The UNR is looking for voice talent!


That is - the on-sim radio station needs ad spots! What I'd like to do is compile a list of volunteers and projects into this thread so that we can get these things knocked out and on-air. Ideally, a spot (that is - an in-continuity advertisement) should be up to a minute long; but not much more than that. These are just short little blurbs that will play every now and again between music tracks to lend some actual in-character atmosphere to the broadcast.

For the moment, here's what we have available to work on:

Chimera - Two Spots
EarthGOV - Two Spots
Genesis Staffing - Two Spots
Marshal Enforcement - Two Spots
Neon Demon - Two Spots
Red Tail Casino - Two Spots

I'll be adding spots for Factions and even personal businesses later on down the line. For now, if you're interested in doing a spot, just hit me up either here or in Discord (Zvi#5390) - with either a message or a finished advertisement for me to give a listen to and we'll go from there!


New member
I would like to help, if ever possible.
I can write music, scripts, and even voice if you need,
please contact me at zeroxnone#7158 on discord.