Policemans Ball, Rosey's Night

Time: 9.5h
Involves: So many people, like, 35 of us or so.
12/25/2018 @ 6pm SLT
Red Tail Event Ballroom

[2018/12/25 18:13] Matamori nudged through the crowd; offering a wave to the Corporate pair she'd spot. "I, on the other hand, have not felt more at home since I arrived in Rise." she'd muse in stark contrast; before following in further and greeting Rose with a proper bow to match her homeward attire. "And even if that feeling were all I were to have this evening - it would be an evening well-spent; but I see, as ever, you are not one to make a light effort."
[2018/12/25 18:14] Avery McDayne Being the wall flower she was, Avery would move away from the group as they all entered the ball room. eying the grand and spacious surroundings until her gaze fell to the grand piano on the other side of the room.

"I haven't seen one those in years..." she said padding over with interest!
[2018/12/25 18:14] Kajowwojak couldnt's top himself from letting out a low whistle as he saw the room, hands slipping into his pockets. "The Madam of Redtail has really outdone herself." He muttered under his breath as he watched the artificial snowfall drip down. He turned and smiled towards Matamori. "Well now. You clean up well. Unfortunately for me, I'm much more function over fashion. Luckily, this jacket doesn't look the worst." He paused a bit, before remembering something, digging through his jacket for a Hat, and slipping it on. "There. Now I'm not simply in work uniform..."
[2018/12/25 18:15] Szvaccii walks in, TOTALLY just behind all the other officers... wearing her most formal party outfit!
[2018/12/25 18:15] Kensei Nobunaga had a look of sheer, complete and utter shock upon his face as he pushed through the doors, taking a few steps forward before merely standing in an awe struck stupor. The soft music, the tables, the fountain, everything was of such high standing and clearly alien to the well worn Mutant.

"... Holy shite..."
[2018/12/25 18:15] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a bow to those that have entered, motioning out to the room, "Welcome to the Red Tail, this building is shut down for the night so that you may relax and enjoy the night. Food and drinks provided, as well as wonderful atmosphere, I hope. Hopefully the waiters will show soon to assist in such things! Please, enjoy the night, and this wondrous season!
[2018/12/25 18:15] Mr. Northwood (nomadofendings) would wince as his eyes adjusted to the light for a moment. He looked around the environment and nodded while commenting to Kaj "I've been spending far too much time in front of Holoscreens, this brightness is going to take a bit of getting use to..." He'd then note Ms. Matamori and give her a smile while waving back.
[2018/12/25 18:15] Sekan Vaako walks inside and purrfs softly in amazement, looking around, "Damn.....this is beautiful."
[2018/12/25 18:16] Mira stares around in awe "I ain't seen nothin' like this before -- This is snow ain't it~? Any of ya'll actually seen snow before because I ain't."
[2018/12/25 18:16] Feya Wildcat would step in quietly, looking with a bit of surprise from the peacefulness of the room.. before Nobunaga swore, walking past him but gave a flick of his ear. "No swearing young man.." she said sarcastically before heading to the center of the room with Vaako.
[2018/12/25 18:16] Cy steadily clanks on into the room, glancing around idly, rubbing his nose a little, "This is... pretty neat." He decides after a few moments, understating in the way only a cockney can. He clonks steadily around the tree, moving deeper into the room to eye up the various decorations.
[2018/12/25 18:18] Kensei Nobunaga "... Also why is everyone attractive god damnit this aint fair-" [V]
[2018/12/25 18:18] Feya Wildcat "Cause we work hard Nobu. Therefore we look damn good" -v-
[2018/12/25 18:19] Sekan Vaako couldn't help but smile as he spotted Feya walking up, loving the outfit she picked for the event, "Well hello there snow angel." he says in a whisper to her.
[2018/12/25 18:19] Kensei Nobunaga "THEN EXPLAIN KA'RIMAH-" [V]
[2018/12/25 18:19] Feya Wildcat "There are imposssibilities in life which cannot be explained. " -v-
[2018/12/25 18:19] Kaiser De'tath would enter through the double doors, ducking down and gripping at the frame as he pushed himself through. "Sorry I'm late. There's a flare going on, and gps was being uppity. Had to actually use a map for once..."
[2018/12/25 18:20] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis eased inside with the entourage of Talia, Alasdair, Daisy and Vesaria and she smiled softly, holding up her badge and then eased over to the little group "A pleasant christmas cometogether I dare say." she said after a moment
[2018/12/25 18:20] Feya Wildcat looked up at Vaako and simply smiled from his kind works. "Same to you handsome. I'm glad that suit I got you fit." she'd speak out, reaching up to adjust his collar slightly.
[2018/12/25 18:20] Kajowwojak "I'm literally a dog, I don't know who you're calling attractive." -v-
[2018/12/25 18:21] Talia Kaspar was in awe of her surroundings. By the way she was pointing at things to Taylor and Al, she acted like she's never been to a place like this...because she hasn't.
[2018/12/25 18:22] Daisy MacKenzie is looking around with equal measures of awe at the place; this is much more upmarket than anything she's used to either. "Cor..."
[2018/12/25 18:22] Kensei Nobunaga blinked the amazement from his eyes, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. "Fuck me- uh, sorry ma'am." He quickly responded to Feya, before looking over his shoulder. There they all were; comrades, coworkers, allies and friends. His expression was... Hard to place. Even now, his features were that of stone.

"This is, I..." He managed to get out, before merely trailing off once more... And, lighting up another cigarette.
[2018/12/25 18:22] Mr. Northwood (nomadofendings) moves away from the larger growing crowd as he makes his way to the opposite end of the fountain. He'd let his fingers brush up against the liquid to check if it was real or a holo image.
[2018/12/25 18:22] Rose Nikki Draconis hums some, looking up to Kaiser, "Oh good, you're here. For the moment we are short on both waiters and security, so you can either take up the door and make sure this party is smoother than silk, or you can tend to the guests, up to you!"
[2018/12/25 18:22] Cy moves to try and jab Daisy in the ribs, "You finish that with a blimey you gotta eat a napkin or summin'." He says with a snicker.
[2018/12/25 18:23] Alasdair ducked through the doors and looked absolutely awkward with the setting around them. But he followed along dutifully after his group and gave Talia a pat on the head at her enthusiastic response to the decorations. "Ay, looks like they went whole hog with the decorations." He circled around the room to give the entryway more room while waiting for seats to be claimed. Not like he could use them.
[2018/12/25 18:23] Sekan Vaako just smiled and let her adjust his collar, "Sadly no time to find a tie that fit. Just winging it for now." he replies before gently brushing a lock of hair from her left eye, "You look absolutely stunning, love." he whispers before looking over to the group, "C'mon boys and girls, don't be shy. We ain't dancing yet!"
[2018/12/25 18:23] Daisy MacKenzie looks over her shoulder at Cy "I was thinkin' 'bugger me' actually but that's not exactly language fit for a place like this, is it?"
[2018/12/25 18:24] Kaiser De'tath nods at that, looking to the door. "Alright, I can wait the door if need be. I'm a bit too much of a thick individual to be tending to guests." He stated, before moving towards the door, standing beside it as a silent, looming guardian.
[2018/12/25 18:24] /me You have been set to IC.
[2018/12/25 18:24] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis chuckles to Rose "I doubt you will need security at this ball." she said before she reached up to pull her shades off and turned towards Daisy "Could be we should head over for the drinks then and get settled. You all look look like you have never been to a formal occasion." she said, followed by a blink and then her cane was held in hand
[2018/12/25 18:25] Cy snerks a tad to Daisy at that, "You'd end up lookin' like a bit've a burke foulin' the air like that." He comments with a snicker, stepping over towards the food and drinks for now.
[2018/12/25 18:25] Rose Nikki Draconis would nod, "I will leave you to it then, I appreciate the help." She would turn to taylor and smile some, bowing to him some, "I know, but today is supposed to be a relaxing day for you guys, so I wanna take as much of the burden of security off of you guys for the night."
[2018/12/25 18:25] Mira has already more then helped herself to the food table, trying one of everything "Hrmpp~ Alright -- The paper work was worth eatin' this stuff~"
[2018/12/25 18:26] Feya Wildcat would shake her head as she held up his dogtags with a hand. "A tie just isn't your style hun. You're not one for business suits and long meetings considering what you've been through. Especially when I had to help fix your combat attire the other day." and then looked at the group near the door, actually agreeing with him. "For once, the Sergeant is right.."
[2018/12/25 18:26] Talia Kaspar rubs her cheek. "Well,Da...Mom...Do I call you mom right now?..Anyway, I've never BEEn to anything like this before...its...usually work, other work then home."
[2018/12/25 18:27] Kensei Nobunaga gave a gentle clear of his throat, a shake of his head, a roll of his shoulders. No doubt he would eventually loosen up. Just had to go through the motions. With a brave intake of breath, the Mutant strode forth straight towards the booze.

"... Mira-" He mumbled to the woman. "I've never been tae a ball in me entire fuckin' life dear god I'm freakin' out help-"
[2018/12/25 18:27] Feya Wildcat: "Consider this your greatest challenge Nobunaga. Survive the Gala." -v-
[2018/12/25 18:28] Aelwyn: would step in, a little late as usual. He'd look around to see if he could spot anyone he knew from the crowd gathered, giving Taylor and Daisy a small wave as he kept searching.
[2018/12/25 18:28] Mira turns to Nobu with a shrimp in her mouth, taking a moment to respond before eating it whole "Jus' relaxxxx~" She mumbles with a full mouth before sipping on that fancy bubbly water "I have no idea what I'm drinking right now, it's all in good fun though -- Just don't swear too much and relax~"
[2018/12/25 18:28] Sekan Vaako chuckles, giving her a nod, "Yeah, not one for politics or speeches. Just point me and turn me loose." he replies before smiling, "Thanks for the help with that, by the way. I appreciate it."
[2018/12/25 18:28] Alasdair looked less awkward about the time off and more the setting. "Yeah, I ah... never been to an event quite like this. Only one I saw even remotely similar was when I was doin' private security an' we got our asses flayed if we even tried to peek into the actual party hall if we weren't called in."
[2018/12/25 18:29] Sekan Vaako "For once? I see how it is" :p -V-
[2018/12/25 18:30] Talia Kaspar tugs on both her parents. "Well, what do we DO here then?" She points to a dancing duo in the crowd. "I want to try dancing~"
[2018/12/25 18:30] Kensei Nobunaga took one of the glasses of champagne from the pyramid, taking a sip of it. IT was sweet, very, very fucking sweet. More so than he was used to. "Y'know I cannae relax. I'm always on a high state o' alert 'n anxiety. No one can sneak up on me. I'm too high strung."

He quickly drained the glass and poured himself another. "This stuff's a sort o' booze. Just gotta loosen up a bit. Loose-y Goose-y..."
[2018/12/25 18:31] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis chuckles to Talia "Oh of that, I know. But just the notion of being somewhere new." she mused and she swayed her tail whilst giving Aelwyn a wave, then chuckled to Talia "A dance? Now, that, I am everything but good at but let us get settled, then I might take you for a dance if the situation lets us." she said after a moment
[2018/12/25 18:31] Daisy MacKenzie giggles a little and looks around, nodding. "I don't have much sense of rhythm." Daisy admits as she watches, waving to Aelwyn. After a moment she realises Taylor asked her a question and nods softly, smiling. "Yeah that sounds good."
[2018/12/25 18:32] Feya Wildcat: "You all look fantastic by the way :3" -v-
[2018/12/25 18:32] Szvaccii listens to all the people, and her unsociable scientific mind is overloaded... so she simply moves closer to those she was most familiar with, and observes.
[2018/12/25 18:32] Mira snorts "Just make sure you eat some food between drinks big guy, those things can sneak up on you if you don't pace yourself~" She says helping herself to a piece of bread.
[2018/12/25 18:32] Sekan Vaako "Agreed! It's nice to see everyone here like this." -V-
[2018/12/25 18:33] Kensei Nobunaga "I'm always hot" [V]
[2018/12/25 18:33] Avery McDayne: Let out a simple yet wondrous sigh at the black glossy faces and light trimmed edges of the piano~ Absolutely in love!

"I'd buy one of these but It'd take up half my apartment~! -I'd have to sleep on it... though I wouldn't mind that~" she said in a playful and uncharacteristically flirting voice... it seems the piano was her date for the night~
[2018/12/25 18:33] Vivi Meiro slips on into the room... looking around for the one likely inviting her to this ball thing... And upon spotting the familiar human face, she'd dart over there avoiding bumping into others, clicking clacking on her heels, and tap Mira on the shoulder.
[2018/12/25 18:33] Alasdair held up both hands, palms out defensively. "Aha, nooo. Not goin' anywhere near the dance floor. I got two left feet'n no one could really be my dance partner cept maybe Kaiser over there. So you dance with yer mother. As fer other things, enjoyin' the food, music'n drinks. Talk with folks'n relax." It was a case of do as I say not as I do as the giant just kinda stood in a corner out of the way.
[2018/12/25 18:34] Kaiser De'tath would look towards the individuals gathered at the door, offering a smile beneath that mask. A clawed hand would wave towards the available chairs, and when he spoke, it was deep and resonant. "Hello, and welcome to the Policeman's ball. Please seek a seat, or partake of any of the refreshments here. The door area is to be kept clear for sake of fire hazard."
[2018/12/25 18:34] Feya Wildcat finished cleaning up Vaako's suit collar, making it nicely folded before the UI in her right eye flashed a moment, letting out a slight sigh. "One moment hun. I need to have a little something to nibble on. And no I wont be drinking anything alcoholic so don't you worry.." she'd pat his chest before walking on over to the food table where Mira and Nobunaga stood.
[2018/12/25 18:34] Aelwyn: smiles as he notices the white flakes falling from above, watching them as he steps over to the snack table. He pulls out his comms and looks at it, before looking over both tables.
[2018/12/25 18:34] Kensei Nobunaga took another draw from his cigarette, a deep one at that. "Mh, aye, I know." He responded, turning around to watch the going ons.

"... I think th'closest I e'er came tae this was bein' at a Cèilidh, way back when I was a mercenary captain-" Before he could continue, it seemed a stranger had entered into the fray.
[2018/12/25 18:34] Cy steadily clanks on over to the to the table and takes some champagne, too. Not that it'll do him any good, but it wouldn't do him much ill either, then moving off to tuck out of the way for the time being.
[2018/12/25 18:35] Sekan Vaako smiles and nods, "Thanks, dear." he looks to the food table and licks his lips, "Right behind you!"
[2018/12/25 18:35] Mira gently ruffles Vivi's hair "Howdy~ Hows it goin' Vivi~" She says tugging her friend in for a hug "Ceili. . . Celi what? I ain't heard of nothing like that before."
[2018/12/25 18:35] Talia Kaspar lowers her ears, looking up dolefully with her gold and emerald eyes. She turns that fucking charm up to 100 to will Alasdair and Taylor to dance with her with sheer adorableness.
[2018/12/25 18:35] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles softly "Alright love. Then I will take the fair ladies, Talia and Daisy, for a dance all things considered." she said with a chuckle and eased over towards the chairs "Please, have a seat you all, let's sit down for once. I hope the Colonel or the Major shows up for the ball."
[2018/12/25 18:35] Daisy MacKenzie shakes her head "Nobody said anything about me dancing."
[2018/12/25 18:35] Daisy MacKenzie adds "I was talking about getting settled down."
[2018/12/25 18:36] Kensei Nobunaga blinked at Mira. "... Y'know? A Cèilidh?" He explained, before looking to the others around the buffet table. "What 'bout you lot? Any o' ya know what a Cèilidh is?"
[2018/12/25 18:37] Feya Wildcat looks at one of the dragon laterns having fun with the wine table -v-
[2018/12/25 18:37] Sekan Vaako entered the line and grabbed a glass of champagne, taking a sip before rumbling softly, "Mmmm....." he looks at Nobu and shrugs, "Not a clue." he slowly walks down the line, grabbing a healthy assortment of food.
[2018/12/25 18:38] Vivi Meiro bows her head a bit to accept the hair ruffling, affixing the santa hat afterwards. Sliding her shades up, she'd gladly come in for the hug, "Doin, well, Mira! Thanks for the invite. Quite nice in here." Looking around at the decor, as well as anyone else in the immediate vicinity.
[2018/12/25 18:39] Avery McDayne: Starts playing Piano man and screaming the lyrics -void-
[2018/12/25 18:40] Kaiser De'tath oocly moves griff off to a more unobscructive position.
[2018/12/25 18:40] Vivi Meiro: Would totally join in on any form of lyric screaming ((V))
[2018/12/25 18:40] Kajowwojak: smiled to Rose. "This is quite a wonderful shindig. Is this how all of your parties end up? Because I might have to attend more of them.
[2018/12/25 18:40] Mira blinks "Well, I reckon no one would mind if I brought a friend along." She pauses to chew on some bread and sip on her drink before speaking up again "Cèilidh? I can't say I've heard of that before."
[2018/12/25 18:41] Rose Nikki Draconis nods to Kajo, "I strive for the best."
[2018/12/25 18:41] Alasdair smiled down at Taylor. "Aye, ya show em some moves on the floor. Be interestin' to see the both of ya doin' those fancy styles of dance. Most of what I've seen're moshin' an' the like. Though ah... I certainly ain't takin' a seat."
[2018/12/25 18:41] Feya Wildcat paused a moment as she took a plate, looking over the table at the food as she studied each tray carefully.. Then took a few peices to try and cover her intake for now as well as a small glass of water.. before looking at Aelwyn. "Private Aelwyn. I admit that is a very well made necklace you have. Where did you get it from?"
[2018/12/25 18:42] Vesaria soon slipped away from the door, the little dog moving towards the table Matamori was at. "Mind if I join you Director?"
[2018/12/25 18:42] Kajowwojak: smiled as he would move to walk around the rest of the room, hands behind his back politely. Yes, he would strive to attend more of her parties for sure.
[2018/12/25 18:43] Kensei Nobunaga furrowed his brow. "Really? None o' ya?" He asked. "A Cèilidh. K-AI-LEE- Bah." He shook his head. "Either way? It's a type o' social gatherin'. All sorts o' folk show up. Clothin' was a bit ragged when we held one but 'ay. There was food, folk music, dancin'-"

He went wide eyed, as if he had a terrible- Sorry, brilliant, idea.

"... I know what I can do."
[2018/12/25 18:43] John Hawthorne clomps into the party plaza wearing his sunday best... which is to say he was wearing nothing at all. The robot meanders over to the buffet to see if there was anything he could actually enjoy.
[2018/12/25 18:43] Aelwyn: would take a small glass of champagne, a really small one. He'd quietly try to eye the snack table from where he was, but with so many people, he could barely see! Instead he steps back and looks out for a table, still carrying his comms.
[2018/12/25 18:43] Matamori lifted a hand towards Vesaria; chuckling. She already had a bottle in one hand - and her pipe in the other. It was the latter she'd lifted. "I was beginning to wonder if my attire had frightened people away." she'd joke. "You're plenty welcome."
[2018/12/25 18:44] Talia Kaspar grumbles grumpily as she plops down in one of the chairs. "I coulda swore that was gonna work..." She thinks to herself trying to formulate how to get Al to dance with her. Such EVIL
[2018/12/25 18:44] Mr. Northwood sit off in the corner by himself as his migraine was picking up, but oddly enough... The Piano music was helping, so he decided to sit near the Piano but away from the largest cluster of people. He'd reach into his jacket pocket while popping a few migraine pills as he's take a sip of champaign. He'd wince as clearly it wasn't his drink of choice.
[2018/12/25 18:45] Sekan Vaako rumbles as he grabbed a sampling of food from every part of the table, eyeballing that salmon and licking his lips before grabbing a some of it. He quickly pours himself another glass of champagne before finding a table to sit at.
[2018/12/25 18:45] Vivi Meiro deeeeefinitely slides towards the food table to grab some of those delectable shrimps on a plate. "Well, glad to be here. I never see so much of ya around... I oughtta get outta the tower visit you guys more often." But quite curious in this... Cèilidh. She just leans in and listens more to the two.
[2018/12/25 18:46] Vesaria would chuckle quietly before stealing the seat she was near. "I would certainly not think so... provided that is coming from the one that wears a skull as their face." Her tail soon curled into her lap. "At least you're getting that break you wanted."
[2018/12/25 18:46] Aelwyn: would step back over as he realized he was being talked to, giving a small smile. "I found this really nice jewelry place deeper in the colony, I quite like it! My only problem with this necklace is I couldn't fit my blue stones in it, so I just had to pocket one."
[2018/12/25 18:47] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis eased up to sit on the chair before she raised her hand to ease a glass of refined applecider to her and she halflidded her eyes "Well. All things considered, this is a lovely ball, and quite the relaxing one at that. You look lovely on this fair evening." she said to Talia and gestured to Talia, Daisy and Alasdair "What would you like to drink?"
[2018/12/25 18:47] Kaiser De'tath would look towards the individuals gathered at the door, offering a smile beneath that mask. A clawed hand would wave towards the available chairs, and when he spoke, it was deep and resonant. "Hello, and welcome to the Policeman's ball. Please seek a seat, or partake of any of the refreshments here. The door area is to be kept clear for sake of fire hazard." he would state towards the two new guests with a bow..
[2018/12/25 18:47] Szvaccii continues observing those gathered at the party, interested in how they interacted with one another.
[2018/12/25 18:47] Avery McDayne: Had to use her claws to strike the keys, her big hands made it kinda impressive that she could play at all... though only slow songs...
[2018/12/25 18:48] Rose Nikki Draconis would offer a bow as well, "Yes, welcome to the Red Tail tonight, please, enjoy the party."
[2018/12/25 18:48] Feya Wildcat listened to Aelwyn with a kind smile in return. "Oh? You'll have to show me sometime. I hope you're fitting in well within the department with all the issues as of late."
[2018/12/25 18:49] Alasdair reached out to lightly ruffle Talias hair before smiling at Taylor. "I'd be fine with the champagne they got over at the refreshment table. It ain't my favorite drink but I'm sure they'll have some good stuff fer the ball."
[2018/12/25 18:49] Kajowwojak: looked around to see so many people already enjoying time with those that they know. It was not an environment that he was familiar with. Truthfully, it was one that made him want to do things he really shouldn't. His eyes fell upon a Shivan that he could remember, and approached her. "You're... Sz...Svak... Vaccii, right?" The splicer's smile was forced, but he was trying to have some kind of conversation to maintain himself.
[2018/12/25 18:50] Talia Kaspar perks up from her pouting. "Aaah...Wine? White Merlot." She nods gently. "That's not too strong."
[2018/12/25 18:50] Matamori chuckled at that; rolling her shoulders. "I suppose... though, personally, when I see it I am reminded of the so-called 'witch doctors' of old. But.. then... we easterners do tend to have slightly different takes on Western symbolisms." She'd lean back in her chair - setting the bottle down a moment to survey the other guests... pausing for a moment on the other Corporate employees. She'd give them both -Kajo and Northwood - a friendly wave; though she'd not pull them unwilling from whatever they were already engaged in. Her attention returned to Vesaria after; flashing that grin of hers. "Attempting to, at least - though even with such fine surroundings; it is difficult to push business entirely from mind."
[2018/12/25 18:50] Mira blinks "Hey, we're allies and all that -- and I'm gonna be helping with those experiments -- I've been meaning to get more Order/C-SEC Co-operating going, trying to talk with people but its been slow these past few days, yer always welcome to stop by -- Also, so it was like a potluck or something similiar?" She said addressing Nobu.
[2018/12/25 18:50] John Hawthorne of course couldn't find anything for cybernetics. He instead just grabs a glass of champagne to fit in and moves off to go mingle.
[2018/12/25 18:51] Cirdan Levidensis would makes his way over to the table. "Good evening everyone." He greeted, offering a somewhat weak smile.
[2018/12/25 18:51] Aelwyn: gives a happy nod, smiling warmly. "I'd love to! I don't usually get to go shopping with other people. But on the topic of my department, I Don't feel like I've been able to do much in it, every time I try to get medical rolling for the day, I get called elsewhere to do other things.. Or Chimera needs me."
[2018/12/25 18:51] Sekan Vaako takes a seat at a table near the fountain, setting his food down carefully before sipping his champagne again. He looks out into the crowd, silently not sure who to talk to. He'd never sociallized outside of work.
[2018/12/25 18:51] Szvaccii glances up to Kajo as he approaches, "I am in fact her, and you pronounce it Svaht-chii. Did you require anything? My medical expertise, perhaps?"
[2018/12/25 18:51] Kensei Nobunaga just grinned. "Mira, yer gonnae see soon 'nough. Assumin' I can get this sorted out." With that, he moved towards Avery. upon her piano. For a time he merely listened, watching how she played.

