Trying to find my Hi'Vaa brothers and sisters.

T:// Hello out there Rise colony. This is one of your neighbors out in the wastelands trying to make contact with his kin. And if you are a Hi'Vaa yourself, I am very happy you found this. It's no secret that Hi'Vaa like me get a bit of a rough time. We are meant to live and work in groups. It's what we know best, especially those of us born on Io or Ganymede.

But the houses and hives have no presence here. I hope to change that.

If you are like me, a Hi'Vaa hoping to find company and comrades, come find me. On this battered and sick rock, we need each other more than ever. Let us forge a path toward a new Hi'Vaa house, one born on Earth to give our kin here hope, and show those that doubt us just what a "bunch of bugs" can do.

<Contact Data Attached: Acron ((Agir Avro))>