Testing to see just how convoluted a storyline can be...


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Hi there! I have a bit of experience running storylines in SL, and I would like to offer up some ideas for storyline adventures in RoE!

I'm not exactly sure how complicated a storyline in RoE can get though, and I'm not super familiar with the lore - but I figured I'd spend a half an hour over lunch and with some creative license hammer out an end-to-end scenario with two options for secondary adventures at the end. Feel free to IM me in-sim or here on the forum to help me get the level of detail dialed in. :D

And with that, let's dim the house lights and see what sort of trouble we can brew up...


Missing Materials

There is a rumor circulating right now regarding a missing person and the Sanctum…

With the Sanctum’s bid to escape persecution from the Order, and their subsequent arrival in Wasteland to do so, they have also brought with them the various trades-folk that support their endeavors. While many of these trades-folk are simple menders and makers, a few of them have been collected by the Sanctum for their unique understanding of certain energies or their ability to weave magika into their wares.

One of these is a Verga’an fellow going by the name of Arles Rythey; an engineer by trade, but he is not just any common nerd – Arles has created a method for locating and preserving ancient Magika-based relics that are occasionally found in Shivan ruins scattered about the solar system.

These ancient materials tend to be ephemeral at best when removed from the ruins they are found in; rapidly decaying into mere mounds of rust and dust in short order when exposed to Earthly atmosphere and gravity. But whilst within the ruins, these extremely rare materials can exhibit all manner of wondrous properties.

So Arles tends to spend a lot of time on location for the Sanctum, working on both research and plying his unique skills to preserve these mysterious artifacts – which once stabilized are then delivered to the Sanctum directly.

But with the complications of the Order currently, Sanctum exploration of ancient ruins has been halted to protect the various researchers and specialists.

Which is all fine and dandy, save for the fact that two nights ago Arles went missing.

Normally this wouldn’t be news-worthy, as Arles is a free citizen and can come and go as he pleases – but his temporary room in the building the Sanctum is occupying was ransacked, along with signs of a struggle.

More troubling is the missing crate of six preserved artifacts that were due to be delivered to Arles’ superiors when they arrive later this week… No one but Arles knows what these items do, if anything, or how they function if they do.


It all starts with this fanatical Venusian priest of the Order named Jamas Geray, who contracted some local talent (I like to use Hounds for random violence, but anyone will do) to swipe the six artifacts from Arles’ room so that the holy relics could be returned.

But that didn’t really work out, so now Jamas is hiring people to find out what happened to the people he hired...

Unfortunately for Jamas, the local talent was overheard discussing their contract and they were ‘handled’ by another party; a creepy Shivan named Reyny Norre. Reyny wanted not only the artifacts, but Arles too – because Arles might know how the relics work, and can be coerced into acquiring more which can either help Reyny connect with his past or be sold to the highest bidder, depending.

The clues to uncovering the third-party should be circumstantial; things that the players cannot take to Col-Sec or the Order and have them take care of it, but also things that lead them to Reyny.

For example:
  1. finding a watch at the scene that can be traced to a merchant who remembers this big brutish fellow buying it… It stands out because your typical for-hire ‘tough’ can’t even tell time let alone afford a 7000 credit watch – so something seemed fishy. The brute said something about staying at a strip club in the Colony…
  2. Once in the Colony, discovering that the fellow has a ‘rep’ around the Neon Demon and that description is undoubtedly the Hi'Vaa named Mournar, aka “Mace”, and Mace has been throwing a lot of money around since he got hired by that creepy Shivan, Reyny.
  3. The players show up at Reyny’s place in the Undercity just in time to see Mace enter the Shivan’s abode carrying a curiously Dwarf-shaped sack.

Once the Shivan is discovered, the group is faced with the impossible task of taking on a powerful Shivan in his demesne. Reyny is a shockingly powerful dark magika caster, and will soundly trounce the players if things come to blows. He will not kill the players though, as that would get ColSec and / or the Order involved.

If the players fall back to reconsider, they will discover that said Shivan is rather promiscuous and will be approached by the jilted love (a cybernetic) who knows allll about the Shivan’s addiction to “Near_Death” - which is how he maintains his amazing magika prowess, at a cost. The drug is fatally addictive in magika sensitives, and his source is a local Mytharii trader.

The jilted love knows the Shivan will be heading to meet up with the Mytharii trader tomorrow evening for a delivery, at which time the manor will be assailable. Conversely the group could deal with the trader and dramatically complicate the Shivan’s life and maybe he'll die from the DTs…

Either way the group gets into the house and thumps Mace (medium-hard fight) to learn that Arles has already been delivered to the Blood Corsairs who want to go plunder relic sites – yo ho ho and all that – but the crate of materials is still there awaiting pick up by whomever paid top credits for them...

So, the group could explain to Reyney that they busted Mace trying to sell him out, and they stopped him - and he should probably pay up or they'll talk...

Or they can take the crate back to Jamas and get paid less - but get to have that warm fuzzy feeling for doing the right thing...

And either way they might want to find out what the Corsairs are going to do with ancient Shivan relics...

Ultimately the choice then is what to do:
  1. If they take the crate, as soon as the crate leaves the house it will be outside the wards and Jamas can detect it - and will arrive with typical knife-ear-mage aplomb. Jamas will offer them a tidy sum for recovering the religious artifacts, but has no real concern for the heretic Arles who is a known desecrator of religious sites.
    1. They will be discovered by Reyny, eventually, and gain a powerful enemy who will pop up again to hassle group.
  2. If they don’t take the crate, Reyny will figure they might have some worth and offer them a job… Said job will definitely be on the wrong side of the law, and involve stealing some tech from Chimera R&D to make the relics work - but it pays well if they don’t die…
    1. The players earn a shady contact who will provide the occasional wet-work job that will have ColSec complications.