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Ok, one of the big concerns I have as a Quartermaster is that soooo much stuff is just sitting in the box... going unused. It just sits there like a lump. GLs and GMs can use it to buy and sell and make money for their faction, but if you don't have those privileges, you can't sell for your faction, not unless you want to gather your own materials. This drives me a bit batty when I'm crafting for a faction other then sanctum, cause I SEE the giant pile of materials in the box, but I can't get it out and use it... it's such a waste to go and buy more...

What I suggest is an update to those vendors you gave to some of the groups.
What I'd really like to see is:

  1. QM & GLs would be able to Load these vendors with up to 30 different items. (Or some other reasonable amount.)
  2. QM & GLs would have to set the price on each item.
  3. The items should be visible to everyone, but the vendor should /only/ sell to group members so Faction interaction cannot be bypassed.
  4. When an item is purchased, the purchase price minus 5% should go straight to the box.
  5. That 5% is the colony Sales tax and is a credit sink. (We like those right?)
  6. While the first 30 Slots are Free to Maintain, additional Item Slots /might/ become available for a monthly fee. (Pay 5k Credits/Mo and get 10more slots sort of thing.)
  7. ALL the groups, faction or job should get one!
It'd be up to the GLs and GMs what gets put into the boxes, but it'd go a long way to helping us manage our box inventories. It'll additionally let us start acting like real businesses rather than crafting stations. This means more RP opportunities as people actually have a reason to staff their various business fronts. Frankly, the current system has created an Econ where no one wants to buy anything, they just want to pay for crafting, which is not how things work in any real economy.

Updated 2/17/2020
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Sahiko Yalin

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This sounds more like a communication problem. Plus, it would destroy the economy for good.
If you want to make something for your group, including using this box as a backup for trading to further your groups wealth, all you need to do is ask those with access. Chances are after some while of cooperation with them and doing a good job you will actually just be given access.
I did so for several groups, successfully.

However, just putting up an auto trader for each faction would mean that there are always specific items on stock, easy to access to everyone. No need for crafting RP, not even for a crafting implant for any but one person per group (or possibly half a person, one could handle two groups). Let alone for being an active trader, though those seem to be an endangered species anyways. (And no: bring your mats and i can hit the button for you for an outrageous fee is NOT being an active trader, its being a lazy butt. Besides did you ever bring your own meat to McDonalds to get a cheezburger? ... If you charge for it, do something for it. And thats in general, not at Morcinna ;) )

That's for the factions, such traders could however work for personal use combined with the market booths people can rent for system credit. This would also increase the availability of items on the market, but is yet a different thing to whole factions or groups putting all their wealth into it to have all their goods available all the time. Especially if they are limited and need maintenance. Like limited number of items, rent for the booth and maybe a system tax. Oh hey, money sink \o/
Honestly just do what I did, give one or two additional people access to the box (people you trust) or have QMs or others you already trust hadn out things to dedicated traders. I've turned over quite a bit of stock in the pirate box that way, selling it to other groups/players etc. Now and then I'll also gather up large excess bits of equipment and see about going to the relevant factions to simply export it.


That helps somewhat, but still means we're acting more like Craigslist pushers then big ol Factions legit store fronts. It also means the econ is heavily based in "crafting on demand" which isn't realistic in any sense. No one walks into a restaurant with their own materials.