"... McDayne-" He started. "May I borrow ya fer a minute?"
[2018/12/25 18:51] Katerina Aristov stepped through the door and took a quick glance around, the saber a bit wide-eyed when she noted all those present. She gave a polite nod to the large draconic figure and the somewhat familiar kitsune. "Thank you both. The party looks lovely." Her head turns so she could scan through the crowd to search for familiar faces, noting a few and then stopping on one in particular. A wide smile curves along her lips and she makes her way over to the table, a hand raising to give a quick finger-waggling wave to the seated skullpup as well as a much more respectful nod towards the Corporate Director. "Director, Ma'am. Vesaria. I.. hope I'm not intruding."
[2018/12/25 18:53] Kajowwojak: smiled "Svaht. Chii." He said slowly. He was in no position to judge, his own name was about as much of a mess as possible. "I uh... I was the one that found your arm. I was curious if... you were alright, actually." He explained, trying to convey that his intentions were that of concern and desire for her wellbeing.
[2018/12/25 18:53] Avery McDayne: Paused her playing, worried as she inspected a nick on one of the keys... Her claws might injury this WONDERFUL thing... turning to Nobu she asked "Yes? How can I help you Mr. Nobunaga?"
[2018/12/25 18:54] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles to Cirdan "Please have a seat" (Daisy had to go because of crappy net.) the rodent raised her hand to maneuver two drinks over; the requested drinks for Talia and Alasdair before she leaned her cane against the chair and she took a deep breath "Aah... So I was thinking Cirdan, now that I have you here. At the beginning of the new year, we might have to look at SRT's activity, memberwise, and maybe prowl for fresh recruits to keep the response time and precept at an optimal level." she said with a soft murmur
[2018/12/25 18:54] Vivi Meiro nods along, "Of course. I hear there's been all sorts of craziness in the city lately. We're doin' our best to get things going on our end. It'd be wonderful to get some more cooperation goin'. And yeah, holiday season. People don't want to work. Who can blame 'em?" She chuckles a bit, "And I'll be happy to stop by, even if only to check on ya." She watches ad Nobu heads to the piano, but shrugs and just looks to grab a glass of champagne, having left shrimp tails on her plate.
[2018/12/25 18:54] Feya Wildcat gracefully folded both hands across her waist as she listened to Aelwyn. "Well with everything as of late, I don't blame you. If I may make a suggestion, try to do a few things in parts from time to time. I remember hearing about med-gel. While I may not per say have access to such, I will keep an ear out if I see anything on the trading channels for you."
[2018/12/25 18:55] Kaiser De'tath tugged at his bowtie, feeling a bit like he was out of place in a room full of suits and finery. Still, hi seyes cast their gaze over the amassed individuals with a sense of appreciation, and a humble sense from how he had gone from such finery to his own simple life.
[2018/12/25 18:55] Vesaria gave a nod to that. "I could see such a comparison. I am quite aware it may be considered very strange to some. Ever so hard to forget business, especially with well... you know." An ear perk at the familiar voice. "Miss Aristov, never an intrusion. I am happy you made it. I was beginning to worry and all." Her right hand would extend to the nearby empty chair. "I welcome you to join us if the Director does not mind?"
[2018/12/25 18:55] Kensei Nobunaga "That was some lovely playin' there." He began, gesturing to the grand piano. "I favor stringed instruments meself, but 'ay." He gave some pause, lighting up yet another cigarette. Thank goodness for his regenerative abilities.

"I was wonderin'- How well are ya able tae read sheet music?"
[2018/12/25 18:55] John Hawthorne sits down right in front of Vaako. The cybernetic leans his chair back slightly and murmurs in a joking and pleasant tone, "Whats up pussy cat. Not wanting to mingle?"
[2018/12/25 18:56] Szvaccii squints hard at Kajo when he says he was the one who found her arm, "So you are Kajow-woah-jack? I am fine..." She holds up her newly-completed replacement arm, flexing the fingers a bit. "Created a new arm to replace the one lost, it was already in production when you found it... and they had already stowed my arm into evidence when I asked for the old one back. Where, perchance, did you find my arm?" ((want to roll SC for your inevitable lie?))
[2018/12/25 18:56] Mr. Northwood rubbed the bridge of his nose as he'd close his eyes and lean into his hand, trying to relieve some of the pressure. He'd slowly lift his head up and look about the room and was starting to see more people migrating towards his area, he'd then notice Director Matamori waving once more. He found it peculiar that she was waving again so he waved back at her again as well... But then it dawned on him that he was being horribly rude to his boss, so he'd store his pills back in his jacket pocket and make his way over to her table. He'd look down at her first to adress Director Matamori "My apologies Director, I don't believe we've formally met... I'm Mr. Northwood." He'd extend his hand outward towards her while weakly smiling, still suffering from the weight of his migraine. He'd then look to everyone else at or around her table and nod while smiling warmly to them as well
[2018/12/25 18:56] Rose Nikki Draconis stifles a yawn, anyone that inspected her closely would see just how physically exhausted she was, though she maintained her cheery stance and bright smile, hovering close to the door on the off chance of more arrivals showing, her tails swaying ever so slowly.
[2018/12/25 18:57] Alasdair accepted the tiny glass as it arrived and just downed the contents in a single large gulp. Though he did at least taste it before downing the lot. "More SRT ain't a bad idea. Havin' a squad that knows each other well is helpful but they ain't always gonna be available to work together."
[2018/12/25 18:58] Cirdan Levidensis would limp over and take a seat carefully, leaning back in his chair a little bit and looking over at Taylor. "Yeah we could do that.... certainly feels like we need to... need to look at who's in it currently."
[2018/12/25 18:58] Sekan Vaako almost spit out his drink as he suddenly spotted Hawthorne sitting across from him, wiping his mouth with a napkin before clearing his throat, "Just ah.....Just settling in for now." He leans forward a bit, "Honestly wasn't ever much of a social type, especially outside work."
[2018/12/25 18:59] Aelwyn: tilts his head a little at the mention of med-gel. "Does the medical bay need more medigel? I have access to that, and they aren't expensive per packet. Though, I did notice that Medical mostly does backups throughout the day, not really much else. Are the other departments like that?" He'd take a small sip from his glass of champagne, and the look at it for a moment.
[2018/12/25 18:59] Avery McDayne: "I can read it fine... though my fingers are large~" she lamented, lifting her big mitts. "I can't play things very fast... -though I could give it a try.." she said.
[2018/12/25 18:59] Kajowwojak: raised his eyebrows as he looked at the arm a bit, surprised. "I thought... I mean... I do not claim to be an expert of biology of any kind, but I thought shivans were... Uhm... Can you just... *grow* a new arm like any other race?" It was a genuine curiosity, as he would look back to her face to address the question. "Did you not see the records for the evidence? I had said that I found it in the Undercity." He stated simply.
[2018/12/25 18:59] Matamori gave a warmed smile of her own to the sabre who had approached them; shaking her head and motioning to the spare seat at the table. "Of course not, Ms. Aristov. You are wearing enough black to fit right in with we... goths, was the old term?" she'd muse with a chuckle. Giving a nod to Vesaria, she'd look up to Northwood - and stand just long enough to offer him a properly eastern bow - and then take that hand and give it a firm shake before she'd take her seat once more. "A pleasure to meet you in person, Mr. Northwood - I am Director Matamori, as you know. I do apologize for how difficult I have been to catch. As you have likely noticed, things have been quite busy as of late - and I fear it will be something of an awkward transition until things settle enough for me to see you all personally again." She'd pause for a moment - watching as he swallowed a few more pills; lofting a brow. "If it gets to be too much, do not feed obligated to loiter for politness' sake - but I do appreciate the effort."
[2018/12/25 19:01] Feya Wildcat shook her head a bit. "Well with me in charge of Second Platoon, and finally able to make it into the office, I simply overheard about there being a lack thereof such. I may have been misinformed. But I will be making sure my platoon is up to snuff in the next week so that will be fun. How is things at Chimera going if I may enquire?"
[2018/12/25 19:01] Kensei Nobunaga flashed a devilish grin as he took out a tablet, clicking his tongue as he flicked and scrolled through various search results and pages until he found just what he needed. In front of the sheet did he place it down, with the top of the page reading what was no doubt the title of the song;


"When I give ya th'mark, could ya begin playin' that?" He requested.
[2018/12/25 19:02] Mira sips on her drink and opts to take it easy "Well, I'm just glad to take it easy for a chang-- Miss Kaylee~ Over here~!" The human excitedly waves at her boss, trying to gesture her over happily.
[2018/12/25 19:03] Kaiser De'tath looked over to Rose, one of the glowing "eyes" on the mask raising it's illumination intensity. "Do you want me to grab you a chair, miss? II wouldn't want you to simply standing in anticipation of new guests..."
[2018/12/25 19:03] Avery McDayne: "You cannot be serious..." She said, but took the Datapad from him anyway, placing it atop the mantle. "-If I do this you owe me." she said with a slight grin.
[2018/12/25 19:03] Kaylee Von Schafer steps in and peers around, still favoring her left side. Her eyes sweep across the place until she catches Mira waving, and she wanders over.
[2018/12/25 19:03] John Hawthorne was a magical being that could appear anywhere. The cheese head taps the side of his "nose" in a knowing way then replies, "Well, don't settle in for too long or you'll end up stuck to the seat, or the wall." He glances around and murmurs, "Ya know, if I had known there would be so many of my own kind around I would have worn my real body. Might have to go change for the night."
[2018/12/25 19:03] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kajowwojak Xigalia's [Kajowwojak] HP set to 1.
[2018/12/25 19:04] ROE Ban server V2: NaoKitzne Resident's objects are being returned in High Society.
[2018/12/25 19:04] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: felmane Resident's [Szvaccii] HP set to 1.
[2018/12/25 19:04] Katerina Aristov quirked an eyebrow at the greeting the wolf had given her, the sabers brow furrowing for just a moment until she realized the pup must be being so formal due to the occasion. She inclined her head towards the Director first, then towards Vesaria. "Thank you Director, Vesaria. I.. think I will join you then." She flashed a quick smile, lips curling upwards pleasantly at the corners when her outfit was pointed out, the saber glancing down quickly. Faint spots of color rose along her cheeks and she cleared her throat quietly. "I fear my choice of attire was.. mostly due to a lack of anything else fitting for this occasion. Most of my clothing is.. rather casual. I was amazed I even had a dress, let alone something that ended up working." She slid into the seat after that, another smile being offered towards the skullpup, a leg crossing over the other, hands folding atop the table in front of her.
[2018/12/25 19:04] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kajowwojak rolls 1d20
(1) - Unmodified
[2018/12/25 19:04] Kensei Nobunaga slowly, sloooowly began to grin more and more. "Aint bagpipes, but 'ay. It'll do perfectly. 'N aye, I Totally owe ya one fer this lass." Nobunaga said with as he clasped her on the shoulder. "Here's hopin' I don't bugger this up spectacularly, 'ay?"
[2018/12/25 19:05] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Szvaccii rolls 1d20 + 5
(14) - Unmodified
(19) - Modified
[2018/12/25 19:05] Vivi Meiro smiles and nods along, but jumps just a bit from Mira's sudden excited wave. Though she just remains clinging to her. Well, not actually holding. But staying close, still unfamiliar with majority of the crowd.
[2018/12/25 19:05] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: felmane Resident's [Szvaccii] HP set to 0.
[2018/12/25 19:05] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kajowwojak Xigalia's [Kajowwojak] HP set to 0.
[2018/12/25 19:05] Alasdair nodded to Mira as she passed. "Evenin', Marm. Glad to see yer doin' well."
[2018/12/25 19:05] Aelwyn: nods softly and gives a light smile. "Well, besides the burn marks, broken tiles, ripped off doors, broken glass, and corsair drones, Not bad! I haven't been able to get in as much as I've wanted recently though, my boyfriend is a little sick so I've been tending to him. Nothing serious, it'll pass in a few days." He giggles softly.
[2018/12/25 19:05] Mr. Northwood would nod and then attempt an awkward bow in return for Director Matamori. "I would rather have my eyes ripped out, then give up so easily on maintaining the decorum of such a lovely and catered event... It's simply a headache that will hopefully pass soon." He'd note one chair left at the Directors table left and 2 people standing. He'd smile and gesture to the empty seat as he would pull it out for Ms. Artistov "Please, be my guest." Then turning his attention to Director Matamori "I'm simply using my time to learn the city before things hopefully get busy soon with the Corporation. I hope to be neck deep in figures and projections soon." (( I am not going back to edit all that Katerina lol just assume it didn't happen then :p ))
[2018/12/25 19:06] ROE Ban server V2: CevicheLemon Resident's objects are being returned in High Society.
[2018/12/25 19:06] Szvaccii squints at Kajo... hard. She stands up, staring dead into his eyes over her glasses. "Why do I not believe that? I don't go to the undercity, and never have gone to the undercity. It makes absolutely no sense why it would have been there."
[2018/12/25 19:06] Sekan Vaako chuckles a bit nervously, nodding a bit before looking around, "Yeah, don't want to be a wallflower here." his expression went blank for a bit before realization dawned on him, "Ahh I see. I forgot you had a human form."
[2018/12/25 19:06] Katerina Aristov gives the previously identified Mr. Northwood a polite nod for pulling the chair out.
[2018/12/25 19:07] Mira has to stop herself from hugging Kaylee so instead she offers up a glass of bubbly instead "So glad to see you outta bed~ Feeling well -- Oh, this is my friend from the Order, Magister Vivi Meiro, I just call her Vivi though~" She says introducing the pink-haired gal "M'just glad to see you out and about, Ma'am~"
[2018/12/25 19:07] Vesaria would give a gentle nod towards Mr. Northwood. The Director's comment bringing her to chuckle softly. "Everything looks better in black." The little Mutant would chime softly before looking back towards Kat as she stole a seat, her voice back to its normal tone. "I think you did just fine, I trust you have been keeping safe? I had not seen you in a bit."
[2018/12/25 19:08] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles softly before she sipped to her drink. She gave a wave to Kaylee along the way and looked back to Talia again "So what have you been upto lately? I have barely seen you around as is." she said and leaned back a bit
[2018/12/25 19:08] Kajowwojak: raised an eyebrow at her, his synthetic eyes focusing hard on her. "I suspect that whoever removed the arm from you very easily could have gone to the undercity." He admitted. "I believe it's the pirates who have been attacking Col-Sec, and the undercity is where they've holed up. Maybe they discarded it after deciding it was all but useless to them?"
[2018/12/25 19:08] Rose Nikki Draconis frowns a little, "No, I will be fine, it is unbecoming of a hostess to not greet their guests." She sighs some, tapping some of the ash out of her pip into a small ash bag.
[2018/12/25 19:09] Kaylee Von Schafer gave a wave to Taylor in turn before returning her attention to Mira. "I'll pass on the bubbly, thank you. Still on medication I'd rather not mix with booze." She smiled to Vivi and offered her hand.
[2018/12/25 19:10] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis turned her head towards Kaji with a distinct gaze - silently shouting 'Shut the fuck up', then looks back to the three at her table again
[2018/12/25 19:10] Kaiser De'tath nodded once, turning back to focus on the door. Still, he couldn't help but tilt his head towards the conversations taking place. Keeping an ear- so to speak- out for any rising voices, or potential conflicts...
[2018/12/25 19:10] Avery McDayne: Simply Eyed Nobu and began her best attempt; holding down the sustain peddle to try and give the notes a bag-pipe like feeling as she started.

"I'm so sorry~" she said to her ball date in a consoling voice, rubbing the shiny black glossy side as she started playing 'The Ghillie Callum' PIANO EDITION.
[2018/12/25 19:11] Matamori dipped her head towards Kat - agreeing with Vesaria's own assessment. "I, on the other hand..." She'd hook a thumb into one side of her kimono; given the silken fabric a gentle tug. "Have been waiting many months for an excuse to wear the home attire I arrived here in. Until tonight, Direcor Milos was the only one to have seen it." She'd feign a sigh - grinning behind it. "Tomorrow, it will be back to stuffy Western suits and shirts." Then, to Northwood - a softer smile. "I applaud your eagerness - though with all that has been going on as of late; it may be a little time yet before we are back to business as usual. I am certain we can find something to put your expertise to in the meantime, however."
[2018/12/25 19:11] Feya Wildcat shook her head upon hearing of the calamity going on. "So the Corsairs haven't been kind to Chimera as of late either. By the manufacturer will they just cease their insanity or must we get the TFA involved?" she huffed, then looked over towards Vaako as Aelwyn talked about his boyfriend. "Well thats no good. I have enough trouble with making sure Sergeant Vaako has his shoes on right everyday at the apartment."
[2018/12/25 19:12] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kajowwojak rolls 1d20
(12) - Unmodified
[2018/12/25 19:12] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Szvaccii rolls 1d20 + 5
(1) - Unmodified
(6) - Modified
[2018/12/25 19:12] Kensei Nobunaga listened for a wee bit to see how it would sound. It was... Well to be fair it wasn't as bad as he thought it was. It was still rather terrible, but in a good way. It was The Room of Piano Songs. With a chuckle, he placed a hand upon Avery's to halt her playing.

"Right, hold on fer one moment lass, 'ay?" He asked. "Just need one last thing before ya begin tae play."
[2018/12/25 19:12] Vivi Meiro bows her head down upon the introduction, "Please to meet you, Miss Kaylee. And yep, just call me Vivi." And of course leaving her plate aside to extend a hand for a hearty handshake with Kaylee, before stepping back beside Mira. Though she tilts her head, a bit curious as to with all the somewhat tiredness from everyone around.
[2018/12/25 19:12] Rose Nikki Draconis frowns all the more as she hears Kajo, turning some and flicking her pipe towards him in such a manner that the metal object would eject a small ash ball towards him, still smoldering from the tobacco she was smoking.
[2018/12/25 19:13] Avery McDayne: paused and felt a bit embarrassed: no one knew why she had started to play it an she didnt want people to think she'd gone crazy and was stopped by Nobu... "T-this is the last thing I do for you.." she said, blushing.
[2018/12/25 19:14] John Hawthorne sets his drink (still full) on the table and leans back further, placing his arms behind his head in the laziest posture possible. He hums for a second and murmurs, "My true body, actually. Ya know you could always meander over and ask someone to dance or just talk. Like Unn over there with the levidensises brood, or Schafer.... she's boring and safe to chat with."
[2018/12/25 19:14] Deimos arrives, minus his usual rifle. As soon as he comes in, he's scanning for people he knows...Kajow in particular.
[2018/12/25 19:14] Mr. Northwood would raise an eyebrow in curiosity at the Directors comment "Your... The Director, why can you not dictate a new work place policy as to wearing the attire you feel appropriate in for work place conditions.... If not at the very least, have legal claim it's xenophobic discrimination? I'm sure there's some paperwork that could be filed for Kimonos being accepted as work place attire." He'd chuckle softly before rubbing the base of his skull and letting his head gently roll from side to side to help relieve some tension in his neck.
[2018/12/25 19:15] Mira blinks and finishes her own drink before, starting to sip on the drink she had offered to Kaylee "Ehe. . Sorry about that, Ma'am. M'just glad your out and about. . Mmm. . I dunno what this stuff is but its good~" She says between sips.
[2018/12/25 19:15] Kensei Nobunaga just kept that damned, shit eating grin. "Until I need me next backup." He responded, before turning around and striding towards the entrance once more. This time, he came to stand before the Draconis Host.

"Pardon me, ma'am." He started. "I assume yer th'one who arranged all o' this?"
[2018/12/25 19:15] Katerina Aristov gave the pup a warm smile and offered a light shrug. "Sorry. I left early this morning so you likely missed me. I've been well and have kept safe." Her left hand reaches up to thumb idly at the pendant hanging from her neck, the saber perking her ears to catch snippets of the various conversations happening around her. She took a moment to look around the room once more, noting those she knew and quite a few she didn't, then focused her attention on the table in front of her. "The outfit looks lovely, Director Matamori. Hopefully we'll have more such occasions for you to wear it." She shifted in the chair some, feeling more than just a touch uncomfortable. She was obviously not used to dressing up like this.
[2018/12/25 19:15] Szvaccii listens to him, slowly relaxing her stare on him. "I see... that is definitely a possibility, and a likely one at that. Did they not attack Chimera just a few days ago? Perhaps they attacked me while I was alone there at some point... But we should not speak of this here, as as everyone is meant to be relaxing, and talk of pirates is the opposite of relaxing for most here."
[2018/12/25 19:16] Kaiser De'tath would look towards the individuals gathered at the door, offering a smile beneath that mask. A clawed hand would wave towards the available chairs, and when he spoke, it was deep and resonant. "Hello, and welcome to the Policeman's ball. Please seek a seat, or partake of any of the refreshments here. The door area is to be kept clear for sake of fire hazard."
[2018/12/25 19:16] Aelwyn: would squint over at the piano would start playing the rather strange song, relaxing once it was quickly halted. "Corsairs have been a huge pain.. Doctor Levidensis stopped all progress on our current research assignments, and instead we need to fix all of the damage that nearly ruined our lobby... I gotta say, its.. really awful telling patients 'Thanks for coming by, Everything was a complete success. By the way, watch out for broken glass on the way out."
[2018/12/25 19:16] Kaylee Von Schafer smiles. "Just make sure you enjoy it responsibly." She looked around with her usual analytical gaze somewhat dulled that evening.
[2018/12/25 19:17] Avery McDayne: To try and regain some of her dignity she started playing calming music once more until Nobu gave a signal or so to play the Scottish equivalent of dog rape.
[2018/12/25 19:17] Rose Nikki Draconis twitches an ear, bowing to the most recent of guests, "Welcome to the Red Tail, please, enjoy the night, we have food and drink, as well as music, and if you need anything in particular, please, feel free to ask." she would turn her head some to Nobu, her head tilted just a bit, "Yes, that would be me, was... there something you wanted?" She would blink once, her deep purple eyes with their rather thin slit like irises watching him closely.
[2018/12/25 19:17] Alasdair was rather quiet as he just watched the conversation play out, occasionally listening in to others around the ball. "Did not expect quite this many folks to show up."
[2018/12/25 19:17] Vesaria would narrow her eyes at the pirate talk... ignoring it for now. Her attention back to the table. "Director Milos was uh... certainly something the other day." A small chuckle followed before she would relax. "I actually have to agree with Mr. Northwood on that, I am certain it could be approved in some way." The pirate talk was clearly making her ears twitch at this point... "Oh Miss Aristov it is quite okay, I understand completely. I cant blame you for that."
[2018/12/25 19:18] Deimos nodded at the greetings, then headed STRAIGHT for Kajow, moving right up to his side. "Kajowwojak...Good evening."
[2018/12/25 19:18] Feya Wildcat: "Oh believe me I know Aelwyn, its very frustrating for such and we're hard pressed as it is, espec... " she was cut off as the music from the piano suddenly started to change, looking over towards it and the odd tones that came from such.. "Well this is new.."
[2018/12/25 19:18] Vivi Meiro swirls her own drink a bit. Before exhaling, and downing the whole glass, during Kaylee's statement. Her eyes close and blink for a moment, before staring at the glass, "...Huh." and setting it down with her plate, joking with Mira, "It ain't somethin' I'd get drunk off of... but champagne's got a nice taste."
[2018/12/25 19:20] Kajowwojak: nodded and smiled, before violently recoiling as some burning ash hit him, threatening to harm his fur, though he was able to slap it out with his metal hands. "Who just-!?" He spat out loudly, before flattening his ears, his hud calculating the trajectory, and realizing *just* who it was. The wolf lost his bluster quickly and shook his head. "An accident. But yes, I was just coming over to see if you were alright." His attention was soon distracted by a familiar Biodroid. "Ah, Deimos. I'm glad you can make it." This is... Svaht-chii." He said her name very slow, to make sure he said it right. "She's an officer at Col-sec."
[2018/12/25 19:20] Matamori offered Northwood a small grin; nodding behind her pipe - turning her head before she spoke to ensure that the drift of smoke went away from anyone... though she'd realize she was quickly running out of unoccupied space within the ball room. "I could, of course. I could likely simply wear it and not recieve many complaints - but though it would be more comfortable for me; I do find dressing to suit the new environment makes me more approachable to other Western clients. It may not be familiar to me - but it is familiar to them." It would be a telling answer. Where one's expertise lay in numbers and forms - the Director's own were in a more subtle sort of area. She couldn't resist breaking into a soft laugh at Vesaria's comment, however. "Not to speak poorly of the woman; but I am reluctant to attach such an outburst to the 'Director' title. But.. she was out of her element. Her talents excel in her field - she just has... room to grow... in matters that lie beyond it."
[2018/12/25 19:20] Mira blinks "Oooh, so this is champagne~? It reminds me of watered down wine a little bit -- But its got a sorta refined flavor. . I don't think I could get drunk off of this if I tried but it sure is good. Is Miss Taylee going to be joining us tonight, Ma'am?" She questioned curiously, before turning her attention back to Vivi "So, hows your experiment going, you gonna get it set up soon~?"
[2018/12/25 19:21] Sekan Vaako gives a shrug and glances over at Kaylee, somewhat averting his gaze, leaning in a bit, "Honestly not sure if it's wise for me to strike up a convo with her since....well, my recent visit to EIA." he looks around a bit before emptying his champagne glass, looking over to the table, "Gonna grab a refill though." he says as he walks over. Hey, an excuse to get off his ass, right?
[2018/12/25 19:23] Kaylee Von Schafer shakes her head. "My dear sister couldn't make it tonight but sends her regards."
[2018/12/25 19:23] Aelwyn: would take another sip of his champagne, wincing a bit at the taste. "Ugh, might need more of this.. How are things going for you? Are you enjoying your holidays? Oh! That reminds me, do you have plans for new years night?" He would ask rather hopefully, smiling up at her.
[2018/12/25 19:23] ROE Ban server V2: LunaAxton Resident's objects are being returned in High Society.
[2018/12/25 19:24] Kensei Nobunaga didn't seem to hold any recognition over Rose, thankfully. His features were gentle, no weight dragging them down into his signature scowl. "Well first o' all, I Want tae give a sincere thanks tae ya. This can't 'ave been easy tae prepare, 'ay?" He mused, before shaking his head.

"I was wonderin' if I could ask somethin' o' ya. D'ya happen tae 'ave a straight sword I could use? Don't need tae be special or fancy. Can be blunt- hell, e'en wooden."
[2018/12/25 19:24] Deimos rumbled softly as he nodded towards the Shivan, his eyes still hidden behind his trademark shades he was always wearing. "Good evening...My apologies for being a bit late. I received your invitation a few hours ago, but I was slightly preoccupied already. Shall I greet other officers I know already?"
[2018/12/25 19:24] Vivi Meiro crosses her arms, as her hands are now empty. There's another exhale, "Ah, we're planning right now in the lab. We'll perhaps target yellow first, given some recent... events... happening in the colony. So you'll be able to assist. I've already logged down the little tidbit of your yellow eyes, Mira. Seems to be a trend." There's a huff, "But given those happenings and the holiday season, things'll be slow for now."
[2018/12/25 19:25] Kaiser De'tath would look towards the individuals gathered at the door, offering a smile beneath that mask. A clawed hand would wave towards the available chairs, and when he spoke, it was deep and resonant. "Hello, and welcome to the Policeman's ball. Please seek a seat, or partake of any of the refreshments here. The door area is to be kept clear for sake of fire hazard."
[2018/12/25 19:25] Avery McDayne: Was giving lovey dovey eyes to the glossy machine of wood and strings she played on, lost in love with is lovely tones.
[2018/12/25 19:26] Mr. Northwood would take note of Ms. Vesaria's ears twitching in time with when other conversations nearby might have began to talk about Pirate incidents around the Colony. He'd frown as he saw some people couldn't give up on the gossip for just one night but decided to smile towards her. "That is a very lovely coat you have on if I may say so." He would then look back to Kaj hearing the slightly raised voice and widening his eyes to him as he shot him a look while gently rolling his head as if to quietly gesture to her that the Director was right beside him. He would then slyly keep rolling his head on his neck as if appearing to still be relieving some of his tension in his neck before looking down to the Director. "Corporate Darwinism it is then, adapt and thrive. Especially in this political climate lately, a very wise and astute decision Director Matamori."
[2018/12/25 19:26] Katerina Aristov 's ears also twitched at all the talk regarding the recent events. It was inevitable the topic would come up but she couldn't help but give the skullpup a few concerned looks. After what she'd revealed the day before she was notably worried. Her attention turned outwards for a while then, ears twitching and perking up to listen in on what was being discussed, the saber trying to keep herself up-to-date on everything that was happening. Her assignment as the pups security detail had kept her somewhat away from the tower and she was trying to use this opportunity to her advantage. Still, she didn't want to appear rude so she turned back after a time to those around her and offered another pleasant smile. "Apologies. I'm afraid the topic of conversation is a bit above my pay grade. I don't want to appear as if I'm not paying attention. Far from it."
[2018/12/25 19:26] Szvaccii tilts her head and looks over to the origin of the ash, then back to Kajo as Deimos arrives. She smiles at the biodroid and gives a small bow, "Greetings Deimos, I believe I have seen you around the tower a few times. I have not yet interacted with you, however." She looks back to Kajo, "Well, I am quite fine."
[2018/12/25 19:26] John Hawthorne plucks his glass off the table and raises it in a salute to Sekaan, "I don't know anything about that, but you do you." The cybernetic watches the kitty cat meander off, briefly considering leaving to get a change of clothes.
[2018/12/25 19:27] EIDE looked up towards Kaiser and greeted the man with the light bowing of his head "Thank you, sir. I quite appreciate it." he spoke while clearing away from the door.
[2018/12/25 19:27] Mira blinks "Ooh.. you mean with that yellow chicken feller? I tried to wrassle that dang thing but he was too fast for me -- I'm down for those experiments whenever." She says with a sigh "Maybe I'll become a rainbow phage or something silly, eheh~"
[2018/12/25 19:27] Talia Kaspar 's player returns from a hard fight with the DISHES OF CHRISTMAS PAST.
[2018/12/25 19:28] Feya Wildcat paused a moment in thought as she turned back towards Aelwyn, shaking her head. "Aside of taking care of Alexei and Sekan, nothing else to be frank for new years. But otherwise yes I'm enjoying the holidays. It was a great morning to wake up to cause I didn't have to make breakfast. There was a full table for me to enjoy and Sekan is a good cook when he got his head down into learning more."
[2018/12/25 19:28] Rose Nikki Draconis tilts her head some, "I... suppose? But, why? I need to know why before I go and find a weapon among my stores." She continues to watch him closely.
[2018/12/25 19:28] Alasdair ruffled Cirdans hair. "So yer outta the hospital, eh? Glad to see ya recovered well nuff. How long did the docs give ya till yer completely back on yer feet?"
[2018/12/25 19:29] Kajowwojak: smiled between the two. "Personally, I think you'd be better off looking for officers you haven't met yet, in order to aquaint yourself with them." He admitted. "The more friendly everyone is with one another, the better!"
[2018/12/25 19:30] Vesaria would make sure not to giggle at the Director's Director comment. "I can respect that, we all have our limits in some way. I also understand your appearance choice from that perspective. I... would not be willing to part with the mask under any circumstance. I am still working on learning to hide the horns but... erh..." Her ears would perk at the compliment! "Oh thank you, I tend to be a tad addicted to it as of late." A glance towards Miss Aristov. "That is quite okay, really. I am just pleased you are here with us. Admittedly I am not as close to the ones here as I would like to be so having you is... helping my nerves."
[2018/12/25 19:30] Kaiser De'tath would look towards the individuals gathered at the door, offering a smile beneath that mask. A clawed hand would wave towards the available chairs, and when he spoke, it was deep and resonant. "Hello, and welcome to the Policeman's ball. Please seek a seat, or partake of any of the refreshments here. The door area is to be kept clear for sake of fire hazard."
[2018/12/25 19:30] Salamander steps through the door. "Hello?"
[2018/12/25 19:30] Vivi Meiro chuckles a bit looking at Mira, "Yes, the chicken fella. I haven't seen it personally, but I hear it's causing quite some commotion. Along with other radio shenanigans." Though nodding, "Eh heh... phaging maybe not. But you're welcome to give other colors a try. Again, just lemme know any you're interested in, and I can whip 'em up for ya."
[2018/12/25 19:30] Talia Kaspar looks over to Cirdan. "I heard Garret got you and another officer...are you ok?"
[2018/12/25 19:30] Kensei Nobunaga gave a wee nod. "O' course." He explained, as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out...

Thank fuck, a commlink. Clicking his tongue as he scrolled through some pages, he finally came to show her a still image. It was old, black and white, depicting some manner of dance.

"Figured I'd make th'most o' this night. Live a wee bit. Either give folk a laugh they wont ferget, or show 'em somethin' amazin'."
[2018/12/25 19:31] Aelwyn: perks up at that, but deflates, shortly after, thinking for a moment. "Hmm.. Well.. I'm going to try to get a little party together on new years night for people who don't otherwise have parties to go to. Theres no obligations, and I definitely wouldn't want to pull you away from your family, but if you get a chance to come say hi, it might be fun! Which.. now that I think about it, this would be a great time to go over to Red Tail staff and ask about it."
[2018/12/25 19:32] Salamander moves over and pokes Eide in the side.
[2018/12/25 19:32] John Hawthorne gets a silent laugh out of anything Nobongoes does.
[2018/12/25 19:32] Cirdan Levidensis ."Eeeehhhh..... Yes and no? I more snuck out of the hospital because i was gonna go insane if i had to lay there another day and eat hospital food." He said with a half grin.
[2018/12/25 19:33] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis looked between those at her table "Well. I believe it's time someone held a speech... Would you mind holding me excused for a bit?" she asked, looking between Talia, Alasdair and Cirdan
[2018/12/25 19:33] Deimos tilted his head a bit. He seemed to be a bit curiously confused, but then he nodded. "That makes sense. An organization like Col-Sec thrives best when members are on good terms with one another." He glanced around, taking note of who was in attendance. "I suppose I will introduce myself a bit, then. If you will excuse me?"
[2018/12/25 19:33] EIDE gave off a soft hum as he'd look over towards Salamander as his side poke "Ah. Hello there. Good to see you were able to make it as well."
[2018/12/25 19:33] Mira hums "That sounds like fun, I wouldn't mind trying out other stones -- Maybe red or green, Mm. . now that I think of green I think our green magicka gal is here somewhere -- I'll point her out if I see her." She states with a yawn before sipping on her drink some more.
[2018/12/25 19:33] Alasdair gave the mouse a thumbs up. "Course, Love. I'm kinda curious what kinda speech ya got in mind now."
[2018/12/25 19:33] Talia Kaspar raised an eyebrow. "ok?..."
[2018/12/25 19:34] Matamori offered dip her head to Northwood. "Just so. Granted, the Corporate world itself tends not to be the battleground - but more keeping the Colony calm and running efficiently. Most of our competitors these days are either subsidiaries of our own company - or relying us in some fashion or another to thrive." She'd pause a moment for a drink; offering a smile after. "In simpler terms - that means my job is largely political, these days, while I trust talented individuals like yourself and Vesaria to handle matters that fall outside of that." She'd tilt her head for a moment ;watching the looks and shifts in attention around the table as outside conversations seemed to be taking attention. She'd shake her head - lifting a finger and adding queitly: "Do not mind loose tongues overly much. It has been a stressful month for all - and it is likely they have had little chance to vent even for a moment. The occasional talk of current affairs is not something I'll begrudge anyone."
[2018/12/25 19:34] Charocles teeters into the ballroom, somehow stumbling over the decorative snow. The anshiri looks around excitedly, taking in the festive atmosphere.
[2018/12/25 19:34] Cirdan Levidensis nods. "Go ahead."
[2018/12/25 19:34] Kaiser De'tath would look towards the individuals gathered at the door, offering a smile beneath that mask. A clawed hand would wave towards the available chairs, and when he spoke, it was deep and resonant. "Hello, and welcome to the Policeman's ball. Please seek a seat, or partake of any of the refreshments here. The door area is to be kept clear for sake of fire hazard."
[2018/12/25 19:34] Kajowwojak: smiled softly as he would shake his head. "Oh, well, You could, yes. But, that can also come later. I'm sure that right now, people are mostly trying to get comfortable, conversing with those they're already familiar with."
[2018/12/25 19:35] Poqi Schalon teeters into the ballroom, somehow stumbling over the decorative snow. The anshiri looks around excitedly, taking in the festive atmosphere.
[2018/12/25 19:36] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis stepped up to the podium - there was no means of lowering it nor a stand, but nonetheless, the rodent still tapped her glass a couple of times with a wand to give the distinct five taps for a speech
[2018/12/25 19:36] Salamander "I always find a way to inject myself into any event. It's my special ability. That and going really fast," he noted, as if it wasn't PAINFULLY OBVIOUS already.
[2018/12/25 19:36] Szvaccii gives a nod to both of them, twitching her ears. She then looks down and puts her organic hand on her forehead, looking pained. "There are... far too many voices to pay attention to here. I believe my best course of action shall be to exit... and observe some less-populated events."
[2018/12/25 19:36] Dr. Hextail: has arived!
[2018/12/25 19:36] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a bow to the new arrivals, "Welcome to the Red Tail, please, enjoy the party. We have provided refreshments and food, and if you desire anything specific, please, feel free to ask myself or one of the other workers." She would turn to nobu and offer her katana, "Will this work..?"
[2018/12/25 19:37] Kaylee Von Schafer turns to see who was tapping glasses.
[2018/12/25 19:37] Alasdair watched patiently for the speech to start.
[2018/12/25 19:37] Vivi Meiro can't help but of a slight smirk, "Red and green? You really are in the festive spirit." She curiously looks around for said girl, but not even bothering to get any sort of aura sense, as it's far too crowded here to get a good read. "Not a bad idea to meet, but perhaps it'd be better in a place where I could see it in action." She also returns the yawn with one of her own... they're really contagious!
[2018/12/25 19:37] John Hawthorne stands and turns to watch Taylor. He scratches an itch.
[2018/12/25 19:37] Deimos turned his head to watch Taylor curiously.
[2018/12/25 19:37] Kensei Nobunaga gave a gentle nod. "O' course. This will do perfectly." He said, as he took the sheathed weapon, and turned around. He would wait before rolling the dice, of course, for the commander had a speech to give.
[2018/12/25 19:38] Sekan Vaako was about to chat it up with someone random before he heard the tapping of glass, turning to a podium near the piano where Levidensis was standing, tilting his head before taking a sip of champagne.
[2018/12/25 19:38] Katerina Aristov felt herself smiling even more broadly when the pup spoke about her nerves, the saber feeling very much the same in that regard. "Well, I'm happy to keep you company, Vesaria. Admittedly I'm.. a bit uncomfortable myself, so a friendly face that doesn't give me orders on a daily basis is also.. rather welcome." She dipped her head towards the pup and directed her gaze towards the stately Director. "Mmn, I don't begrudge anyone their gossip, Ma'am. It's just something I'm trying to actively not think about right now." A heavy sigh escaped the saber then her ears were perking up to the sound of that glass being tapped. She half-turned in her chair and craned her neck to peer towards the source, remaining quiet afterwards.
[2018/12/25 19:38] Vivi Meiro also quiets herself down cause of the tippy tap glass taps.
[2018/12/25 19:38] Poqi Schalon 's eyes swivel to look at Taylor. At least, three out of six eyes. Two of the remaining eyes squint at Salamander and EIDE, and the last remaining eye observes the other new arrivals.
[2018/12/25 19:38] Cy turns his head towards Taylor as he listens!
[2018/12/25 19:38] Iggy Hextail arrived along with the good doctor, pulling the edges of his undershirt sleeves down to their ends, clearing his throat as he glanced along the room. "I see a lot of ex-officers in here, and current officers too. Wonder why I didn't receive a cordial invitation instead of plus one~"
[2018/12/25 19:39] Mira nods as she turns her attention towards Taylor "Her name is Katerina, I'll pull her aside for ya if I get the chance."
[2018/12/25 19:39] Kajowwojak: tilted his head towards the glass tapping, various programs zeroing his vision in on the source, and then the owner of the source, as he would smile and wait for what was clearly going to be a speech
[2018/12/25 19:39] Dr. Hextail: " Because the Retired ones are likely Plus One's Too."
[2018/12/25 19:40] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis looks around the assembling attendees and she cleared her throat. She pulled her own little drone out to amplify the otherwise squeaky calm voice of hers "First off, I'd like to thank you all for coming to this ball tonight, both healthy and those recovering. It is pleasant to see that you have all made a point to make an appearance and socialize in these ever so shifting times...

I'd like to briefly touch bases on the most recent events, and how this all has evolved. When the former Director stepped down and away, and a fair bit of officers, and staff in EarthGOV as a whole, were either moved or chose to be relocated. The times have been trying and testing, but our resolve has been the pivoting point of prevalence. We have stood our tests and with marshaled forces, we have answered the call. With a new director at the helm, Director Osiris, we have entered a new era for Colony Security, a new administration, as it were. baptized by fire, forced in hardships but ultimately, has stood tall, and even with
[2018/12/25 19:40] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis: the change, it still feels as if it never really did change all that much. Such is the traits of a well organized force. Make no mistake though... We still remember those whom departed." she said and cleared her throat to give that distinct pause
[2018/12/25 19:40] Feya Wildcat paused upon hearing the glass tappings sound from behind her, giving her full attention upon seeing her SRT superior speak.
[2018/12/25 19:40] Vesaria gave a nod towards Miss Aristov before giving her attention to Taylor.
[2018/12/25 19:40] Mr. Northwood would seem taken back while seeming a little sad as he looked to the Director "Have things been that bad as of late within the colony...." He'd stop himself hearing Ms. Aristov's remark and nod "Perhaps a lighter topic of conversation would suffice... Have you heard of the.." And would stop as the speech was being given."
[2018/12/25 19:41] EIDE lightly nodded his head listening to Salamander as he gave off a short winded chuckle "Well you're here now. Have a good day thus far, I trust?"
[2018/12/25 19:41] Alasdair just calmly listened waiting for the speech to conclude, not wanting to interript.
[2018/12/25 19:41] Salamander "I haven't been shot yet, so it's going okay," he mumbled, listening to the mouse speak.
[2018/12/25 19:41] Trigali: Interrupt. I can english*))
[2018/12/25 19:42] Kensei Nobunaga heard out what the commander had to say, and seemed genuinely touched. He held his silence for a bit, waiting to see what else would be said.
[2018/12/25 19:42] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis continued on "As a whole, and with shy one month of a year, we have been the acting police force for precinct two oh two, and the localized hub for EarthGOV Corporate division under Director Matamori, and the intelligence agency under Director Milos, we can look back at a year of a transition from being on a near militaristic alert in Dawn Colony during the events unfolding there, and the end of our presence. While the fallen are still to this day revered as heroes of Dawn Colony, we are also looking at how we, as an organization, and as individuals, have evolved. It is refreshing to see that we have learned, and come so far, and we still all can think back to the past, not with animosity, but with a level of respect and recognition of what it was, and who we were..."
[2018/12/25 19:42] Poqi Schalon extends a small antennae from the side of their helmet to continue listening to the speech while they direct their attention elsewhere, wandering over to the fountain and inspecting the water's surface extraordinarily thouroughly.
[2018/12/25 19:42] Aelwyn: looks over to Taylor and smiles, listening to them speak. His rather sensitive ears tilted away to lessen the loudness for him
[2018/12/25 19:42] Szvaccii perks up when she hears most quiet, and one speaker speak up.
[2018/12/25 19:43] Vivi Meiro simply bows her head during the pause. Not one to really know the individuals discussed, but just offering a sign of respect anyways. Then listening on.
[2018/12/25 19:44] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis "..: For those of you unaware, Dawn Colony was a colony which, tragically was overwhelmed by forces we to this day hardly can describe with just a single book. But we have, for that sake, not lost the colony." The rodent pulled a tablet up "With Dawn Colony having been reclaimed by the counterinsurgency of our Terrestrial Armed Forces and in a daring streak of engagements, we can raise our heads, and say that we did our part, and they took over when we no longer could. But with what we had achieved, it is safe to say that it was everything but a pyhrric victory. We did much more than what would be expected of anyone... So with that in mind, and with the knowledge that Dawn Colony is being rebuilt, having been recovered from what some of us experienced, we can look ahead at a brighter future, and hopefully soon, a more solid trade agreement with our European departments again."
[2018/12/25 19:44] Rose Nikki Draconis would stand rather quietly, clearing her pipe of ash once more as she watches and listens in.
[2018/12/25 19:44] Sekan Vaako purrfs softly and takes another sip, calmly listening in.
[2018/12/25 19:45] Ana Ka'rimah: exists in time to hear speeches.
[2018/12/25 19:45] Sekan Vaako believes Ana exists in eternal anger. -V-
[2018/12/25 19:45] Kensei Nobunaga feels a creeping dread crawl upon his flesh [V]
[2018/12/25 19:46] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis at last holstered the tablet "Since I am sure that we will not get this opportunity before the new year's come, I will hope that the rest of this year will go as calmly as it has these past two days after that rude awakening, and the results thereof, of which I am sure some of you are already aware. But I also hope that this stability, this perseverance, will persist into the new year. And if the Board of Directors will it, we will hold a commemoration day on the date of our arrival here in Rise Colony, Yosemite District two oh two, and let that be the memorial date of our fallen, but also a day of proof, to our perseverance as a unified EarthGOV. Thank you very much, happy holidays, and a happy new year." she said and gave them all a polite bow
[2018/12/25 19:47] Feya Wildcat would give a few gentle claps in kind to the Captain's speech as what was spoken was very heartful and true in the records spoken of..
[2018/12/25 19:47] Kensei Nobunaga didn't waste any time. Once Taylor had given her bow, he placed Rose's weapon aside so that he may applaud properly. A whistle sounded out through his teeth, which soon ceased so that he may grin.
[2018/12/25 19:48] Dr. Hextail: claps lightly.
[2018/12/25 19:48] Ana Ka'rimah: crosses her arms, nose wrinkled. Hooray, Christmas, etc and so on.
[2018/12/25 19:48] Kaiser De'tath applauses for effect.
[2018/12/25 19:48] Kaylee Von Schafer joins the others in soft clapping.
[2018/12/25 19:48] Kajowwojak: felt out of place, among such a serious speech, having himself only joined a couple weeks ago, and even then, only been on earth for a couple of months. But, everyone else seemed moved by the speech, and he had no reason to say anything. He joined the claps of the others. Of course, There was a large mutant who was commanding attention next, and his eyes couldn't help but move to see what was going on specifically.
[2018/12/25 19:48] Sekan Vaako gives a few claps, not having been there when Dawn fell, but he claps regardless.
[2018/12/25 19:48] Alasdair gave a short round of applause as the speech had concluded.
[2018/12/25 19:48] Vivi Meiro feels obliged to do her little golf claps, having a half-smile on her face after the speech.
[2018/12/25 19:49] Aelwyn: would give a polite clap smiling happily. He'd look around a bit, before looking back up at Feya.
[2018/12/25 19:49] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles softly and turned to walk back to the table she had been sitting at
[2018/12/25 19:49] Deimos just watched Taylor closely as she went by. "Commander..."
[2018/12/25 19:49] Matamori listened attentively to the speech being given; then gave applause with the rest - before turning back to Northwood a few moments later. "I suppose that will fill you in on some of what has happened with Rise in the past year. You were saying something a moment ago?"
[2018/12/25 19:49] Poqi Schalon applaulds politely. The anshiri's hands make odd sqeaking noises.
[2018/12/25 19:49] Salamander brought a party favor to the mouth of his helmet, and it extended with a small congratulatory noise. He did not blow into it, for he does not possess a mouth.
[2018/12/25 19:49] Vesaria would give Taylor as smile followed by a nod as they passed.
[2018/12/25 19:50] Avery McDayne: Resumed playing as the commander walked off, feeling much more 'chipper' after hearing it.
[2018/12/25 19:50] Iggy Hextail would hold forward and clasp his hands together, large booming cusps as Taylor delivered their speech. "TAF was able to take back Dawn colony? Huh... Wonder how much of the city is left after the ballistics hit. Wonder if there's a chance I'd be able to back and walk down memory lane." Iggy would muse before clasping Hex on the shoulder. "Want something to eat, dear?"
[2018/12/25 19:50] Szvaccii simply continues observing, unsure of the rituals meant for speeches.
[2018/12/25 19:50] Dr. Hextail: would lean in. "It's already repaired.. Better PR however for Refugees to say it's still being repaired.."
[2018/12/25 19:50] Katerina Aristov brought her hands together in a quiet clap as well, her attention shifting back towards the pup afterwards. "Well. I didn't think I'd hear something like that this evening. Most of that was news to me. I've not exactly been in Rise very long." Her ears perked again when the Director spoke up and her head swiveled towards the suited man to her right, head tilting to give him her attention as he had cut himself off mid-sentence.
[2018/12/25 19:50] Hadrian Riddell exists in the room.
[2018/12/25 19:50] Rose Nikki Draconis twitches an ear.
[2018/12/25 19:51] Kensei Nobunaga took a few moments to adjust his attire a bit, before reaching down to pick up the blade he had been allowed to borrow. "I think I speak fer everyone-" He started as he came to a halt in the middle of the room. "That none o' this would've been possible without th'support o' our dear Commander."

Looking around, he took a few moments to mentally prepare for what could be an absolute shitshow. The Sword was drawn and laid across the ground, with the scabbard intersecting it.
[2018/12/25 19:52] Feya Wildcat turned back towards Aelwyn with a smile "Well I think a new years gathering would be a lovely venture to have. Might want to ask others the same about it and see what they think. But for all we know there could be something in the main plaza. Still. Ask about."
[2018/12/25 19:52] Ana Ka'rimah: retains a low profile, observing the goings-on. She didn't look particularly festive.
[2018/12/25 19:52] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis: cheeks*
[2018/12/25 19:52] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis nodded to Deimos in turn "Greetings." she said calmly and gazed around, seemingly feeling a whole lot better after that but also made note to actually pay the pianist after the party for providing such lovely music, then gazed back to Al, Cirdan and Talia "I feel a whole lot better now after that..." then turned to look to Nobunaga and she tilted her head with a distinct blush on her cheek
[2018/12/25 19:52] Salamander brought a flat hand to the side of his speaker, talking to Eide. "What is he doing."
[2018/12/25 19:53] Kaiser De'tath looked over towards Nobu, blinking as he proceeded to take a step forward but stopped, looking over towards Rose; as to ask for clearance to stop them.
[2018/12/25 19:53] Cirdan Levidensis would lean on the table, smiling a little as he watched Taylor come back over to the table.
[2018/12/25 19:53] Deimos nodded politely to Kajow as he went to follow Taylor...Might as well start introductions there.
[2018/12/25 19:53] Alasdair smiled down at Taylor as he returned. "Good speech, love. It's a shame I couldn't help out at Dawn when it was happenin' but well. Life's paths don't always line up the way ya want it to." As Nobu then moved to take the stage Al watched him keenly curious what he was going to do with the blade.
[2018/12/25 19:53] Katerina Aristov blinked when the normally gruff Nobu took center-stage, the saber turning once more to watch her fellow Tactical officer, one eyebrow arched slightly.
[2018/12/25 19:53] Szvaccii squints at Nobu as he has a weapon... curious as what he was doing with it.
[2018/12/25 19:53] Dr. Hextail: " I'd love some finger foods, yes.. " he'd mumble.. those.. eyes staring.. awkwardly towards Nobu.
[2018/12/25 19:53] Rose Nikki Draconis raises her hand to stop Kaiser, "He asked for the sword, let him make himself the fool should he desire it, worry not, it will cause no harm without my blessing."
[2018/12/25 19:53] Cirdan Levidensis would lean on the table, smiling a little as he watched Taylor come back over to the table. "That was a great speech Taylor." He said with a nod.
[2018/12/25 19:54] Iggy Hextail rolls his eyes. "Semantics and details. Still wouldn't mind visiting. See if they rebuilt the old bar I met you in~" The pseudo dragon would reach over and pinch Hex right on the nose before breaking off towards the left and the congregation of officers. Iggy would dip his head for a moment, giving a wide smile. "Ana, Taylor, Al. Merry Christmas."

He'd toss a thumbs up to Hex, he'd get to that in a bit.
[2018/12/25 19:54] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis gestured for Deimos to stand a bit to the side as they were standing in the way of the show but gave a polite nod "What can I do for you?" she also gave a warm smile to Cirdan but resumed watching Nobunaga
[2018/12/25 19:54] Vesaria would look towards Nobu... a tad confused.
[2018/12/25 19:55] Talia Kaspar nods along with Al's statement, she was going to say something but Deimos showed up. She looks at him curiously.
[2018/12/25 19:55] Mr. Northwood would then wait for others to clap before he decided to follow in kind, he was still fresh off the transport to the colony so he the speech didn't land with him at all in regards to provoking an emotional response. He sighed as it did sound pretty well thought out, but hated that he couldn't appreciate all the work that went into crafting that speech. He then turned to everyone present at the table but just as he was about to speak, he felt a slight twinge of pain as he winced. "I now believe I know why I've been having headaches and pains... I haven't eaten anything in the past 12 hours... Pardon me for a moment." He'd blush being so absent minded while being wrapped up in his work at the office, but he'd simply begin to make his way over to the buffet table and grabbing himself a plate while he looked at what was being offered.
[2018/12/25 19:55] Deimos did indeed move to the side. "For me...Uncertain. I simply came over to say hello. I was invited to meet those I would be working alongside in the future. I decided to start over here."
[2018/12/25 19:55] Kensei Nobunaga slowly moved; fists upon his hips, heels joined together. "This is more o' a spur o' th'moment thing. I 'ave no bagpipes, no kilt, no broad sword, 'n I actually cannae remember th'last time I've actually done this. But..."

He glanced over his shoulder towards Avery, to whom he gave a nod.

"... This dance dates back a long, long time. Th'purpose o' it is lost tae me, but I digress. Fer tonight, it is tae show me appreciation fer those who've welcomed me, 'n tae honor Commander Levidensis. McDayne, whenever yer ready."
[2018/12/25 19:56] Alasdair looked from Nobu for a brief moment to nod at Iggy. "Evenin', Iggy. Thought I heard yer voice in the distance. Merry Christmas. Yer lookin' far fancier'n me." As the show started his attention returned to Nobu as he didn't want to miss it.
[2018/12/25 19:56] Vivi Meiro turns back to Mira, "Well, that was somethin'..." She scratches the back of her own head, before yawning a bit again, "Aaah~! Well... After being reminded about Dawn, I might have to dip out early to grab a stronger drink to cope with it." It's a bit of a half-joke, but she appears a bit tired. Though like others, she's a bit curious to the drawn blade... and a dance?
[2018/12/25 19:56] Salamander "Oh no."
[2018/12/25 19:56] Snicker-Snack Body-Snatch (dralkanen.hextall): "Oh No."
[2018/12/25 19:56] Kensei Nobunaga "OH YEAH." [V]
[2018/12/25 19:56] Vesaria "Oh dear..."
[2018/12/25 19:57] Avery McDayne: Rolled her eyes and started playing HER OWN rendition of the scottish classic... she mixed the chords around while she had been waiting to make it a PROPER rendition. Much nicer then before...
[2018/12/25 19:57] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash): Salamander!
[2018/12/25 19:57] John Hawthorne meanders over to stand politely beside the bitterest of bitter vets he'd ever recognized. The cybernetic hums lightly before murmuring to Ana, "Merry Christmas, Ms. Ka'rimah. Pleasant to see you again." John flicks his attention to Nobongos as he prepares to make a scene.
[2018/12/25 19:57] Szvaccii looks to Nobu and takes a seat at the fountain to observe... she was interested in these kinds of cultural things.
[2018/12/25 19:58] Poqi Schalon stops inspecting the fountain's water, and skips over to one of the tables. "Ma'am!" They greet, waving at Matamori, oblivious to the shenanigans occuring. "Hi! Hello!" They greet at Vesaria and Katerina, the Anshiri's voice a cheery bubbling.
[2018/12/25 19:58] Ana Ka'rimah: gives Iggy a momentary glance before just grunting in response; she didn't concern herself with this holiday. Instead, she just watched Nobunaga smear brown aaaaaall over his nose. "...Officer Hawthorne." She responds in greeting to robo-man.
[2018/12/25 19:58] Kajowwojak: was prepared to record Nobu dancing with a sword, his eyes shifting to the proper program. Now, if it would be funny or not, that was something else...
[2018/12/25 19:58] Sekan Vaako sighs and decides to bite the proverbial bullet and walks over to Kaylee, giving her a nod, "Evening, ma'am. I had heard about what happened, was wondering how you're holding up." He was thinking he should've had a bit more champagne, or at least something stronger before he attempted socializing.
[2018/12/25 19:59] Salamander "I'm gonna record this for later," he said, raising it up, a small red dot appearing in the corner.
[2018/12/25 20:00] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis blushed a tad more at Nobunaga's words and she bowed her head politely to the scotsman and she murmured "Welcome to the party then mister Deimos. I hope that it will be enjoyable." she said with a low voice but kept her attention on Nobunaga "It appears that in the wake of recent developments, and all the changes, we have grown more tight knit as is. You will find that, despite our differences, we are still individuals, but we are like the United States used to be. A conglomeration of states. We all form the great whole and we support one another." she said discreetly
[2018/12/25 20:00] Vesaria would perk an ear at the approach of the Anshiri. A polite head bow being given to them. "Hello to you."
[2018/12/25 20:00] Katerina Aristov glances towards the pup curiously and gives the wolf a faint nod then furrows her brow at the rather.. excitable presence to her right that had replaced Mr. Northwood. She peers up, or rather directly over, at the short figure and blinks a few times. "Oh, err.. good evening. I'm afraid I don't have the pleasure of your name." She sounded a bit lost, the saber already uncomfortable in the current environment. How the hell was she supposed to address people here?
[2018/12/25 20:00] Iggy Hextail 's lips curled into a devious little smirk as he dipped his head into a polite nod. "Well. I know it's hard for muscular folks your size to wear anything without ripping it to shreds. Why do you think I came as something smaller rather than my normal goat self?" He'd give a moment glance to Nobunaga, confused as to one, why he was there, and two - what the hell he was doing.

"Come now, Ana~" He'd turn back towards them, giving a fangy smile. "Freeze booze and finger foods. At least try to appreciate that. Good to see you still up and around though." He'd back up to their side, looking on to center stage. "And a show to boot."
[2018/12/25 20:00] Kensei Nobunaga sucked in a deep breath, blinking slowly as he heard the first few notes begin to ring out. With a straight back and with eyes ever facing forward, the Mutant bowed low in a long, fluid motion, before standing up straight. And with that, he began.

It was... It certainly wasn't an awe inspiring piece of art that would inspire and motivate. God no. He hadn't danced in god knows how long, it would be foolish to assume he would be perfect. But it didn't have to be. His movements were lively, the way he seemed to stand upon his toes, stepping to and fro, between the gaps of the blade and scabbard. There was probably something really, really fucking funny about seeing the brute prance around like a wee school girl. But, he was grinning all the while.

As the music would come to an end, Nobunaga once more came to stand firmly before the crossed weapon and sheath. Once more, he bowed himself down low, before standing up straight again with a stupid fucking grin on his face.
[2018/12/25 20:01] Matamori turned to watch Northwood with a look of concern - only to find her attention drawn, for a moment, to Nobunaga... and then right back to the Anshiri who had all but skipped up to the table. "Ah, Mr. Poqi." She'd give the energetic one a genuine smile. "Your enthusiasm has been missed - I am glad to see word managed to reach you. " She'd motion to the holiday-looking pimp-noodle over by the doors - the one in the tophat. "If you are so inclined, Hex happens to be here this evening - it might be a fine time to introduce yourself."
[2018/12/25 20:01] Aelwyn: nods a little bit, giving a warm smile. "I'll ask around for sure! Thank you for input, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, whether or not you manage to make it." He'd look over to Nobu and raise an eyebrow, taking a step back so he doesn't get in the way or anything.
[2018/12/25 20:02] Kensei Nobunaga "... Me toes really, really, /really/ fuckin' hurt holy shite-"
[2018/12/25 20:02] Avery McDayne: Stood up and said aloud to the entire ball room "My apologies; I feel deeply sorry for what I've done." she said, sitting abck down and trying to fix her mistake with more peaceful music once more.
[2018/12/25 20:02] Salamander gave him a thumbs up over the recording cyberdeck. "Good job Nobananas!"
[2018/12/25 20:02] Kajowwojak: blinked as he would stop the recording, from the man dancing. "Yeahhhhh that's going to go on the Datanet." He said with a chuckle, shaking his head.
[2018/12/25 20:03] Poqi Schalon freezes at the mention of introducing themselves. "Oh! Mygosh! I'm such a scatterbrain. Yisyup. Absoloodle!" They scoot around, positioning themselves between Vesaria and Katerina, and extend one hand to each simultaneously. "Poqist Schalon! Call me Poqi. Yus."
[2018/12/25 20:03] Mira watches the display and snatches another drink from the table and downs it in one hard gulp "Ugh. . Why. . ." She groaned out in utter disbelief. "Last time I ask him about anything."
[2018/12/25 20:03] Ana Ka'rimah: sniffs, just shaking her head at Iggy. Watching Nobunaga flop around like a fish out of water was... interesting.
[2018/12/25 20:03] Rose Nikki Draconis simply blinks, not entirely sure how to respond, so she claps?
[2018/12/25 20:04] Feya Wildcat smiled a bit and began to turn away from Aelwyn, doing a slight bit of research before walking up to Avery with a smile.. "If I may make a request?"
[2018/12/25 20:04] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis eased the cane to a halt, telekinetically standing straight and the trodent for her part, decided to clap at the performance. She was aware of the traditions and appreciated them and she smiled to Nobunaga "I appreciate it Nobunaga. I appreciate it a lot." she said and halflidded her eyes, then once again retrieved her cane and leaned against it
[2018/12/25 20:04] John Hawthorne wasn't going to let something as small as almost monosyllable replies dampen his horrible attempts to spread christmas cheer. Damnit, it was the one day in the year he allowed himself to be unilaterally sociable. The robot unicorn did however recognize it was impolite to crowd somebody that wasn't interested in speaking. John sidles closer to the Levidensis nest to give Ana her space.
[2018/12/25 20:05] Mr. Northwood would look at the table and just simply grab a piece of bread and start eating while still looking at what else to pick up while holding his plate. He let out a low moan as he had simply forgotten to eat at work today. He'd clear his through while letting some of his manners go for the moment while he'd start picking some of everything to load his plate up. He'd use a fork to get some of the coldcuts onto his plate while trying to not bump into anyone as he made his way down the table. He'd look around for Kaj while chewing on some of the Hors d'oeuvres. He'd gesture for him to come over and try the food while having a delighted smile on his face, from how good the food tasted.... Either that, or simply anything would taste that euphoric to him right now with how hungry he was.
[2018/12/25 20:05] Kaiser De'tath stared; half expecting the male to have fallen on the sword, and having to call paramedics. He was happily surprised when no such fatality occurred. Still, his claps were reserved, watching the weapon warily.
[2018/12/25 20:05] Kaylee Von Schafer gives Mira an amused look as she downs the drink and gives a small shake of her head in wonderment.
[2018/12/25 20:05] Alasdair applauded Nobus performance of the dance, slightly clumsy as it was. "Atta boy, Scotsman. It lost somethin' with it bein' a piano an' a katana but ya worked with what ya got."
[2018/12/25 20:06] Kensei Nobunaga called over to Salamander and Kajowwojak. "'Ay, better be payin' me royalties!" He exclaimed, queerly happy. With that, the Mutant knelt down to pick up the Katana, whilst looking over its edge. He had certainly nicked himself once or twice, but the weapon held up.

With that, the weapon was sheathed, and he strode back over towards Rose. Though not without a smile being paid towards Taylor.

"Thank ya, ma'am. Fer th'party 'n th'means tae make meself look like a a wee lassie frollickin' through th'fields 'n glens."
[2018/12/25 20:06] Vesaria would bing her hand to meet theirs, shaking gently before there was polite smile being given to the Anshiri. "A pleasure to meet you. Please call me Vesaria or Ves if you like shorter names."
[2018/12/25 20:06] Katerina Aristov stood slowly and turned to face her fellow officer, the saber bowing her head towards him and bringing her arms up in front of her to clap. It may have seemed silly and a bit out of place, but it took a certain sort of courage to put yourself out there and she wanted to show the respect that called for. The excitable sound of the Anshiri behind her broke her from the clapping and she simply dipped her head towards Nobu before turning to resume her seat. "Pleasure, Poqi. I'm Katerina Aristov. Kat will do in short."
[2018/12/25 20:06] Szvaccii watches Nobu, "That was... interesting." She then looks to the drinks, "Perhaps the way you are meant to enjoy these parties is contained within those..." She stands up, then moves over to said drinks. She picks up a bottle, pops it open, then chugs the whole thing.
[2018/12/25 20:07] Salamander tapped the record button to stop recording, and set his cyberdeck back. "It was good! Definitely good. I enjoyed it. The whole thing."
[2018/12/25 20:07] Dr. Hextail: " Certainly.. Interesting."
[2018/12/25 20:07] Deimos waved a bit at Alasdair...And Cirdan...And Talia.
[2018/12/25 20:07] Vivi Meiro squints for a moment.. just... not really clapping, but putting her palms together slowly. And with a nod to Mira, "On that note! I'mma call it an early night. Don't drink yourself to death. I'll boop ya concerning our experiments." Winking, and grabbing one more shrimp, tossing the tail onto her plate. Also waving to Kaylee, "Pleasure meeting ya." And she prepares to head out, and would do so, if uninterrupted.
[2018/12/25 20:07] Kaiser De'tath "Hrm."
[2018/12/25 20:08] Rose Nikki Draconis would hold her hand out for the weapon, "Interesting show, officer."
[2018/12/25 20:08] Aelwyn: would see Feya departing, so he would head over to the table to get more champagne, and a snack now that the table freed up! He'd grab a piece of bread, and then one of the skewered things, taking another piece of bread and making a.. rather strange sandwich type thing. He'd pull the skewer out and discard it, before happily taking a bite.
[2018/12/25 20:08] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis chuckles and eases back to sit down "Well Deimos. Since you're hoping to join us, why don't you tell us what you are hoping to achieve or become within our fair organization?" she asked and sipped to her drink, then looked back to Talia, Al and Cirdan again
[2018/12/25 20:09] Kaylee Von Schafer gave Vivi a wave. "Pleasure meeting you as well."
[2018/12/25 20:09] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis also gives a polite greeting nod to John "Goodevening John. Doing well?"
[2018/12/25 20:09] Mira leans over and gives Vivi a parting smooch "I'll catch you later then darlin' stay safe~" She says with a soft giggle.
[2018/12/25 20:09] Kensei Nobunaga managed to keep that grin going in spite of the display. "Thanks, both o' ya." He said as he relinquished the blade without issue. "I think I must've been... Fuck, sixteen maybe? Seventeen? A lot younger 'n handsomer, that's fer certain." He joked, before shaking his head. Glancing aside towards the Commander he had paid tribute to, Nobunaga offered a gentle nod. "I best make sure that Levidensis isn't offended by me wigglin'."[2018/12/25 20:10] John Hawthorne returns the polite nod, but murmurs, "Well enough... seems I have to break off for now. Enjoy your evening, Levidensis." (I should go)
[2018/12/25 20:10] Ana Ka'rimah: keeps her arms crossed, happily filling in the necessary role of the space-future Scrooge. Bah humbug.
[2018/12/25 20:10] Poqi Schalon excitedly shakes Kat and Vesaria's hands. "Okidoodles! Virvery nice to mitmeet you. Yish. G'buhye!" They chitter, suddenly turning on their heel and toddling off towards.. Elsewhere in the ball.
[2018/12/25 20:10] Alasdair returned the wave with a polite nod. "Evenin', Deimos. Hope yer enjoyin' the ball." As he spoke the giant rustle the hair of both Talia and Cirdan again as they were being fairly quiet. "It's certainly a lively one."
[2018/12/25 20:10] Cirdan Levidensis would pout himself a Glass of wine, sipping on it lightly. "Need to go easy on the liqueur...mom would kill me if i got drunk while i was injured."
[2018/12/25 20:11] Iggy Hextail gave a rather confused clap to Nobunaga's show, not sure what to make of it, but obviously some heart was put into it. The lizard would lean over and brush shoulders with Ana before moving off, giving a wide smile as he parted to the other side of the room. "Don't be a stranger, kit-kat."

As the well dressed lizard passed through the center of the room, he'd pause to listen to the splicer playing at the piano, nodding his head in time with the tune, only to politely weasel to the food platters and picking himself up two plates. Several dozen shrimp tails, cocktail sauce, a slice of fish, a cut of cheese and ham and onion with crackers, and two glasses of champagne, returning back to Hextail and giving him a set. "To a better new year. Also there's an Anshiri here mind-pasting me pictures of random objects, what do I do?"
[2018/12/25 20:12] Sekan Vaako steeled his jaw as his voice was drowned out, clearing his throat before speaking up to Kaylee, "Ma'am? I trust your recovering is going well?"
[2018/12/25 20:12] Avery McDayne: Turned to Feya, her fingers still in motion as she spoke: "Of course, I'll try my best... nothing TOO fast I hope: these fingers are not so precise when rushed..." she mused.
[2018/12/25 20:12] Rose Nikki Draconis would unsheathe the blade enough to check its edge before re-sheathing it, slipping it back in place and resting on it, "Much appreciated."
[2018/12/25 20:12] Szvaccii finishes that bottle and gently sets it down... letting out a long sigh as she did. "I... regret my... choices. I will be leaving now." She then turns to go... moving very slowly, if no one stopped her.
[2018/12/25 20:13] Dr. Hextail: would take the set offered to him from iggy, Chuckling lightly. " .. Don't reply unless you have Something to add to the Conversation. " he'd state softly to the Lizard.
[2018/12/25 20:13] Feya Wildcat would shake her head as she placed her datapad upon the counter of the piano, showing a slower song.. "Simple for you.. And I'll be taking part as well.."
[2018/12/25 20:14] Iggy Hextail quipped back rather quick. "I just sent them a bunch of question marks. Awaiting them to get back to me."
[2018/12/25 20:14] Deimos tilted his head. "A rather strange question. Adjutant units like myself were designed to assist in the functions and operations of various colonial and official positions. In my particular case, I was designed to assist in tactical positions aboard long-distance transitions onboard tactical vessels, as well as combat operations as needed. I simply wish to be of use."
[2018/12/25 20:14] Kensei Nobunaga gave a nod. "Enjoy yer evenin' you lot." He bade, before turning to maneuver through the crowd. of officers and suits. Before, eventually, he came to stand close to Taylor's table. Of course, he had seen those he had earned the ire of in the past. It was hard not to. However, no move was made to force pleasantries upon them.

"I hope yer not offended by me display, ma'am." He spoke out, looking a bit out of breath but happy none the less.
[2018/12/25 20:15] Poqi Schalon looks around, appearing to be searching for someone. They hop from foot to foot impatiently, before striding over to EIDE. "Hi! Hello! Are you.. 'Hextail'?" They inquire, tapping their faceplate questioningly with a chitinous digit.
[2018/12/25 20:15] Aelwyn: would add a shrimp or two to his weird sandwich, before heading over to the more populated area, taking a seat at a table by himself for the time being, just eating his sandwich.
[2018/12/25 20:16] Matamori turned to mind her comms for a moment - typing out a few messages and awaiting answers in turn. Whatever it was must not have been terribly concerning; as it bought a warmed smile to her lips - before she'd turn to the two at the tbale and lean back against the chair. "Well - this has turned into quite the gathering. Perhaps we ought find occassions for something similar on a smaller and more informal scale for the year to come."
[2018/12/25 20:17] Feya Wildcat looks for athena to test on Nobu's lower regions -v- >3>
[2018/12/25 20:17] Ana Ka'rimah is nudged by Iggy, and her expression scrunches up before she resumes deploying wallflower mode 2.0. Socialization wasn't her strong suit. Had to make sure no one decided to get grabby at the party.
[2018/12/25 20:17] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash) greeted Poqi with the light bowing of his head "Greeting, and no I'm not, I'm sorry. I'm EIDE." he'd then point over towards Hextail "That's the gentleman you're looking for."
[2018/12/25 20:17] EIDE greeted Poqi with the light bowing of his head "Greeting, and no I'm not, I'm sorry. I'm EIDE." he'd then point over towards Hextail "That's the gentleman you're looking for."
[2018/12/25 20:17] Szvaccii continues walking out, beginning to teeter-totter more and more at every step. "I really... should study... alcohol... more... before performing these... actions."
[2018/12/25 20:17] Vesaria perked an ear. "Oh yes Director, more casual and we could perhaps host something to help with allied relations. I am sure that would be appreciated to some degree. Within reasons obviously."
[2018/12/25 20:18] Talia Kaspar growled softly at Nobunaga,her tail starting to bristle like no one's fucking business. She would continue to wear a scowl that put Ana's to shame.
[2018/12/25 20:18] Kajowwojak perked his ears up when he registered the familiar human waving at him, as he would move around the busy party over towards Mr. Northwood. "Ah, hello there. How is the party treating you. Is the food good?" He asked, though with his hands were in his pockets, it didn't appear as though he was going to be going for any of the food himself.
[2018/12/25 20:18] Poqi Schalon appears to recoil for a moment, then composes themselves, and offers EIDE a fluft-covered hand. "Oh! Hi! Hello! Thank you! I'm Poqi. Poqi Schalon! You can call me Poqi. Virvery nice to mitmeet you, EIDE! Yushyush." They blubble, lures bobbing to and fro.
[2018/12/25 20:19] Dr. Hextail: shrugged lightly. " THen you may make a friend, or some of the such. Consider it a good warm up for Neptune.." He continued to speak softly, feeding his.. additional maws.
[2018/12/25 20:19] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis chuckles to Cirdan and Al "Let no expenses be spared on this evening. Even if I have to pay for it myself. I want you all to appreciate this reprieve, and in particular, with the blessings of Command and the board of directors." she said and turned to Nobu "Oh not in the slightest Nobu. I was still alive back when that sort of dance was performed live and I for one appreciate that such traditions are kept to heart. I think, actually, i might have to have a blacksmith forge you a real sword of that particular kind." she said, then looked to Talia with a tilt of her head and then made a soothing motion towards her daughter
[2018/12/25 20:20] Cirdan Levidensis would blink a few times. "Talia? Goodness calm down." He said trying to offer them a glass of wine. "Have a drink." He said with an attempt to diffuse the situation.
[2018/12/25 20:21] EIDE gave off a short chuckle as he nodded his head light "It is nice to meet you, Poqi. What branch are you from?" he'd then ask.
[2018/12/25 20:21] Iggy Hextail raised a slow brow to his husband, setting his glass down on the nearby table as he stood with the plate of food, picking out a few shrimp and dunking them in sauce. "Please tell me not everyone talks in pictures. The state of phone-emojis are hieroglyphics enough as they are."
[2018/12/25 20:21] Mr. Northwood didn't really seem to be caring about his etiquette at this rate as he'd respond while chewing on some of the food "I don't really know but I'm soooo damn hungry.... Mmmmmm." He would eat a few more mouthfuls before clearing his throat. "You haven't really spent much time with the Director tonight, you should at least go over and and say hello... I believe she was trying to get your attention at some point earlier tonight but with how chaotic things have been in here, I wouldn't hold it against you if you perhaps didn't.... Oh my god these coldcuts!" As he begins chewing into some more. "Are you not hungry?" He'd ask Kaj while then glancing over to the Directors table for a moment.
[2018/12/25 20:21] Dr. Hextail: " Think of it as.. Neptunian SHort-hand. "
[2018/12/25 20:21] Kensei Nobunaga did give a wee flinch as he heard Talia voice her displeasure. His jaw locked, his grin wavering just a bit. In spite of all this, he didn't retort, nor did he force any ill timed apologies or good will upon her. Instead, he kept his attention upon Cirdan and Taylor.

"I..." He sucked in a slow breath, moving to light up a cigarette he desperately needed. "... Thank ya. Both o' ya. Fer... Fer not givin' up on me throughout th'past months. Y'had every right tae see me banished tae th'wastes, but..."
[2018/12/25 20:22] Katerina Aristov peered towards the glasses sitting in the center of the table and reaches for the bottle of champagne. One claw snicks into the cork and she gives a firm pull, tugging it free then quickly pours out a glass. She offers a light shrug in apology for the rather uncouth display and sets the bottle down on the tray again once finished, a hand delicately raising the glass to her lips She wasn't -completely- uncultured, merely out of her element. Time to drink and fix that!
[2018/12/25 20:22] Deimos turned to just...stare...at those close to the door. In particular, Hextail and Iggy. "Hmmm..."
[2018/12/25 20:23] Talia Kaspar snarls. "I deal with him at work because I have to. I'm not fucking with him in a place where i can relax with my family." Her voice had taken on it's masculine tone to show the seriousness of the situation. She looks at her mother and leans back, shoving an entire bottle of wine into her mouth to chew.
[2018/12/25 20:23] Sekan Vaako just goes back to his table and samples his food before swigging his champagne. Knew he should've brought a flask or something with a stronger drink. Socializing definitely wasn't his strongsuit.
[2018/12/25 20:23] Alasdair gently rubbed behind Talia's ear before giving a nod to Nobu. "Yeah, as I said it was a good show. I ain't seen many of the like but it was neat to watch." His voice trailed off as the subject shifted towards Nobu's past that the wolf was happy to hear about, having not been around for any prior shenanigans the man had got upto.
[2018/12/25 20:23] Poqi Schalon pauses for a moment, glacing over at the teetering Shivan on their right and squinting at it. "You okidoodles over there?" They quip, before answering EIDE's question: "Corporate! Yus. Virvery stuctured wirwork. How about you?"
[2018/12/25 20:23] Szvaccii continues her ever-declining walk out the door, leaving the establishment... since no one stopped her.
[2018/12/25 20:24] EIDE gave off a soft 'ah' and nodded his head "Corporate? Sounds like nice work there. I'm an agent of the EIA."
[2018/12/25 20:24] Avery McDayne: Let her hands in motion upon the keys playing out the request Feya had given her; the datapad giving the sheet music clearly. Even avery didn't know exsactly how it would sound till her fingers pressed each key.
[2018/12/25 20:24] Kajowwojak: looked over towards Matamori, and nodded at her, wanting to make sure she wasn't preoccupied, as he would indeed like to spend time with her. If she was free, he'd make his way over soon enough, but would continue the conversation for a moment. "Well, I don't have a properly functioning stomach, if I'm being honest." He admitted. "It was one of the things I lost when i lost these." The splicer held up his hands, wiggling his fingers a bit for emphasis. "Most of what I eat is basically the organic equivalent to Diesel fuel"
[2018/12/25 20:25] Rose Nikki Draconis hums some as she watches around, looking between the tables and moving from one to the next, picking up any scraps, emptied plates and trays, and ensuring that a new bottle is placed upon each of the tables that had opened one.
[2018/12/25 20:25] Feya Wildcat would wait until Avery began to play, walking up to the side of the piano as she finished downloading the words to the song playing, slowly swaying from side to side before turning away and placed a hand upon her the front of her waist and closed her eyes... and began to sing..

"A ghaoil, leig dhachaigh gum mhàthair mi;
A ghràidh, leig dhachaigh gum mhàthair mi;
A ghaoil, leig dhachaigh gum mhàthair mi -
An tòir chrodh-laoigh a thàine mi.

Gur ann a-raoir a chuala mi
Mo ghaol a bhith ri buachailleachd,
’S ged fhuair thu ’n iomall na buaile mi,
A ghaoil, leig dhachaigh mar fhuair thu mi.

’S mi dìreadh ris na gàrraidhean,
’S a’ teàrnadh ris na fàirichean,
Gun d’ thachair fleasgach bàigheil rium,
’S cha d’ dh’ fheuch e bonn ga chàirdeis rium."
[2018/12/25 20:25] Vesaria would take advantage of the lovely saber's bottle popping! Getting herself a glass as well, casually pouring. A glance towards Kat before speaking up. "Cheers yea?" A polite smile would be given as she offered her own glass to meet hers.
[2018/12/25 20:25] Iggy Hextail 's eyes shot up to Deimos as if their on-looking summoned the lizards' attention. A friendly hand reached to the sky in a wave, before swimming back down to his plate to fish another piece of shrimp! Yumyumyum. "Think we've got company that's to be joining us soon. The other Anshiri seems very close, I believe."
[2018/12/25 20:25] Ana Ka'rimah: has her ears assaulted by what can only be ancient Earth monkey speak.
[2018/12/25 20:26] Sekan Vaako blinks and looks up from his food to see, and hear, Feya singing as McDayne played. He leans forward and smiles, listening to her intently.
[2018/12/25 20:26] Feya Wildcat things Ana is a philistine.. -v-
[2018/12/25 20:26] Poqi Schalon nods vigorously. "Very nice wirwork. Very. Absoloodle. What's EIA like? I haven't hirheard of them at all! Ever! Nepnope!" They turn a volume dial on the side of their helmet down a little, blotting out some background noise.
[2018/12/25 20:26] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis cleared her throat "While not everyone shares the same opinion as some of us, it was a lot of deliberation and the fact that we have an understanding of what you have gone through - and the fact that you have spoken truth about your intentions, weighed heavily in your favor I would say." she said - making sure to keep her words as neutral as possible." and then turned towards the singing and she nodded in approval, then looked back "I hope in time that your hard work will be acknowledged. You've proven to me that you have indeed turned a new leaf and I am for one, very happy to see that." she said and sipped to her drink
[2018/12/25 20:26] Szvaccii ACTUALLY makes a quick glance towards Poqi, then her expression brightens. "An... Anshjeery! I ashlways love to shpeak to Anshjeeries! Hmm... mshy speefch sheems tfo have detgeriorated... pershaps I am noft fine..."
[2018/12/25 20:28] EIDE rests his hand over his hip as he laughed a bit "Alot of surveillance, alot of investigations. We tend to be quiet with our work but I've been doing what I can to make sure that the other branches can call us in at any time should they need support in any form."
[2018/12/25 20:28] Deimos nodded at Iggy...Then went to follow Kajowwojak around. Parties really aren't his thing...He doesn't know what to do in huge crowds.
[2018/12/25 20:28] Kensei Nobunaga found himself remaining silent for a bit, both to contemplate that which had been said as well as to listen to the softly singing voice of his superior behind him. He looked over his shoulder, before turning around to face the woman as she performed for them all. There was a gentle, tranquil look upon his face now, a wave of ease having washed over his body.

For now, he merely remained silent, closing his eyes while listening.
[20:29] AlasdairAlasdair listened in with one ear to the performance as the conversation was a bit more dry than he was expecting. Instead it was music time as he continued to lightly scratch behind Talia's ears and rub her head to help keep her calm and relaxed.
[20:29] Mr. NorthwoodMr. Northwood would nod and look at Kaj for a moment, literally not knowing what to do with his dietary requirements. He'd stuff his mouth with another piece of bread and gently give his arm a nudge with his shoulder. "Come now, the Director won't have any free time at all, but they are quite adapt at multitasking so I'm sure they can still see you if you had things to talk about." As he spoke with his mouth chewing off the rest of the bread. He'd then note the only person at the party wearing armor and clear his throat "My apologies, did you need to borrow Kaj?" He'd ask Deimos as he was beginning to walk back to the Directors table.
[20:30] Avery McDayne: Enjoyed every note she played, and enjoyed Feya's singing just as much! Sneakily she'd been recording on her datapad... and would no doubt look up the lyrics and meanings at a later date.
[20:30] Poqi SchalonPoqi Schalon reaches out a fluft-covered hand, bapping at the pompom on Szvacci's santa claus hat. "You sound drunk! Slurred! Wasted! Floored! Completely mismessed up! Yis! Do you need simsomeone to cilcall you a cab?" They squeak out of the side of their helmet, before replying to EIDE: "Aaany.. Fun investigations? Liklike, Non cinconfidential stuffles you have stories 'bout?" They inquire, Anshiri curiosity getting the better of them.
[20:30] Katerina AristovKaterina Aristov 's ears twitch as the song began, a bright smile curving her lips upwards when the pup addressed her. She raised her own glass and clinked it quietly against the one in the wolfs' hand. "Mmn, cheers!" The glass raises to her lips afterwards and tilts back, the saber drinking generously from it. Alcoholism wasn't exactly an uncommon trait amongst soldiers, after all!
[20:31] Deimos Deimos "Negative. I am simply keeping closer to him."
[20:31] Matamori held up a hand to Kat's apologetic glance; motioning with her chin towards the other table where someone else was apparently eating the entire bottle. "Please, Ms. Aristov - don't mistake my ease with formalities for an aversion to the practical. I am the Corporate Director - but I have spent just as much time among you officers; and was, at one point, a candidate for the EIA position in Spring." She'd glance aside; then lean in with a mischevious grin. "I can fight, drink, and swear as well as any fu***" She'd not get the word out; interrupted by Kajo instead - greeting the man with a smile and a nod of her head. "I'll not demand anyone think of business tonight; but if you had other things on your mind - you are most welcome." she'd bid.
[2018/12/25 20:32] Ana Ka'rimah: looks around the room, while unusual primate languages filter into her ears. This entire holiday was strange to her. But, then again, it was a human tradition - much like nuclear war and greed. It only made sense they'd make a holiday about demanding gifts. Drumming her fingers on her forearm, she hums to herself, pensive; the pirates still had hostages, and that was enough to put any thought of merriment out of her mind. Grumpy Cat continues.
[2018/12/25 20:32] Talia Kaspar was very easily pacified by the petting. It didn't stop her from glaring at Nobunaga with concentrated DEATH, but at least she wasn't trying to start a fight. She did give a look to Taylor,as if asking 'are you serious?'
[2018/12/25 20:32] Feya Wildcat swayed slowly more from side to side, tucking the side of her gown to the side as she took a few more steps along the piano.. following each key that was played by Avery, showing a side of herself that was non-existent a few months ago and continued on..

"Ged bheireadh tu crodh agus caoraich dhomh,
Ged bheireadh tu eachaibh air thaodaibh dhomh,
Ged bheireadh tu sin agus daoine dhomh,
A ghaoil, leig dhachaigh mar fhuair thu mi.

Trodaidh m’ athair ’s mo mhàthair riut,
Trodaidh mo chinneadh ’s mo chàirdean riut,
Ach marbhaidh mo thriùir bhràithrean thu

Mura tèid mi dhachaigh mar thàine mi.
Gheall mo mhàthair gùn thoirt dhomh,
Gheall i ribean a b’ ùire dhomh,
Is gheall i breacan ùr thoirt dhomh
Ma thèid mi dhachaigh mar fhuair thu mi."

Both of her hands then clasped in front of her as she sang the last few hymns, giving one final sway before turning towards the rest of her fellow officers and dear friends with a bright smile on her face..
[2018/12/25 20:32] EIDE lightly shook his head but offered a light smile "Sadly I'm not at liberty to share the stories I have, but I understand your fascination. It's nothing exciting honestly. However, I do hope Corporate has been alright, what with the holiday season along with the recent events with the AlertCon."
[2018/12/25 20:33] Iggy Hextail gives Hex a little smooch on the side of his cheek before moving towards the door, taking the plate with him. What an assssshole. "Love you darling~ I need to get me some sleep. Got an early shift in the morning. I'll be around, keep in touch, aye?"
[2018/12/25 20:33] Kensei Nobunaga took a gentle sigh, closing his eyes as the song came to a close. There, he merely began to applaud the performance that had been given to him and the others.
[2018/12/25 20:33] Kaiser De'tath watched iggy leave, and pushed open the door to ease the anshiri's passage
[2018/12/25 20:33] Sekan Vaako smiles and claps heartily as Feya's song came to a close, almost spilling his champagne on the table.
[2018/12/25 20:35] Dr. Hextail: chuckled lightly, leaning into that kiss. " Sleep well then, Dear~ Tell Krer to not eat all the holiday cookies in the house. "
[2018/12/25 20:35] Kajowwojak: smiled softly at Demos as he had returned. "I do hope you enjoyed the conversation with taylor." He commented, before nodding towards Northwood in a polite disengagement, as he did actually make his way to matamori, knowing the adjutant would follow. "Well, I could make the argument that all things are a business of one kind or another." He said, teasingly. "Truth be told, while I am interested in talking about something involving work, I am aware that I know very little about you, and given that you're my boss, i would like to rectify that."
[2018/12/25 20:35] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis claps at the singing Feya and smiles "That was beautiful." she said with a calm voice and polite bow of her head
[2018/12/25 20:35] Szvaccii gives a weary glance as Poqi baps at her pompom, then back to them. "Drunfk? Yeash... I likshley am dunshk... froshm how mufch I dranshk. I shoulfd be abshle to mafke it bashk on mshy own. I musht admift, Ish wash noft eshpecting theshe kinfds of reshults."
[2018/12/25 20:35] Iggy Hextail snapped back with a blown kiss to Kaiser, absolutely bashless flirting, and he didn't even get to enjoy his champaign yet! "Can do, Darling~" With that, he was off!
[2018/12/25 20:36] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis looked back to Talia "We will talk about this later." she said near silently before straightening her coat a bit and picked her drink back up
[2018/12/25 20:36] Deimos nodded politely at Northwood...And did indeed go to follow Kajo around more. "If you will excuse me?"
[2018/12/25 20:37] Alasdair took a short break from his petting to give Feya a around of applause for the lovely performance. "Sounded lovely, Sarge." Then he was back to keeping Talia placated with pets. "I ain't gonna be throwin' any stones, Nobu. I dunno what ya did. Long as ya stay on the straight'n narrow now though I don't see there bein' any problem havin' ya on the force. Hell, I used to help patch up Hounds back in the day after all."
[2018/12/25 20:37] Rose Nikki Draconis hums a bit more, having cleaned up a few of the tables and checking the wines, she would move back to the food tables and check the levels of consessions
[2018/12/25 20:38] Cirdan Levidensis would smile a little at Feya's performance. "Wonderful~" He would say, before glancing over to Talia for a moment, then to Nobu. "Nobu, while you might be headstrong, i believe you have a sense of honor. As some one who strives to do the right thing in all matters i respect that... What ever happens, don't compromise your sense of honor and duty." He said leaning back in his seat.
[2018/12/25 20:38] Kensei Nobunaga took another drag from his cigarette, ever aware of Talia's displeasure. Turning to face the table, Nobunaga spoke up. "I... Look, Talia has every right tae hate me, considerin' what I've done in th'past." He explained, before shaking his head. "Erm, Alasdair? I was a Hound. 'N Before that I was just some anarchist street thug. Now look at me."

"Either way... I think, I'll be takin' me leave o' th'ball. If there are no objections, anyway. I... Again, just, thank ya."
[2018/12/25 20:39] Vesaria yipped softly as the glasses met, the pup bringing it to her lips for a sip then holding the glass casually. She would listen to the Director humming softly. "It is good to meet and know the ones you work with after all. I have to admit it is cute seeing her all formal. I told you a dress was a good idea Miss Kat." At this point she would release the glass leaving it to levitate for a moment. Not noticing at first the dog would end up showing a recently acquired habit before snatching the glass from the air and placing it on the table. "Heh... er. Not at home right." She would look about those at the table.
[2018/12/25 20:39] Ana Ka'rimah: heaves a quiet sigh and starts to navigate through the crowd of presumably faceless NPCs and fellow officers to find an isolated table in the corner. Slowly lowering herself into the chair, she leans forward and props her head up with a hand. Mmh. Champagne. It didn't have the bite of her preferred drink. The din drowns itself out around her. How could everyone be so happy when there were still officers missing? When he was still missing?
[2018/12/25 20:39] Poqi Schalon gives EIDE a thumbs-up. "Okidokido! I understand! Totes! Yis. G'buhye!" They scoot sideways, giving Svacci's hat one more bap. "If you're ab-so-loodley sure, don't let me get in your wiway! Yis! Yup! Don't stumble onto the freeway! Nope! Nepnope!" They remark to the Shivan, before backpeddalling in the direction of Hextail.
[2018/12/25 20:39] Feya Wildcat felt slightly embarrassed but smiled at the other officers as she received praise for her first time ever in singing, glad she was able to download the whole song as she looked to each of their praises.. "Thank you very kindly. I may be made for combat, but I've learned to be more kind these past few months.. You could say the speech brought up my courage to do so."
[2018/12/25 20:40] Mr. Northwood would make his way back to the Directors table with a plate full of food, and a piece of bread sticking out of his mouth as he was chewing it. He'd at least make the effort to swallow first before addressing Matamori. He would almost seem dissapointed in himself if he wasn't indulging himself so heavily in eating. His eyes would shudder after every bite, followed by a low moan... "It seems I've lost my dignity for the evening but instead, have found my appetite." He'd smile awkwardly as it didn't stop him from eating still.
[2018/12/25 20:40] Talia Kaspar sighed before nodding at Taylor. She was done looking at Nobunaga for now. She just wanted the blemish from her perfect family outting gone.
[2018/12/25 20:40] Dr. Hextail: would continue to Delicately nibble on his food, The Raptors moving out from behind Poqi, while they carefully adjusted a hand so that they wouldn't trip over anything!
[2018/12/25 20:41] Rose Nikki Draconis turns her gaze to the large black cat, watching her out of the corner of her eye, frowning, then turns back to the table and cleaning it up some, stacking up some new glasses and some fresh foods with a smile, then returns to the fountain area.
[2018/12/25 20:42] Alasdair nodded to him. "An' I helped put cyberware into the folks that popped the dam back at Dawn. We all make mistakes. What's important is learnin' from 'em an' decidin' where ya stand. But if yer off then I wish ya a safe trip. Apparently it's rainin' now instead of bright as balls."
[2018/12/25 20:43] Katerina Aristov was grinning despite herself when the Director spoke and leaned in, the saber covering a snicker with her free hand. "Well, I suppose that goes a long way towards putting me at ease. These sorts of things are.. not my style, usually. But it seemed a nice excuse to get out with company." Her gaze darted towards the pup briefly to watch that glass levitate for a few moments, blinking in surprise a couple of times. The remark about her dress drew another blush, heat rising on her cheeks. "I.. thank you, Vesaria. I was hoping it would be appropriate." The return of the suited man had her turning and she eyed the food for a long moment. "Mmn, the discovery of your appetite may be making me hungry as well. I.. may have to raid the tables for food before I drink too much.."
[2018/12/25 20:44] Szvaccii watches as Poqi gives her hat one last bap, then gives a slow nod. "Ish've beefn alishve for longfer thashn mosht hishtory boofks reshcord. Thinshk... aye cansh handfle myshelf." She'd then leave if no one else stops her.
[2018/12/25 20:44] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles to Nobu and nods before she resumed sipping to her refined applecider and she halflidded her eyes "As it stands now, we are now in a good state. I am content and I can finally ease back to a relaxed state." she said and gazed to Al and Talia
[2018/12/25 20:45] Matamori hummed a moment at that, then dipped her head - shrugging. "Why not? I believe the two of you are just as in the dark." she'd muse to Vesaria and Kat - tilting her head back for a drink and a moment to collect her thoughts before she split her attention between them and began: "As you might have inferred from what I was just telling Ms. Aristov - I am from Spring Colony. I was born and raised there - ran around with a few lowly street-gangs in my youth, and was given a chance to do something better with my life for EarthGov." She'd pause a moment; then add: "More specifically, I suppose... A man to whom I owed my life invited my to put my people skills to use working under him in PR. I was - for a while - the 'kireina yurei' of public faces." She'd trail off for a drink... giving a habitual break for information to process before she'd continue on. "He died before I could fulfill my debt to him; and so that debt became EarthGov's; where my allegiance lies without shaking until it is satisfied.
[2018/12/25 20:46] Kaiser De'tath would hold open the door for Svaccii, smiling behind that mask. "Be safe, and I hope you enjoyed your time here."
[2018/12/25 20:48] Poqi Schalon does a 180, oblivious to Hextail's Raptors. Poqi extends a bristled, fluft-covered hand to the tall Anshiri. "Hi! It's you! I'm Poqi. Poqi Schalon! Corporate employee. I'm supposed to introduce myself! I'm doing that right now. Hello!" They blibber, tail wagging back and forth quickly. Nervously? Curiously? Excitedly? Who knows!
[2018/12/25 20:48] Kensei Nobunaga managed a grin. "Shame I fergot me umbrella." He admitted with a shake of his head, as he turned to leave. "Best I turn in early. Got a busy day tomorrow. Got folk tae see, things tae do.... 'Swell as a promise tae adhere tae."

Briefly he looked over his shoulder into the crowd.

".... Take care, all o' ya."
[2018/12/25 20:49] Kajowwojak: appeared to be genuinely surprised to find out that Miss Matamori was a former ganger as well. At least, now he didn't feel so... awkward about his past, having tried to keep much of it as either vague or nonexistant as possible. "I see, interesting... So, what would you consider fulfilling that debt?" It was a genuine question, one he actually wanted to know the answer to.
[2018/12/25 20:49] Avery McDayne: Smiled at Feya and her fingers went to motion once more, playing another slow song to help easy the night along.
[2018/12/25 20:49] Ana Ka'rimah: sits in the corner and wallflowers. Soul of ice, last Christmas, etc.
[2018/12/25 20:49] Szvaccii gives a sloppy, drunken nod to Kaiser as she exits.
[2018/12/25 20:49] Talia Kaspar would instantly calm, the negative energy finally one from the area. "Are you going to dance with me now?"
[2018/12/25 20:50] Alasdair nodded to Nobu as he left. "Take care of yerself an' don't work too hard." Then his attention returned to Talia. "I'm sure yer Ma'll be happy to dance with ya. Me? Not so much, at best I'd just be carryin' ya around while I make a fool of myself."
[2018/12/25 20:51] Matamori offered a knowing grin - lifting her bottle. "In the spirit of an honored life-debt - it is paid in an ending. Either my own or EarthGov's. ... I suppose EarthGov could also rescind it by terminating my employment, if it were ever given reason to - but I do not intend to give it any."
[2018/12/25 20:51] Deimos just stands quietly...Almost like a creepy shadow.
[2018/12/25 20:51] Kaiser De'tath would look to Nobu as they left, opening the door to help usher them out with a nod. "Thank you for taking part in the festivities. I hope you travel home safe."
[2018/12/25 20:51] Cirdan Levidensis would smile. "Taylor or Al, you should take them dancing...." He said to them. "One of you should... i'm not well enough to be dancing about..." He said looking like he really wanted to....
[2018/12/25 20:52] Feya Wildcat pondered a moment and looked over at seeing the Lieutenant sit all alone and leaned over towards Avery, whispering a bit into her ear as she switched a few songs on her datapad on the piano..
[2018/12/25 20:53] Hazel Greygarden was late. Very late. She looked around nervously, self consciously smoothing down her dress. She spotted Mr. Northwood, the man who had invited her, but she needed a little liquid courage. She made a beeline for the glasses of poured champagne.
[2018/12/25 20:53] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles to Talia "Give me a moment, then I will take you dancing Talia." she said calmly and sipped to her drink again
[2018/12/25 20:53] Mr. Northwood would nod and smirk as he'd gesture with his head over at the table for Ms. Aristov as he kept chewing. He'd swallow once more to speak "No worries, I'll keep your seat vacant while away." He'd laugh while moving to give her way to make a straight line to the buffet table as he took another bite. After chewing, he'd then address the Director. "I found a Mr. Kajowwojak at the buffet table.... We could have an impromptu meeting about the price of Buffet Samplings" He'd giggle as he kept eating the piece of bread.
[2018/12/25 20:53] Avery McDayne: Listened intently; the last song was wondrous and she was sometimes surprised at the music that came from her own fingers. She could read the notes and press the keys but the true wonder of a song was unknown until it was in the heat of the moment!
[2018/12/25 20:54] Avery McDayne: "Of course~" she'd nod and ready her fingers.
[2018/12/25 20:54] Vesaria totally played off her trick, good... yea... "Have a little more faith in yourself Miss Kat, you certainly pull off the dress a lot better than myself." She shivered... "Eugh..." No dresses on doggo!!! No. She would listen to the Director reveal a good bit a personal history, some details she had not known. The pup nodding softly. She would take her glass again and a sip followed. Siiiiiips.
[2018/12/25 20:54] Talia Kaspar pouts a bit, she totally wasn't having a tantrum.
[2018/12/25 20:54] Dr. Hextail: would carefully offer a free hand downwards, giving a Firm handshake. " Dr. Hextail; Sawbones Inc. and Corporate Public Relations manager. "
[2018/12/25 20:55] Kajowwojak: smiled as he looked over towards Deimos. He hadn't encountered many adjutant... at least, not in this context. Usually he had only had hostile interactions with them in the past. But this was... Well, it was something he could get used to, that was for sure. Hell, he may even want his own adjutant eventually.... But, his eyes focused back onto miss matamori. "Well, I don't think you, or Egov is going anywhere any time soon, so I suppose you're safe there." He snorted a bit over toward Northwood, though. "The buffet is free so I don't know how much there is to discuss..."
[2018/12/25 20:56] Deimos tilted his head curiously at Kajowwojak. "Hm? What is it...?"
[2018/12/25 20:57] Katerina Aristov metaphysically rolls her eyes at the doggo siiiiiipping. Her ears flick when food is again mentioned and she moves to stand, only pausing to listen to the Directors little reveal. Her gaze flicks towards the pup curiously for a moment before she pushes to her feet fully, the saber -very carefully- making her way over towards one of the tables laden with refreshments, her heels clicking against the floor audibly.
[2018/12/25 20:57] Poqi Schalon nods, excitedly. The anshiri inside of Poqi's helmet is nodding, too. "Yis! Yus! The right person! Nice to mitmeet you, Mr. Hextail. Yish. I'm supposed to tiltalk to you about working in the pibpublic relations duvdivision! Are you enjoying the party? I am! Absoloodle."
[2018/12/25 20:57] Alasdair scratched behind Talias ear once more. "Be patient. He'll dance with ya soon nuff." then his attention turned to Cirdan. "Do ya have any news bout the other patient? I didn't quite get his name, I just heard bout ya both gettin' attacked."
[2018/12/25 20:58] Feya Wildcat listened and watched the keys play by Avery's hands as the pace went on, turning around and tapped her foot as well as she finished downloading another song in a different language, having gained the fortitude as she thought it was a fitting song.. and begun to sing..

"Жил один мужик
В России век назад,
Был велик, силен
И имел огненный взгляд.
Для большинства людей
Ужасен его вид,
Но для светских дам
Он был очень даже мил.

Мог читать он все святые тексты,
Полон страстного огня,
Но он был настолько интересен,
Что кружилась голова.

Ра Ра Распутин,
Фаворит царской семьи,
Как настоящий кот он гулял.
Ра Ра Распутин,
Секс-машина и колдун,
Стыд и позор навлек на себя."
[2018/12/25 20:59] Cirdan Levidensis gently nudges Talia with a foot under the table. "Chin up eh? You'll get to dance..." He would smile. He would pour two glasses of whine and slide one over to Talia "A toast? I'd toast to our good health but... im held together by duck tape at the moment. So, to a night of relaxation? and a new year or progress..." He said holding up his glass. Looking up at Al he would shake his head. "I don't remember who the other one was....I need to read the report."
[2018/12/25 20:59] Katerina Aristov peeeerks her ears to the sound of that song, the familiar words drawing her attention.
[2018/12/25 20:59] Matamori chuckled at Northwood and Kajo; nodding along. "Everything is provided by Ms. Draconis and the Red Tail." She'd pause a moment - then motion over towards the event's hostess. "In fact - if you introduce yourself to only one entrepreneur in Rise, she would be the singular one to meet... and tonight would be an excellent opportunity."
[2018/12/25 20:59] Ana Ka'rimah: flicks her ears at the familiar language before glancing up at Feya. Her brows knot. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.
[21:00] Aelwyn: yawns and stretches out a bit, tapping on his comms while lightly sipping from a glass of wine now. He glanced around every now and then, but was trying his best not to eavesdrop.
[21:00] Rose Nikki Draconis screams internally
[21:01] Hazel Greygarden One glass of champagne down, Hazel took another, attempting to casually make her way over to Mr. Northwood. She had never been good at this sort of thing. The whole, prim and proper, formal event sort of deal. She took a deep breath, trying to think of something witty to say. Something clever. Nothing came to mind. Lovely. She opted for an apologetic smile. "Sorry I'm late." She didn't offer up a reason, because there wasn't one really. She had just considered not coming.
[21:01] Dr. Hextail: " ahh, a Pleasure! I think we kept missing eachother prior. Yes it's.. Quite the.. Gathering, Certainly so. We have our.. Happy go luckys, our Grumpy faces, and the Stoic meat wall.. "
[21:01] Ana Ka'rimah: listens to the rendition of Ra-Ra Rasputin halfheartedly.
[21:02] Alasdair shrugged slightly. "Ah, I figured they'd have ya both in the same room. But I suppose Fok was also in there. they musta stuck both of them together instead. Ya want me to carry ya back to the hospital once the evenin' is done? I'd rather ya not slip'n fall in the rain' pop yer stitches."
[21:04] Mr. Northwood would nod at her comment and smile "I was simply suggesting on saving HER money when catering but...." As he takes a bite and looks back and forth between the Director and Ms. Draconis, contemplating and taking a bite while then turning around to to look at Ms. Greygarden he would see what she was wearing and almost choke for a minute on the food. He'd compose himself as he'd pound on his chest twice to get the food down the right pipe. "Wow... You look.... Wow...." He'd smile while his eyes were watering from choking for a bit while looking at her. "It's fine... Really." Before letting out a loud cough to finally clear his airways while covering his mouth.
[21:06] Feya Wildcat continued on with her singing, seeing a reaction from the Lieutenant which was better than nothing and hoped that she would at least a few points on for trying.

"Он управлял страной,
Не помня о царе,
Но чудесно танцевал
Казачок при всем дворе.
Во всех делах страны
Он был скорей льстецом
Но бесподобно обнимал
Русских девушек при том.

Для царицы он не был проходимцем,
Хотя слухи и дурны.
Верила: он был святой целитель,
И мог ее сына спасти.

Но по мере того, как о его пьянстве, блуде и жажде власти становилось известно все большему числу народа, призывы сделать что-то с этим скандальным человеком становились все громче и
[21:06] Feya Wildcat: громче.

Его надо убрать, -
Сказали его враги
Но все девушки молили:
Нет, он должен жить!
Распутин, без сомненья,
Имел свой скрытый шарм,
И хоть грубо, но крепко
Женщин обнимал."
[21:06] Katerina Aristov gathers up a plate and starts stacking various items atop it, the large feline paying particular attention to anything that seemed as if it may have once been seafaring. Once the plate had been stacked suitably high for one who's metabolism was likely artificially heightened she turns back towards the table and steps up beside the pup to her right. "Erm.. I suppose I should have asked if anyone else wanted anything..?" She piped up while setting her plate down, the saber giving those seated at the table a curious look. She also popped a cocktail shrimp into her mouth and flashed a large-fanged grin.
[21:07] Deimos "Kajowwojak."
[21:08] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis looks up after a brief pause "... Mikha'il..." she said briefly
[21:08] Kajowwojak: turned to face the biodroid and smiled. "Yes, Deimos?" He asked curiously
[21:09] Deimos "Introduce me."
[21:09] Poqi Schalon nods. Again. And continues nodding. "Happi-go-lucki! That's me! Absoloodley!" They rummage with something in their jacket pocket, still nodding. "Not mesmissing eachother though! I just couldn't find you! Nopenope! Not at all!" They stop nodding, and shake their head- Offering Hextail a business card. "Have my card! I'm supposed to hand these out." They lean in, in a conspiritorial manner. "For something called.. 'Nitworking.' " They air-qoute with their fingers. It's not obvious wether they're being ironic, or are genuinely this stupid.
[21:09] Alasdair cocked his head to the side. "Ah, can't say I'm familiar with the name. My well wishes go out to em though. From what I heard it was a real nasty beatin' he took."
[21:10] Kajowwojak: perked his ears up, as he turned to look back towards matamori, and then Deimos. "Have you not met miss matamori before?" He asked, actually seeming shocked, and visibly bothered by the rudeness
[21:10] Avery McDayne: Became a bit sad noting her claws were making teeny marks on the keys of the piano... and now that feya's song was done she elected to try something: a bit of surgical tape in her pocket for emergencies. She made little padded tips on her claws and happily resumed playing...
[21:11] Ana Ka'rimah: still has her brows knotted. Looks like that's the only reaction she has.
[21:11] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis nods slowly "I'd rather not talk about it right now. All the details are in the report. Right now, we have better things to concern ourselves about. The party as is. Although I wish she would have been here." she said. and raised a toast "To Fok Baelfang, to Mikha'il Baelfang and to Cirdan Levidensis; the fallen at the hospital whom of all, should never have been in that position."
[21:11] Deimos "I have not. I have not met anyone within Col-Sec, save for Alasdair and Commander Taylor. At least, not directly."
[21:11] Rose Nikki Draconis gives her pip a hard tap, then dumps the loose ashes into her ash pouch, watching over the area with a soft smile.
[21:12] Hazel Greygarden looked up at Mr. Northwood, smirking. A blush tinged her cheeks as he nearly choked himself. She looked down, not sure what to do with herself. This was all a bit much. She took a step closer to him, her voice soft. "I'm glad you like it. I-I wasn't really sure what you wear to this sort of thing." She was used to the rowdy parties out in the wastes. Drinking and dancing and the occasional bloodsport. This was... different.
[21:12] Mr. Northwood would clear his throat at Deimos as he'd lean in to them to whisper "EarthGOV Corporation, not Col-Sec...."
[21:12] Matamori tilted her head ot listen to the pair beside them; then cleared her throat and lifting a hand. "It is quite all right, Kajo." She'd look to the taller man beside him - standing with a streeetch of her limbs; an another nod. "I am Corporate Director Matamori. A pleasure to meet you, Mister....?"
[21:13] Dr. Hextail: would deftly take up that card.. while his own card was left behind in those same fingers! " Ahh yes, Yes, of course. So.. What experience do you have in such.. work, Hmm? "
[21:13] Feya Wildcat would turn and smile at Avery, giving her a light pat on the shoulder before heading on off and over towards the Lieutenant. Before taking a seat, she would give her a smile to start. "You know, I admit you look well in a white dress uniform Ana. Compared to some of us here I think you're possibly the one who wears such best."
[21:13] Alasdair had already long since finished off his own glass but he nodded to the toast. "Yeah, to their quick recovery an' the righteous smackdown the asshole that did it got fer the shit he caused. But sure, we can talk bout more pleasant topics. I actually got somethin' fer ya fer the holidays love, though it's back at the house."
[21:14] Vesaria would glance towards Miss Kat, the pip smiling softly. "Oh you need not get me anything..." The smile soon turned rather sinister as while she was talking to miss Kat as the pup had been stealing a beef based hors d'oeuvre with telekinetic magik bullshit.~ She would soon play it off by floating it towards her own lap as discreet as possible. "Also you look incredibly when you have fish within your grasp...~"
[21:15] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: KaterinaAristov Resident's [Kat Aristov] HP set to 1.
[21:15] Deimos nodded politely as he fixed his covered eyes on the Director. "Tactical Combat Adjutant Deimos, madam Director. A pleasure to meet you. I look forward to working with you."
[21:15] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles to Al and nods "I also have something for yourself, for Talia, Cirdan and for Daisy. And naturally, also for the cute little Allybird." she said with a warm smile
[21:15] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Vesaria rolls 1d20 + 6
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[21:15] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kat Aristov rolls 1d20
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[21:16] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Rose Nikki Draconis rolls 1d20 + 6
(19) - Unmodified
(25) - Modified
[21:16] Kajowwojak: opened his mouth, with the attempt to do the introducing, only for the others to do the task for them. "I must apologize. As miss Matamori is the one who did my interview, I simply assumed that you happened to have ran into her already once, being hired into E-gov already."
[21:16] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Matamori rolls 1d20 + 6
(2) - Unmodified
(8) - Modified
[21:17] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Deimos rolls 1d20 + 3
(8) - Unmodified
(11) - Modified
[21:17] Mr. Northwood would then look to Ms. Greygarden and smile. "It's very beautiful on you." He'd blush a bit and look around "You were so late that I didn't even think you'd be showing as my plus 1.... I'm glad that your here though. How's our large garbage space friend? Have you seen them around lately?" He didn't know how to be comfortable around her just yet but he enjoyed her company. He dopishly held the plate of buffet samples up to her "Food?" As he seemed to have lost whatever social graces he had previously.
[21:17] Alasdair chuckled a bit at the mention of Ally. "He'll be gettin' his present soon nuff. He's currently... tied up, at home."
[21:18] Ana Ka'rimah: slowly glances over to Feya when she approaches, her brows still knotted. The cat just stares at her. "Spasibo, I suppose." The feline deadpans, offering precious little else in response.
[21:18] Rose Nikki Draconis immediately turns her head towards the small heresy doggo, narrowing her eyes and frowning, tilting her head some and moving towards the table, "Miss, you needn't use magik to grab food, you could simply ask the staff on hand!" She would offer a toothy smile and a light bow.
[21:19] Matamori dipped her head, and gave a bow. "And the same to you, Adjutant. Though for the moment - I believe I do need some time to cool." She'd give a polite smile; half-bowing after. "You all enjoy the rest of your evening - and do not rush too hard to return to work in the morning. There will be plenty to do, but nothing that cannot wait until rest has been had and hangovers cleared." she'd bid, before the clacks of her wooden sandals took her over to Rose. Who was... now right behind her! "Ah - I was just about to seek you out. Thank you for the wonderful event, Rose. As always - you put together the most impressive venues." she'd compliment; reaching over to give her fellow Mutant a habitual pat between the ears.
[21:20] Deimos just nodded in response. "Director...Have a good evening."
[21:20] Katerina Aristov clearly hadn't been paying much attention to what the pups had been showing her, both from the Sanctum and Order. She absolutely didn't notice the magikally floating piece of beef being appropriated from her plate. She must have been paying attention to the Director or.. any number of other people in the room around her. She did frown at her plate when she reached down for another piece of seafood, noting the absence of.. something. She shrugged it off and plucked up a rolled piece of fish, clasping it delicately between her fingers while tilting her head at the pup. "And here I was hoping I looked incredible all of the time! Though..." She squinted at the skullpup and leaned in a bit. "..why do I suddenly look incredible, hmm?" Maybe the saber didn't recognize diversionary tactics when they were employed against her. She was new to magika after all. As such she gave the proprietress an odd look when she approached and mentioned grabbing food with such, her gaze swinging back and forth between the pup
[21:20] Katerina Aristov: and kitsune while popping that piece of fish into her mouth to enjoy the savory delight.
[21:20] Cirdan Levidensis would look over at Taylor. "What what do you have for me?" he asked curiously.
[21:21] Mr. Northwood would smile and nod hearing the Director was heading out "Have a good evening Director Matamori, fingers crossed that the peace holds till after the New Years." He'd chuckle lightly as he'd give her a slight bow once more.
[21:22] Vesaria was busted... "Eeep yes, apologies. Harmless play at Miss Kat here. Do forgive me." And here she thought herself so clever. Puppo was silently jealous of the headpets for the other mutant, saaaaaad whimper. An ear perk towards Miss Kat. "Hey you know what I mean, you always look great... and erh... uh..." Oh boy this went south er... PR doggo... she can handle this!!! Maybe...
[21:22] Kajowwojak: smiled "I must be going as well. No rest for the wicked, I do believe the saying goes." The splicer nodded to them all, and walked away politely.
[21:22] Feya Wildcat would take a seat in the empty chair, placing the glass of water upon the table and looked over at the crowd. "Forgive me if my choice of song was not appropriate to the current setting tonight. I was unable to find anything else to be truthful that made sense for the atmosphere. "
[21:22] Hazel Greygarden shook her head no, taking another sip of the champagne. The bubbles tickled on the way down and she knew that if she kept drinking at this rate she was going to get herself into trouble. "Oh, no thank you. I'm fine." She was too nervous to eat, even though she hadn't had a proper meal in days. There were just so many things to see, people to watch. All unfamiliar and new. Mr. Northwood seemed to be familiar with some of them on the other hand. That must be nice. She took another sip. "I guess I just lost track of time. Good to know you weren't alone though. I would have felt bad." That was a true statement. She had grown a fondness for the human over their chance encounters.
[21:23] Poqi Schalon steeples their fingers. The lures in their back also intertwine, and their tail wraps around their leg. "Experience? Yes! Much. I've a digdegree in public speaking from the F'Plim Subqat University! You know, the one in Proteus Basin. Ms. Matamori specifically reccomended me to tilktalk to you! Disdoes that count?" They pause, taking a breath. "My bubblr profile has 57,391 followers! I blog about conversational speaking habits between different races and how to layer irony into unconventional questions. I also have experience as a weather reporter. Specifically, i played the role of the Weather Reporter in 'Xilxipsia's Big Day Out', the popular school play, when i was 8." They monologue, blubbering on, and on, and on.
[21:24] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis chuckles "If I told you, it wouldn't be a present now, would it Cirdan?" she asked before she looked over towards Ana for a moment, then back to the others and she tilted her head a bit "Heh. Ally's always tied up or on some ... exploration of insides or something..." she mused
[21:24] Deimos sort of moved over to the fountain for a moment, then moved to join Taylor and company at their table. "Commander...Do you mind if I join you?"
[21:24] Rose Nikki Draconis blinks as she is pat, instantly humming some and looking to Matamori with a smile, "You are quite welcome, I enjoy these sorts of things, and I am ALWAYS looking for a reason to throw these."
[21:25] Alasdair chuckled and nodded. "He's behavin' right now. I got his hood on' an he's listenin' to holiday music. I also got a present fer Cirdan but I'll tell ya bout it another time, bud. But it'll be good, trust me."
[21:26] Ana Ka'rimah: continues to stare where Feya had been even after the woman moves. Her eyes partially lid. "You are asking the wrong person about setting. This is a human holiday. Mytharii do not celebrate it. I am no expert on human culture, given my experience with humanity and their creations were war, ignorance, and greed." She says, matter-of-factly.
[21:27] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis gestured idly "By all means Deimos. Have a seat." she said before gesturing "Cirdan, the tactical commander, and Alasdair, a prominent officer amongst our ranks." she said with a slight smile before looking to Aelwyn and gestured the bat over to their table
[21:28] Dr. Hextail: " We Have certainly been looking for a new Weather Reporter, Especially after the last one quit after that last Joke from the main caster.. Who would have guessed the Cybernetic wouldn't like all of the quips about Cybernetics.."
[21:28] Matamori dipped her head; giving those ears a brief pet, now that she was actually catching on to the notion that.. people actually enjoyed the physical habit others had inspired in her. Well - sometimes. "I will certainly be looking for more, I suspect - and you are ever welcome to visit me to discuss ways we could turn them into further business opportunities." she'd give with a mile; before maneuvering to the other side of the table to collect her things.. and sneak a few pets in for the doggo; almost looking to see if that tail would suddenly wag with enough force to threaten liftoff. "Though for now, I have a touch more to see to to ensure that the rest of you needn't worry about work for the rest of the evening - so I bid you al a farewell, for now."
[21:29] Alasdair shook his head. "Dunno if I'd say prominent. Unless yer talkin' about in sheer size cause I'm pretty sure I'm one of the biggest we got on the roster." He then gave Deimos a polite smile. But I've had a couple run-ins with Deimos here. Had to check his ID at the tower cause of the Alert-con. Still tryin' to check everyone comin' an' goin' shifters."
[21:29] Katerina Aristov 's ears perked when she heard that faint whimper coming from the pup, her gaze swinging towards the kitsune to note the pats they'd received. Maybe it was a breach of protocol considering their current location but the saber hardly cared as she reached over to take up one of the pups ears between her fingers, giving it a slow, rolling rub. "What's the matter, pup. Kat got your tongue?" She -definitely- snerked at that, the corners of her lips twitching and quirking in open amusement. "So.. snatching things up from my plate when I'm not looking, are we? I'll have you know that theft from an officer is a serious crime, Vesaria." The formally dressed officer was smirking outright then and leaning in close, eyes full of mischief. "It's a good thing I left my cuffs and stun gun at home for the event or I might have had to take you in."
[21:30] Mr. Northwood would smile warmly and address Ms. Draconis on the shoulder "Pardon me, but perhaps sometimes in the future we can talk economics and commerce if you'd like? If the Director has high praises of your entrepreneurial experience, then clearly you are someone I must speak with in the near future in a less formal gathering." He'd then turn to Ms. Greygarden and ask "So were you going to be working at the other establishment where we last met? I don't think it would be a good fit for you since some of the security there seemed a bit... Slighted that their advances weren't accepted by your." He'd shrug but smiled while blushing "Not that I minded seeing you last night, but you seemed a bit to kind for that kind of work if I may say so." He'd now put the plate down and clear his throat as he never broke eye contact with her as they conversed.
[21:30] Rose Nikki Draconis would smile and bow to Matamori as she left, "Ofcourse Ma'am, I will be by when I have business for you, but you know you are likewise also just as welcome at the Red Tail." She would give a small wave, then strike her pipe against the ashtray on the table with enough force to knock a good chunk of soot and ash out, the sound almost reverberating, then she would resume moving from table to table to tidy and replace consumed treats with a light and happy hum.
[21:30] Feya Wildcat would give a nod as she took a sip of her water, looking back over to Ana. "I know. Sekan knows little of Mytharii traditions as well since the loss of his parents on Mars. And since you and him both speak in a similar language, I thought it would have been nice to try and sing something in the Terran dialect that you and him both speak from time to time. Oh. And do you think Alexei is a good name? Sekan chose it for our lil one and I wanted to ask your opinion as you're one of the more elder Mytharii in the station."
[21:31] Deimos nodded politely to Al and Cirdan in turn. "So in the event I am recruited into Col-Sec's Tactical Branch, I will be working under Cirdan?"
[21:32] Poqi Schalon claps their hands together excitedly. The motion provokes a squeaking noise from the flufted hands. What? "Sounds like he nidneeded an upgrade to his social module! Yusyup! Outdated social software is a big nope-nope! Yupnope. I'd be very hiphappy to fill that position! Complootley excitetooted!" The anshiri squibbers in response.
[21:32] Vesaria glanced towards the director. "I hope you have a lovely evening Director. I look forward to seeing you around." A look towards Rose. "I do have to say this is quite lovely actually. It is rather nice to have a good party." AAND THEN THERE WERE HEADPETS, oh how doggo's tail want out of control. Oh she was delighted indeed!!!! Puppo meltdown... it would take her a moment to regain herself... the stolen meal plopping onto the table as she lost focus. And then the treat followed. Ear perk!!! "I... er... I guess I am lucky... yea, and to be fair handcuffs do belong at home.~" The pup totally smirked before she fucking telekinesised the hors d'oeuvre into her maw! Nomming it softly if not stopped.
[21:33] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: KaterinaAristov Resident's [Kat Aristov] HP set to 0.
[21:33] Hazel Greygarden shook her head no. Her blush deepened. She tried to pull her eyes away from Mr. Northwood, but they kept drifting up to meet his once again. "No... I don't believe that would be the right fit for me. Especially considering what my grandmother would-" She stopped herself. She was so nervous that she forgot what had brought her to this colony in the first place. "I just don't think it would be the right fit for me." She took another drink.
[21:34] Ana Ka'rimah: blinks slowly. "Do not worry. Mytharii traditions are as equally trite and asinine as this holiday." The feline says, before her ear flicks. Ah, yes, the expecting mother; fraternization, protocol violations... Merry Christmas indeed. "It is your child. Alexei is an Earth name, and it is likely he chose it for the same reasons I know the tongue that he speaks. Name it as you wish; I am no mother, and I have precious little to offer about raising... children."
[21:36] Matamori gave a soft snort at the conversation being murmured almost directly next to her - reaching over to give one of Kat's ears a gentle flick on her way past the pair. "Do remember to uncuff my employee when you are done attempting to rob her of her ability to walk for the rest of the year." she'd hum - before heading for the door to disappear for the time being.
[21:36] Dr. Hextail: " We can talk about it at a later time, For now, How about you continue your ...Nitworking? I see A Mythari and another on the far side there that would -Love- Some cheering up!"
[21:36] Cirdan Levidensis would look over at Deimos. "Yeah im the Tactical CO, you'd be under me in that case." He said taking a sip of his wine.
[21:37] Aelwyn: perks up a little and blinks, looking over to Taylor once he was gestured at. He'd tilt his head a little and move to stand, nearly falling out of the chair almost instantly. He'd manage to stand, though, wobbling a little as he's step over to Taylor, giving a small smile and a little bow. "Good evening, ma'am, did you need something?"
[21:37] Mr. Northwood would sigh with relief and smile adoringly at Ms. Greygarden "I'm glad to hear it... But you do clean up very nicely. So how has your evening been if you don't mind me inquiring?" He'd then look at her drinking and ask "Would you care for a refill?"
[21:37] Deimos "Understood. My apologies if I do not seem to be doing much...This sort of thing is somewhat irregular for me."
[21:38] Poqi Schalon follows Hextail's gaze, staring over at Sue. "Oh! Yes. Yis! Yush! Nitworking it is, Mr. Hextail! Nitworking it is." They affirm with an unneededly brave demeanour, and stride over towards the Mytharii.
[21:38] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis nods "Indeed. But that'd be after your basic training of course." she said and smiled "... And if you're combat oriented to the point of wishing to perform as such." she said after a moment and chuckled before she looked back to Cirdan again "Though that assessment is not mine to make. I function in a different scope, but I offer Cirdan my assistance from time to time when it is needed. Speaking of, Cirdan. Meet with me some time tomorrow or so... We got some things to cover." she said, then turned to Aelwyn "Don't sit overthere alone. It is still a wonderful gala." she said with a warm smile
[21:38] Poqi Schalon plops themselves down in the chair.
[21:39] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis eased up from her chair to offer it for Aelwyn to sit in as well
[21:39] Matamori was absolutely not projecting because she herself had noone to cuff for the evening. Nosireebob.
[21:39] Feya Wildcat couldn't help but actually laugh softly from the Lieutenant's choice of words. "Well still Ana. As they are, they should still be observed for many of us, and considering I've been learning what I can on Mytharii traditions, I wouldn't mind a bit of insight from you in some of them. And even if you have no experience in children, you are a respected elder for me to learn a few things from." She'd pause from her talk and looked over towards the newcomer, giving a smile in kind. "Good Evening to you."
[21:39] Deimos "Understood..."
[21:39] Katerina Aristov 's lips twitched further in amusement until the Director flicked her ear. And then her jaw was dropping to the fucking table and working soundlessly as she tried to get anything other than a piteous squeak out. Her face was -definitely- a bright crimson and the saber quickly dropped herself back in her chair after that to busy herself with the plate of food in front of her. She kept casting embarrassed glances over at the pup in between plucking up shrimp, fish, and whatever else happened to be on her plate. She also pointedly downed the glass of champagne and poured another. Hoooboy.
[21:40] Alasdair shrugged slightly. "This is a new experience fer a lotta folks. Parties I'm used to have livelier music, dimmed lights'n the occasional headbutt." As the bat arrived in full holiday costume he smiled and gave him a wink. "Welcome to the table." As Taylor had offered the bat his own seat the giant leaned down and offered the mouse a ride on his hand. "Can rest in the crook of my arm or on my shoulder if ya still wanna sit, love."
[21:40] Vesaria went WIDE EYED... oh thank goodness she was wearing a mask!!! The squeak that escaped the now flustered dog... her tail curling tightly behind her. "I... uh... be well Director!" The pup looking over towards Miss Kat... She clearly had no freaking idea how to play THAT off....
[21:40] Dr. Hextail: would turn smoothly, his.. Menagerie moving with grand coordination as he beelined right for the large scaled fellow and.. ".. So How Much are they paying you to stand here being bored?~"
[21:40] Hazel Greygarden offered him a brilliant smile, downing the rest of her glass. She was going to regret the decision to drink, but it was free, so why the hell not? Hazel nodded. "If you wouldn't mind, that would be great." She could feel the bubbles making their way into her brain. They were warm and comforting. She liked them. All of a sudden she looked at Mr. Northwood, frowning. "Are you not drinking? Why aren't you drinking?" She was now very concerned about this.
[21:41] Rose Nikki Draconis would nod to the small doggo, "I appreciate the compliment." she said with a smile, turning towards hextail a moment, watching a moment, then snickering as the director made her comment, grinning a bit widely, "Be nice ma'am, you are making the guests uncomfortable."
[21:41] Matamori was grinning on her way out. Mischief Managed. "Of course, Rose. Thank you once more, and do enjoy the festivities some, yourself."
[21:42] Kaiser De'tath would shift his head down and over towards the reptilian form that approached him. He'd flash a smile, glowing gaze intensifying briefly. "You will find that I am very much unaware of how much they'd be paying me, if at all. I know I was "Volunteered" for this position, and honestly it's a pretty simple gig. Stand here, try not to trip over anything, and enjoy the conversations taking place."
[21:42] Ana Ka'rimah: doesn't laugh. She looks as sour as ever. "An opinion. I do not observe most of them; Mytharii are a tribal species, and were I still following them I would be in some mudhut poking roving animals with spears rather than a college-educated woman." Heaving a great sigh, she massages the bridge of her nose. "Alexei, Vasily, both are good names." But as that strange robot thing appears, she peers over at it, cracking her good eye open. "...excuse me? Who are you?"
[21:42] Dr. Hextail: " ... I'll Double it, For You to Come with me instead."
[21:43] Kaiser De'tath paused at that, looking over towards Rose. He'd scratch at the back of his head. "I'd need authorization for that.. One second..." He'd state, muttering into his comm.
[21:44] Dr. Hextail: would.. wait with a nod, finishing the last.. little bit of finger food from his plate.
[21:44] Mr. Northwood would grab her glass "Oh I asked because I was on my way over there right now to get myself one..." He'd smile and walk over to get some more from the buffet. He'd look back from time to time as he loved how she looked tonight in that dress of hers. He would fill both glasses before quickly returning, still smiling and handing Ms. Greygarden a glass. "So what have you been up to since last night if you don't mind me prying?"
[21:45] Poqi Schalon gives Feya and Ana a smole wave with their left hand. Two lures 'wave' as well. "Hiya! Hello! I'm Poqi. Poqi Schalon! Good evening! Alexei -is- a gidgud name. Phonetically pleasing to the auditory sensors." Poqi agrees, having absolutely no idea what the conversation topic is that they're agreeing to.
[21:46] Ana Ka'rimah: stares at Poqi. "Do I know you."
[21:46] Aelwyn: shakes his head and gestures towards the seat with a soft smile. "I-I couldn't just take your seat like that, Ma'am. Besides, its probably for the best that I stand for a little while.. I sit too much in my daily life." He would smile and wave to Cirdan, speaking up. "Hello! Its good to see you out enjoying the night. Are you feeling better?" He'd simply wave to the two others, as he hadn't really met them yet.
[21:47] Deimos "Apologies...I am debating whether to depart or remain..."
[21:47] Hazel Greygarden Hmmm. That was a good question. What had she been doing? Well, she clearly couldn't tell him the truth. A half goat mutant scrounging through the trash trying to get enough credits for a place to sleep was entirely too stereotypical. And embarrassing. Her mind was warm and fuzzy from the alcohol and as she took another sip, she calmed her nerves, a lie tumbling from her lips. "Oh, you know, just a bit of this and that. Getting ready to furnish an apartment and met up with some old friends." She smiled at him softly, the lie feeling false in her mouth as she said it. She didn't want him to know just how alone she was in this colony.
[21:49] Rose Nikki Draconis take a moment, turning towards Mr. Northwood, offering a slight bow, "I see, I wasnt aware she spoke so highly of me, but, as to your request, Im sure that would be just fine, you can always find me here in the Red Tail." She would turn to resume cleaning the tables and refilling refreshments.
[21:49] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles softly to Aelwyn "I insist." she said with that polite smile on her lips still before she eased over to Al to ease up to sit on the the giant's arm as offered and she chuckled warmly "There is room enough for us all. And besides, no one should be left out." she said and eased her tail down to the bottle to grab it and hoisted it up to pour herself another glass of applecider and eased the bottle back down
[21:49] Feya Wildcat would give a slight sigh towards Ana's response, as it held some merit and truth from what she knew on several Mytharii tribes before looking over at Poqi. "Thank you. And I remember you. Wern't you the one who rushed to find a chair for another one of Corporate?"
[21:50] Alasdair nodded to Aelwyn again. "Nice to meetcha. I'm specialist Alasdair. Al's fine." As the mouse climbed up into the crook of his arm he gave the mouse a light pat before taking the bottle once he was finished with it and pouring a cup for himself as well. "Feelin' bad fer Cy over in the corner as well. He's been a wallflower since the ball started."
[21:51] Poqi Schalon nods! "Chair? Oh! Yes! That was me. Thitthat was an emergency situootion!" They reply to Feya. "I don't -recognize- you, but i might -know- you! Are you liklike, a movie star? Your badges are very impressive! Yisyup! Very improosive!" Poqi inquires, excitedly.
[21:51] Kaiser De'tath looked over at Hextail and offered a wink; One of those eyelights winking out, before illuminating once more. "Well, this might be a thing. Head honchos are deliberating. Still...What sort of thing would you want me for, hmm?" He'd ask, leaning against the wall; that maw parted in a toothy grin.
[21:52] Katerina Aristov cleared her throat after sipping from the second glass of wine she'd poured herself, the sabertooth still shooting those red-faced looks at the pup. She'd also managed to nearly clean her plate without having realized it and when her fingers scraped the empty dish she frowned. "Oh.." Was all she said and slowly rose to her feet. Her head swiveled towards the door, peering at it somewhat wide-eyed, then turned back to the pup. "I think.. I am going to get some air." She smiled at those remaining around her. "If you'll excuse me. It's.. a bit warm in here, I think." She raised her head after that and strode off towards the door, heels clicking against the floor tiles.
[21:52] Ana Ka'rimah: feels the hatred filling her very bones. "...if I don't know you..." She says, gesturing with her hand, "...then why, precisely, did you feel the need to invite yourself into a conversation between co-workers?" Her fur bristles lightly.
[21:52] Mr. Northwood would nod to her and take a sip "That sounds more interesting then me. I've been at a terminal for the past few days getting files and portfolios together for the next annual quarter of EarthGOV's finances and seeing if anyone has made any mistakes that an audit might clear up from the past 12 mon... I apologize. I didn't mean to ramble on about work." He'd smile awkwardly as he was beginning to feel a bit to comfortable around Ms. Greygarden. He'd then turn to Ms. Darkmoon for a moment "Well she is my boss, so if she's recommending it, clearly I have to investigate further and see if you have any sagely wisdom for a fresh off the transport accountant." He'd smile and nod to her.
[21:53] Dr. Hextail: chuckled lightly. " A Manager shouldn't be wandering the Colony at this Alertcon Alone, And I'd be A Poor PR person, Not worth my salt, if I pulled an officer away from their party to do so. So.. Why not Employ one of our Wonderful citizens to accompany me back home, instead?~" There was a smirk and a tone that suggested more, but hey!
[21:53] Deimos shrugged as he got up and headed towards the door, stopping for a moment to nod at Hextail.
[21:54] Feya Wildcat would simply smile at what Ana was called, raising a hand up to try and cover a bit of her face from what was said. "Goodness Ana. A movie star you are. I guess they should take you onto a leading role."
[21:54] Alasdair waved with his free hand, having finished pouring his drink, to Deimos as he left. "Stay safe out there."
[21:54] Ana Ka'rimah: KILL BILL SIRENS.
[21:56] Zelphine Alexander entered into the party a bit late; wide-eyed at all the incredible decor - though it was somewhat difficult to appreciate it around the armload of boxes she was carrying. She'd waddle through to place them at the table; flashing a big smile towards a few she recognized along the way - though it came with a quiet pout in realizing that one of them, at least, was leaving. "Well... not late enough to say hi, I guess!" she'd enthuse - rolling a shoulder towards Kat. "All quiet out there right now - so ya have a good walk." She'd turn to Rose once the boxes had been settled; breathing out a 'Phew'. "There's the extra supplies ya wanted, Ma'am." She'd take a moment to smooth out her dress. "Looks like it's been a busy night!"
[21:56] Aelwyn: gives a bow to Alasdair, before moving to sit where Taylor had offered him. "Private first class Aelwyn Starweaver! Nice to meet you! I'm currently waiting for a good opportunity to speak to the people running this ball.. Looking to set up a small event in a few days." He'd say rather cheerfully, waving to the person as they left!
[21:57] Kaiser De'tath would nod once more at the insinuation, laughing a bit himself at the idea. His gaze would shift over the dapper form, and offer a thumbs up. "Well, I suppose that the good news is that I have a replacement on the way, and that I'll take you up on your offer for double. Still, I'll make sure no harm comes to you once the replacement arrives."
[21:57] Vesaria would perk her ears almost confused at what Miss Kat had said... the pup getting to her feet as well... "Kat... May I..." She was already going towards the door... the pup would simply mutter. "I could go for a cigarette myself..." She would not want to intrude but she would give a formal bow towards Rose before moving to follow Miss Kat.
[21:57] Rose Nikki Draconis stops and hums a moment, "Yes, I can impart some wisdom, but only if show that you have the aptitude." She hums a moment more before offering another slight bow, "I must clean these tables though, so any time after today should be fine, just stop in." She would smile some, turning to Zelphine as she strides in, "Wonderful! Please, let me help you move those by the tables in the back." She would move to drop off the platewares and scraps to go and assist with the moving of things.
[21:58] Poqi Schalon 's six eyes go wide. They don't hesitate for even a moment- "We're all coworkers here!" Poqi states happily, making a wide, open motion with their arms. "It's all earthgov friendies here, isn't that right?" They suddenly squint half of their eyes, rendering them looking half-confused, half-suspicious. "Or did you.. Sniksneak in? Don't worry, i won't tell a sole! Nepnope. Not at all!" They declare, matter-of-factly
[21:58] Hazel Greygarden smiled at Mr. Northwood softly. Everything he said sounded so... normal. Like something that regular people did. The sort of reliable, boring thing that kept a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and the bills paid. It was such a different life from what she had experienced. Scrounging for every little thing that would come her way. She took another deep drink of champagne, nearly finishing her third glass. She knew she would regret this, but she wanted to feel normal. Like she was supposed to be here, not some sort of intruder. "I don't mind you talking about work." She paused for a moment, looking up at him through long eyelashes. "I just don't feel like I really know you. Like the you outside of your professional bubble." She smiled, the first genuine one of the night, before she narrowed her eyes at him. "I want to pop that particular bubble."
[21:58] Dr. Hextail: would smile! "-Wonderful-, Simply ~Wonderful~. WEll then.. I'll go snag one last drink.. then I'll return~ " he'd state, slipping away to make his way over to the table quickly~
[21:59] Deimos heads out the door!
[21:59] Dr. Hextail: would also give Deimos a nod!
[22:00] Ana Ka'rimah: squeezes the bridge of her nose. Harshly. It looked like she was starting to turn red, akin to a volcano ready to erupt.
[22:00] Feya Wildcat: "Well he does have a point there Ana. Considering Earth Gov and Col-Sec. It is good to see you again, and in a different chassis if I may ask?"
[22:00] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles pleasantly and sipped to her own drink "Aelwyn is a neat bat to have around." she said before she turned her attention towards Aelwyn "That would be Rose overthere. The very formally dressed hostess." she said calmly but slowly looked up and over towards the other side of the room
[22:00] Alasdair shrugged slightly before pointing over at rose. "Pretty sure the vixen over there is the one that hosts these events. They seem to run em regular fer holidays. Ended up missin' the last one cause of the Alertcon but I've a feelin' this whole ball happened -because- of that but... I ain't sure."
[22:01] Katerina Aristov was still quite flushed in the face as the Staff Sergeant approached. The tall saber offered a quick fingerwave, a dip of her head and a quietly squeaked "Hello!" She glanced back at the pup who had gotten up to follow and gave her a nod, then quietly stepped past the large guard and the flamboyantly dressed PR manager Snektail with a polite nod. She pushed the door open quietly, stepped out of the ballroom, and out into the RedTail proper.
[22:02] Zelphine Alexander didn't have too terribly much! Enough to get them through the night with guests aplenty, for certain - but at the end of the day... for all the tone she had hidden under her dress; she was still much smaller than the real muscle around the Colony. "I can clean those for ya if ya prefer, yanno." she'd muse even while inclining her head in appreciation for the help - taking the boxes over the tables to unload the plates and drinks and wares together with the Casino owner. "Gotta say.. I knew people were looking forward to it.. but this many.." She was positively beaming. "Well - we've really been needing something like this."
[22:02] Kaiser De'tath stepped over towards Rose, smiling and waiting to get her attention until the time was right.. With a tap upon that shoulder, he'd look down towards rose and begin to speak. "I've got another job to take on- But I'm not leaving till my replacement arrives. If you have any complaints, please see my supervisor. Likewise for any comments. If you have any need of my services in the future, merely ask for me by name."
[22:03] Vesaria would follow Miss Kat quickly... only pausing to bow her head to the good Doctor... "We will speak soon Dr. Hextail." The dog making a rather quick departure herself.
[22:04] Poqi Schalon blinks once, twice, thrice. "..Different chassis? No? This is the only chassis i have! It's great! Why widwould i hivhave spa- Oooooooohhh you're cinconfusing me for someone else aren't you. Heck. Whoops. Oopsie?" They splutter, then look at Ana. "Um! Uh! You look frustrated! Cincan i gitget you a tall, frefreshing, cool glisglass of witwater?" They helpfully ask.
[22:04] Mr. Northwood would nod politely to Ms. Draconis as she moved away before turning to Ms. Greygarden. "Oh your definitely not going to find too many real selves here... Formalities tend to have everyone bring out their best masks to show off and hide their true selves.... For the sake of offending anyone or just wanting to make good impressions upon their superiors." He'd smile awkwardly "Definitely don't give me permission to start nailing you with spread sheets, future perspectives, and commodity rates.... I've get a 2 hour power point presentation alone on that... That or movie trivia. Those are the 2 worst things to get me started on." He'd laugh while taking another sip from his glass. "You'll have to wait till we're out of here for me to feel more relaxed and get to know one another more in depth."
[22:07] Ana Ka'rimah: inhales, and then exhales. "You can start by speaking the language properly. Your shrill voice is grating on my ears." The feline says, flatly. "Further, Officer Wildcat and I were having a conversation before you thrust yourself in. I would greatly appreciate if you could go bother someone else, some other pencil pushers in the corporate ladder who like to rub shoulders at events like these, da?"
[22:08] Rose Nikki Draconis looks up to the large draconian once, the slits of her eyes narrowing some, "Yes, you are free to 'assist' the good doctor in getting to.. wherever he's going. Zelphine here and I will take care of the door." She would offer a toothy smile and a bow, then finish setting out the replacement wares and foods, "Don't suppose you can assist with the door for the moment?" She would turn her attention towards the group on the far side and frown again.
[22:08] Feya Wildcat reached over with a hand and gave her head a slight shake towards Poqi as Ana spoke. "Maybe another time Poqi. I would however like another glass of water if you could be a dear for me."
[22:08] Aelwyn: nods a little bit, looking over the large canine's arms a bit. "Ah, yes! We went on that patrol together I think? With another- Officer Ca..bee..er...ra..?" He'd tilt his head a bit as his own pronunciation, shaking his head a little. "That doesn't sound right.. oh well. Its a pleasure to meet you! And I try to be helpful when I can be!" He smiles to Taylor, before looking around the immediate area for snacks.
[22:09] Kaiser De'tath would pause, shaking his head. "You will not need to replace me, as a member is coming to do as such; I will not abandon my duty until they arrive, rest assured."
[22:09] Hazel Greygarden drained her glass, feeling a tiny bit wobbly as she found her footing. Luckily Mr. Northwood wouldn't be able to see how bristled her tail was. She didn't know what to do or say or how to act. She was putting on a show, and his comment about masks hit a little too close to the mark for comfort. She leaned forward, whispering to him softly. "I mean, I really appreciate you inviting me. It means a lot," She paused, trying hard to connect the words in her brain. "But I think I want to get you somewhere a bit more... comfortable after this." She immediately turned scarlet as she realized how that could be interpreted.
[22:09] Poqi Schalon pauses for a moment, shuffling uncomfortably in the chair. "...Da?" They hop onto their feet. "Okidoodles! Water it is. Yiyup!" They begin toddling towards the buffet, a cheery electronic pop tune whistling from the sides of their cockpit-helmet.
[22:10] Zelphine Alexander twisted her ears towards the table off in the corner; furrowing her brow a moment; though she'd answer Rose with a quick nod and a smile. "I'd be an embarrasment to Col-Sec if I couldn't!" she'd chirp. She had no armaments with her to really enforce much of anything, of course - but she'd stride over to take up Kaiser's former post with a lazy wave. "I got'cha covered until your replacements gets here, big guy."
[22:10] Dr. Hextail: would take up a glass and just.. Down it right away, turning it upside down and setting it to the side. He'd offer a Nod towards Poqi! Turning around to move back to the door with a light laugh ringing out!
[22:10] Ana Ka'rimah: massages her temples, grumbling to herself. "God damn corporate stooges..." She hisses under her breath.
[22:11] Poqi Schalon reaches the buffet, gives hextail a wave, and glomps onto a wine cooler. They carefulily extract the bottle of wine. With careful movements of their fluft-covered digits, they grab two glasses of water, and place them gently inside of the icecube-filled wine cooler.
[22:11] Alasdair chuckled and nodded. 'Yeah, the foxiefluff. Shame that patrol went tits up SO damn fast. I was really hopin' fer a quiet one." As he spoke he rubbed the mouses head, especially behind his ears. But with a seat now available he then deposited the mouse into it. "But what kinda event ya thinkin' of, Aelwyn?"
[22:12] Kaiser De'tath nods once, making sure to ascertain their intent; After a moment, he'd simply nod, then carefully pick his way over towards hextail, the massive male's heavy steps planted carefully.
[22:12] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis eased down to sit in the chair "Gio Cabrerra yes." she said calmly with a chuckle and sipped to her drink but still keeping a very pertinent ear to listen to ongoing conversations
[22:13] Mr. Northwood would smile and nod to her as he blushed as well. "That's perfectly fine. I don't think I have any other Corporate friends here I need to discuss business or rub elbows with anymore so..." He'd shrug and smile down to her. He'd offer her an arm to wrap her's around as she was slightly wobbly. "Unless you wanted to stay for a bit longer, shall we?" He'd look around making sure he had no more business to conduct with anyone else, as he finished his drink.
[22:14] Feya Wildcat would slightly chuckle from Ana's choice of words, looking back at her. "Now Ana. As weird as they are, they do help us out quite a bit. Cut them some slack considering they're not E.I.A. breathing down our necks." she'd smile as a new glass of water was placed on the table, turning back to Poqi. "Thank you very kindly. So you're settling into corporate well I see. Any troubles for you Poqi?"
[22:15] Dr. Hextail: " Ahh, Wonderful! Anything you'd like to have before we leave? I think -Technically-, You are my Plus One, for the time being, after all~"
[22:15] Poqi Schalon teeters back over to Ana and Feya's table, carrying a wine-less wine cooler. The cooler, instead, now contains two glasses of water. Very much cooled. "Here's your water! Yisyup! Sorry for being.. Frustrating! Absoloodley my bad! Yushyosh!" They state, taking two steps back immediately after setting down the wine cooler on the table.
[22:15] Ana Ka'rimah: radiates angery cat in her seat. She just grumbles.
[22:15] Aelwyn: perks up a little, smiling. "Well! Me and Koriik are still fairly... new to the the colony, and as such, we... or at least I, don't.. really have any plans for new years. No parties or anything.. So I thought it might be fun to put together a get together for all of the people in the colony that don't have any parties to go to either."
[22:16] Hazel Greygarden took his arm, steadying herself. She was a bit lightheaded. She should have eaten something, but it was a little too late for that. Her voice was soft, her cheeks still burning. "If you are sure you don't mind leaving. I wouldn't want to pull you away." She said that, but it was clearly a lie. She was eager to get out of here.
[22:18] Cirdan Levidensis would set down his empty glass on the table. "Mmmm i think that's it for me on liqueur, any more and i might over indulge..." He looked at Aelwyn. "How are you enjoying the party so far?"
[22:18] Kaiser De'tath would wave a clawed hand, politely declining as he looked out over the potential items on the table. "While tempting, for now I suppose I will have to decline- I've not the luxury of them doing me any good, you see..." He stated, trailing off
[22:18] Alasdair picked up his own glass of cider and took a large swig before scratching his chin. "Yeah, could be fun. Lotta folks ain't as luck when it comes to knowin' a lotta people or havin' family to spend the holidays with."
[22:19] Dr. Hextail: would nod. " You may -very- well enjoy something I have back home then.. Someone your size may find it quite useful. " he would nod, then started onwards for the door!
[22:20] Kaiser De'tath would move with hextail, waving a final goodbye to the gathered individuals before he'd nearly run into the doorframe itself. Stopping short, he'd growl in annoyance, before ducking -low- and practically crabwalking his way out...
[22:21] Dr. Hextail: would offer a hand to help Kaiser on out!
[22:21] Feya Wildcat would accept the glass and slowly stand up from the table, giving the pair a smile. "Well Ana. I'll go ahead and make my exit, I do need to enter a rest cycle for Alexei soon." she'd add as she placed a hand upon Poqi's shoulder. "Thank you for the water and enjoy the rest of your evening Poqi."
[22:22] Ana Ka'rimah: doesn't take the water; she just grunts. "...dosvedanya, officer." The feline says, remaining in her seat.
[22:22] Mr. Northwood would shake his head and lead with his arm as he smiled warmly down at her "It's quite alright. Let's head on out" As he'd place his hand on her arm while it was looped around his other arm. "Just watch your step." He'd giggle as he seemed slightly light headed but at least had plenty of food to absorb some of the alcohol before heading out for the evening with her.
[22:24] Poqi Schalon nods. "I will! Absoloodley! Yes! You tiwtwo enjoy your evening too! It's a nice evening! I swear! Ignore me! Nope! Yup!" They continue nervously backpedaling, and begin stumbling towards the exit, and get the heck outta dodge.
[22:24] Poqi Schalon rushes past kaiser and hextail, bashing through the doors.
[22:25] Rose Nikki Draconis grumbles and frowns, twitching as she watches the chaos involving the doors.
[22:27] Aelwyn: nods happily up at Al. "Yeah! Me and Koriik don't... have family, so I figured this would at least be a decent way to make some friends, you know?" He'd smile to Cirdan, also opting to cut back on the alcohol. "Its alright! I reeeaaaally love the atmosphere of the place, and I've never been to a ball before, but.. I'm a little disappointed that Koriik was too sick to come, and that, well.. I don't really have that many friends to talk to."
[22:27] Ana Ka'rimah: pours a glass of champagne for herself to enjoy alone.
[22:27] Feya Wildcat: "Well. Talk about a hasty exit huh Ana? But do try to enjoy yourself tonight Lieutenant and maybe, manufacturer willing, give a smile?" she'd speak with a turn as she began to head towards the doorway with a light step.
[22:27] Zelphine Alexander attempted to put an arm out and actually prevent some of that chaos - only to find herself nearly dragged out the door with them in their sudden hurry to leave! She'd collect herself and straighten out her dress once things had calmed; heaving a little sigh and shaking her head before taking a few moments to set everything back prim and proper again. Then, she'd wander over to the SRTable - keeping an eye and ear on the doors while she lifted a hand to the Taylor and the others. "Hi-ya~. Nice to see so many of us here having a good time."
[22:29] Alasdair shrugged slightly. "Ay, yer welcome to talk to us at our table. Public events are to be share'd'n mingle after all. If we wanted it to be just family we'd have gone to the Tachi alone." As Zel approached the giant gave her a nod. "Evenin', Marm. Ya shoulda seen it earlier when the place was so bustlin' with bodies it was hard to hear yerself think."
[22:31] Cirdan Levidensis would wave to Zelphine. "Good evening." He greeted them with a little smile.
[22:31] Feya Wildcat walked up to the table with several of the other officers and spotted Zelphine, reaching up to give the back of her right ear a playful light flick.
[22:31] Rose Nikki Draconis sighs some, returning to the concessions tables and fixing them back once more.
[22:32] Ana Ka'rimah: pours champagne. Merry fuckin' Christmas.
[22:33] Alasdair puts a matryoshka doll in front of Ana. -void-
[22:33] Feya Wildcat would play a song for ana's feelings
[22:34] Zelphine Alexander giggled some as Alasdair, shaking her head and picking at her jacket. "Kinda glad I didn't! I mean - I'd *intended* to; buuuut..." She'd motion over herself. "Not the kind of clothes I'm used to moving around in." Her nose wrinkled, feeling pressure from a quick flick against her ear - and she'd turn to look before breaking into a fanged grin. "Feya! I haven't seen you in a while. How's things?"
[22:35] Aelwyn: waves to Zelphine and Feya, before looking up at Al. "Thats.. a good point. I just get really shy sometimes and I don't want to bother people by just... walking up and jamming myself into the conversations... Especially if I don't know them."
[22:37] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis chuckles "You're fine Aelwyn. At times it's how you attract attention and people seek you outthereafter, or midconversation."
[22:37] Ana Ka'rimah: drinks champagne and stares into the distance.
[22:38] Feya Wildcat couldn't help but smile and look at Zelphine as she was smiled at. "Oh pretty well. I've been meaning to get another scanning down with you but haven't had time to get such scheduled. Had to have a drone manufactured in order to do field work now... orders from Taylee or else I'd be grounded in the building on on leave for the next two months. Trust me I've gotten cabin fever already and had to come in to help you all."
[22:38] Cirdan Levidensis drinks wine and converses with friends.
[22:38] Alasdair nodded. "Yeah, I feel ya on that Aelwyn. It can be seen as rude by as long as ya politely approach'n leave when asked I don't see it bein' that big an issue." As Feya joined them at the table he gave her a toothy grin. "Evenin', Marm. Yer lookin' glowin' as always."
[22:39] Feya Wildcat: "Oh thank you Alasdair. I'm glad you all enjoyed the song earlier.."
[22:40] Rose Nikki Draconis hums a bit as she finishes her cleaning, then moves to shove the podium off into a stray corner.
[22:41] Ana Ka'rimah: wants Jazz back from pirate custody for Christmas. ;_;
[22:43] Alasdair nodded to her. "Aye, Marm. A nice bit of extra entertainment to flesh out the soft piano in the background. I'd do some singin' myself but anythin' I do ain't fittin' fer this kinda atmosphere. But... aye, Zel. Can't say I've seen ya in that kinda attire before. Doesn't look easy to move in without... wardrobe malfunctions."
[22:43] Zelphine Alexander dipped her head to that. "I understand~. THough I did quit my job at Chimera to work here, instead.... realized I was so deep in Medical work that I had noooo social like." she'd admit; before rolling her shoulders. "I mean... not that I have much more of one *now*, but... it's a little better." she'd admit; before glancing aside to Aelwyn. What *was* it with the men in Col-Sec wearing pretty things better than the women? "Thaaaat is a fantastic getup." she'd murmur; reaching over to give that hat a gentle nudge before it risked falling onto the floor.
[22:46] Ana Ka'rimah: squints at the gathering.
[22:48] Feya Wildcat: "Thank you so much Captain. " she spoke to Taylor before turning back to Alasdair. "Well I wanted to do something different and since Taylor spoke up with a speak, I just had to. Granted that was my first time singing in public as Alexei here has been making me look into more motherly details." she'd place a hand upon her waist for a moment before taking a long sip of her water until a thought came to mind. "Well considering as of late, it was a good idea on your part Zelphine. You'd have faced extreme stress as well as no social life, so good thinking on your part."
[22:48] Aelwyn: smiles happily and gives a soft blush, wiggling a little at the compliment. "T-thank you! I thought it was cute, so I couldn't help myself. I have to admit, my arms feel a little exposed, but the wristwarmers help with that." He tilts his head a little, looking over towards Rose and opting to stand, to see if she would still be free in a moment.
[22:48] Laython Codwell: "Exscuse I was told to report to a Miss Draconis, i was told she have a pink bow like yours miss"
[22:49] Avery McDayne: Even hours later she was still playing, still in love with the instrument she hadn't seen in a long many years... she let each slaw slide off the keys like a caress and to each step of the peddles she pressed her giant feet with grace and measured strength. "I looove you~" she said to the glossy baseboard. "Oh stingray~" she murred at the golden encrusted laters.
[22:49] Ana Ka'rimah: checks her watch before pouring another glass of champagne. It'd be better when this infernal holiday was over, and the subsequent day passed into nothingness forgotten.
[22:49] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis was sitting and sipping at her drink and she raised her hand to wave to Fok "Hello there Fok." she said, then leaned back "Zelphine. Apologies. I was lost in a bit of a ... singletrack mind. Still a bit haunted by my exposure to the void. Are you fairing well?"
[22:49] Rose Nikki Draconis sighs heavily, the heavy brooding from the far side of the room starting to wear on her emotional state, she was clearly beyond exhausted and running on fumes, but she continues anyways, looking up to Laython and nodding, "That would be me, you the replacement for Kaiser, right? Please take up sentry at the door and greet guests, that is all." She would offer a bow and a tired smile.
[22:51] Cirdan Levidensis smiles at Aelywn. "I would have worn a dress myself but i've been forbade from shape shifting until i have recovered." He said sounding like he really missed the ability to shapeshift. "I havn't worn this suit to a party since before i even had a formless shape."
[22:51] Laython Codwell: "Yes Mama" he would then go to the door
[22:51] Alasdair chuckled a bit. "Good to start now. Once lil Alexei is born I'm sure you'll be singin' lullabies like no tomorrow. Suppose that makes ya the district Mum now. An' I suppose Ana is the really grumpy Aunt."
[22:52] Zelphine Alexander nodded to Aelywen; motioning to her own jacket. "You could try something like this with it! Or maybe a good shawl or boa..." She'd smile. "Ya look great, either way." Seeing that the Medi-bat seemed to have another destination in mind; the Medi-cat turned her attention back to the table - smiling to her CO and shaking her head. "Well, you *look* better than ever! I'll admit - I've been itching for more field-work; but... when the time is right, and not a moment sooner, I know."
[22:52] Fok Baelfang would nod towards taylor, greeted her that way. most of all the feline just tried to slip into the crowd...or not. half way over there he made a b-line for an empty table.
[22:53] Ana Ka'rimah: broods like a proper 1940s detective film.
[22:54] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiles softly to Zelphine "Thank you. I have, at least for the evening, reserved myself to a lesser influencing and indomitable aural emission. I know that my darkness within can truly be the stuff of legend ... or the stuff of nightmares. Eitherway, still the same result." she said with a slight smile "You all look fantastic though. I am pleased to see you all in something else than just armor."
[22:56] Rose Nikki Draconis repositions herself at the fountain, taking a seat on the bench that faced the piano, sighing once more as she fixes her kimono up and stretches out some, rotating her ankles some to make them pop, reaching down to rub her ankles afterwards for a moment, then fix up the rest of her clothing before standing back up, staggering a bit as she blanked for a second.
[22:57] Aelwyn: giggles a little, looking down at himself before smiling to Cirdan. "I feel like you could still dress up if you wanted! I think you'd look plenty cute with the right getup and colors! Though, if you'll excuse me, I would like to see if I could get something taken care of." He'd give a bow to the group before heading over to Rose, giving a small wave. "Hello there!"
[22:57] Cirdan Levidensis peers around the group. "Ana, you know you can come sit over here right?" He shouts across the party at their brooding. "No point sitting by yourself over there."
[22:58] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a slight smile, looking down at the baht, "Hello hello, what can I do for you tonight?"
[22:59] Feya Wildcat reaches up and rubbed an eye as she actually felt drowsy for a moment, shaking her head slightly before stretching. "I'm going to have to call it a night everyone and head home. It's been a lovely evening and its great to see everyone on the team together once more."
[23:00] Alasdair waved to Feya. "No worries, Marm. Ya go'n get some rest if yer feelin' tired. Happy to have ya'n fer ya to sing fer us.
[23:00] Ana Ka'rimah: squints at Cirdan and just pours herself another glass of champagne. Number fiiiiive.
[23:00] Zelphine Alexander made a face, for a moment - then giggled; pointing at the Captain. "I can't... feel stuff like that like talented people can. I was talking about..." She'd make a vague, hourglass gesture with her hands - unsure of quite how to put it. "Well, ya just look good. And ya look like you've had a good time." She'd lean on the chair beside her for a moment; though she wouldn't fully take it - expecting Aelwyn to return. "The.. purple's never been scary until someone made ya make it scary. But I'm pretty sure anything in your paws would be scary if you had to level it at someone with intent."
[23:01] Fok Baelfang reached out for a glass which he placed in front of himself, soon followed by the bottle that was within his reach. poured himself a glass. what was this with grumpy felines sitting by themselves, drinking.
[23:01] Zelphine Alexander "And goodnight, Feya!"
[23:01] Cirdan Levidensis shrugs a little bit. "Can't say i didn't try..." He said with a little sigh...
[23:01] Feya Wildcat: "I might just do it again Alasdair. It felt wonderful to see everyone smile once more. Good night everyone."
[23:02] Aelwyn: "Sorry, I know you must be tired, but I was wondering if I could put together a public event in about four or five days, lasting only a handful of hours. If you'd like, I can come back say.. tomorrow, when you aren't too worn or, hopefully, busy." He gives a light smile, knowing what it's like to work hours and hours on end with no breaks.
[23:02] Alasdair clearly clammed up a bit as the subject at hand turned towards dark magicka but he wasn't making any comments. Just slowly sipping his cider with a furrowed brow. "Stay safe, apparently now we got dust rollin' in after the rains stopped."
[23:04] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiled softly to Feya "Stay safe outthere Feya. Thank you for coming tonight. A pleasure to see you again." she said and sipped to her drink again. After a moment she looked back to Zelphine again and she cleared her throat "Oh... Hehe. Well. Thank you. I appreciate it. And ... Anything in the right hand can become either a tool ... or a weapon." she said before she eased up to stand "Please have me excused for a moment." and then she walked over to sit at Ana's table. She didn't say anything but just sat down. Her pace had been that of an aristocrat and her seating was that of a baroness; very refined - though her intent was very clear
[23:04] Rose Nikki Draconis nods and offers a bow, "I can see what we can do, we are always open to reservations." She would return the smile.
[23:04] Avery McDayne: Hadn't eaten since she sat at the piano. pausing her playing she'd lift from her seat; hoping the silence wasn't awkward for the party. "I'll be right back dear~" she bid the piano and padded over to the food.
[23:06] Laython Codwell: He would get the door "Safe travels. I hope you enjoyed the Party" He would give a respectful bow
[23:06] Feya Wildcat went on ahead and made her exit..
[23:06] Ana Ka'rimah: sips from her glass of champagne as Taylor wanders over, and she glances over at them. "Evening, Captain." The feline says, flatly.
[23:08] Zelphine Alexander watched Taylor walk away with that curious look of hers; then wrinkled her nose at Aladair's information. "Sooo. Mud! Awesome." With two chairs now vacant, and a guard at the door, she'd flop herself into the nearest one and just... relax, for a few minutes - looking over Cirdan and Al with a warm smile. "How've you two been, anywho?"
[23:08] Aelwyn: smiles a bit wider, nodding happily. "Okay! Thank you. I was thinking of putting together a little new years party at the Red Tail, for those who don't already have a party to go to. How much would it cost to have an open bar for say.. four to five hours?"
[23:09] Alasdair refilled his glass with more cider, clearly he wasn't a wine person. "Yeah, it's not gonna be pleasant out there. An' I've been all right. Mostly focused on work'n cookin' like always. How's medical been treatin' ya? I ain't seen much of ya since I joined up. Suppose we're just workin' on different shifts."
[23:10] Rose Nikki Draconis scratches her chin. "I think just an open bar comes out to one and a half thousand an hour. I am not sure, but since its new years, so that is all I will ask."
[23:12] Zelphine Alexander dipped her head a few times, "I do miss the days and all the people I got to see! Buuut, yeah - since we have more people joining Medical lately, I've been focused on training them in that.. and Cadets through the Phases when I can... and then workin' the over-hours shifts so we have someone on-hand after the newer bodies have gone to bed." she'd answer. "But we're starting to get covered on that front, too, so... we'll see what the new year brings~."
[23:12] Fok Baelfang placed the glass against his lips, sipped some of the champagne. definitely made a face. wasnt long until the mytharii reached into his pocket to fish out a drone. it was tiny, expanded once out of the pocket. fok just reached for it, placed it on his tail to balance it. with nobody left around to stick to he just claimed tech stuff as company.
[23:12] Aelwyn: blinks a looks down a bit, then up, doing math in his head until the calculator function in his crafting implant kicked in. He nods looking around a bit. "Okay! Sounds good! Do you mind if I pay now? Or should I hold onto the funds until then?"
[23:13] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis raised her hand for a moment and upon placing the glass on the table, she manifested a cloth from thin air and gently dapped her lips before making it vanish again with the flick of a wrist "Goodevening Ana." she said before clearing her throat and she eased her hands down "I dare say that you seem slightly more disenfranchised with this fair evening; and I do not believe that it merely is the mere notion of a reprieve from duties this concerns." she said, conversing now with a more formal tone
[23:16] Rose Nikki Draconis shakes her head, "Wait until we finalize it." She would look for a moment towards the far table of guests, bowing to the bat, then moving go grab new bottles for the table, replacing anything that was empty on said table and bowing
[23:16] Riza stepped into the Red Tail and had a look around, smiling at the snow and pulling her Umbrella away before she hands it off at the entrance. She'd spot rose and gracefully move toward her, hips swaying side to side with her tail slowly curling left and right opposite of the motion of her hips. Her heels click along the floor as she moves and eventually stops there in front of Rose, offering her paw to her. "Good evening, love. So sorry for coming at this ridiculous hour. I had interviews come up."
[23:17] Alasdair nodded. "Ah, that makes sense. I did see a few folks signin' up that seemed up fer medical work. I'm happy fer it though. We always need more boots on the ground that can keep someone stable till we get em to the hospital. That'n folks to patch me up is nice. I'm good at standin' in the way of fallin' rocks'n bullets but eventually that shit'll wear me down."
[23:17] Ana Ka'rimah: takes the now full bottle and moves to pour herself another glass. She snorts at Taylor. "This is a human holiday. Mytharii do not celebrate it. I am here because my position requires me to be, but all of this... merriment and holiday fervor is lost on me. It is not something that is native to Titan."
[23:18] Aelwyn: would nod as he was suddenly left alone, but stretches a little and looks around, thinking this would be a good time to depart, so he'd wave over to Cirdan and Al at least, before exiting
[23:19] Alasdair waved to Aelwyn with his free hand as he saw the bat departing. "Watch out fer the dust."
[23:19] Cirdan Levidensis waves to Aelwyn. "Stay safe on the way home!"
[23:19] Laython Codwell: He would get the door "Safe travels. I hope you enjoyed the Party" He would give a respectful bow
[23:20] Zelphine Alexander flashed a small grin at that; nodding her head. "'Eventually' being when most people have long run outta things to throw at'cha. We've not gotten in an active response together, yet, but I'm kinda lookin' forward to it." she'd admit - before glancing aside to briefly listen to the other conversations around the room - eyes turning to the redhead that had sauntered in. "... Whew. Now there's a woman who can wear a dress."
[23:20] Rose Nikki Draconis smiles to Riza and bows, taking said paw, "Oh no, I am happy you could make it, and I honestly get it, so no worries." She would smile more, then turn back to the table, her smile fading slightly, "Its a government 'holiday', in which the policing force is given an evening to enjoy the finer things as thanks for putting their lives on the line. We are not here to celebrate anything other than your hard work, as Col-Sec and EarthGov." She would resume her smile and turn to Riza once more, "What can I do for you dear?"
[23:20] Aelwyn: "I will! Have a nice night!" He'd call out before departing.
[23:22] Alasdair shrugged slightly. "As much as I do enjoy a good scrap it's just a shame that we always get into the worst kinds of em with. But yeah, I'd love to see yer medical work in the field some time. I've a feelin' we'd have some damn good synergy." He turned his head to see what Zel was looking at before nodding in agreement. "Certainly looks good on em. THough the outfit reminds me of somethin' I can't put my finger on."
[23:22] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis clears her throat "You're not dutybound to be here Ana. While you might feel it as such, this is a very formal event hosted by..." she gestured to the side "Miss Draconis and the RedTail establishment. There is quite literally nothing that 'could' happen, first of all, second of all, the establishment does not at all cater to the behavior which Internal Affairs would be interested in finding." she said before resting her cane against her chair "But I would like to hear your opinion on this."
[23:25] Ana Ka'rimah: shakes her head. "As a member of the Command team you know full well that our presence is required as a face of the department in some places. How would it be if we didn't bother to show up to an event held in our honor? News channels are always watching..." Heaving a great sigh, she massages her forehead. "What do you need my opinion on, precisely, Captain?"
[23:31] Riza smiled quite warmly to Rose, leanign forward and kissung ther air at one side of her face and then the other. "Always, my dear. You really know how to make a beautiful party, every time. We really ought to put our heads together sometime on one and..." she'd twitch her ears a moment and look around Rose toward Ana. "You're a native of Titan, Ana?" she asked with her tail curling about her own hips and waist.
[23:32] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis took a deep breath "As it stands Ana, I feel that you have a generally stoic and dutyfilling attitude towards these instances of public appreciation of us, to the point where your demeanor negatively influences others interactions of you as a person. True, due to my choices of Magika, and my choices of association and social status, I do not have a network which allows me to ... What's the term... Ah yes." she paused for a moment and waved her hand "Conduct illicit interactive actions with an individual of questionable social status and affiliation. But you appear to take the notion of policework 'far' too serious and I am beginning to strongly question your morality on how you view our subordinates. Yes. A certain degree of decorum and social considerate actions is most certainly warranted regardless of locale, however, the moment you start watching them like a hawk ..." she paused and took the glass which contained her drink and held it with her left hand - the drink itself turned crimson red "... You
[23:32] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis: are pushing the boundary between job ... and unconditional devoted dedication..."
[23:36] Zelphine Alexander brought a few fingers up to her chin; staring at the new arrival from behind for a moment or two. "Hrm... Kinda does..." she'd agree - no doubt trying to wrack her memory for a valid 'where'. Eventually, she'd just roll her shoulders and shake her head - shrugging out of her little coat while she got more comfortable and poured herself a drink. "Dunno. Might hang around a while just so she has some people perform for, by this hour."
[23:36] Ana Ka'rimah: focuses on Taylor, her good pupil constricting ever so slightly. "With all due respect, Captain, it is the duty of IAB to act as oversight of every officer, including the Colonel and below. I am sure I don't need to explain to you precisely why, considering you were here for Cain's tenure, and know exactly what I do about the extent of his... illicit endeavors." The muscles in her neck tighten. "Did you think it would all simply dissipate when he left? Did you think there would be no more? IAB's duty is to ensure that protocol is being followed, irregardless of circumstance - we are not here to make friends. So long as officers follow policy, there is nothing to worry about - but they are not machines, are not perfect, and infallible. And no one else is going to hold them accountable."
[23:38] Rose Nikki Draconis twitches her ears some, sighing as she hears taylor start speaking, she turns to Riza and nods, "Of course, we do have the blue bloods gala coming up in the coming months." She offered a smile, but continued to listen.
[23:39] Alasdair looked around the room. "Yeah, the place cleared out pretty quick once the seal was popped an' the first person left." The giant downed the last of his cider before refilling his glass yet again making a concerted effort to not stare down Zels cleavage now that her coat was off.. "Considerin' it's a nice fancy ball I'm guessin' we might get some singin' or takin' the piano away from Avery. I ain't goin' anywhere though, least I don't have plans to. My evenin' was empty till this came up."
[23:40] Fok Baelfang flattened his ears at the mention of sylus. he just drank away on the same glass, slowly. didnt want to get drunk after all. that cat simply couldnt handle alcohol. he was the type to get an emotional breakdown when he took it to far. "hmmn...:"
[23:40] Cirdan Levidensis rolls his eyes a little at the conversation going on with Taylor and Ana.... He reached for the wine and poured himself another glass with a sigh. "Pppff If Ana had her way every officer but her wouldn't be allowed to have sex with anyone ever, we'd be required to be.... whats the word.... Celibate! Thats it."
[23:43] Avery McDayne: In between songs she'd glide a hand over the piano and sigh longingly at its beauty~
[23:45] Riza gloved paw came up, pointing at Cirdan and snapping with a shapr 'CRACK' in the air. Good knuckles on that cat, apparently. With a smile she'd nod her head. "Cirdan has a bit of a point, though perhaps... their aim is a bit off on the comment's direction," she bows her head to Rose. "One moment, dear," she said quietly, "timing is everything and all." Then, Riza shifted on her platformed stilettos with a smile. "Miss, Ana, speaking of those policies... I had given my concerns to one Kaylee quite some time ago? They'd promised to hand them up the chain of command to the director to meet with Kiba and I... on the matter of our notable loss of business since the fear of a certain black cat was struck into the many hearts of ColSec men and women? We've seen very little of many of them. I think all manner of policies regarding intimate behavior while off duty should be obliterated. Lest my efforts for bringing to life a ColSec Appreciation night every week will be sorely wasted."
[23:46] Zelphine Alexander nodded along with what Alasdair had to say on the notion of not having anything else planned for that evening. "Yeah, preeeetty much the same for me. The off-period today was.. the most time off I've taken since I joined, I think." she'd muse; before tilting her head with a curious glance towards Cirdan - and then another peer towards the other side of the room. She'd consider this a moment, then shake her head. "I don't know.. she trikes me as the type to ollow her own policy as best she can." She'd snicker some; though it was kind of a... telling complaint. "Though.. I think most of us kinda are celibate just by circumstance." She'd motion to herself. "Liiike.. All of my friends are the people I work with at HQ. The only time I got any in the months I've been workin' were with the one time I hired an escort. And.. a brief fling with another officer. Which was reported n' seen to."
[23:47] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis merely halflidded her eyes; though only one was really visible. It was changed - it was how it used to be; The Eye of Ruin. Her smile grew slightly warmer "EarthGOV Intelligence Agency will too when it is warranted..." she stated whilst staring right back at Ana. she was alarmingly calm and sipped to her drink before she cleared her throat "Sylus ... And yes. I refuse to use his last name as it truly is disgusting and is not really used in our higher class of society ... outside of a kennel... He was truly the most questionable and vehemently disgusting individual I have come across. I have more respect for Blizz from the Junkhounds than I do him, but that is because I can at least trust Blizz to do something with certainty. But I digress." she eased the glass back unto the table "I am fully aware of what the duties of internal affairs are, Ana. But ask yourself where the boundary is. The regulations are there, yes. But internal affairs will not, for that sake, be allowed to encroach on officers private
[23:47] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis: lives. As for investigating the directors... That will be handled by the respective Command Sergeant Major... They have also been fully notified by myself given Tabika Kyrees would, at the time, be considered a biased individual and it thus befell my duty to forward said notion..." she said and looked back up to Ana "But nonetheless, If you find this evening too ... inadequate for you, then you may excuse yourself. I am intending on staying till the party ends, as Command's representative along with Cirdan. We do afterall, have multiple SRT members present, so there will not be a threat either, which we cannot handle."
[23:49] Rose Nikki Draconis simply stands quietly at this point.
[23:50] Alasdair shrugged. "Well, with the alert my schedule may as well just read 'Stand in Tower' until that shit changes. Fun times. I'm a... jus' gonna bow outta the talk on policy though. Imma obey it an' leave it at that. Back on the topic of medical, how's the medbay supplies lookin'? Do ya know if ya need anythin' in particular fer the rookies?"
[23:50] Fok Baelfang piped up "officers can be intimate off duty, but as a force and representation of earthgov they should not show themselves in that degrading way in public. if they take it to private rooms where nobody can see em, its fine. there are simply some high standards that should not be trampled. a high standard like the image of an individual of col-sec regarding public view. we aint stripper cops"
[23:51] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis gestured to Fok "Exactly.. In private." she said as addendum
[23:52] Ana Ka'rimah: holds a hand up to Riza. "Firstly, Captain, do not presume to tell me what I can and cannot investigate. I wrote the regulations for IAB, and I gave them sweeping authority and immunity for a reason - and they are subordinate to no one, for a reason. If you have nothing else, Captain, I would very much not like having this conversation with you anymore. If you have issues with the way policy is written you know who you can talk to - it isn't me." Then, she turns to the stripper, and says, "What you think is no concern to me. Fraternization is prohibited except where deliberated on a case-by-case business and it does not cease to apply when off-duty. Strippers, I do not care about. Behavior in public, I do. And rest assured, no one is as afraid as you say. There have been plenty of cases in recent memory."
[23:54] Zelphine Alexander nodded to Alasdair a second time; smiling still. "I'll talk about it - but at the end of the day... yeah, pretty much that. There are reasons for it and I'm gonna follow 'em." she'd agree; before pursing her lips at the rather unexpected question. She'd lean back - tuning out the ocnversation on the other side of the room to actually reflect on it seriously. ".. Hm.. We always need more basic stims of all three grades. Getting them hasn't been as easy since Istopped working for Chimera. With more Cybernetic officers active, we should probably be stocking more repair-parts, too. Beyond that..." She'd pause again. "I think we're pretty covered. We're getting more Blue Phages than Surgeons, lately, so we actually don't use a whole lot in terms of disposable tools."
[23:57] Alasdair sighed and scratched his chin. "Ah, fer those stims'n kits I'm afraid I can't really help there. I use my own stock fer myself. I just got some extra tools'n such an' figured I'd donate em rather'n just sit on em. But that is a good reminder fer me to start carryin' tools fer cybernetics as well, it's easy ferget a medical hypo ain't gonna do much fer a synth." The giants voice trailed off and he looked towards the door. "Do... do ya know where the public medical workbench is? Cause currently I'm in the same boat needin' a proper doc to make my medicine."
[23:59] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis nods "Who watches the watchers, Ana? Ask yourself that question. But as it stands, I have made my points clear. Besides, the notions I have had on my mind, have already been forwarded to the relevant sources Ana. But as you said; You already have made up your mind." she said and excused herself in a dignified manner "Have a good evening Ana. I will see you on duty tomorrow, when we reach lunch." she said with that still polite smile and turned to walk along the way, just briefly stopping to vie EIDE a polite nod and smile, then eased over to the table she was at
[00:01] Fok Baelfang also made a face at that outburst regarding the former security director. talk about sensitive topics.....that was something he really couldnt stand to hear "i think its bestto just shut up and stop this topic in public......at least get a grip in front of earthgov corporate.....yall gonna get fired for this sorta public display." and swoop, he finished his glass. fok just watched taylor when she retreated "thanks" followed by a defeated sigh.
[00:01] Zelphine Alexander sighed, herself, and shook her head with an annoyed wrinkle of her nose. "I keep hearing there *is* one; and I keep lookin' - but so far, I've not been able to find anything suitable outside of Chimera for puttin' together these kinds of things. " She'd nod. "If they're a bio-organic, the stims are fine - but if they're fully mechnical... yeah. It won't hurt - it just.. won't help, either. Luckily, the car shop sells a lot of stuff that works to that purpose."
[00:02] Riza raised an eyebrow to that hand being raised to her... and then to Fok. Fok would get it first. Hand on her hip and tossing her hair back behind her shoulder, she didn't even turn her body toward's fok, only her head as her eyes cast down on his small frame and then back up to his face. "I'm a stripper and I am fairly certain I am viewed of a much higher standard than a tiny twerp-cat that does little more than brood and shit-talk everyone else in a stripper club, even those who defend that little shit against their own staff," she'd shake her head. "Funny how doing something natural to the organic body is trampling on degrading themselves, but acting like a piece of shit barnacle goose in public and just being an overall nuisance and burden to others is perfectly fine."
[00:05] