhat as she nods, heading along as she was pulled about like a small toy bot. "Heh... I am alright where ever. I don't eat, though if there are spare batteries, that would be nice."
[17:45] Fate turning his attention from the snow he nods a greeting towards to two hosts before going off to find a table
[17:45] WhiteQueen had arrived! An odd mix of her dress and still some...critical gear should she have to spring on out and get to work. A bit of a soft smile at hearing the piano. Walking over to the table Feya and Sekan were at to look between them with "Vaako's! Nice to see you two out of uniform for once."
[17:45] Talia (lostsoul396): /met let the shark drag them for a while but wiggled free once in range of the table. Still not trusting the night to go utterly quietly by, she took up the seat where she could still face the door and scooted herself in nice and close, a heavy exhale leaving her lips. "Ergh... This feels... Weird."
[17:46] Talia let the shark drag them for a while but wiggled free once in range of the table. Still not trusting the night to go utterly quietly by, she took up the seat where she could still face the door and scooted herself in nice and close, a heavy exhale leaving her lips. "Ergh... This feels... Weird."
[17:46] Inphi quickly glances back to the piano in surprise as it springs to life, blinking a few times but her face otherwise remaining blank. She stares at it for a while before turning back to watch the rest of the atendees.
[17:46] Farra Klondike: "...Yeah! And we're far enough from the door that a bomb isn't going to get us--unless the hostess has them set so she can easily survive and exit... Hrrm." she shrugged. "Oh well... SO ERIKA. What the fuck is a ball? The thing in the middle?"
[17:46] Seshet waved off the booze for herself, idly gazing around the room. "Don't feel bad it took me a hot minute to realize too, Warrant."
[17:47] Feya Vaako turned her head and raised her glass with a smile towards Queen. "Well believe me, it is nice to get out and about. Good to see you in your usually cheeriness."
[17:47] Khoba: attempts to pinch a falling flake between his fingers, grinding it between his fingers to try to determine what it was exactly. But, eventually gives up and resumes a formal stance near the door
[17:48] Erika looked up towards Farra "A ball is tgus boring social events for the economic 1% to make themselves feel sophisticated and refined by hanging out without rich people while they stand around doing nothing. It's the gayest shit every. And when they host a ball for people like us, it's to distract us by making us feel like we're sophisticated and refined as well by feeding us the scraps from their table."
[17:48] Ping MK:3: does a light chuckle to Talia. "It does feel odd... but it's new. I'm sure it will be fun when we get our footing correct?" She looks over to Cirdan. "This seat is alright?"
[17:48] Sekan Vaako gave a good-natured smile to Queen, but he still held a tiiiiiny bit of suspicion in the back of his mind as he raised his glass to her, "Good to see you out and about as well. And yes, being armored up leaves a lot to be desired. Good to let our hair down, figuratively or otherwise."
[17:48] Jassi Meep briefly looks over to Khoba and his head cantered to the side before he returned to another area sorted off to get something changed out and then returned again to make a round around the ballroom
[17:49] Holly makes a face and pulls the fluffy wrap around her shoulders tighter. "And I did my very best to make it as obvious as possible... I mean, minus the huge rack and legs for days." She shrugged, "Oh, and thank you, you're looking quite handsome yourself."
[17:49] Qu'essan Lunaris arrives in the Ballroom and everything becomes more fabulous as a result.
[17:49] Talia (lostsoul396): ((Whoever has that Bubblegum popper... Please noh x.x))
[17:49] Selly (selandraste): {That is so much bigger than last year's! Gimme like.. an eon for things to load.}
[17:50] Rose Nikki Draconis frowns considerably, twitching her ears and sighing, turning to her datapad and tapping at it a moment before looking up and offering a bow. "Welcome. Please, sit wherever you desire, food is a plenty, and the drinks won't run dry tonight."
[17:50] Madrona (werescrib): ((yah I think I need to reload as Blackjack won't load!))
[17:50] Cirdan Levidensis smiles at Ping. "That seat is fine, go ahead~" He nodded. "does anyone want as drink or anything like that?" She asked before taking a seat herself. "I can call over one of the servers for us..."
[17:51] Kensei Nobunaga worked the cork free, WITHOUT having to shake it on account of being The Fuckin Stronk(tm). He takes both glasses in one hand, pouring out an appropriate ammo- Okay what the fuck. He actually did go as far as to fucking take etiquette lessons. What was this madness!?

"I am honored, Major." He replied, offering a glass out to him. Or her. Or.... Uh... UH... BRAIN HURT-
[17:51] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash): aaaaaaaaaa invisible shark
[17:51] Punished Nobu (olvalor): ((spooooky shark do do do-do do-do))
[17:52] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Dont you start XD)
[17:52] Aaron Ebonfang (markusblade453): (XD)
[17:52] WhiteQueen shrugs softly, her own attire was...awful. Nothing really matched but she sure had her reasons "I'm always cheery! Lots to be happy about." there so wasn't "Always liked these sort of get togethers" no she didn't, makes her all sorts of nervous but at least she hid it well.
[17:53] Jassi Meep eased up to Erika's and Farra's table and gestured an offering of a glass of wine for the two while he smiled ever so politely and his movements seemed significantly rehearsed
[17:53] Talia leeaaaans herself forwards, elbows coming down onto the table top moments before her chin came to a rest in her palms. Laughing awkwardly, the canine brushed her fingers up across her cheeks. "I'm... Debating that, Cap. Either I drink till this feels comfortable. And then likely make a mess of myself. or I stay away from most of it and... Relax. I feel bad for the robot, though." her attention turned to Ping, a wide smile over her cheeks. "She can't get tipsy to relax."
[17:54] Feya Vaako: "I will say one thing, I do miss Blue. He would have looked great at your side tonight once more. But I've seen you've a few familiar faces under your department. I do hope all is going well with them?"
[17:54] Farra Klondike: replies to Erika. "Wait... But. I'm like, an actual princess." paused. "Should I put my crown on..?" she eyed down to Jassi. "I don't drink, frrr... But we'd like a skull for our table, if available, and two liters of cream, and uh, a diet cola... Wait. What do you drink, Kirkibani?"
[17:54] Qu'essan Lunaris approached the podium "Lunaris, Director E-Gov Corporate." as she addresses Rose
[17:54] Ping MK:3: blinks a bit as she froze for a moment.... and blinks. "I.. really need to get a list of what all mods my sister puts in me. I... think I am safe to administer drinks... Though not sure what is acceptable. Any recommendations?"
[17:55] Inphi watches Nobu as he goes about his business, her head tilting ever-so-slightly. She wonders if this is the same person she had seen before doing odd things with towels in the shower... She then looks towards WhiteQueen, looking her up and down and then focusing on the backpack for a few moments. She just stares at it for a few moments, blinking repeatedly.
[17:55] Madrona (werescrib): ((alright relogging))
[17:55] Rose Nikki Draconis perks her ears straight up, bowing a second time, "Oh, Madam Director, please forgive me for not recognizing you. I suppose at a later point I need a chat with you, as the Col-Sec Directors have been... unresponsive. But business is later, please, enjoy your night here."
[17:56] Seshet did an admirable job of pretending like she was scoping out the room like a paranoid spook on lookout duty. "Another year, another crisis, another war, another pending disaster. Never dull around here, that's for certain."
[17:56] Erika looked over towards Jassi and smiled "Thanks, dood. WHat kinda wine is it? Oh and yeah, skulls, that'd be read" she'd then ask.before looking over towards Farra "Ah man, I really like Colas really. But yeah, you are a princess, and that's like super cool; should wore your crown. But they don't care if you're royalty, you need to be like, super stinkin' rich. Like you need to be able to buy a tower for fun."
[17:56] Sekan Vaako raises a brow at Queen, her body language didn't give anything away but her tail movements spoke volumes. He didn't say anything though and chuckles, "I'm sure. But yes, this has to be the best time of year, regardless of the uh....current situation around the colony."
[17:58] Qu'essan Lunaris (maregana): (( starts stuffing things in her purse... ))
[17:58] Qu'essan Lunaris walks to the buffet and surveys the spread.
[17:58] Zelphine Alexander stood at the door for a moment or two; tugging at the straps of her dress while she contemplated where to even *start* with so many faces. In the end, she'd brush past the hostess with a smile, a murmur, and a wiggle of a few fingers in greeting before she'd pick her way around over to Sekan and Feya - ears twisting towards the trio at their table before she'd lean a hip and a palm against it with a small sigh of relief. "Find yourselves a good sitter for the night~?"
[17:59] Jassi Meep reached down to pull a tiny pad up which he typed on with his thumb's claw. The addressing from the two did make him look up and quirk a brow for a moment; it being done in a very refined manner and upon taking notes, he turned the bottle to show a high class wine - too busy with other things to figure a name for it, but not the cheap backalley booze
[18:00] Cirdan Levidensis glance over at Ping. "Your here to relax, you don't need to go serving drinks... though you really should consider possibly getting a modification to let you enjoy taste..." He'd look at Talia. "I'd say get yourself a few drinks just don't go overboard." She nodded gently before lookiing around and waiving down Jassi
[18:00] WhiteQueen gives a little bow of her head to Feya "They're fitting in just fine." but at the mention of blue she'd just simply update her with "He and I are no longer a thing." the slightest of eye twitches before she'd continue "Everyone could sure use the brief as it is...moment of relaxing before getting back to the grind." head tilting to a side slightly as she just looks over Zelphine with a thoughtful hum.
[18:01] Holly reaches to take the offered glass before settling in to her chair. She'd wave a hand towards the last empty seat at their table, "Planning to stand all evening or...?" She turned her head towards Seshet, "Isn't that the way of things here? Can't say I'm surprised.." With that, she would sort of zone out, idly listening and sipping from the drink Nobu had so skillfully poured.
[18:01] Feya Vaako turned her head sharply in surprise as she had to place her glass down. "Zelphine! Well yes we did as a matter of fact. I was nearly late because of his son trying to guilt trip me into staying for the night. Mytharii children are the wooooorst~" she giggled, looking over at Sekan with a finger pointed at him. "He gets it from you and those big eyes."
[18:02] Zerah (zerahcero): brb rl emergency)
[18:02] Talia snerked, shaking her head while sitting back. Looking to the table to her Right, with Erika and Farra, she then directed her attention to the couple on her left, Talia observed how they were sitting and how they held themselves. Back to herself and her poorly put together attire, guns on her sides... The wolf inhaled deeply and forced herself to relax, easing into the snow white cushion. "As long as it's not Red whine. That stuffs N... The Bitter taste is something that doesn't agree with me."
[18:03] Talia (lostsoul396): ((Alright))
[18:04] Kensei Nobunaga gave a snort. "Not all night, I assure ya. I simply want tae attend tae some folk before I Settle in fer th'eve." He assured. "Please, do pardon me."

Quickly draining his glass beforep lanting it down on the table, Nobunaga moved onwards towards the buffet table. A plate was taken before he began to pile on some things. Two cuts of bread, some slices of meats, a wedge of cheese, a portion of fish and a cocktail glass of prawns. A short nod was paid to Qu'essan, though he soon moved through the ballroom until he stood before Khoba.

"I'd say I'm surprised ya didn't come armed," He started as he offered the plate to the Officer. "But honestly I'm pretty sure y'could kill whote'er is fool enough tae attack us with yer bare hands."
[18:04] Sekan Vaako looks over at the familiar voice and smiles wide, "Zelphine! Good to see you! And yes, he does get it from me, love. I'm not denying that for a minute." He says with a wider grin before looking back at Zelphine, "Speaking of which, you'll need to visit one of these days. I'm sure Alexei would love to meet you. Him and our daughter."
[18:05] Farra Klondike: eyed Erika. "...I think it says it's wine, Kirkibani. I'm not an expert. You can do it, but like, I don't drink unless like, I'm planning on like, going, 'Stip, Turn. No eye-contact, frr. Just doggy.'" sniggered. She proceeded to march over to Fate's table, leaning down at him. "Hey boy. You're alone, that's like, sad. Yer gonna join us. Huh?" If unstopped, she would attempt to lift him up, chair and all, and march him to their table.
[18:05] Seshet chit-chatted with Holly while keeping an eye on the door, watching the comings and goings, her eyes occasionally scanning the room, but under that faceless mask, it would be borderline impossible to notice.
[18:05] Feya Vaako: "Queen if there is one thing about Mytharii I've learned. They are sharper in their cunning than any knife ever made. And Alexei is no different." she couldn't help but tease further.
[18:06] Erika paused for a moment as she watched Farra get up and leave to talk to someone. She'd just watch the two from afar while her earfins remained perked as she waited patiently.
[18:07] Fate looks up at farra "am decent, thank you for the offer am mostly people watchin gcurrently."
[18:07] Rose Nikki Draconis sighs some, looking to her datapad and tapping at it some, then looking around the room for a moment, she would snap her fingers, the podium before her vanishing from sight, then move towards the buffet tables to ensure there was plenty there, and to start taking note of what needed refilled.
[18:07] Zelphine Alexander wiggled her Mytharii ears with a giggling snort; briefly eyeing the member of the trio she was unfamiliar with before dipping her head to the other two with a warm grin. "I've heard! You two are going to scare me off from having my own, one day." she'd muse before rolling her shoulders and reaching for an unused glass - surveying the same buffet table that Nobu had gone to, for a moment. Before she could even settle on a drink, however, that extra little bit of news brought her attention right back. "Daughter - did you two have another one while I've been away? I'd love to meet them both, either way!"
[18:09] Jassi Meep cantered his head for a moment before he turned to ease off into that hidden back area and returned a bit after with the requested colas on the tray - sadly no skulls. it's a ball, not a satanistic gathering, and he turned to make his way along again with those tender steps as he went. This time, he stopped at Cirdan's table and once again would present a polite gesture; an offer of white and red wine or a custom order
[18:10] Qu'essan Lunaris samples the cheeses
[18:10] WhiteQueen shook her head with a brief smirk "Ohhh just wait till I can start visiting and sitting. They'll get whatever they want once I teach'em how to talk." cause that was a great idea in her mind. "Now if you'll excuse me." she'd give a little bow of her head before "Nice to see you about again, Zelphine." and looks to be she was going for a different table now to pester people.
[18:11] Zerah (zerahcero): im back)
[18:11] Cirdan Levidensis (tails.eyre): [ wiibble ]
[18:11] Farra Klondike: grumbled. "Join us, boy. Maaaaarch. Consider it, like, an order. If ya don't, like. Uh." she thumbed to someone literally randomly selected in the room. "They're gonna call you dirty things. Like, everyone's saying you do something gay like, frrr... Play monopoly'n are allergic to normal girls." she tried to give his chair a bit of a tug. "Socialize! Be the sandwich between Erika'n me's sandwich, be the pipe for our pegs. The uhh... Cream filling for our cookie."
[18:11] Ping MK:3: nods a this as she looks around a bit.... thinking more. "IS there a menu for options then?" She fingers a bit at her face screen and pushes in... a port opening up. She looks surprised at this find. "Huh.... so that's the port...."
[18:13] Cirdan Levidensis would smile at Jassi..."Hello cutie..." He said with a nod. "Just a bottle of white wine for the table please? and Three glasses please?" He looked over to ping. "Mmm? I'll ask." He looks down at Jassi. "Is there a menu at all for my friend?"
[18:13] Feya Vaako gave a slight wave to Queen as she left. "Talk to you later~" She let out a bit of a sigh before returning to Zelphine. "Well. You could say you just did meet her." and placed a hand down to her waist bump. "Due in another month. And no more after such because I wont be able to handle three."
[18:13] Erika from afar behind Farra she'd be nodding her head, giving two thumbs up with a wide happy grin as she agreed with what Farra was saying!
[18:13] Talia momentarily cast her glance towards the boys by the door before down to the small fox by her side. "Oh my god you're adorable!" She blurted out before managing to catch herself. Hiding the awkward outburst behind a smile, Talia peeked down to the assortment of glasses and hummed. Seeing nothing but the two things that caused her to gag, she furrowed her brow. "I don't suppose you have a Pink Champagne? I... Forget the name so, Any will do"
[18:14] Sekan Vaako looked over at Queen like they had just uttered a forbidden phrase in another language, his eyes wide. He shakes it off before nodding to Queen as she leaves, before turning his attention to Zelphine, "Haha.....yes. She'll be along soon, and we will most certainly not be having more. I don't think Feya nor I could take it."
[18:14] Fate still looking at farra he chuckles "since you put it like that i'll come over an join you."
[18:14] Inphi continues her people watching, seeing people go to and from the food area. She decides to wander on over, starting to take small things directly off the plates and eating them right then and there. She clearly didn't really know how this sort of event worked.
[18:14] Rose Nikki Draconis hums for a moment then taps at her datapad once more, completing a list of things, then moving towards the piano, where another podium stood, she would stop a moment beside it and take a deep breath, then step behind it and watch for a brief moment.
[18:16] Jassi Meep smiles slightly and once again pulls the pad up to type on it and he cantered his head to the side, then held the pad up to present a name for Talia; Marlic?, the pad wrote before turning to Cirdan and he gestured with his hand that a menu would come soon. and he gave an ever so polite smile. He was ever so professionally calm and socially adherent though Talia's compliment had him smile slightly more
[18:17] Talia "Sure, that'll do." ((Sorry, busy a few minutes))
[18:18] Khoba: squints at the man, reading his face for a good long second. "It's not a fool-proof defense.." flicking his eyes toward the hors d'oeuvres table. "..But I'll give a try at relaxing." Turning his attention back to the man with a narrowing of his brows. "..Even if this suit is difficult to be comfortable in"
[18:18] Farra Klondike: 'Fuckin SWEET. Good boy." she marched back to her chair, and pointed him at a seat. "Erika, we got a boy, we getta spitroast him socially now. Heh." She proceeded to grab her pop, and siiip from it. "Cool, uh?"
[18:19] WhiteQueen looks to be she wasn't heading for another table, but more so over to Nobu and Khoba. A greeting nod over to Khoba before her gaze went to Nobu, free hand coming out, palm up with the little request of "Cigarette?" Of course she wasn't going to smoke it in here, likely going to head outside...was she really that uncomfortable? Any mytharii would likely know!
[18:19] Qu'essan Lunaris spies Trey from across the room and walks over. "Good evening. Glad you could make it."
[18:20] Erika looked over towards Farra with a big grin on her face "Niiice Now we have a full table, let's like, pretty fuckin' prime right there."
[18:20] Fate setting down his glass before getting up and following after Farra and taking the spare seat
[18:20] Trey: She bowed her head as a polite greeting to the director. "Thank you. I had hoped to make an event as this, though the crowd size and events elsewhere have always conspired to make such an accomplishment difficult."
[18:21] Zelphine Alexander took a brief glance towards Feya's rounded midsection; nodding a few times. "I guess it hasn't been *too* crazy if you've had time to cook another batch, then~." she'd murmur. "We didn't get much news from the other colonies - I'm pretty lucky they let me in at all with the quarantine. Still gotta get my transfer through and all that fun stuff." Speaking of getting into Rise... it was just then that the toll of the trek finally caught up to her; and she'd take herself a seat, for the moment, to just let some of the pressure off. "How've things been, family-extending aside?"
[18:21] Kensei Nobunaga looked down to his plate, before simply standing aside. He piled a couple of things onto a slice of bread, before dropping it into his mouth. Almost immediately he paused, about to speak only to remember the cruel mistress that caned him whenever he talked with his mouth full.

He swallowed, before continuing. "Food is really good. I assure ya." He affirmed, before glancing to Raven. He moved to set the plate down upon the table before turning back to Khoba. "Would y'mind if I accompanied th'White Queen outside?"
[18:22] Ping MK:3: if there was any orders for cybernetics to help keep a charge, she'd probably order a spare battery or two. Seeing the wine order, she'd at least try that and would accept a glass.
[18:22] Jassi Meep turned to ease off to the hidden area and started loading up the requests; the white wine, the wineglass for it and the Larmic for Talia at that and after a bit, returned again. Stopping up at the table, he meticulously arranged the assets on the table and upon doing so, eased back with a polite bow and retrieved his original tray once again to resume his rounds, stopping next at Feya, Sekan and Zelphine to offer in much the same way as he had the previous table; politely and aristocratically
[18:22] Rose Nikki Draconis would clap her hands once, the piano cutting out, she would smile and wait for a moment before clicking on the light at the podium, "If I might steal your attention for a moment." She said, calmly, but hopefully loudly enough for all gathered to hear.
[18:23] Khoba: returns the nod to Queen, then motions a hand toward the door "I'm not her superior, I have no say in the matter" then stepping around the two to go for the food table.
[18:23] Inphi pauses her munching on things for a moment to look towards Rosey, staring blankly.
[18:23] Farra Klondike: took a breath. She squinted at Erika. "Uh, Kirkibani..? This is gonna sound awkward, but I have no idea what our boy's name is.--wait." deep breath, she held out a hand. "Klondike, frr. Princess Klondike, and this is Kirkibani!"
[18:23] Kensei Nobunaga didn't leave right away of course. That'd be r00d. Instead he turned to face Rose, hands behind his back. Smoke break could come later.
[18:24] Qu'essan Lunaris looks to Rose as she draws attention.
[18:24] Ping MK:3: attention has been gained. Hopefully her order was put in on time before the waiter had left.
[18:25] Erika stared at Fate for a while and gave off a small hum "Let's call him... Cougar. That seems pretty rad, dood." she nodded a couple times, feeling VERY confident that she just named a person. "But yeah-- Erika Kirkibani! Sup, dood!"
[18:25] Fate takes her hand warmly to shake it "Fate." offering them both a warm smile before turning his attention to rose to see what she had to say
[18:25] Feya Vaako: "Oh its been crazy enough Zelphine. Believe me on this much. We still don't have a name yet for her but if you wish to add to the name pool, go on ahead and let me know now." As she spoke, she noticed their new visitor to the table, seeing the tray in their hand as she raised her glass of water and a hand of declination.
[18:26] Talia took her glass filled to the brim with the pink colored liquid and gave it a short swish to watch the Bubbles rise and pop. Bringing it up to take a short sip, she wiggled pleasantly in her chair before placing the glass on the table. "It's a shame Erikka couldn't be here with us... Im going to take a container of leftovers and, probably a bottle when the night's over, save it for her..."
[18:27] Jassi Meep nodded to Feya and smiled before gesturing to Rose
[18:27] WhiteQueen had a soft flick of her tail as she didn't get what she asked for, yet anyway. Turning at hearing someone wanting everyone's attention but, her eyes where else where.
[18:27] Cara Salim (mourkoth): ((Crashed and lost all post logs))
[18:28] Sekan Vaako looks over at the newcomer and smiles, politely shaking his head and holding up his glass of champagne. He looks back to Zelphine and nods, "Crazy is putting it mildly, to be honest. Hound ambushes, pirates and that strange magika crap going on near the Colony entrance. The bad guys pick the worst times to pull shit, I swear." He blinks and looks over to the one called Rose as she got everyone's attention.
[18:28] Farra Klondike: "...You sure you don't want to be 'officer Cougar?' Cos I agree with Erika, way cooler." she shook the hand with great gusto. Before rising up, walking to the table of food, grabbing a platter of something meaty--One of the whole salmon steaks, and slammed it to the table. She just tore a chunk off, was about to start violating the platter of food--but...people were looking at Rose, so she shifted her attention to her.
[18:30] Khoba: slides through the crowd as quietly as he could, still making his way toward the food as a call for attention was made
[18:30] Cirdan Levidensis would let out a disheartened sigh as she held her glass in her hands. "Yeah.... Erika would have enjoyed this party...." she said taking a long drink from her own glass of white wine. "Mmm.... i miss her alot...." She said shaking her head. "bad topic, we're suppose to be celebrating..."
[18:31] Erika nodded her head once agreeing with Farra "Yeah, I've always elected to pretend you confirmed that your name is Cougar and like, I just guessed your name. DOn't worry, chicks or doods will love it. Like think about it... What sounds cooler? Moaning Fate or Cougar? Man, no competition, you feel pretty fuckin powerful with you being called Cougar." she then looked back towards Cirdan "I'm over here and and I'm having a good time!"
[18:32] Jassi Meep turned and walked over to Erika before gesturing politely for them to not shout when attention was called for by the hostess
[18:32] Jaden steps inside and lets out a whistle, "Glad to know it's still going on."
[18:34] Rose Nikki Draconis smiles and hums for a moment before speaking once more, "Firstly, allow me to introduce myself, for those of you who have not met me prior. I am the Head Manager of this establishment, Rose Draconis, and it is my personal pleasure that I get to host this now annual event, the Yuletide Policemans Ball. This gathering serves as a thank you from us for your services to this colony, and while I am aware that things are quite stressful, please remember that this is the time of year for celebration, giving, and all around happiness. So as of last year, we have decided to host this Ball for the officers in uniform to commemorate their selfless actions." she clears her throat some and continues, "As such, instead of a commonplace menu, our lovely staff will take your orders, as we have prepared the following for you tonight to enjoy; a lovely steak, seared and cooked to your specifications, accompanied by a series of garnishes like sautéed onion and mushrooms, or a wonderful pan seared salmon fillet with capers
[18:34] Rose Nikki Draconis: and a touch of lemon, a creamy shrimp pesto upon a linguine pasta, and many different fruit or vegetable mixes for those not so inclined to pick a meat, to be followed up by just about any desert one could desire. So please, I ask that you enjoy the night on our behalf. That said, if the directors wished to speak, I propose that now be a good time!~" She would bow, moving to the side and gesturing around, then move to the buffet to idle a moment.
[18:34] Feya Vaako would give a few tender claps towards that kind speech by the mananger.
[18:35] Sekan Vaako smiles and claps as well.
[18:35] Fate shakes his head in amusement "but i cant make puns out of cougar." before nodding to jassi in greeting as they came over letting rose finish speaking before he added "these two are trying to change my name what do you think?"
[18:35] Seshet glanced over to listen to the speech, giving a polite clap at its conclusion
[18:36] Erika just waved her hand "Ahhh it's fine, don't worry about it, Cougar." she replied before grumbling towards Jassi... She was barely yelling... She was just calling out to someone that thought she wasn't here...
[18:36] Talia "Other Erika, Cat one." Talia mentioned lightly before passing a smile to Cirdan. "We are Celebrating. And I wouldn't call it a bad topic. Look around." As she spoke, Talia Gestured to the room, to each officer and other earthgov person attending, her fingers passing finally, over Ping. "Look how many of us are here, How many are happy and doing well. They have one of ours. And they better hope to god they've at least given her the Mercy of treating her well the last few days. Because if not? Once we are all rested, Recharged and good to go. We will bury each of them in the ground. So let us think happily of The feline. Because she'll be back with us soon enough..." Her head turning to Rose as she spoke, Talia hummed and glanced back to the shark at her table. "Erikka Like fish, Steak or Pasta more?"
[18:37] Trey: Trey turned, and noticed a particular statue standing nearby. "Ah, Novasi, you came. Good to see you here."
[18:37] Kensei Nobunaga gave an applause, already salivating at the prospect of food. Foooood- Now now, one thing at a time. First, cigarettes. As he turned to leave, Nobunaga did of course give pause upon seeing Jaden.

"Y'look lovely tonight, Jaden." Nobunaga ssured with a smile, bowing his head before he continued. "Just 'bout tae head outside with th'Queen fer a time. I'll be back in due time."

With that, he stepped aside and gestured towards the door, his attention on Raven. "Shall we?"
[18:38] Zelphine Alexander had fallen silent to listen to Rose, along with the rest of the room, it had seemed. Ears briefly twisted back towards the low whistle towards the door - then her eyes went back to the pair in front of her; then down to the pair of ears just barely sticking up over the edge of the table. "What'cha offering down there?" she'd ask of the tray-holding employee - then, to Feya and Sekan: "Mm.. Names aren't really my strong suit, buuut - what do you two have s ofar?"
[18:38] Jaden nods with a smile at Kensei, "Mm, try not to get lost on your way back."
[18:38] Novasi Mason: looked around. " There's snow. This'd better be holographic. I ain't about to get this thing dry-cleaned halfway through."
[18:39] Feya Vaako would scrolls through her list thus far in question. "Nobunaga suggestion Morrigan and Asher. Daisy with Cassandra. Queen with Hulda."
[18:40] Erika looked over towards Talia and shook her head "That's Erika with one 'K' don't ask me how I know you said it with two 'K's. But ahh... dood... I dunno... I love 'em all. I mean, like. I'm a seafood diet. I sea food and I eat it~" she wink wonks a couple times "But naw, if it's steak, it's gotta either be, raw, or some form of rare and what not." she replied
[18:40] Novasi Mason: looked up to Trey. " Whooba? Wha? "
[18:40] Farra Klondike: eyed back to the pair. "Come on, Cougar's got great puns. ...Like... You could draw your pistol, and they're like, 'what's that in, 9x19mm Parabelluum? And you're like. "No baby. It's 19x9cm ~Cougar~'" ok, maybe that didn't land, but she was going to pretend it did. "...You think they'll serve steak without the mold on it?"
[18:40] WhiteQueen lets out a thoughtful hum at that bit of a speech, hearing now would be a time for directors to talk and...looking over to see Jaden she'd of course comment "Should go up and say something...else I will when I get back." then a nod on up to Nobu as she'd follow him on out.
[18:40] Punished Nobu (olvalor): (Of course I read that in Nappa's voice, Nova.)
[18:40] The Malicious Malkovitch (valentine.tuncsik): ( As you should. )
[18:40] Seshet noticing Queen head for the door, she quietly excused herself. Paranoid spook was, as always, paranoid.
[18:40] Trey: She smiled and gently settled a hand against his shoulder. "I guess I don't look too familiar?"
[18:41] Farra Klondike: adds. "You gotta point to your dick when you say it, though.."
[18:41] Erika perked up and looked towards Farra "Ew, there's mold on the steak here? That sucks."
[18:42] Jassi Meep eased over to Zelphine and he reached up to move and display the bottle; this time a smooth Merlot along with an assortment of the House' wine of red and white nature and he perked his ears up slightly
[18:42] Ping MK:3: listens on and smiles a bit... and tempts to try the wine she had. Soft suction, nothing to soundly as she administers the test sip. She blinks a bit as she looks to it and the sensors react accordingly. Pleasent. Least how it's programmed into her. She seemed ok with it~
[18:44] Inphi goes back to munching directly from the buffet table after Rose said her piece, though she glanced to the door for a moment.
[18:44] Novasi Mason: snorted. " Ya know, there are times I forget just how many different chassis-es ya got. What's it now, five-ish? "
[18:44] Cirdan Levidensis waves off Fish Erika before looking at Talia. "Erika liked fish alot.... perhaps he would get her something like that to go?" He smiled a little bit. "She would always call me her Sushi in this form to tease me..." He said leaning on the table and downing the rest of his wine to pour some more....
[18:44] Trey: "Almost." she replied as she tilted her head. "That suit seems very... formal. Planning to attend a wedding after this?" she asked.
[18:45] Karen: would wander into the ball room, eyes widening a bit at the decor. Wandering over to the podium she's smile at Rose. "I've been sent as backup. Anything you'd have me do other then stand here and look pretty and make sure no one gets too wasted?" she giggles.
[18:45] Fate couldn't stop himself from chucking "well maybe we can see which works better later?" he offered the pair with a mischievous grin on his face
[18:46] Khoba: steps in to take a plate, filling it with a moderate sampling of everything. Some skewered sandwiches here, a slice or two of salmon there, some shrimp, bread and cheeses on the side. Placing the pair of chopsticks he was using to take the sampling atop the plate, he frees up his other hand to take a glass of champaign and turns around to try to find a good seat
[18:46] Zelphine Alexander reached over to pluck one of the white glasses - of course - from the tray; bringing it to her nose for a sniff before she'd set it onto the table with a smile. "Thanks!" she'd chirp before reaching over to give those enormous ears a fond pat between the two of them. "Don't overwork yourself too hard."
[18:46] Talia grimaced lightly. "We'll get her back, Cirdan. Don't think for a second we wont. I swear if I have to, I'll do it my fuckin' self." Looking up and around for the cute maid from before, Talia waved towards Jassie, desiring his attention. "My tank's Fueled up and ready to go, too. Just needs some thicker Exterior plating."
[18:46] Rose Nikki Draconis shifts her gaze up to Karen, the violet of her eyes sparking with a dark light for a moment, tilting her head slightly, "The tables need orders taken, menu is a shrimp pasto, steak, fish, or one of our many fruit or salad options. Please do get a list to have the cooks prepare it."
[18:47] Sekan Vaako chuckles and smiles at the small employee before turning his attention back to the podium up front, sipping his champagne a bit.
[18:47] Jassi Meep smiled warmly to Zelphine and he held still as he got headpats - happy fennec it'd seem, and he turned to walk over to Talia after a bit along with his right hand pulling the pad of his up
[18:48] Karen: would nod at that, pulling out her data pad, typing a few things into it. "been awhile since I waitressed but I can do that. Do you have a list of said salad options?"
[18:48] Novasi Mason: shook his head. " Nah, not at all. I ain't great 'bout pickin' out suits I guess. Was lookin' 'fer somethin' with a bow tie.. n' then I saw this one. "
[18:49] Rose Nikki Draconis shakes her head, "Anything they desire. We are to make them feel the best we can tonight."
[18:49] Qu'essan Lunaris glances back, looking Novasi over. "Well if my opinion matters you look quite handsome."
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[18:50] Talia scooted her feet around so she could sit and face the fennec more comfortably. Smiling once more, she spoke in a low tone. "I've got a Special request. Could I please Get a serving of the Seared fish. Preferably a good, big one, Along with some of the shrimp and whatever Salad you have in a sealed container? Oh and a Bottle of Red wine, closed. It's... For a friend who couldn't attend. And not because of her own choice..." Her eyes shifted over towards the shark now drowning her sorrows, then back to Jassie. "I want to save her something Special."
[18:51] Farra Klondike: nodded to Erika. "Yeah, mushrooms. UGH. Fuckin nasty.. Like, why would you put fungus on your food? Fungus belongs on feet." she huffed, refocusing on Fate. "...HEY! Wait, I got it. You could if you like, fart in an elevator, and people look at you... say. 'Heh, that's just Cougar Gold.'--cos...Cos cougar gold is like, an award winning cheese--nevermind." shook her head. "I'm sure there's good puns. Man, but it's hard. So anyway... how's it going, wolfy?"
[18:52] Karen: nods at that. "Alright then." she smiles, wandering over to the first table, smiling at Director Holly and Jaden. "Hello Miss and Ma'dam. Welcome to the Red Tail. I'm here to take your Dinner Order! On Offer tonight is Shring Pasto, Fish one of Our Fabulous Steaks or for our Vegaterians, one of our many Fruit or Salad options. " She'd smile, tablet in hand, looking between them expectantly.
[18:52] Jaden: "I will take the steak," he offers a nod and a smile.
[18:52] Erika srunched her muzzle "Holy shit serious? I didn't notice their stake... Fuck, man... Don't worry after this, I'll like, prepare us an awesome ass steak for dinner BECAUSE THIS COUNTS AS LUNCH FOR ME." she emphasized
[18:53] Karen: smiles at Jaden. "And how would you like it cooked? Rare, Medium, Well Done, Burnt?"
[18:53] Ping MK:3: gives a small nod to the two with a smile. "I'll do my best to assist as well if ever the chance comes. I promise... though, I think it's my time to part. It was nice to dress up for the evening even for a short time." (RL callin. Got to go to work.)
[18:53] Jaden: "Medium, I like it with a bit of pink in the middle."
[18:53] Talia (lostsoul396): ((See yuh later Robo))
[18:53] Khoba: sidles around the crowd again to take a seat away from the bulk of the crowd. Still watching the door and giving an abrupt blink whenever a snowflake ventured too close.
[18:53] Karen: nods at that before turning to Holly. "What about you Miss? What can I get for you?
[18:53] Cirdan Levidensis (tails.eyre): [ bay Zerah~ ]
[18:53] Cirdan Levidensis (tails.eyre): *bye
[18:54] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Take care ping!)
[18:54] Jassi Meep tilts his head whilst listening and briefly turned his attention towards Cirdan, then back to Talia again and his claw could be heard tapping away on the pad and he nodded. with a polite smile. After a bit, he looked back up again and tilted his head as if to state that he was ready for the rest of the orders from the table
[18:54] Zerah (zerahcero): <3 take care. Thanks for the ball Rosey~)
[18:55] Selly (selandraste): {Oop. Feya did give names! It just got lost in the scrawl. Time to do some thinkin'....}
[18:55] Fate shrugs "still doesn't work, now fate is fated to great for puns." he said while still grinning
[18:55] Inphi finishes munching on random foods from the buffet table and starts to make her way towards the exit, deciding to stop being the lone socially inept one at the party unless someone stopped her.
[18:55] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (lul its okay X3)
[18:55] Fate Von Twice-Killed (fatalitywolf.firehawk): to bed*
[18:55] Fate Von Twice-Killed (fatalitywolf.firehawk): to be(
[18:56] Holly shakes her head, "Nothing, thank you."
[18:56] Feya Vaako begin to slide from her chair and leaned on down next to Sekan, whispering into his ear. When she finished, she would head on up to the podium and place a device onto the side of her head.
[18:57] Zelphine Alexander pursed her lips and mulled them over her wine for a time. "Mm.. What was your son's name, again?" she'd ask with furrowed brows and tilted ears - slightly embarrased that she needed a reminder when it'd likely been uttered just a few moments ago! Then she'd watch Feya trot up to the podium; ears swiveling around to listen.
[18:57] Cirdan Levidensis lets out a sigh. "I'll just had an order of Fish, Raw Tuna if you'd got it, with a side of some shrimp and soy sauce..." He said with a nod. "I'd ask for sushi, but im not sure you guys serve it here..." She said with a smile.
[18:57] Farra Klondike: huffed. 'I guess so... But your NAME should be a pun. Like, I'm going to have o change my AND Erika's names when we get married, because 'Farra Klondike'? Great. Erika Klondike? What the hell is that. Farra Kirkibani? Kirkibani's not even a real name. Zero pun potential." frowned at the Shark.
[18:57] Karen: would dip heer head at the girl. "Let me know if you change your mind. Otherwise the buffet is still open at your leasure" she'd smile, heading over to Khoba.
[18:58] Talia hadn't stopped to think about her own food. Sitting back to ponder, she soon grew a fanged smile. "Oh, Gawd. I forgot I've not been out to dinner in... Ages. I've been living off Canned soup and Beers for, who knows how long. I would absolutely Love a Steak. Well Done and Juuust before it starts to burn, covered with a Mushroom Gravy. if you can utterly cover it in cracked pepper that's an added bonus. Ah, a good heaping of roasted Potatoes and if there's room left on the plate... Hm. Maybe just something like a Mixed Garden salad." It passed her mind on if she could also ask for the server Buuuuuut... To Cirdan. "Come now, you can get Raw fish at any time."
[18:58] Karen: smiles at Khoba. "Hello Sir! I'm here to take your Dinner Order! On Offer tonight is Shring Pasto, Fish one of Our Fabulous Steaks or for our Vegaterians, one of our many Fruit or Salad options. " She'd smile at him, oggling him a bit, tablet in hand as she looks at him expectantly.
[18:58] Feya Vaako: "May I have everyone's attention please."
[18:59] Cirdan Levidensis rolls her eyes. "Yes but it's higher quality here..." She waved a hand. "Fine fine, gimmie the house special as well... might as well try what the cooks reccomend."
[18:59] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a bow and steps to the side, pulling her datapad out to coordinate the food.
[18:59] Talia looks to Feya.
[18:59] Sekan Vaako leans in as Feya whispers something to him and smirks, nodding before he turns back to Zelphine, "Alexei Vaako." He then scoots his seat so he could see his wife up on the podium.
[18:59] Farra Klondike: stood up, let out a table shakingly loud WHOooooOOOOOP and pointed to Feya! "IA is talking!"
[19:00] Qu'essan Lunaris glances back, looking Novasi over. "Well if my opinion matters you look quite handsome."
[19:00] Qu'essan Lunaris (maregana): (( reposting ))
[19:00] Erika: "Ah dood, c'mon, Kirkibani It sounds like Hurt your body.. THat's still pretty punny."
[19:00] Trey: "It fits, somewhat, though it's very, -very- formal." she pointed out. "You'll be the most prepared to look and sound like you spend most of your days on a pleasure yacht"
[19:01] Jassi Meep resumed tapping away before Farras outburst caused him to flinch and he turned towards the gnoll. After a moment and what would seem like an Amish Excommunicative glare, he resumed tapping away with his thumb's claw and he nodded to Cirdan and Talia and gave the two a polite smile
[19:02] Khoba: flicks his ears up as someone approaches, maybe getting a little more tense at the sudden approach. Not like it showed, he was already tense enough in the getup he was wearing. "The.. steak sounds interesting" perking an eyebrow as he was sized up
[19:03] Seshet returned, taking her seat once more.
[19:03] Karen: would grin at that. "I thought you might like that. Now, how do you take your steak? Black and Blue, Rare, Medium, Welldone or Burnt?"
[19:03] Feya Vaako smiled as she looked over at the crowd gathered and placed a hand to the device. "Good evening everyone. May this Yule time bring you good fortune and peace. With the permission of our wonderful superior and dear friend Colonel Osiris. I'd like to say a few words."
[19:03] Inphi pauses her escape for a moment, turning to look towards Feya as she started speaking.
[19:07] Holly gets up from her seat then and heads for the door as discreetly as possible. She would offer Jaden a quick pat on the arm hoping they'd recognize who she was, since she wasn't at all trying to hide who she was and the markings on her face should've been plain to see for anyone that knew her normally. With that, she'd slowly head on out the door.
[19:07] Rose Nikki Draconis looks to her pad and frowns some, turning toward the table to her right, quickly striding over and offering her rather uncomforting smile, "While you are indeed welcomed guests tonight, please, be aware that there are many others trying to relax and enjoy the night, so please, keep the chaos to a dull roar if you would." she says cheerfully, following up in a more serious tone, "Things are quite... stressful right now, so please don't ruin tonight for anyone. That said.." She would motion to the speaker and step off to the side.
[19:07] Khoba: clenches his jaw once, giving a curt 'hrm.' in thought. "Rare.. I think." swirling the drink in his glass. "Yes, Rare works. Thank you"
[19:08] Feya Vaako: "It's been a long road from the year before to tonight. We've worked harder than ever to get to this point. In our path taken together, we've made new acquaintances, recruited great officers into our ranks, and lost many as well. But never forgotten. All of you have helped to make this department continue to function in one form or another. From our very own Officer Hadrian taking the mantle of not only head QM, but now Colonel Osiris's main man in the ranks. To Officer Novasi stepping up to the plate in tackling the trouble of Tactical in its many troubles. And so many others. To all our new officers present, we were just once like you, and I hope with all my core, manufacturer willing, you all achieve to be greater than us in our stand. So from myself to all of the department. Let us continue to make Rise a better, and safer place."
[19:09] The Malicious Malkovitch (valentine.tuncsik): ( Headquarters. XD )
[19:09] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Oops x3)
[19:09] Karen: would smile at him and nod. "Sounds good sir" she'd leave him to listen to the speaker, heading over to the side while the speaker speaks
[19:10] Inphi listens to Feya speak, then continues on her way on out the door.
[19:11] Seshet gives Holly a wave on her way out.
[19:11] Sekan Vaako smiles and raises his glass to Feya as she concluded her speech.
[19:12] Jaden raises her own glass and smiles.
[19:12] Holly: me pats the fuck outta Jaden and leaves then.
[19:13] Talia clapped a few times and somewhat quietly to Feya's speech. She didn't add anything, however. Words weren't her strong suit. "Well said..." One hand to her sidearm, the other to her glass, Talia took a large swig of the pink fluid to drain a good half of what was left.
[19:13] Jaden can't believe her second is fucking LEAVING HER >:|
[19:13] Cirdan Levidensis raises her glass to Feya's speech and then takes a long sip of his wine.
[19:13] Novasi Mason: smirked. " I appreciate it. " He looked around. " ... It's a rental suit, honestly. Could buy it though. I dunno. We'll see. " He looked around. " I need some champagne.. "
[19:14] Talia Thinks Jaden could come Join themmmmm
[19:14] Holly 's player is rocking a 102 fever and couching up a lung, but showed face so SUCK IT JADEN
[19:14] Aaron Ebonfang (markusblade453): ((no coughing up lungs! Bad for health!))
[19:14] Novasi Mason: oogled the strange.. mythari... wait... " ...... Wait... wuh..? "
[19:14] Khoba: watches the familiar looking feline on the way out. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, that had to be who he thought it was. He would make quick work of the samplings he'd taken on the plate, downing the rest of the champaign quickly. He was about ready to go as well. This was just all too fancy for his blood
[19:14] Holly if only it were, fuck my life.
[19:15] Trey: Trey gave him a reassuring pat. "Given your recent promotion, I suspect you can afford such a suit now." she then nodded back to Quessan. "I should be on my way back to the tower. Please do contact me if I am needed."
[19:15] Novasi Mason: twitched, noticing the markings.
[19:15] Jassi Meep turned back to Talia and Cirdan before nodding to the two and made his way along, back to Sekan's and Feya's table to resume taking orders - If anyone glanced at the pad, it was a neatly arranged detailed pad despite its size; naturally digital
[19:15] Fate raises one of the glasses on the table to feya's speech, before bowing his head apologetically to rose,
[19:15] Novasi Mason: looked up to Trey. " Fuckin' nonsense. Hang around. "
[19:15] Farra Klondike: blinked one eye at a time. Looking to Rose. "...Uhh, what chaos? Waaaait..." She eyed Kirkibani. Clearly the shark did something when she wasn't paying attention. Farra had to woman up and cover for the girl! Clerly. "Oh, wait? That, uh, that was my fault. Yeah... Trouble with our stars. Couldn't be helped, but you know how it is, when the nights get longer, they also feel softer.--But don't worry, frrr. I'll make sure shit flows up hill this time." Maybe that cleared things up. Problem with covering for Erika, Farra had to assume she did EVERYTHING. Though at hearing Feya, she also pushed up to clap, and let out a loud whoop! To congratulate her speech!
[19:15] Holly heads to the door, but stops to poke Novasi. "AWw, lookit you. You clean up nice, Captain." She said with a smile before rolling on out.
[19:16] Qu'essan Lunaris chuckles. "Be safe. And same. If you need me just call."
[19:17] Trey: "Ah, I... don't really fit in well." she noted as she glanced around. "We may need someone at the tower regardless, in the event of an emergency."
[19:17] Jaden turns around to look at Khoba, furrowing her brow a moment, then elects to step over with her drink in her hand, "Handling yourself well enough tonight?"
[19:17] Erika was just saying her name still had a pun in it and it was still cool, beside's they were in the least populated part the room "Oh hey while you're here... Do you serve steak without mushrooms?"
[19:19] Karen: heard that and wandered over to the concession table, picking up a Tray of Champagne before returning, coming up to Mr Mason and Trey, offering them both a Champagne Flute a smile on her face. "I believe someone wanted some Champagne?"
[19:19] Rose Nikki Draconis twitches her ears and hums, "Ofcourse. The steak is prepared any way you wish, the topping listed was simply one of our more popular examples." She would watch the room as she prepared to take down the order she was given.
[19:19] Khoba: offers a nod to the director as she approaches. "Not exactly the scenery I'm use to. Maybe not the easiest time for me to relax either.. Or anyone, for that matter" Taking another deep breath to calm himself, then looking down to an empty champaign glass.
[19:19] Feya Vaako began to walk away from the podium back to the table, leaning over the rest behind sekan as she looked over at the others present, leaning back down to whisper into his ear.
[19:20] Ma'at made her way in to the room, taking a few moments to look around the room at who all was in attendance currently.
[19:20] Erika perked her ear fins up "Ooooh, I want a rare steak with like some potato knishes as well!"
[19:21] Jaden: "Tonight's the night to let your worries take a back seat. Our jobs will be waiting for us tomorrow," she says with another nod, "but you're not obligated to stay, Khoba. Semi-formal events like this are not everyone's cup of tea." She looks over the rest of the floor, "I missed last year's. Didn't feel up to it."
[19:21] Farra Klondike: "Oh, yeah. Get me a Pittsburgh Rare--That's black on the outside, bloody on the inside--Soak it in butter, and cover it in salt and pepper--if a mushroom is on my plate I may have to be stopped from defenestrating the waiter. So please keep them off."
[19:21] Zelphine Alexander gave Feya a wide grin and a little thumbs-up on the other's way back to the table. "Don't think I've ever heard you get so long-winded, before. Good speech!" she'd encourage.
[19:21] Novasi Mason: clicked his tongue. " Nah. I'm draggin' ya to a table. " He spun Trey around as he grabbed the glass. " Thank ya darlin'. " He looked down to Holly and... " When did ya get boobs? Stop confusin' my dick. " And he pushed Trey towards a table. Right. On with ye. Go siddown. "
[19:21] Feya Vaako looked up to Zelphine and smiled. "Oh there's more to come. Truuuust me~"
[19:21] Talia thought for a moment. "... Cirdan. What are we? Yes. Colsec. But what are we in colsec?"
[19:21] Sekan Vaako tilts his head and listens to Feya as she whispered into his ear.
[19:22] Erika: "Oh oh- I want mine cooked with brown sugar and smoked hickory sauce."
[19:22] Trey: "It's probably getting l-" she didn't get a chance to finish as she was turned around and nudged towards a table. She shot a glance back at him, one that seemed a little surprised!
[19:23] Fate quietly sat there, not wanting to be an annoyance to rose though he was happy to make an order
[19:23] Qu'essan Lunaris chuckles as Trey is abducted and starts making her way to the fountain to sit.
[19:24] Khoba: places the empty glass carefully down on the table, casting a look Jaden's way. "..I was a wastelander this time last year.." He mutters in a low tone. "Not that I'd ever go back to being one but.. Hard to find my place in the colony lately"
[19:24] Seshet checks her comm after it beeps. Wordlessly, she'd wander out from the hall to answer it, vanishing for a time.
[19:25] Rose Nikki Draconis would take down the order, humming quietly, "There will be no harming of staff in my establishment, but I will ensure that your dish is prepared, sans mushroom." Her eyes shifted to a deeper violet and she looked between the two before smiling and moving along to the other side of the room, approaching Jaden to offer her a bow. "How wonderful that you made it."
[19:26] Ma'at made her way over towards some more familar faces "This seat taken?" she said with a smile, making her way over towards her brother and leaning down to give them a kiss on the head before taking a seat.
[19:26] Erika looked a bit confused "Isn't Sans Mushroom a character from that one Indie game?"
[19:27] Cirdan Levidensis looks at Talia curiously. "What kinda question is that? We're tactical division...." He said leaning on the table to wait for his order. "We're the main force of Col-sec, the muscle..." He waves to Ma'at. "No, help yourself, it's good to see you."
[19:27] Karen: chuckles and follows the pair to the table. "Well now that you are seated and have drinks. Can I get your dinner order? Tonight we have on offer your choice of Steak, Fish, Fruit, one of our Many Salads or the Shrimp Pasto." she'd smile looking between Mason and Trey expectantly.
[19:27] Zelphine Alexander had been so wrapped up in listening to Feya that it took her an embarrassing amount of time to notice that the Fennec had returned - but once she had; she'd greet him with a pleasant smile and then lean back into her chair; hooking her hands together behind it to arc and stretch to the tune of a thoughtful hum. "I'll have the mushrooms nobody else seems to want~." she'd decide with a nod. "Garlic-sauteed over a nice, rare steak - that'll do, I think."
[19:28] Jaden: "My advice," she says, looking over the rest of the ball room before turning her attention back to Khoba, "...is to not try so hard to find your place, and make it your own. It's possible for anyone to come into their own if they don't focus so hard on what they feel others want them to be" She shrugs, "As...cliche as that advice is. Sorry." She turns to Rose and offers the proprietor a warm smile, "Good evening, Madam Draconis. I want to thank you for electing to host us, tonight. I hope the preparations weren't too stressful on you?"
[19:28] Trey: Trey glanced to the one waiting for the table. "Ah, a simple salad should be fine, Caesar, please."
[19:29] Khoba: grunts quietly, leaning back in the seat and shaking his head. But he wouldn't say any more on the matter. The sampler plate had been finished, he was just waiting for the steak
[19:30] Jassi Meep looks up and to Zelphine whilst nodding and he jotted down with an ever so polite and calm smile on his lips. He made his way over to the mytharii to make sure he heard it all but upon the conclusion, gave an appreciative nod and a thumbs up
[19:30] Rose Nikki Draconis smiles, "Ofcourse not Ma'am. Its a pleasure as always. That said, I did wish to note that I seem to be unable to contact your.. second in command? I've made developments, and wished desperately to share them. But, that is for another time, do enjoy the night here, we have gone far out of our way to prepare this night for Col-Sec, and by proxy, Earth Gov. I do not wish it a waste." She offers another bow.
[19:30] Talia smirked. "Exactly. We're Tactical. We're the Muscle. We're the ones who break shit and faces. Not only did they fuck with an Officer. They fucked with your, Officer. And in fucking with our Captain, they fucked with the rest of Tactical. We're going to enjoy this night, knowing the Pirates can't do shit to us. And when we know where Erika is. We're going to being one hell of a hammer down." Reaching out, she held a closed fist in Cirdan's direction. "So Push that Sadness out. Smile, fuck, get mad. Madder you are, the easier it'll be for you to snap someone's spine in half." Talia turned her muzzle towards ma'at, sharking her wide, almost creepy grin. "'Ey. Glad you could make it."
[19:31] Jaden nods, "Well, it's appreciative all the same. Should anything come up, feel free to let me know."
[19:32] Feya Vaako: "Dear. I'll be right back." she spoke kindly to Sekan.
[19:32] Kensei Nobunaga sucked in a deep breath as he entered back inside, swallowing a mint he had been sucking on. Fixing his collar, Nobunaga strode on in, giving nods and waves as he passed. Gotta rememner them painful Etiquette Classes after all. Those painful fucking Etiquette classes.
[19:32] Sekan Vaako gives a nod to Feya, "Of course, love."
[19:32] Novasi Mason: struggled to find a comfortable position in the chair for a moment before speaking up. " ... Steak. Turf's good. " he said. " And.. red wine, if ya got it? N' a snifter of whiskey'll do too. " He tilted back a little. " Ay. No breaking tables n' chairs at this outin', Tactical. "
[19:32] Zelphine Alexander wasn't terribly complex when it came to food! Just in case, she'd repeat herself when the fennec drew closer - then see him off with another pet to those ears, seeing how happy they'd left him the first time. {Half-AFK for a few!}
[19:33] Rose Nikki Draconis nods, "Ofcourse. I will prepare a report. Its all good news though, as far as I am concerned." She offers another bow before turning back to the tables, wandering around and fixing up some of the spots, replacing empty bottles and checking on the buffet once more.
[19:33] Ma'at nodded a bit, looking around "I mean, probably not my first choice but eh, figured I should at least show up for a bit." she said simply. "Anyways, how are both of you doing? Holding up?" she inquired. "Also both of you are looking great tonight~" she added.
[19:33] Farra Klondike: over to Novasi. "Mason... Can't we like, start a officer brawl though? After dinner? Work off all this food?"
[19:34] Feya Vaako would return within minutes and head back on up to the podium.
[19:34] Karen: would nod at the pair, gesturing to Tray. "So one Caesar Salad" and then to Mason, "One Steak, Red Whine and Whiskey .. how would you like your steak? Black and Blue, Rare, Medium, Well done or Burnt?"
[19:35] Qu'essan Lunaris reaches up and taps her glasses as they glow a faint blue. She mouths words without making a sound, almost looks like she's either messaging or doing work.
[19:37] Sekan Vaako watched as Feya walked back to the podium, smiling and watching intently.
[19:37] Kensei Nobunaga reached into his Sporren, pulling out a wrapped, small box before hiding it within his half cape. Walking further into the Ballroom, Nobunaga soon came to stand by Khoba and Jaden.

"Good tae see ya takin' some time fer yerself, mate." He affirmed with Khoba, actually smiling genuinely, dear fucking Christ. Turning his attention to Jaden, Nobunaga cleared his throat.

"'Ay lass?"
[19:38] Jassi Meep nodded in full at Zelphine's order and his eyes darted over the pad before a pet met his head and he gazed up appreciatively and with a pleasant smile, then eased back; another order sent on its way to the list compilation and he looked around to see if anyone need anything
[19:38] Erika perked her ear fins up "Oh! Oh! Can I do a pretty god damn rockin' ass performance?"
[19:38] Novasi Mason: shrugged. " Rare's good. " He looked back to Trey. " Brings up the question. Since when do ya eat salad? Actually, since when do ya.. ya know.. eat? "
[19:39] Novasi Mason: peered over to Farra. " And we ain't doin a brawl! " he called out. " Classy tonight! "
[19:39] Trey: She shrugged a little as she gently lifted one of the champagne glasses from the table to take a sip. "It
[19:39] Karen: would nod and smile. "Very good choice sir." before wandering up back toward the front and bending to whisper to Rose. "So where is this Kitchen? I think I got everyone the other girl didn't..."
[19:39] Erika waved towards Novasi "Does that mean punk rock performances still qualify?"
[19:40] Khoba: nods once to Nobu as he returns, then goes back to watching for a plate to arrive
[19:40] Cara Salim (mourkoth): She shrugged a little as she gently lifted one of the champagne glasses from the table to take a sip. "It's a feature for this... form." she replied before taking another sip.
[19:40] Trey: **
[19:40] Jaden turns around to Kensei, "Aye, Nobunaga, you clean up after yourself well. You look dashing."
[19:40] Farra Klondike: "..Brawl's ARE classy... Ugh... You know, you city people don't know how to be classy, I swear--and no, no punk rock... We need something softer. Like...Classical. Like...metal."
[19:41] Farra Klondike: "...I can do a death growl?"
[19:41] Trey: Trey was beginning to learn a newfound OOC hatred for lag and post issues.
[19:41] Rose Nikki Draconis hums some, "Behind the bar downstairs. Please make it known that it is important that everything comes out as specified."
[19:41] Erik Adlet arrived late to the party and about as well dressed as.... well as he was able, given his lack of suitable attire. It showed. Painfully so. He peered around at the setup, fidgeting in place after stepping through the door.
[19:42] Erika shook her fist was Farra "Punk rock is plenty classical! But yes you can do a death growl."
[19:42] Cirdan Levidensis looked at Talia, She smiled at them. "Talia.... Thank you..." she said with a nod. "I mean it.... thank you alot..." She said wiping her eye gently. "Your right...." She said taking a deep breath. "Mmmr..... I'm doing better now, thanks for asking." She said to Ma'at "You look nice yourself by the way."
[19:43] Novasi Mason: looked up. " ... Oh for shit's sake. " He chuckled. " Fuckin' trouble is here. Erik, find a chair. Hurry up n' catch a waiter if ya can. "
[19:43] Farra Klondike: waved Erik down, she pointed to Fate. "We got a lap!"
[19:43] Feya Vaako would be dealing with a few things as she stood near the piano, looking like she was scrolling in the air with a finger..
[19:44] Trey: "Who?" she asked as she glanced around.
[19:44] Karen: nods at the woman. "Alright I'll go put in the order for these folkss. Do you have the other orders, or have they been sent down already?"
[19:44] Talia hadn't gotten the fist bump she was looking for so instead the canine slid up out of her chair, walked in close and gently bumped it to Cirdan's shoulder. She'd head over towards the food tables afterwards. Hungry dog was hungry and can't wait for the main course. (Gonna go idle a bit so don't worry about me)
[19:44] Kensei Nobunaga held his breath for just a moment. Okay, remember those lessons boyo. Don't be precise with the compliments, don't make a grand dispaly out of things, keep those shoulders back- Oh god he forgot the rest, HE FORGOT THE REST, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH-

"And y'look as lovely as ever, Jaden." He replied, screaming hysterically on the inside. Deep mental breaths. Deep mental breaths. Kilt is still on, gift is still in hand. Okay. Okay good.

"If y'don't mind, Jaden," He started, pulling the small, wrapped box with a bow upon it from behind him. "I got ya somethin'. Merry Yuletide." Bowing down just a bit, Nobunaga offered the box out- He was eeeeeever so slightly trembling. Fuckin' rip.
[19:45] Rose Nikki Draconis smiles some, "I only took down one set of orders, and its been sent via datapad to the kitchen already. Please meet with Jassi, they will lead tonights delivery."
[19:45] Jaden furrows her brow. She knew he was struggling, poor lad. She graciously accepts the box and looks down at it. She slowly opens it.
[19:46] Karen: nods and heads down
[19:46] Erik Adlet fidgets some more at the sudden attention. He just sort of furtively starts towards one of the tables then pauses at Farra's call out, giving her a confused look. Then huffed "I ain't sitting in no dude's lap yo. I'm _not gay_!" he warbles a little then mumbles a touch before he decides he should either leave, or get so drunk he stops caring. Or maybe both....
[19:47] Jassi Meep eases over to Ma'at and curtsied politely before gesturing for their order and also offered a drink from his tray with an ever so polite smile; his presence made more so known by that soothing faint sound of the bell around his neck
[19:47] Kensei Nobunaga stood up straight almsot immediately, waiting with held breath. Within the box was... An Ankh, wrought from silver that hung from a thin chain. On the inside of the box's lid was a personalized message.

"I figured it'd be fittin', considerin' yer surname." He admitted. "Plus it'd match yer wardrobe."
[19:47] Fate didnt like the idea of being used as a chair by erik, "id also rather not be used as a chair by erik, before watching sadly as rose left feeling he might have to raid the buffet for food
[19:49] Ma'at mmm'd softly before looking over at Cirdan "So, what all usually goes in to these kind of events? Can't really say I've ever gone to any formal event before." she said simply.
[19:49] Farra Klondike: gave Erik the fingerguns. "...Pfft. I bet you kiss GIRLS!" she snickered. Pointing to Mason's table. "Sit with Mason. He needs morale support. Look'm."
[19:49] Jaden looks down at the necklace for a moment, lingering silence that might very well be deafening to Kensei. She looks up, finally, staring at him, before finally smiling, "Thank you, Kensei. It's incredibly thoughtful."
[19:51] Khoba: can't help but eye between the two, trying to focus one wherever the waitress might have disappeared to
[19:51] Erika: "Man, kissin' girls is pretty gay, yo."
[19:51] Kensei Nobunaga fucked up. Oh god he fucked up, HE FUCKED UP, HE WAS GONNA THROW UP, IT WAS ALL OVER, HE WAS ABOUT TO PAINFULLY AND HORRIFICALLY VOMIT- Oh hey look the Apocalypse wasn't happening. Even better was the fact that she was smiling.

All he did was smile. Yep. Brain broke, words no working no more. Just a dumb smile and wagging tail.
[19:51] Ma'at also looked to her side "Oh sorry, didn't see you. Uh, what's that?" she asked looking at the drink.
[19:52] Trey: "I really should have had a gift to give tonight...." Trey mused to herself quietly.
[19:52] Talia picked herself up a plate and began to pick through, grabbing one of the shrimp cocktails to sit it in the center while things like slices of bread, ham, assorted crackers nd cheeses were all laid about the rim. Heading back to retake her seat, The canine began to devour it all, stacking one thing atop of others to jam in her muzzle. She wasn't lying about not eating much...
[19:52] Novasi Mason: sighed, looking back to Trey after he'd been glancing about the room. " Oh, Erik. Both him n' Nobunaga are up to the neck in the danger zone right now. I think they're both havin' panic attacks. " He chuckled. " And don't sweat it. Just gift everyone with 'yer presence n' such. "
[19:52] Cirdan Levidensis would smile a little at Ma'at. "Well it's a social event so there's food, music, drinking, chatting, last years had dancing but it looks like everyones more in a social gathering mood this year..."
[19:53] Jassi Meep eased his hand up to show the bottle; a refined Merlot. The wine in the glass though, seemed labeled as the house' wine at that; a rare vintage
[19:53] Jaden takes the ankh and unclasps it, wrapping it around her neck, then clutches it back together behind her neck. It hangs just off of her neck.
[19:53] Novasi Mason: points to the chair at their table. " Erik, sit here, ya mook. "
[19:54] Feya Vaako had finished her time adjusting a few things with her programming and placed a device upon the board in front of the pianist, letting it show a holographic display of musical notes. As she pulled away, she began to bring her tail around, pulling out another device hidden and held it in her hand, returning to the podium as she spoke firmly. " If I may have your attention once more everyone. I have a gift to give to you all."
[19:54] Talia Looks to Feya a third time, only this time she had a mouthful of cracker, cheese and dip.
[19:54] Zelphine Alexander slid from her seat for a nice little stretch around the room; lingering on all these faces she just couldn't put a name to - some names she knew, just in different faces, it would turn out! A lesson she'd learn with a certain thick accent caught her attention in her wandering - and she'd find herself standing behind a stiff-as-a-board Nobunaga. Staaaaaare. Ears twitched and lips pursed almost through the man's deafening, gift-giving silence until it wires finally crossed and dots tentatively connected. "Nobu! Did you... do something with your hair?" she'd finally inquire as she reached up to give that 'new' muzzle a tentative prod; dipping her head towards Jaden around him, along the way. "Ma'am~."
[19:55] Sekan Vaako smirks at Nobu's little display and raises his glass to him before turning back to Feya.
[19:55] Farra Klondike: blinked a few times, looking to Feya. Wait, was she finally getting her tank?
[19:55] Novasi Mason: leaned back, peering up to Feya.
[19:55] Ma'at thought for a moment "Mmm, no thanks. I'll save the alcohol for a bit later I think.. Last thing I want is making an ass of myself early in the night. Thank you though cutie." she said with a chuckle. Looking back at Cirdan and nodding "So, yeah food sounds good I guess." she said lightly.
[19:56] Kensei Nobunaga stopped wagging his tail as the grim thought dawned on him. He did in fact fuck up He made a huge blunder, a terrible mistake.


Oh hey Feya was talking now. He should pay attention. Nobunaga cleared his throat and moved to Jaden's side, -unprofessionally- close. He did however come to look at Zelphine with a grin. "Och aye, just chopped a few inches auff 'n began wearin' it loosely." He explained, before nodding in Feya's direction.
[19:56] Erik Adlet just got even more confused by Farra and Erika's razzing, though, at the 'order' from Mason, he just let out a soft warble and quietly made his way up to the chair before sitting down. He then peers at the items on the table, as well as the woman seated there with them. "Uhh.... hi."
[19:57] Feya Vaako would close her eyes for a brief moment before taking a breath, calming her core. "Last year about this time at our last gathering of officers, I decided to try my hand at singing. Some of the songs made you smile, others I admit I will not sing again due to the complexity of them. Over the past few months, in secret to even my husband, I decided to find songs in which to sing for you tonight. They have been chosen to lift you up, to make you feel the world isnt crushing you, and to remind you that each of you is special tonight. " With a toss of the skirt of her dress, she would pass by the piano, looking down at the musician and whispered a few things into their ear before returning to the gaze of the others present. "So this first song, actually brought me to tears in hearing it. It's an old Alpha colony song usually played on bagpipes, but for tonight, this piano will do."
[19:57] Jassi Meep tilts his head at Ma'at before a warm smile emerged on his lips and he pulled his pad up again, prepared to take the order as coming and his tail seemed to wag behind him
[19:58] Talia internally thanks the fact that there is no bagpipes.... GLARES AT NOBU.
[19:58] Zelphine Alexander gave a quiet snort as her attention turned to regard and listen to Feya once more, as well. "Get your whole face with the same razor along the way?" she'd muse; before clearing her throat and clasping her hands together behind her back - paying more attention to the other side of the room for the moment.
[19:58] Trey: The woman politely nodded to the newcomer. "Hello. You are, Sergeant Adlet, I believe?" she asked as she reached a hand towards him for a gentle handshake.
[19:58] Selly (selandraste): {See. We'll just hook one of you up to an air compressor in the garage, poke a few holes in ya, and improvise.}
[19:59] Kensei Nobunaga found his ears perking up when he heard the term Bagpipes. Like a dog that had just heard the term Squirrel. He stared for a time, wide eyed, mouth just a wee bit agape.
[19:59] Farra Klondike: points to Erika! "We got a guitar--and she brought portable amps, Vaako!"
[19:59] Karen: would come back into the ball room, looking around a bit till she spotted the Splicer knwn as Jassi, wandering over to her and squatting down so she can speek low. "Alright, I sent these orders to the kitchen... " she'd show the .. girl? the list on her DAta pad. "who else needs their order taken?" she'd look around, frowning.. people kept moving tables...
[19:59] Rose Nikki Draconis hums quietly as she monitors the room, watching over her datapad, twitching her ears some.
[19:59] Erika nodded her head and grinned widely "THat's right! I'm ready to fuckin' rock!"
[19:59] Veera Thatcher enters very fashionably late, but takes no time to act like she has been there the whole time.
[19:59] Feya Vaako would slowly start to sway from side to side, listening to the intro before looking outward and curled the mic with both hands close to her chest.
[20:00] Cirdan Levidensis smiles a little bit at Ma'at "I recommend the fish." She said wiggling her eyebrows at her sister and giggling afterwards.
[20:00] Feya Vaako: "The miiiiinnnstrel boy to the war is gone, In the raaaanks of death you'll fiiinnnnd hiiiiimmmm. His father's sword he has girded on, And his wild harp sluuunnnng behiiiiiind hiiiimmm..... "Land of Song!" said the warrior bard, "Though all the world betraaaaayyyys theeeeeee, One swooooord, at least, thy rights shall guard, One faithful harp shall praaaaaiiise theeeee!" "

With the tone set, she would stretch out a hand towards the crowd, her face showing a the glimpse of sadness as she continued. "The Miiiinnnstrel fell! But the foeman's chain could not bring that proud soul uuuunnnndeeerrr. The haaaarrrrp he loved ne'er spoke again, for he tore its chords asunnndeerrr; and said "No chains shall suuuully thee, Thou sooooul of love and braaaaaveryyyyy! Thy songs were made for the pure and free, they shall never sound in slavery!"

A single tear began to seep from her eyes as she pulled her hand back, lowering her head down to close her eyes. "The Minstrel Boy will return we pray, when we hear the news we all
[20:00] Feya Vaako: will cheeeer iiiittt. The minstrel boy will retuuuurn oooone daaaaay, torn perhaps in body, not in spiiiiririiit. Then maaaaay he play on his haaaarrrrp in peace, In a world such as heaven intendeeeeddd for aaaaall the bitterness of man must cease, And ev'ry battle must be ennnndeeeeed." As she finished, she raised her head back up, wiping her eyes clean as she gave a long smile to the crowd.
[20:01] Sekan Vaako smiles as Feya starts singing, finding himself leaning forward as he listens to her voice over the mic. At the end of the song he raises his glass to her, grinning wide.
[20:01] Erik Adlet stares at the hand offered towards him for a few moments like it was some sort of exceedingly dangerous snake before gingerly reaching towards it to give it a shake. Firm grip at least, but he'd rather quickly draw his hand back the moment it was let go. "Uhh.... ya." he'd softly state before blinking just a little bit. "I uh... I don't think I know you?" he questions, fidgeting some more.
[20:02] Kensei Nobunaga was gradually finding himself relaxing, shoulders sagging, lips curling up into a smile. He merely closed his eyes, content with swaying ever so slightly as he heard out the old song. When it came to an end, the Mutant came to appluad, going as far as to whistle!
[20:02] Jassi Meep looked back towards Karen for a moment before he gestured to Nobunaga in particular, then to Feya and Sekan, and at last, to Veera, Qu'essan and Erik and gave the fellow waitress a polite smile, evidently wanting to make sure Karen could see the setup
[20:02] Ma'at thought for a few moments "Mmm, I suppose just some kind of steak or something, medium well." she said simply.
[20:03] Trey: "A pleasure to meet you." she shook his hand gently, though the grip did feel... odd. A firm grip around her hand was like trying to crunch rebar wrapped in meat. "I think we may have met before; most know me as Trey."
[20:03] Khoba: hrms, sliding his chair back as quietly as he could manage. He'd speak quietly in Jaden and Nobu's direction. "There's a steak coming, rare. Feel free to have at it." before the splicer would slide his chair back in and start for the door
[20:04] Jaden turns to look over at Khoba as he leaves and frowns, "Are you sure you don't want to stay awhile?"
[20:04] Farra Klondike: seemed a bit confused by the song, she looked over to Erika. Whispering. "...What... What was that song about..? Did you get it? I didn't get it. Aren't minstrels like, poor, blind beggars? Why is he warrioring?"
[20:05] Talia lets the other two at her table speak a while. She was too busy stuffing her face full and making several happy noises while doing so. Good ham and fancy cheeses. Much nicer than canned stew.
[20:05] Jassi Meep started jotting down Ma'ats order whilst going over the list with Karen and he gave an approving nod at that
[20:05] Erika leaned in towards Farra and shrugged "I... I'mnot sure, I think so and I'm a little afraid to ask because that's what I think it's about but it's also confusing... You think they'll let me play next?"
[20:06] Qu'essan Lunaris offers a wave to Veera. "Ah, Ms. thatcher. Glad you could make it. The drinks are chilled and the food is good. Schmooze a bit and enjoy yourself."
[20:07] Veera Thatcher offers a modest smile to the Director, before saying "Sounds pleasant! Should I find my own seat, or are they assigned?"
[20:07] Farra Klondike: leaned in, speaking lowly. "...Frrr... We should. Whatcha think. Soldiers of Sorrow? Dirge For the Planet?"
[20:08] Feya Vaako with the senses now passing, her confidance grew as she heard the bout of applause from at least one officer, shaking her head slowly as the piano began to play its next tune..
[20:08] Erik Adlet clears his throat and then errms sfotly "Well uh... nice to meet you uhh... Tray." He replies before fidgeting a bit more and deciding to just... grab something to eat off the tray of goodies before them. As well as the bottle of champaign. The only issue being of course that the 'treat' was the rose... which he.... just kind of chows down on, oblivious to it being mere decoration... and then just starts stress chugging the champaign straight from the bottle. Cultured manners, he did not have.
[20:08] Karen: would nod at Jassi, moving off to the side to get outta Jassi's way
[20:08] Erika tapped her chin a bit "I could do Dirge for the planet but only the more metal version, not knockin' on the acoustic version though... But like, Soldiers of Sorrow is clearly a better duet."
[20:08] Feya Vaako: "Tired of being rescued ’cause it’s just a gilded caaage... I must make amends for all the mess my elders maaaade.. I was born to lead you all away from your crusaaade... Nations held in anguish had me boiling with a raaage. Ordinary life alluded me, for my duty you are losing me. You are one of my few weaknesses, but this girl has deep allegianceeees.... In the meantime the shields are doooown. I’m in a spacial place. Surviiivooor."

She took a firm step forward as she curled her hand outward, giving a questionable tracing of fingers as he began to firmly sing. "Can you seeee myyy frozeeen dreeaaaam? Myyy frozen dreeaaam can never be, It iiis a parrraaadox. Yooou seeee, such a frozen dreaaaaam, such a frozen dreaaaaam can never be... Never beeee~"

Her breathing began to calm, lifting her head up to continue. "Waited for a century. It’s only gotten wooorse. People want to stop me when I try to lift the cuuurse. We are isolated and in close proximityyy. Sisters and our brothers living in this
[20:08] Feya Vaako: galaxyyyy. Ordinary life alluded me, Was it worth it just for saving me? You are one of my few weaknesses, but this girl has deep allegianceeees....In the meantime the shields are doooown. I’m in a spacial place. Surviiivooor."

"Can yoooou seeeee myyyy frozen dreeeaaam? Myyyy frozen dreeeaam can never be, it is a paradox you see, suuuuch a frooozen dream, such a frooozen dream can never pass this event horizon! We’ve such a golden dreeeeaaam, suuuch a golden dream can never laaaast. My burden lifted. I am freeee. Suuuch a foolish dreeeaaam, Suuuuch a foolish dream can never beeeee~ Breaks my mind just tryin’ to seeeee..."

Her voice begins to lower into a near whisper, closing her eyes as the words that came next felt cold to her core. "Is there hoooooope anywheeeeeere? Is there loooove heeeere anywheeeeere?"

"Can you heeeaar myyy rusted heeeart? For you it just might fall apaaart. My hope is broken. Can you see such a golden dreeaaam? Suuuch a frozen dream can never pass this event horizon.
[20:08] Feya Vaako: We’ve suuuch a golden dreeeaaam, Suuuch a golden dream can never laaast. My burden lifted, I am freeee.
Such a foolish dreeeaaam, such a foolish dream can never beee. Breaks my mind just tryin’ to see"

"Is there hoooooope anywhere? Is there looooove here anywhere? Is there faaaaaaaith anywhere? Just a cruuuuuuuumb here anywhere?"

As she finished, she would give a slight bow as she rubbed her throat, walking over to get a glass of water and carried it back to the piano to take several sips. "Well. That one I have trouble still with the long notes."
[20:09] Jaden (jadenosiris): Fucking christ o_o
[20:09] Qu'essan Lunaris chuckles. "Just slip in anywhere>"
[20:09] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Sorry. I couldn't make it smaller XD)
[20:09] Rosey Draconis (rosetoradraconis): ; ^;
[20:09] Punished Nobu (olvalor): ((The LUNGS on that lass))
[20:09] Khoba: pauses momentarily to look to the Director, then around the room before looking back to the door. ".. Yeah.." Sliding around the tables then, extra careful not to bump into anything as he goes. He does offer a nod to Queen on the way out.
[20:09] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Forgive me if Im doing too much. I planned this about a month ago XD)
[20:10] Punished Nobu (olvalor): ((Considering she's given birth before yeah it makes sense she'd have a hell of a vocal range))
[20:10] Sekan Vaako sets his glass down and claps as Feya finishes her song, his eyes getting a bit misty.
[20:10] Rosey Draconis (rosetoradraconis): ≧ω≦
[20:10] Trey: "First time to the Red tail?" Trey asked Erik as she shot a glance towards Novasi.
[20:10] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (I am giving 10 minutes between posts to be fair x3)
[20:10] SCP 4327-M (fox.cheri): ((Enough sounds thanks.))
[20:11] Punished Nobu (olvalor): ((Taylor you know full well it is custom for everyone to Fall Over when one person starts.))
[20:11] Punished Nobu (olvalor): (('Tis Tradition))
[20:11] Rosey Draconis (rosetoradraconis): (( At least its not as bad as last year. ))
[20:11] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): ( ^.^;;)
[20:11] Ma'at "Also just a glass of water for now, I'll probably grab some of this wine later before I leave though." she said lightly. Looking between Cirdan and Talia now however.
[20:11] Kensei Nobunaga was content.. He didn't fuck up with his gift, he was by Jaden's side, there was a lovely singer on stage. When the song came to an end, Nobunaga politely applauded once more.
[20:12] Farra Klondike: squinted at Erika. "...Dirge for a planet IS a duet. You gotta have the death-growl version of the lyrics in the background of the singer... Pfft, Uncultured."
[20:12] Veera Thatcher nods once again in acknowledgment before heading to an empty table.
[20:12] Queen of Hugs (morcinna): ((am I the only one who keeps SL sounds off all the time? -chuckles-))
[20:13] Jassi Meep nodded to Ma'at before he gave a polite bow and then turned to make his way back over to see if Sekan and Feya would be ready for their orders
[20:13] WhiteQueen was for once...not pissing someone off or making a scene. A pretty wall flower at least or was she just simply letting people enjoy the night without her ruining it? Hard to tell! Either way she seemed a bit busy on that arm com with her gaze coming away from it every now and then to look about the room.
[20:13] Erika shook her head "No I wasn't saying Dirge for a planet isn't a duet, I said I'd do it yo. Shit, I use to play that version alot! I'm just sayin' the acoustic version doesn't work as a duet version and like if we did the death growl version, I wanna hve my good amps for that."
[20:15] Sekan Vaako looks down at the small fennec and smiles, "I'll have some salmon, a couple rolls, and a shrimp cocktail, please."
[20:16] Erik Adlet froze mid chug, staring at Trey a moment before simply nodding and resuming his chugging of the champaign. He was increasingly finding that he was feeling exceedingly self conscious and uncomfortable here. It was as if he'd landed on some hellish alien landscape where up was down, down was left, right was left and left was simply slightly more to the left than usual.
[20:17] Cirdan Levidensis pouts a little bit at Ma'at when her teasing goes unresponded to. "The wine's actually really good im on my third glass... though im trying to slow down a little bit so i don't get drunlk..."
[20:18] Trey: She rubbed her chin for a moment. "What is it that you do in Colsec, Sergeant?" she asked as she snagged one of the treats from the center of the table, and nibbled at it patiently.
[20:19] Novasi Mason: chuckled. " Cool 'yerself, Erik. We've got some whiskey comin' I think. "
[20:19] Kensei Nobunaga is NOT dead! WOO!
[20:20] Sekan Vaako "The wife would liiiiiike.....a couple slices of ham, some rolls, and some of the sandwich skewers, please."
[20:20] Farra Klondike: huffed. "Weak... If we had good amps we'd break glasses in here anyway, frrr.. Got to keep it weak for the city people. But which one is totally up to you, Erika." she eyed Fate. "What do YOU think Cougar you sing? Play music?"
[20:20] Rose Nikki Draconis twitches her ears and offers her smile as she continues to stand and watch.
[20:21] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): "I say we kick it up the tempo a little. This next one is for those who most likely have been watched by the EIA." she teased, leaning over to the pianist and flipped to the next song on her list. As the piano began to play, she started to tap her foot, placing herself into an aggressive pose as a hand held onto the the side of her dress, letting it wave outwards into a twirl as she tucked her head into her shoulder. Just like someone would if watching another from afar. "Where...were yooouu...my child...the other niiight? Somebody told meeee...They saw you having a good time, and it looked like someone special. What's your story? You were thinking you were free.. But you forgot about your love for me! But you forgot about your love for me! Didn't you?"

A sudden twirl came as she walked towards one of the tables with officers present, giving them a smile as her voice strengthened. leaning back upon the table into a dramatic pose. "Rollercoaster ride for...
[20:21] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): you... to... enjoy~ City life... you.. can... make.. it... your.. toy Go out and get iiiiiiit! Just own iiiiiiit! It's not that I let you goooo to be strong. Telling myself I'm over yooou. Telling myself I'm over yooou. Never be fully over yooou. Never be fully over yooou. But I got a lotta love for you nooow! But I got a lotta love for you nooow! But I got a lotta love for you nooow! And I can find my way~"
[20:21] Qu'essan Lunaris keeps checking feeds on her AR glasses as she people watches. She was well aware how little alcohol she could handle so she avoided drinking.
[20:21] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (FFFFFFFF)
[20:21] Fate shakes his head "no sadly i dont sing."
[20:21] Jassi Meep starts noting down Sekan's order with a polite smile and his tail wagged before he eased back a bit again and looked over towards Karen; now having sent his orders down and wrapping up that business
[20:22] Jaden: "Lovely as ever, Miss Thatcher," she says with a warming smile.
[20:23] Erik Adlet paues again before staring at Trey a few moments. He'd choke down an impending belch, wincing slightly before answering. "Uhhh... I mean like. I'm just a combat medic and stuff. So... y'know. People get shot, stabbed or wind up with other holes in em they ain't supposed to have I kinda patch em up, get em back into the fight. If they die, I kinda just... tell them to walk it off after injecting them with like.... stupid amounts of really expensive nanites and then like... send em to the hospital after."
[20:23] Kensei Nobunaga cracked a toothy grin at the next song. "Reckon she'll do Turbo Lover next?" He joked, all in good nature of course. Another round of applause was given, before he turned his attention to Veera.

"Y'look absolutely stunnin', lass. Happy tae see that y'made it tae th'ball, e'en with these tryin' times."
[20:23] Feya Vaako: The music began to slow down, making her turn back around to another table, pointing at one of the officers there as she leaned over to frown and point at them, giving her shoulders a twist to each of her words.. "I'd... begun... to doubt... your alibi, Something insiiiide meee. They saw you having a good time, and I won't play second fiddle to no one yo! You were thinking you were free..But you forgot about your love for me! But you forgot about your love for me! Didn't you?"

With a push of her hand, she straightened up, giving a few bounces of her hip as she pressed on to her song. "Rollercoaster ride...for...you...to...enjoy~ City life,
you.. can... make.. it... your.. toy Go out and get iiiiiiit! Just own iiiiiiit! It's not that I let you goooo to be strong. Telling myself I'm over yooou. Telling myself I'm over yooou. Never be fully over yooou. Never be fully over yooou. But I got a lotta love for you nooow! But I got a lotta love for you nooow! But I got a lotta love for you nooow! And I can find my
[20:23] Feya Vaako: way~"

"We have chaaaanged along our waaaay.. We have chaaaanged along our waaaay.. We have chaaaanged along our waaaay.. You don't have to hide. So, you don't have to hide. No, you don't have to hide. No, you don't have to hide! no. "
[20:24] Erika nodded her head "I agree! The portable ones are small, they can't break glasses sadly. Believe me, I would brought them if I could, dood., you know me. But you know what? Everyone is wanting to go for moody and sad, let's do Soldier of Sorrow."
[20:24] Veera Thatcher situates herself into a seat, while looking to her right at Kensei, Zelphine, and Jaden.

"Hello!" She happily greets as she sits herself and gets comfortable.
[20:25] Trey: "Tell me..." she smiled as she continued. "...what's the field medic treatment procedure for cybernetics?"
[20:25] Feya Vaako continued her little bit of fun as she went to a third table, curling her fingers devilishly at one of the officers. "Rollercoaster ride...for...you...to...enjoy~ City life, you..can...make..it...your..toy Go out and get iiiiiiit! Just own iiiiiiit! It's not that I let you goooo to be strong. Telling myself I'm over yooou. Telling myself I'm over yooou. Never be fully over yooou. Never be fully over yooou. But I got a lotta love for you nooow! But I got a lotta love for you nooow! But I got a lotta love for you nooow! And I can find my way~ We have chaaaanged along our waaaay.. We have chaaaanged along our waaaay.. We have chaaaanged along our waaaay.. You don't have to hide. So, you don't have to hide. No, you don't have to hide. No, you don't have to hide! no."

As she finished her song from all the beat dancing, swinging her waist and dress to the dual chorus, she let out a bit of a pant and returned to the piano, leaning back against it. "Talk about a calorie burner huh? I'm going to take a
[20:25] Feya Vaako: momentary break to rest my throat and we'll return to a few more songs~"
[20:25] Farra Klondike: grumbled. "Gay... And too bad, Cougar. You should pick it up, music helps out a lot if you're captured by wastelanders, we eat you less often if you got a useful skill."
[20:26] Jassi Meep eased his way over towards Vera before he gave a polite bow, offered them a glass of wine as well as offering to take their dinner request
[20:26] Aaron Ebonfang (markusblade453): ♫~~♫~~APPLAUSE~~♫~~♫
[20:26] Zelphine Alexander wiggled a few fingers towards Veera; one ear half-turned towards the woman while the other continued to flit to Feya's singing - not something she'd gotten to hear since... well. The last Yule ball! "Evenin'~!" she'd chime in answer.
[20:26] Sekan Vaako smiles and claps at the conclusion of Feya's song, throwing in a whistle.
[20:27] Veera Thatcher gets her attention caught by Jassi, and gladly accepts a glass of wine, though at the same time asks "What is on the menu?"
[20:27] Kensei Nobunaga smiled at Feya as her musical talents came to an end, at least momentarily. "Honestly, th'lungs on that lass." He admitted. Briefly his attention went aside to a certain someone who was away from everyone else. A certain Queen.

He stared. He staaaared.... Before beckoning her over to join the gathering.
[20:28] Fate shrugs "na, spent my too busy not dying to learn to sing, at least the wastelanders have real air to breath."
[20:28] Erik Adlet: "Oh, that's pretty easy. You like, jury-rig servos and wiring harnesses and plug in back up batteries where required. After that send em off to somewhere to like, Chimera for proper repairs and assessment after combat if required." Erik explains as he actually starts to relax enough as he puts the bottle on the table again, though it's about three quarters empty by that point. "Honestly patching up cybers is like, soooo much easier cause you ain't got no blood or nothing to worry bout. I mean sure you got some fluids and shit, but unless it's a bio droid then like, that shit is usually pretty easy to shut off and stuff."
[20:29] Erika waved her hand towards Rosey "Hey miss! Miss? Miss? Hi!" she called out with a smile "Can like, Farra and I perform next?"
[20:29] Ma'at mmm'd softly "Just waiting to drink until I'm on the way out, so I either don't make an ass out of myself or as means of setting the mood, depending on how or who I'm leaving with." she said with a chuckle.
[20:30] Feya Vaako would enjoy taking the time to rest back at her seat, taking the table napkin to touch her forehead a few times. "A little harder to do when carrying a passenger hun. What did you think?"
[20:30] Jassi Meep smiles politely to Veera before he pulled his pad back up again to present them with tonight's menu as professionally presented by Rose herself; the shorter maid however, did not utter a word; merely just smiled and worked happily
[20:30] Trey: Trey nodded as she listened, clearly fascinated by the explanation. "Have you ever had any opportunities to work with the EGov AB-1 series of cybernetics?" she asked. "They're plentiful throughout the colony."
[20:31] Rose Nikki Draconis turns to Erika and offers a bow, "Unless your voice is as wonderful as the Mrs Feya that just sang, and your brand of performance is of the same or similar style, Im afraid not. This is a formal ball, anything outside of what we consider 'High Society' simply does not work well here. I do apologize."
[20:31] Karen: would leave the room awhile to check on the food.
[20:31] Sekan Vaako scoots closer to her and takes her hand, kissing it, "You handled it like a champ out there, love. Beautiful singing voice as always."
[20:33] Erik Adlet: "Not particularly?" Erik replies "They aren't exactly used in combat so they get handled by regular engineers and such." he explains to Trey. "Even in combat they are a super low priority."
[20:34] Erika shook her head once "My voice is amazing, I use to go on tour. You'll absolutely love our song, it's about remember a beautiful world while you look on ward towards the deceleration and bleak future of a dying world as dark stars strive to shine."
[20:34] Farra Klondike: "...Wait, Dirge of Sorrow?"
[20:34] Veera Thatcher briefly takes a look at the menu, and only seems to consider the options for a few seconds, before responding with "The salmon filet dish sounds great! I'll start with that, please".
[20:34] Kensei Nobunaga cleared his throat. "So, Zelphine, whot have ya been doin' these past few months in yer absence? We've missed ya, yaknow."
[20:35] Cirdan Levidensis giggles softly. "Well if you leave with me or Talia it'd definitly be a great way to set the mood." She looked over, looking to check on Talia and see how they were doing.
[20:35] Feya Vaako couldn't help but actually blush from her husband's choice of words and that hand kiss. "Been practicing since September. Adjustments to vocal program as well have been touchy."
[20:35] Farra Klondike: also, eyed over to Rose. "..Yeah, she's pro, frr. I'm better. I'm a fucking princess." hairflip. She was scrambling notes, passing them off to Erika. On how to do their thing.
[20:35] Rosey Draconis (rosetoradraconis): /em squints, "Very well." she says flatly. "It isnt my place to judge." She would make her way towards the door to stand near it.
[20:35] Rosey Draconis (rosetoradraconis): (( fak ))
[20:35] Rose Nikki Draconis squints, "Very well." she says flatly. "It isnt my place to judge." She would make her way towards the door to stand near it.
[20:35] Trey: Trey nodded. "I may need to send schedule and assignment suggestions to you sometime. EGov losews AB-1's to various hazards throughout the colony, and a field medic with mechanical experience would be an excellent choice for security escort duty during maintenance and public service assignments."
[20:36] Erika gave a big grin towards Farra and nodded "That's right! We're an amazing duo!"
[20:37] Jassi Meep took Veera's order with a nimble tapping of his thumb on said pad and he gave a polite dip of his head in gratitude, then turned to make his way around to see fi there were any last minute orders needing taking
[20:38] Cirdan Levidensis (tails.eyre): brb picking up fiance from work
[20:38] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): Be safe o/)
[20:38] Erik Adlet peers at Trey "Uhh... I'm like.. not really an engineer y'know? I'm just a dude that like. slaps on quick fixes and sends people back into the fight between like.. shooting the bad guy. Or stabbing them. Or beating them up, or like... what ever I need to do yo. I'm not like, just.... well...I dunno yo."
[20:38] Fate sighs still sad that hes not getting a meal "don't make me ban you both from drinking"
[20:39] WhiteQueen had seen that bit of earlier beckoning form Nobu, seems she wanted to finish whatever it was she was doing before heading on over to stand between Nobu and Jaden to just idly comment "...should have brought my violin...didn't know we could do some show an tell."
[20:39] Zelphine Alexander looked over to Nobu; then reached waaaaaay up to give one of his 'new' ears a pat. "Didn't have much time to tell before the transfer, but I've been putting in at another Distrect." she'd explain; bringing her hand back to herself, after - swaying on her paws for a moment as all the standing around began to wind up her legs. "On loan to another precinct, basically!"
[20:39] Trey: "Oh, I do understand that." she replied with a smile. "Having personnel that can stabilize more than just organics however is certain to be a valuable asset for more diverse assignment opportunities."
[20:41] Kensei Nobunaga found one of his ears flicking like a mad lad once it had been touched. Yep. Real fur, real hide, real whiskers. The whole shebang. "Huh. Any notable officers in this district?" He asked, before glancing down to the Queen. He cracked a grin at her comment.

"Didn't know y'played Violin, lass."
[20:41] Veera Thatcher nods as Jassi parts after taking her order, and then decides to switch seats for some, undisclosed reason.
[20:41] Farra Klondike: hops up, then. She pulls Erika out of her seat, and goes to drag her over to the front. As she proceeds to pull up music on her phone, and whisper about how to do the performance.
[20:41] Sekan Vaako purrpurrs and smiles, patting her hand, "Need me to help with adjustments, if you need it?" he asks.
[20:42] Erik Adlet: "I dunno..." Erik replies softly "I'm like.. not trained for like, assessment stuff and shit yo." he'd start drinking from the bottle again before letting out a soft warble. "SO like, uhh... I mean. Combat stuff is like, where I know stuff cause like, that's what I was made for and stuff. It's not like I make super neat and tidy patches or nothing."
[20:42] Jassi Meep turned to walk back towards the secret backroom entrance but along the way stopped up at Fate to take their order along with a warm smile on his lips
[20:43] Erika followed Farra up to the stage, she listened to Farra speak while nodding her head, whispering back. During this time she'd get her guitar ready... Not only did she wire it to an amplifier she had hooked on her belt but she'd take this time to tune her guitar. "Okay... You know how the song goes, I lead and you do back up."
[20:44] Fate nods politely grinning happily at jassi "thank you, can i get a medium rare stake, please?"
[20:44] Zelphine Alexander seemed satisfied with what she'd learned through touch; folding her arms beneath her chest while her head turned to eye that enoooooormous tail swaying behind them. Had that spaded thing always been so heavy? Huh. After, she'd feign rolling her eyes. "Every officer in the force is notable just for havin' the guts to sign on and commit in the first place~." she'd matter-of-factly answer; before offering a small grin of her own in turn. "We are definitely the most colorful bunch, though. I did miss home~."
[20:45] Trey: "Neat and tidy doesn't always translate to 'good'." Trey pointed out. "It's hard to appreciate a 'neat and tidy' treatment if the patient died in the time needed to accomplish it. That you don't have a focus on that is good - you seem more interested in doing what works over what looks nice."
[20:46] Jassi Meep jots down whilst nodding and his ears perked up slightly, just to give a polite bow of his head and walked back and out of complete view whilst sending messages
[20:46] Feya Vaako places a hand to her throat, shaking her head "Oh I dont think so hun. I had to adjust such over transmission with my manufacturer. It was an odd request which is why it took so long to practice."
[20:46] Farra Klondike: gave a nod. "Course...frrrr... Just gettin lyrics up, can't fuck up, feh. Engrish is a hard language.. Like, I speak 'Merican natively.."
[20:46] WhiteQueen of course thought to get the attention off of her from what Nobu had said and go a bit edgy with "Well...people are a bit more difficult to play and get the right notes you wanna hear...an instrument is a bit more...humbling. And easier to fix if you break it." tail giving a soft flick with seeing Zelphine eye it up and of course she couldn't help but ask "...you don't remember me, do you?"
[20:47] Sekan Vaako gives a nod and smiles, "Oh, I ordered for you. Got some ham slices and other goodies coming your way."
[20:47] Erika nodded once "That's okay, take your time, we got this. You'll be mostly growling so I have you covered."
[20:48] Erik Adlet ehhhhhs softly and shrugged "I guess? But like, in combat you just take short cuts or like, sometimes you just like... wind up using super expensive shit you wouldn't normally or something. Like, combat drugs and stuff."
[20:48] Punished Nobu (olvalor): /mke takes a moment to SPECIFICALLY STARE AT FARRAH IN THE OL' SCOTTISH TONGUE OF 'MOTHERFUCKER', but ultimately he turned back to the discussion at hand. A grin was given to Zelphine. "We missed you too." He replied in turn, before turning back to Queen.

He wasn't saying anything.

But everyone could very damkn well know what the fuck he was thinking, judging by his grin.
[20:48] Kensei Nobunaga will go fuck himself.
[20:48] Kensei Nobunaga takes a moment to SPECIFICALLY STARE AT FARRAH IN THE OL' SCOTTISH TONGUE OF 'MOTHERFUCKER', but ultimately he turned back to the discussion at hand. A grin was given to Zelphine. "We missed you too." He replied in turn, before turning back to Queen.

He wasn't saying anything.

But everyone could very damkn well know what the fuck he was thinking, judging by his grin.
[20:48] Trey: "Do you pay out of pocket for the expensive stuff, or requisition it from the armory?" Trey asked with a raised brow.
[20:49] Erik Adlet: "Oh, like, both." Erik replies "We gotta pay for everything we get from the armoury, so...." he shrugs "Like, any shit I use I have to pay for and stuff."
[20:49] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a bow to the most recent entry, "Welcome, please enjoy the night."
[20:50] The Malicious Malkovitch (valentine.tuncsik): ( I am running to grab a pizza. I shall return. )
[20:50] Punished Nobu (olvalor): (HEll yeah you grab that mother fucking pizza you go man you go)
[20:51] Veera Thatcher can't help but look over to Kensei, smirking as she comments "Enjoying yourself, dear?"
[20:51] Feya Vaako gave a little nod as she slipped back from her seat. "Thank you dear. I do appreciate you ordering for me. Let me finish my last two and then I'm all yours for the night."
[20:52] Farra Klondike: took a DEEEEP BREATH. "hold up Feya. We're about to start." and START SHE WOULD. Erika would begin with a soft more accoustic opening guitar. Leading the song up.
[20:53] Trey: "What does it normally cost you for the expensive stuff?" Trey seemed uniquely interested in what it was he was purchasing, or perhaps the costs?
[20:53] Feya Vaako had actually paused and sat back down, actually eager to listen to Farra.
[20:53] Sekan Vaako smiles and nods, watching her slide out of the seat.
[20:53] Kensei Nobunaga was about to respond, but then he heard it. He heard Farra, he heard the guitar, and he knew the song.

[20:54] Trey: OH GOD - She was goiNG TO PLAY WONDERWALL-
[20:54] Rose Nikki Draconis would look to her datapad and move to the other side of the room, turning to face the crowd and waiting for the next performance to end, twitching her ears some.
[20:54] Zelphine Alexander put her attention more on the woman behind them, for a moment - looking her over more plainly with that contemplative purse to her lips now that the question had been asked directly. Brow furrowed for a time - then.. "Nnn... I think I saw you a time or two with... with..." Poor face seemed all but primed to implode if she kept that up; furrowing all the furrower before she finally just let it all loose in a siiiiigh. "I don't think we were ever formally introduced!" Like with all the other EIA spooks and their way of knowing everything about everyone while only a few knew anything about them in return. So difficult for casual conversation!
[20:54] Farra Klondike: waits for Erika to post.
[20:54] Erika cleared her throat for a moment "This is Dirge for a Planet. One of my favorite piece that I played often in my career~"
[20:54] Erika opens singing. "Miraculous crystaaaal...Given by stars. I caaan foresee the futuuuuuaaaaaare-In fabulous glaaaass. Liiiiiie spilt on the caves mock scribbled on us. Earth's doom day is clooooose..!"

At this point, the amps are hit, the guitar shifts from soft and acoustic, to relatively thrashy, violent metal. Farra proceeds to literally deathgrowl backup vocals alongside Erika. "...Dancing on the ashes of the world-I behold the stars! Heavy gale is blowing to my face-Rising up the duuuust! Baaaaaarren lands are desperate to blossom, dark staaaaars strive to shine! I stiiiiiill remember the blue ocean-In this dying world..." The song silences for a time, as of all things, a guitar solo begins.

Upon which Erika returns to singing. "The seas overdumped..The rivers are all dead!
All planet's cities turned a deserted land..." Both of them. "Annihilation declares his daaaay! Life slowly utters 'We remaaaaaain...!'" An even longer guitar solo. A much longer guitar solo.

Back together, they return, louder.
[20:54] Erika: Thrashier. More eastern european. "Daaaancing on the ashes of the wooorld-I behold the stars! Heavy gale is bloooowing to my face! Barren lands are desperate to blossom dark stars strive to shine!--Stiiiiill remember blue ocean..." Farra cuts off, just Erika--and a long outro to follow. "...In this dying world..."
[20:55] Feya Vaako would turn and sit back, listening to Farra play while Erika sings~
[20:55] Qu'essan Lunaris starts thinking about leaving as the evening was quieting down.
[20:56] PVT Zuhra appears to have entered during a jam session!
[20:56] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash): Lady, the direct uppose of quieting down is about to start)
[20:56] Erik Adlet errrrs "Well, like, ress stims and backup batteries are like, shit I dunno. 27k or something like that?" he scratches at his head a little bit "And uh... " he ear perks a little bit at the musiic "Oh hey... actually good music!" he'd pipe up cheerfully before turning his attention back to Trey "Anyway like, uh... shit. I dunno. Like... uhhhh.... stims can be a few grand a piece easy. Med gel and all that shit. Figure the average long fight sets me back like... Id unno... 50k? If it all goes to shit like, way the fuck more if I wind up needing a ton of stims and stuff...."
[20:56] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash): *opposite
[20:57] Karen: would be gone a bit before the tentacle woman ultimately returned, pushing a decorative golden dinner cart, piled high with dinner plates, each one with a golden lid covering them, a tag on each one with the table number printed in decorative printed cursive. As soon as she entered the room, she'd push it over to Jassi. "Here you are Sugar. " she'd tell him before heading back to her post by the door.
[20:58] Feya Vaako looked at Sekan and couldn't help but smile as she reached over to his hand "I think the new annual ball is now turning into one giant company karaoke fest. And I love it~"
[20:58] Kensei Nobunaga WAS of course joking about the 'Hit the Deck' comment. He was a metal head himself. He literally had no right to judge. And hell, it was a good song too. He had a a cheeky grin plastered upon his face throughout the duration of the melody.

When it came to an end, Nobunaga made it a point to make a loud whistle and round of applause. Only then did he turn his attention to Veera. "Been good, aye. Cleaned up well, got tae see tae it that folk're doin' alright, heard some good music, gave a gift.... Though I am beginnin' tae get tired."
[20:58] Sekan Vaako chuckles and nods at that, smirking, "Yeah.....kinda is...." ohhh ho ho the gears were a-turnin' in his head.
[20:59] Ma'at sighed and leaned back in to her chair, looking about the room quietly and sort of flinching just a wee a bit at the music.
[20:59] Veera Thatcher reconciles her evident wallflower status and decides to fall quiet, watch around, and wait for her food. Though she claps at the end of the song courteously.
[21:00] Kensei Nobunaga just responded to Veera. ;n;
[21:00] Jassi Meep nodded to Karen along the way and a waiter came up to take his place while he made his way down to the kitchen in preparation for what was to come
[21:00] Rose Nikki Draconis frowns ever so slightly as she waits, tapping at her datapad, then idly cleaning up the buffet table, then once said performance ended, she would clear her throat, "Thank you all for your patience, but... Dinner is served!" She would motion out to the wait staff.
[21:01] Trey: Trey reached to one of her pockets, and pulled out a small credit chip. She slid it across to Erik. "If it helps with future procurement, I hope this helps somewhat - a courtesy from Corporate."
[21:01] Farra Klondike: took a moment to clear her throat when all was said and done, eying Erika... "Man I am ~not~ good at that, frrr... I'm more of a ballroom singer." She took a breath. "Frrr... Like, thank you! To all the dying men, to their lovely women! To all the dying girls, to all their boyfriends, to all the dying men, their women, to our loved ones, which we will die to protect!" she couldn't help but just literally speak in lyrics of the ~other~ song she had wanted to do. Helping Erika pull down her pocket amps, and lead them back to FUCKIN EAT. "WHOOOP WHOOOP!"
[21:02] Cara Salim (mourkoth): @give 50000 credit Kess
[21:02] Sekan Vaako claps at the end of the song, whistling!
[21:02] Feya Vaako would clap quickly with a smile on her face. "Talented Officers indeed!"
[21:03] Talia snickered quietly, shaking her head.
[21:03] Erika held her guitar over her head "WOOOOO~!" she happily cheered with this big grin on her face while being lead back to her table, the holidays just got a bit more metal!
[21:04] Veera Thatcher shakes her head, noticing Kensei was speaking to her (and evidently took the delay of response too harshly). "It certainly does seem very nice here! I'm glad to see everyone having a good time" she then answers, briefly looking around.

"What was the gift you gave?"
[21:06] Erik Adlet blinked at the credits given him and ear perks a little bit "Uhhhhhh... thanks?" he replies, uncertain of what to make of that particular gesture. "I"m sure it will though." he'd shift a bit more and then ahems softly "Anyway, look uh... I like... stand out like a fox in a hen house so i'm going to like.... probably go."
[21:06] Jassi Meep eased up the stairs, carrying a rather big plate with a silvery bell over it. Accompanying him was a fair row of waiters on the left side, waitresses on the right side and they all came up to the sound of more classical music playing. Each of these waiters walked over to the respective tables along with the last waiters picking up the dishes which had been carted up for convenience. Each table found itself with a waitress whom ever so politely served the accompanying drinks of which had been ordered.

The plates were meticulously placed on the tables and in a most elegant fashion, the bells were eased off to reveal the dishes requested by each individual person, cooked to their specifications, labeled with their name with personal cards and each serving even came with accessories should one so desire it.

Following this delivery of foods, the shorter fennec eased back and politely gestured the waiters back and to the side to stand at the ready should people require additional amendments and the fennec
[21:06] Kensei Nobunaga grinned (and mayh ave took the wallflower comment the wrong way aaaaa) before gesturing aside to Jaden. "It's er, just a daft wee thing. a Necklace. Figured it'd be er... Aye!"
[21:06] Jassi Meep: gave a polite bow as if to silently say "Bon appetite"
[21:06] Trey: Trey nodded as she stood up from her own chair. "I should probably be on my way as well..."
[21:07] Trey: "Undoubtedly, the tower has burst into flames, or the AB-1's are rioting in the Colsec level in my absence."
[21:07] Karen: watched the food getting delivered finnally before slipping out the door to check on things downstairs
[21:08] Feya Vaako slipped from her chair even as dinner was being served as she returned to the podium, smiling from ear to ear at the commitment of her fellow officers. "Sergeant Kirkibani and Private Klondike for the title of tonights 'Best in Metal for the Ballroom'. I think next year it would be wonderful to have officers try their hands in singing as well. This next song I have, I've fallen a bit for in its meanings, showing on a similarity I've seen in conflicts in my short time."
[21:09] Fate thanks the waiter happily as his food arrived before digging in to eat it, not really wait for permission
[21:09] Veera Thatcher naturally looks over to Jaden to search for the mentioned necklace, and one scrutinizing squint later, sees it. "Oh! It looks very nice!"

And then her food arrives. It doesn't take but a moment to begin eating.
[21:10] Erik Adlet ahems softly and lets out a soft "Right....." and then just gets up to quickly start making for the exit.
[21:10] Rose Nikki Draconis grins some, reaching up to clap her hands, the ghostly snow picking up ever so slightly, giving off the appearance of a snowfall like one would find outside, despite having no physical feel to it at all.
[21:10] Victoria Integra pops up rather late to the party, just wearing normal clothing as she owns nothing fancy, looknig around a little as she feels a little... out of place
[21:10] Farra Klondike: realized...wait. Cougar needed a gift. He WAS their table mate. She pulled out a standard issue Farra gift. What's better....Yeah! A homemade pipebomb pulled from her suit jacket. It had a bow tied to it. She handed it over to Fate! Before looking to her food, she was about to dig in. Before snickering at Feya. "...Frrr.. Thank you! We're more of a punk duo but, had to do something classical for the classy environment." She took her steak, and proceeded to eat it in a manner only a carnivore would, she literally just choked the entire thing down in a violent snap and repeated swallow of flesh til her plate was not but butter and meat juice, which she began licking.
[21:11] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: WereScrib Resident's [Farra Klondike] gave <1> pipe_bomb to fatalitywolf Firehawk's [Fate].
[21:11] Qu'essan Lunaris looks at her old analog watch. She can't help but wonder if something is gonna happen...
[21:11] Feya Vaako A slight tremble in her lips began to show as she placed a hand to her stomach as the music began to play.
[21:11] Kensei Nobunaga cracked a toothy grin, bowing his head. "Alas... I've been awake fer a time. I aught tae take me departure fer th'eve. Damn shame, we seldom seem tae catch one another at convenient times."

He took a step back as the snow began to fall heavier. Peeerfect timing to take his departure. "I do wish that all o' ya have a pleasant night. Y'more than deserve it."
[21:11] Feya Vaako: "An adorable star...we can see from afar...but a truth it belies....All who enters her dies. Hear the beating of wings as the pendulum swings...and we can’t believe it’s ever gonna end.. You know blood iiiiis thickeeeer than water. But you just want eeevvvveryone to get alooooong."

Her voice began to tremble as she took in a deep breath, looking at the other officers in solemn judgment as she held the microphone up to her lips with a firm voice. "For the caaannndles in the darkness....buuuurrning up the sorrow....there’s no end to sadness. Weeee didn’t leeeearn....For the broooken hearted people, diiiiaaamonds now surround us, soooo out of our mind, leave the past behiiinnnd..."

The tone of her voice began to calm as she continued. "We’re a binary heaaart....tear each other apaaart....growing from the same stem....They were us. We were them....On a course to collide, is it strength not to hide?.....Let the politics decide you’re not a friend.... You know blood iiiiis thickeeeer than water. But
[21:11] Feya Vaako: you just want eeevvvveryone to get alooooong."
[21:12] Sekan Vaako leans forward as Feya starts singing again, smiling as he listens intently.
[21:13] Feya Vaako: "For the caaannndles in the darkness....buuuurrning up the sorrow....there’s no end to sadness. Weeee didn’t leeeearn....For the broooken hearted people, diiiiaaamonds now surround us, soooo out of our mind, leave the past behiiinnnd... Biiiiinnnaaaaryyy~ A centrifugal force.... Pushing us....far awaaaaay. That’s our eternity... Biiiiinnnaaaaryyy~ We can’t escape the force.....Crushing us.....Gravity is our eternity...."

The piano continued to play, each key sounding heavy in the room as her voice began to fade, nearing that of a kind whisper as she leaned her head back up, looking to the officers present. "For the caaannndles in the darkness....buuuurrning up the sorrow....there’s no end to sadness. Weeee didn’t leeeearn....For the broooken hearted people, diiiiaaamonds now surround us, soooo out of our mind, leave the past behiiinnnd..." In a split second, the force of her voice increased, following on. with the chorus once more. "For the caaannndles in the darkness....buuuurrning up the
[21:13] Feya Vaako: sorrow....there’s no end to sadness. Weeee didn’t leeeearn....For the broooken hearted people, diiiiaaamonds now surround us, soooo out of our mind, leave the past behiiinnnd... Biiiiinnnaaaaryyy~ A centrifugal force.... Pushing us....far awaaaaay. That’s our eternity... Biiiiinnnaaaaryyy~ We can’t escape the force.....Crushing us.....Gravity is our eternity...."
[21:14] Trey: Trey bowed her head to Novasi before turning to be on her way. "We'll have to try hanging out again sometime. Until then, take care."
[21:14] Punished Nobu (olvalor): ((And thus I now go do a sleep))
[21:14] Punished Nobu (olvalor): ((GNIGHT!))
[21:14] Veera Thatcher nods in understanding, but her disappointment is readable all the same. "That is too much of a shame. But I understand!" She shares a bright smile, and says "You take care now, dear. I'll see you soon!"
[21:15] Fate was a bit taken aback when farra handed them a pipe bomb as he ate his stake "err,well thank you." shrugging before making it disappear
[21:17] Talia really just stared at her plate by the time it had arrived. Considering her usual diet, laziness in cooking for herself and general disliking for going out; What the canine had in front of her now was nothing short of perfection. Barely able to mutter a thanks to the waiter who had left it behind, her fingers scrambled to pick up the utensils. Cutting a well sized slab from her steak and scooping up as much of the pepper tainted mushroom sauce as it could hold, Talia wasted no time in sliding past her jaws. Silence first, then came a rather pleased Purr from the canine as on she chewed, Savoring the only decent thing she'd eaten for... Months, now? Grace went out the window, the canine was too busy slicing off sizable pieces before wolfing them down, occasionally piling a piece of potato on top. "Mrf. Christ... I need to eat out more... I do." Barely able to swallow the freshly cooked meat during her glee, Talia turned around in search of Jassi, waving lightly once he'd been spotted.
[21:17] Cirdan Levidensis (tails.eyre): back
[21:18] Seth (dazzlefox): (( Wb))
[21:22] Ma'at would cut in to her food whenever it was brought to her, letting out a soft mmm "What, you don't live almost exclusively on take out?" she said teasingly "Not bad, but probably a little too rich for me to live on the way I usually eat." she said with a smile.
[21:24] Feya Vaako lowered her head down, the soul of the song reflecting upon her memory of several incidents that had happened since she transferred into the department that gave a personal touch to the music. With a calming breath, she reached back to the glass up the piano, taking several sips to finish her glass. "This last song is for the officers in the field who work tirelessly dealing with all the troubles the job faces. I need not say names as the words of this song already tells them."
[21:24] Jassi Meep turned to ease over to Talia to hear what was on their mind; after all, the shorter maid wasn't too far away either but he seemed pleased that people were enjoying their meals heartily at that
[21:25] Feya Vaako: The music being played followed in a higher pace, making her body lean and head nod to each of the keys played as she held up the microphone one more time. "It only takes one looone soooul.... It only takes one iiiin a thousand... The absence of fear iiin your eeeyes, No, that's not bravery.... As children we learn it's wrooong... to put out the light of another.. Our innocence lost ooover tiiiiime.... Means to an end... It's hard to hold your head up high, but we must try."

She would lean against the side of the piano as the song turned deep, swaying to her words as their depth rocked her in kind. "Sway together in the daaaaark...it's suppoooosed to beeee.... Cos I want to know the eeeend and you never ever need to fiiiight... But you're fighting everydaaay and I don't know when your light will go out. Innocent cryyying chiiild, the heart of your enemy... My heart to heaaaart with the liiiight and we aaaalways get along.... Counting the staaars in the
[21:25] Feya Vaako: skyyyyy thinking why they have to diiiiiie.... Just face to faaace... we can hear a voice telling us it's wrong.... Counting the staaars in the skyyyy... It was like a lullaaaabyyy!"
[21:27] Feya Vaako: Her hand would cover the side of her face that showed its organic eye, turning her head towards the others as she began to smile. "For sunsets I'll break.... the ruuules.... we learned playing down in the heather.... The secrets behind aaall the veeeils, we just use ooother wooords... For freedom we make oooour chaaaarge.... For friendship we bear doooown on others.... Can't one of you just caaaalculaaaaate..... Tranquilityyyy? It's hard to hold your head up high.... But we must try.... Sway together in the daaaaark... it's suppoooosed to beeee.... Cos I want to know the eeeend and you never ever need to fiiiight... But you're fighting everydaaay and I don't know when your light will go out. Innocent cryyying chiiild, the heart of your enemy..."

"Oh ohh.... ohoh ohoh... ohh ohh.... ohoh Ahh oh.... oh ohh oh ah oh~"
[21:27] Cirdan Levidensis would smile a little bit as she saw her massive plate, it was a cut of Raw Tuna with a side of Soy Sauce, some shrimp, and the house special for a followup. "This looks delicious!" she'd say happily as she dug into her food satarting with the cut of fresh tuna.
[21:28] Talia flashed a grin as he approached before turning to her other side to reach down into her dress. Where she was storing things, who knew where. But, finding what she was after, Talia left a credit chit on the drinks plater he had been carrying before leaning across to place a tender kiss against his forehead, just a short one. At the same time she tucked something down into his shirt breast. By the feeling, it was a small bit of paper. "Mnh! Thank you for being a lovely help tonight!" Eyes up and towards Rose, the canine's smile widened. "So far the food and service tonight have been wonderful ma'am. Thank you for setting this event up for us!"
[21:28] Farra Klondike: woulda clapped for poor Feya. Nay, she didn't want to ignore her. But when provided with meat, her brain focused on murder. Oh well. She just leaned back in her chair, her food obliterated violently. Licking her bloody Pittsburgh rare state from her muzzle--what little bits were squeezed out and remained. Sooo happy. She shoulda ordered extra food.
[21:29] Feya Vaako: With one slow step after the next, she began to move towards the center of the room, sliding one hand through her hair as she slowly spun in one circle after the next, looking at each and every officer present. Her voice picked up in strength, placing the the hand from her face to above her heart and leaned her head back as she renewed her strength for one more chorus. "Sway together in the daaaaark...it's suppoooosed to beeee.... Cos I want to know the eeeend and you never ever need to fiiiight... But you're fighting everydaaay and I don't know when your light will go oooout. Innocent cryyying chiiild, the heart of your enemy... My heart to heaaaart with the liiiight and we aaaalways get aloooong.... Counting the staaars in the skyyyyy thinking why they have to diiiiiie.... Just face to faaace... we can hear a voice telling us it's wrong.... Counting the staaars in the skyyyy... It was like a lullaaaabyyyyyyyy~"
[21:29] Qu'essan Lunaris starts thinking about leaving
[21:29] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: LostSoul396 Resident's [Talia] gave <5000> credit to Fox Cheri's [Jassi Meep].
[21:31] Veera Thatcher has to pause eating her food to blow some fo the snow away. It doesn't seem to dissuade her at all, and she even pauses after to listen to the music before continuing her eating.
[21:31] Jassi Meep smiled warmly whilst listening, just to twitch his ears at the kiss to his forehead and an evident blush emerged on his muzzle and inside his ears. It suddenly got a whole lot warmer for him but he was still staying very much so calm and collected and he eased back again. Under the guise of holding his tray up, he fished the note out to read it with a still flushed expression on his face - he wasn't used to that sort of treatment
[21:31] Feya Vaako would give a slight bow as she finished, listening to the clapping with a smile as she returned to her seat, taking the water there and finished the rest of her water
[21:32] The Malicious Malkovitch (valentine.tuncsik): ( Yall must pardon me. As I must fade to RL
[21:32] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Take care and have a great night o/)
[21:32] The Malicious Malkovitch (valentine.tuncsik): ( Ye all yous too )
[21:32] Sekan Vaako claps and whistles as Feya finished the song, smiling wide.
[21:35] Feya Vaako: "Seems a few have retired for the night hun. I am glad everyone has come out so far." she would speak softly to her husband.
[21:36] Sekan Vaako smiles and nods, "Me too, love." he snags his own microphone and winks to Feya as he stands up, heading to the area in front of the piano.
[21:36] Feya Vaako blinks from actually seeing Sekan head up to the podium in surprise.
[21:36] Ma'at more or less ate the rest of her meal in relative silence, in between trying to listen to what all was going and just tuning it all out entirely when it lacked interest to her.
[21:37] Talia giggled quietly while watching Jassi move off. Attention back to her food, Talia resumed making a bit of a pig of herself, far too eager to chomp something of much higher quality than her usual. At least the canine had the right kinda of teeth for tearing through an almost overcooked hunk of... Whatever meat it was.
[21:38] Aaron Ebonfang (markusblade453) whispers: Test
[21:39] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Tested :p)
[21:40] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a bow, "I am pleased it was all to everyone's liking. For those of you who wish for a desert, please do wave down the wait staff and ask for what you like. Everything is catered tonight, so as Ive stated many times, please, enjoy the night.
[21:41] Fate finishing his stake, he gestures politely over to Jassi to get their attention
[21:41] Sekan Vaako grins, licking his lips a bit before tapping the mic, "Alright, everyone. Figured I'd come up and give singing a shot for tonight." He taps a few buttons on his armcomm before the piano starts playing 'Stay with Me'. Sekan starts swaying in time with the music as he brings his mic to his lips, starting to sing: Guess it’s true
I’m not good
At a one night stand
But I still need love
Cos I’m just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don’t want you to leave
Will you hold my hand

Oh won’t you
Stay with me
Cos you’re
All I need
This aint love
It’s clear to see
But darling
Stay with me

Why am I so emotional?
No it’s not a good look
Gain some self control
Deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me
So it doesn’t hurt

Oh won’t you
Stay with me
Cos you’re
All I need
This aint love
It’s clear to see
But darling
Stay with me
Oh won’t you
Stay with me
Cos you’re
All I need
This aint love
It’s clear to see
But darling
Stay with me
[21:41] Qu'essan Lunaris waves down Rosey.
[21:43] Sekan Vaako repeats the chorus after the last line, the song slowing down as he finished.
[21:43] Feya Vaako listened to her husband in his first time singing, leaning into each word as he spoke~
[21:43] Cirdan Levidensis is happily showing down on shrimp and a nice high quality cut of fish, she looks like she's having a wonderful time as she reaches for an sips her glass of wine. "I need to do this more often... the red tail has such good food."
[21:44] Rose Nikki Draconis blinks, turning her attention to Qu'essan, moving towards them swiftly and offering a bow, "Ma'am?"
[21:44] Jassi Meep looks up and over to Fate before he turned to walk on over and his tail wagged behind him. He still didn't say anything but clearly implied that he was interested in hearing their order
[21:45] Talia munched down the rest of her steak, practically swallowed the 'taters whole and used the salad to mop up the remaining sauce. Left with a plate that was almost spotless save for a few swirled traces of gravy, Talia slumped back and let out a quick exhale as one hand laid along her belly. "You and I both... Hah, I woulda never had something like THAT out in the wasteland..."
[21:47] Sekan Vaako was sweating bullets as he finished his song, looking out into the crowd curiously.
[21:47] Fate leans over to jassi "can i get a lemon and lime lemonade please?" before leaning a bit closer to add something quieter for just jassi to hear before passing them a slip of paper and credit chip pulling away he adds "thank you for you help tonight, both you and rose have done a hell of a job"
[21:48] Feya Vaako began to clap lightly as she smiled up to him, giving a nod in kind "Very well done dear"
[21:48] Fate Von Twice-Killed (fatalitywolf.firehawk): @give 10000 credit fox cheri
[21:48] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: fatalitywolf Firehawk's [Fate] gave <10000> credit to Fox Cheri's [Jassi Meep].
[21:48] Qu'essan Lunaris smiles. "Something sweet, small, chocolate and coated with gold."
[21:48] Sekan Vaako gives a bow and smiles, setting the mic down on the podium and sitting back down, "Thanks, love." he takes a napkin and dabs his brow.
[21:48] Farra Klondike: comes back after a loooooong afk. Looking over to Vaako's....Boy Vaako's name. Giving a thumbs up. Vaguely. "Frrrrr... Good boy, feh. You can probably keep him, Vaako prime. Don't got to eat 'im yet." she states to Feya!
[21:49] Aaron Ebonfang (markusblade453): ((thanks, I think? XD))
[21:49] Feya Vaako: "Vaako Prime? Oh that's a new one. Prime... Primira? Prima?"
[21:50] Jassi Meep nodded appreciatively to Sekan and applauded without voice, then turned back to Fate again and his ears perked to listen to what Fate said. He smiled politely to the wolf and hid away the slip of paper before he eased back and away to get Fate his drink. Said drink was then returned on the tray as gracefully as he'd been all evening and upon serving it, he gave a polite bow and eased back and away with a still persistent blush on his cheeks
[21:51] Fate nods in thanks to jassi before sitting back to enjoy his drink
[21:53] Rose Nikki Draconis hums quietly, "Ofcourse." She takes a moment to pull her datapad out and tap at it a few times, "We have a house specialty for those with taste, a small chocolate pistachio balloon on a small gold saucer sprinkled with golden flakes an a gold foil ribbon on the side. It almost looks like one of those old 'steampunk' like hats, and is a personal favorite. Shall this be to your liking?" She offers out the datapad to show off an example
[21:56] Veera Thatcher finishes off her food relatively soon enough, without anybody to converse with to slow her down. Soon enough, she has an empty dish and is looking around and listening to the music and conversations still taking place.
[21:57] Feya Vaako would take the time to finish her meal as she took her time to head on out for the evening.
[21:57] Ma'at she'd shrug slightly "I mean yeah it's not bad but like, iunno this whole scene isn't really my thing." she said looking over at either of them "Bit of a simple girl I guess." she said as she leaned back in to her chair and began sipping her water.
[21:58] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Time for me to take my leave. Take care everyone and enjoy your night :3)
[21:58] Farra Klondike: squints long and hard at Erika. "...Soo.. I've been wondering.. You said you used to work here. DId you work when the...' put fingers to her head, and made a fingergun with a soft 'pow' Cos I kinda remember you around Dawn now and then... But my job was kind of to not know anything."
[21:58] Madrona (werescrib): ((GOODNIGHT!))
[21:59] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash): NIGHT!)
[22:00] Erika paused for a moment and nodded her head "Yeah I totally did the fingergun thing alot around here! Like, I was a cook around here and whatnot, it was back when Kage was in charge of the ins and outs of this place. Wanted me to be a card dealer since I was a shark!" she snickered "But I felt, naw, cooking is more my forte."
[22:01] Qu'essan Lunaris thinks. "Sounds disgusting and expensive.. I'll take two.."
[22:03] Cirdan Levidensis giggles softly. "I mean there's nothing from with a little formal outing." She said with a nod. "It's good to treat yourself now and then." She said as she sipped her wine, polishing off the fish and the shrimp. "Also Talia that fish was totally worth it, it was so fresh and so melt in your mouth~"
[22:03] PVT Zuhra slips over to the alcohol and pouring herself a glass...not the sort to really enjoy parties...and causing quite a stir at the last ball she'd attended...not looking to do so again, she takes a swig and leans back against the table, people watching with mild amusement. Given her recent return to the service, she figured she best make an appearance at least.
[22:03] Farra Klondike: paused. "No, no, I mean like...You know. You probably WEREN'T there then. It cool, it cool. I got to tell you hilarious stories. My favorite was when me and Inaros marched in here and pulled out whips and batons. Put on shades, and were like. "ROUTINE CAVITY SEARCH!" and pointed at frrr... Heavenwrent."
[22:03] Rose Nikki Draconis tilts her head some, "It is a very popular flavor combination, but very well, I will have our master chocoletier get right on it." She would begin to tap away at her datapad and offer a bow, "Is there anything else I can get for you tonight Ma'am?"
[22:04] Talia "Hey, good food is good food and after eating nothing but... Chocolates, Stews and... I think there was some Pineapple in there somewhere. But that was the best thing I've had in a while." Her head shifted, casting jassi a sideways glance. "Wonder how much he cooked himself. And if I can pay him to cook for me.."
[22:05] Rose Nikki Draconis would also clear her throat, "A JEXY fox cybernetic is asking to come up, are they affiliated with Col-Sec or Earthgov, in any way?"
[22:06] Erika gave off a small chuckling for a moment and nodded "Ahh yeah, I did work here but I don't think we met then, I mean I sure as hell woulda remembered a story like that!" she snickered. "I don't think we met while I was working here, I sorta dropped out quietly during like, the last half a year or so back on Dawn."
[22:06] Ma'at would nod a bit "I suppose, maybe it's just the setting that's got me." she said with a light shrug and looking around the room some.
[22:06] Jassi Meep remained standing and just watching the ongoings whilst listening to the conversations. Waiters were easing to and fro to make sure the hors d'oeuvre tables were properly stocked. At Talia's sideways glance, he gave a polite smile before going back to lancing around calmly
[22:07] Talia glanced slowly towards Cirdan as Jezy's name is mentioned, then around to others in the room, unsure of who knew about the Cybernetic and who did not. Looking back to Rose, Talia nodded and called out. hell, If she got in trouble, she got in trouble."Yeah. She's... 'Earthgov'. Ish... Enough she can come up here."
[22:07] Talia (lostsoul396): *Jexy's
[22:08] Rose Nikki Draconis nods and bows, then taps at her datapad.
[22:10] Farra Klondike: itched at the back of her head. "Yeah if I had seen you, it was brief then... I mean, I saw you at the precinct a few times." she spoke up. "Yeah she GOOD! Lead her up!" back to Erika. "...Man it was good though. Kage ran into back looking angry, all the 'totally normal' waiters had guns. We just laughed our asses off. Pfft. Got all their ID's. The amount of anger was sooooo high. Man. You would have loved Inaros. Evil, shitty Belter terrorist enjoying stepping on people with power with the dick of the law. Anytime something bad happened, she ran for high ground faster than Sputnik launched into space."
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[22:14] Erika leaned back on her seat some and gave off a soft chuckling "Man I remember when I first came to Horizon! Kage was actually my first boss and she had been for a very very long time, I enjoyed workin' with her! But I wanted to do different things in life which Kage couldn't really provide so I just went my own separate ways...." she then pause for a moment before her earfins perked up "Hey Farra...! I wanna like, ask you something serious. You wanna run the Tachi with me together?"
[22:14] Cirdan Levidensis glances over to Talia. "You should come over to my house for dinner some time, the high rise district as great deliver to your balcony service for some fancy restaurants, ill treat you to dinner some time~" He said happily as she polished off the last of her food and whistled for
[22:14] Cirdan Levidensis (tails.eyre): Jassi to join them for a moment*
[22:16] Ma'at snerked "Careful though if she invites you over for seafood~" she said with a grin.
[22:16] Talia snorts. "Trust me, I am well aware of what Cirdan gets up too. I know several things he. She, says, have several meanings."
[22:17] Rose Nikki Draconis excuses herself with a bow and heads downstairs for a moment.
[22:17] Tivvy Taggart: get bonked on ya dang fox
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[22:17] Rosey Draconis (rosetoradraconis): ; ^;
[22:17] Tivvy Taggart: they are love bonks
[22:17] Rosey Draconis (rosetoradraconis): >->
[22:20] Jassi Meep snickered at Cirdan's and Talia's conversation
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[22:20] Rose Nikki Draconis comes back after a moment and offers out a small tray with the two desserts on it towards Qu'essan, "Here you are, as requested."
[22:20] Cirdan Levidensis waved at Jexy from across the room before she turned toto jassi again. "Oh cutie~" She called out. "Can you come over here again?" She asked to Jassi.
[22:23] Farra Klondike: blinked a few times. "Waaaaait. Does anyone here want any presents?!"
[22:23] Ma'at snickered a bit before setting her glass down, sitting back in her seat and letting out a light sigh.
[22:23] PVT Zuhra , having made her appearance, and finished her kretek, hops up and heads on out!
[22:23] Qu'essan Lunaris takes the to-go boxes and smiles. "It's been fun. I'll have to put something on the books for corporate. We do have a new Fleet Ship to christen after all."
[22:24] Jassi Meep eased over to Cirdan's table as called and he cantered his head after a polite bow
[22:24] Rose Nikki Draconis tilts her head some, "Oh is that so? Ill have to swing by, I am in the process of preparing some prototype tech for a new ship myself." she said with a smile, as if proud of her statement.
[22:25] Erika just shrugged her shoulder once and smiled "If the fucking void eats my bar, I'll open another Tachi. Simple as that! ANd personally? I'm fine with the wasteland! I just don't like the hounds~" she snickered a bit to herself. But I figured Tachi has an important place in the business as it's the perfect place to get a drink for our officers, y'know? But it'll be awesome, we'll host the place together!"
[22:25] Qu'essan Lunaris nods. "Ours is fitted to be a resort liner for the most part. Might even see about a contract with Genesis for staffing."
[22:26] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a bow, "Im sure Miss Heavenrent and myself would love to assist in such a matter."
[22:29] Chrimbot treats Cirdan's wave as an invitation to i n s e r t herself into that table's business. And she still has more chocolate. Thus, the droid inspects the trio of seated officers (She recognizes at least one of them?) and seeks out suitable chocolate targets.

Cirdan is assaulted with delicious chocolate first. Talia is her subsequent victim. "Holiday cheer is compulsory," she announces while following up with attempts to land some wrapped candies in Ma'at's cleavage.
[22:29] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tivvy Taggart's [Jexy] gave <3> chocolate to Tails Eyre's [Cirdan Levidensis].
[22:29] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tivvy Taggart's [Jexy] gave <3> chocolate to LostSoul396 Resident's [Talia].
[22:29] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tivvy Taggart's [Jexy] gave <3> chocolate to DazzleFox Resident's [Ma'at].
[22:30] Ma'at blinked a bit "Oh uh, well hello to you too." she said, slightly surprised at that.
[22:32] Cirdan Levidensis handed over a Chit to Jassi and then reached out to gently scritch behind their ears for a little bit. "Here you go sweetie, this is for you, your been very cute eye candy all night and an excellent server~" She would look up at Jexxy and smile, thankiing them for the chocolate.
[22:33] Rose Nikki Draconis hums quietly as she bows and starts to tidy up the empty tables.
[22:33] Farra Klondike: shifted uneasily. "Yeah, frrr... Same here, hounds are weak. Too afraid of getting some blood on their hands, and got silly delusions of fighting for freedom, feh. They're still beter than half the city people. I just prefer cops because, like, at least we tend to be honest about stuff, like, don't pretend you're a baddass if you're not willing to suck ~and swallow~ on a dare, right?"
[22:33] Jassi Meep leaned into the earscritching and he seemed to blush even more yet again, just for him to ease the chit away discreetly - he had an idea so there'd be something else for people.
[22:34] Talia isn't exactly an easy thing to not recognize. Hasn't seen anyone else with an orange nose around the colony for starters. Blinking at the chocolate, Talia picked it up, unwrapped it and shrugged, tossing it in her mouth to suck on it. "Think that's the first time you've given me something that wasn't intended to kill me, thanks."
[22:34] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Talia (LostSoul396 Resident) has used <1> chocolate.
[22:35] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tails Eyre's [Cirdan Levidensis] gave <15000> credit to Fox Cheri's [Jassi Meep].
[22:38] Chrimbot responds well to greetings. Well, sort of? She fixes her conspicuously artificial eyes upon Ma'at and issues an over-pronounced, almost monotone, "Salutations." When given thanks, her attention wanders rightward to the fancy fish and Talia alike, to whom she describes the candies as, "They are milk chocolate with a hint of mint. I have been informed that meatlings find the combination to be suitably 'festive.'"

A pause, then she adds for Talia in particular: "I assure you, the ingredient list contains no nerve agents."
[22:38] Erika gave off a soft chuckling "I dealt with Hounds alot in my courier days... I think I've had enough of them for a lifetime. Honestly when I opened Tachi... I dunno... I felt a bit happier." she chuckled a bit "And I've grown to prefer the company of cops as well. I guess they're just blue collars like who I care about."
[22:39] Qu'essan Lunaris stands and departs for the evening.
[22:40] Rose Nikki Draconis stops cleaning to offer a bow as they leave.
[22:40] Talia can't admit the robot was pleasant to talk with, but... Certainly beat her hateful speech pattern in the pass. Managing a short smile, she chuckled lightly and scratched at her cheek.
[22:41] Farra Klondike: shook her head. "Man, frrr... You're way too soft Kirkibani. I mean, feh, I love you all. I'd kill anyone for you, frrrr... But we're basically an assortment of terrible people." proceeded to stand up. Walk over to the table, and lean down. "...Alright, I have seventeen pipe bombs I made for christmas presents, do any of you want any..?"
[22:41] Jassi Meep eased back up again after instructing two of the waiters to take over for Rosey and he managed to get down the stairs. After a bit of waiting time, the short fennc husky re-emerged with a tray with tall glasses filled with a red liquid with green horizontal 'stripes' and bioluminescent particles, making it look like glitter in the drinks. He walked over to serve these drinks to every person present, one at a time - the drinks were - optionally - alcoholic of nature and tasted of a mix of raspberry and cinnamon mixed with apple and a strike of sugar. The drinks weren't cold not hot, but contageously warm and quite so sweet but not sickeningly so; they were however disturbingly alive and if gazed into, it'd look almost like one of those ball ornaments on a christmas tree - this action clearly upset a group of atoms in the beginning of time and it's the explanation for why we today have wooly christmas socks
[22:41] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Farra Klondike (WereScrib Resident) shows <13> pipe_bomb.
[22:41] Farra Klondike: just, opened her coat, which was filled with...bombs. In gift wraps.
[22:42] Rose Nikki Draconis frowns, turning to her datapad.
[22:44] Fate strared curiously at the drink.
[22:44] Cirdan Levidensis: would look at Farra... "I.... Farraa..... please tell me those arn't actually pipe bombs in gift wrap...?" She looked over at the drinks Jassi was carrying. "Oooh... those look really pretty....
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[22:45] Talia is... So, not surprised by this. She shook her head in Farra's direction while taking up one of the offered beverages to hold it in each of her hands and gaze down to its swirling contents. "... Huh..." Was all Talia managed to get out, cautiously sticking a finger in the center to stir it around.
[22:45] Chrimbot lofts a brow at Cirdan. "Are functional gifts -- such as explosive ordinance -- considered unacceptable Yuletide gifts?"
[22:45] Jassi Meep stops up and just stares at Farra for a moment at that view, then looked towards the door leading out and his hand reached down for his pad once more
[22:45] Ma'at blinked as she looked at the contents under the jacket before rubbing the bridge of her muzzle, returning her gaze to the small fennec lad and smiling softly and letting out a sigh as she took a glass and offered up a "Thanks, I needed this.." she said, giving him a headpat and sipping from her glass.
[22:45] Fate not entirely trusting a drink a that looked alive but feeling they wouldn't be trying to to kill him he took a tentative swig before nodding and working to finish the rest
[22:46] Farra Klondike: stared down at them. "I mean, duh? Traditional Karrass'Arras gifts! You blow them up on new years! Feh. Don't blow them up early--like, it's no good."
[22:50] Talia couldn't decide if the drink looked ridiculously festive, or evil. Taking away her finger to notice that the layers hadn't even bled into one another, she cocked a Brow. But, shrugging and, likely deciding the same thing as Fate, Talia brought it to her lips to tilt it back and guzzle down several gulps of it, basking in both the warmth and taste as it filled her gullet. "Mmm..."
[22:55] Ma'at just continued to drink, enjoying the warm feeling that it left in her "Mmm, well if anything was worth coming for this evening, it would be this.." she said looking down in to her glass and just admiring the overall sensation and sort of scene that was set in the liquid.
[22:55] Cirdan Levidensis would if the fennel allowed, take one of the offered drinks and lift it up platter and give it a sip. "Oooh... it tastes just as good as it looks.... though i must admiit im curious how such a drink was made..." She asked thoughtfully before looking at Jexy. "I mean... they're practical.... but like... probqably shouldn't have brought them here..."
[22:57] Farra Klondike: itched at the back of her head. "I mean, frrr... Man, I'll get 'em to you guys later then." she closed her jacket up. "Everyone brought weapons though! Frrrrr... So I didn't figure it was a huge problem."
[22:57] Rose Nikki Draconis frowns some, "A sidearm or a sword wont level half of my building." She says rather curtly.
[22:58] Chrimbot err, declines beverages because, well, she doesn't get anything out of drinking? She gives Cirdan's concern some deep thought. "I will take that into consideration for future ball attendance," the 'bot decides, only to then hazard a glance across at Farra. "I was not instructed to leave weapons elsewhere. In fact, I suspect that your bombs would work quite well alongside the deadly neurotoxin canisters I brought -- in case of an unfortunate intrusion, of course."
[22:59] Jassi Meep eased back to the buffet table before placing the tray down and he turned to walk over to Farra. A moment later, he gestured towards the door without saying a word and he shook his head slowly; a clear hint was given.
[23:02] Farra Klondike: rolled her eyes. "Pshhh.. These are MOSTLY frangible. They won't level anything. I mean..." They'll mess up the softer targets, if you wanted to fuck up a building you want some incendiary. Those frrr... The white phosphorous burn will melt a hole through supports--thats how you break down a building--Yeah! See. You got it, frrr... Though I avoid neurotoxins, being that those fuck me up too. 'n they're hard to make at home."
[23:02] Farra Klondike: eyed down to Jassi. "Oh, wait, you're right little guy! Frrr... ERIKA!! WE GOT THE THING IN TEN!"
[23:03] Rose Nikki Draconis sighs heavily. "I didnt ban weapons as a whole, but I figured common sense to be a bit more.. common. We have a wonderful security staff, so excessive or unorthodox means of destruction in the name of 'self defense' is absolutely unnecessary, and would only serve to incite panic among attendees. Generally speaking, anything larger than a small sidearm or longsword, is not allowed by any member of the Earthgov parties due to prior incidents, unless formally armored and on duty. I must ask that you remove them from the premise, for the sake of the safety of the patrons, as well as the sake of my building." She reaches up to rub her temples some, clearly stressed.
[23:05] Fate standing up to walk to stand next to jassi to watch things unfold
[23:05] Ma'at took another sip "Beginning to think I should have drank a little more." she said dryly
[23:05] Jassi Meep remained standing in place and he kept his right arm raised and gestured towards the door. He didn't have a need to say anything. His left hand merely just eased up to emphasize the gesture for Farra to depart from the premises
[23:06] Erika perked her her earfins and scampered over towards Farra "Huh? Wuh? What's goin on?"
[23:06] Talia eyed down to the Pistols on her hips. Sure, they were HEAVY sidearms. Likely some sort of Magnum or in the very least a Modified 9mm. But they did fall under the 'small' category. Talia sighed in soft relief before noticing the time. "My... Another of Red Tail's events I've spent the entire night at. Heh..." Guzzling the rest of her glass and licking her lips to get rid of the excess, Talia stood herself up. "Probably about time for me to leave. Make sure the colony's not on fire."
[23:07] Farra Klondike: blinked a few times. "These are totally smaller than a longsword..! Uhh... Anyway.." she walked up, and tried to prod Erika. "The THING..!--you know. Frrr... The show? I--frrr... With the hospital? The soap opera..? Ten minutes?"
[23:07] Farra Klondike: "...Short guy reminded me! They have GREAT staff here. Frrrr... So we gotta GO!"
[23:08] Ma'at sighed and drank the last of her glass and stood "Right, think that's my cue to head home now." she said with a sigh.
[23:08] Erika perked her earfins back up "Oh right! Right! Yeah I'm totally god damn ready as hell. In Ten minutes. Lets do this. In Ten minutes."
[23:09] Farra Klondike: "...BYYYYYYYYE! THANKS FOR THE PAAAAARTY!" she waved! "I'll...guess I'll not give gifts next time..!" motivated OUT!
[23:10] Erika: "FOOD WAS ROCKIN'!"
[23:10] Madrona (werescrib): ((thanks btw! Rose. Was fun. An to all of the greater EXP and Genesis folks!))
[23:11] Rose Nikki Draconis sighs heavily, clapping her hands, the snow slowing to a trickly.
[23:13] Cirdan Levidensis downed the rest of his drink and churrred happily and the warm feeling he got from it. "What a perfect way to end the night...." He said happily as she stood up from her chair.
[23:13] Jassi Meep turned to rush downstairs after gesturing for Talia to stay for a bit
[23:15] Ma'at started making her way out of the room, slightly wobbly on her feet due to combination alcohol and having never walked in heels before until tonight.
[23:15] Talia nods in agreement to Cirdan before canting her head at Jassi's disappearance.
[23:15] Chrimbot simply must know: "Does this conclude the mandatory festivity?"
[23:15] Jassi Meep returned a short while after with what appeared to be a rather neatly ordained box which seemed locked, and he eased over towards Talia with it. He eased back after placing it on the chair for Talia to take and it'd be evident of what it was; the requested food and accessories plus a bottle of wine and the christmas card everybody would've had with their plates; a beautifully written merry christmas message
[23:17] Rose Nikki Draconis sighs heavily as she starts to clean up behind the guests, starting with the foods, packing and preparing them to be sent out, cant waste uneaten food after all.
[23:18] Talia "Ah, I'd almost forgotten." Taking up the package underneath her arm, Talia bent down to nudge her nose into jassi's. "Thank you. I can assure you, you've just made someone's year with this."
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[23:23] Jassi Meep smiles slightly and waves. He was happy now, but upon that, he got to work with helping cleaning up after the ball and his ears twitched slightly. Despite Farra's partycrashing, he was still content and his tail was wagging behind him
[23:23] Talia debates giving Rose a cheek kiss for the evening...
[23:24] Talia isn't sure if she'd live though...
[23:24] Rose Nikki Draconis currently humming along as she finishes packaging the leftover foods, turning to face the champagne table with a huff.
[23:25] Jassi Meep looks over to Rose and his head tilted, there were people who'd been drinking champagne tonight that's for sure
[23:25] Cirdan Levidensis smiles down at Jassi. "Thank you very much for that..." She looked at Talia. "Should we get our own card for her on the way home as well? also you gonna join me at my place for the evening~?" She looked over at Jexy. "Yeah, the festivities seem over."
[23:26] Talia is gonna risk it. With her package underarm, Talia turned herself about and hopped herself towards Rose to lean in and place a gentle and rather quick peck to her cheek. "Thank you again for another amazing evening, Ma'am. The ball now and the halloween party have been the most fun I've had in a while!" Unless Rose wanted to stop her, Talia would turn back around and bound for the door. Also answers Cirdan. "Card's probably an idea. But You should get it, fill it out. Im bad with words, the food'll be my welcome home gift."
[23:26] Jassi Meep looked to Cirdan and gestured to Rose as if saying that it's her whom should be thanked.
[23:26] Talia (lostsoul396) whispers: Sorry, I dont have a kiss Gesture x3
[23:28] Rose Nikki Draconis blinks, she stops for a moment, turning to offer a bow, though she was completely thrown off, she would taking a breath and resume her posture. Gotta be posh and professional after all, she would offer a smile and a bow, "I am glad you enjoyed it. Please enjoy the rest of your evening. That being said, look forward to the lunar festival coming up~"
[23:29] Talia got away with a kiss and wasn't murdered for it! Is a happy canine! Everyone else was bid a farewell via a wave. Cirdan's question was of course, unanswered. Mwuhahahaha.
[23:29] Chrimbot is just gonna slink on out then, mhm.
[23:30] Jassi Meep resumes cleaning and smiles, not uttering a single word but just ggoing at it rather happily. He was content
[23:34] Rose Nikki Draconis stifles a yawn, stretching some and starting to seal the opened bottles, setting everything aside. speaking aloud to Jassi "Everything leftover from the night is to be packed into the Red Tail truck for delivery to Col-Sec's local precinct tower for the officers that couldn't make it to to enjoy. The entire lot that we prepared, including what's still sitting in the kitchen. I will have the truck sitting at the street level freight drop off. Dont worry about cleanup beyond that, enjoy the yuletide."
[23:35] Cirdan Levidensis gives Jassi one last set of big ear scritches before she made her way out to chase down Talia. "Have a good night!"
[23:36] Fate bowing his head in thanks to the pair "thank you both for all of your hard work." before stepping forward to hand rose a tip before leaving
[23:37] Fate Von Twice-Killed (fatalitywolf.firehawk): @give 10000 credit rosetoradraconis
[23:37] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: fatalitywolf Firehawk's [Fate] gave <10000> credit to RoseToraDraconis Resident's [Rose Nikki Draconis].
[23:37] Jassi Meep leaned into the earscritches and smiles to Cirdan before waving and then turned to Rose to give a most polite nod and he eased further back to help carry stuff down in preparation for transport and he gave both Fate and Cirdan a cute wave along the way
[23:38] Rose Nikki Draconis blinks as shes handed the chit, humming some and setting it aside, "Thank you, please enjoy the rest of your night." she spoke softly, offering a bow.
[23:38] Fate "same to both of you and have a good new year."
[23:40] Jassi Meep stopped up as the last one left and he took a deep breath. For the first time in a very very long time, he spoke "... Can we get Farra banned from our arrangements?" he asked with a quieter voice
[23:41] Rose Nikki Draconis scratches her head some and sighs. "Well that went.. better than last year... Other than the ruckus and bombs ofcourse." She rolls her shoulders and sighs again, handing over two chits, one being the one she was just handed, and the other being one of those fancy megacredits that no one ever seems to see, with a value of 'two' set upon it. "I will be speaking to the directors about her. I am very... displeased with their disruptive behavior and disregard for regulations and safety."
[23:41] is coming up with more then one result. Be more specific.
[23:42] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: RoseToraDraconis Resident's [Rose Nikki Draconis] gave <10000> credit, <2> mega_credit to Fox Cheri's [Jassi Meep] with no errors.
[23:42] Rose Nikki Draconis adds, "Those are for you. Keep any tips you earned tonight, you worked hard, and as such, all of that is to compensate your efforts." She offers a smile.
[23:44] Jassi Meep blushed at the chits and his head cantered to the side "Y-you didn't have to... Thank you." he said with that still quiet voice and gave a respectful bow to Rose before he straightened back up again, still with a warm smile on his lips "The last one to leave, the black wolf, apologized for those two's behavior... and even Talia, the girl in the red and black dress accompanying the somber shark, seemed apologetic about it and offered me to call them some time soon. I think we might've made some people actually want to come to the casino and restaurant again."
[23:46] Rose Nikki Draconis smiles some, "Good, this place could always use more business." She turns to him and hums some, "For now though, if you will accept it, I would like it if you took up head of the floor servers. Your example is the one I want set." She would think for a moment, "You are free to go for the night though, I will handle the rest." She offers a smile and a bow.
[23:48] Jassi Meep smiles slightly and gave a polite bow "I'd be honored to do that for you. As for tonight, I will orchestrate the transport of the goods to the tower and then head on home. You seem as if you could use a good night's rest as well, if you don't mind me saying so miss." he said politely with a warm smile
[23:49] Rose Nikki Draconis shakes her head. "Its fine, I have much more work to do, and I have business in the tower anyways. I appreciate the sentiment, but I was made for this type of work, so its really no bother."
[23:54] Jassi Meep nodded slowly before bowing again and he turned to ease down to do the last preparations "See you soon miss." he said and waved with a warm smile as the player went off to get some relaxation in as well
[23:55] Rose Nikki Draconis returns the bow, standing idly for some time.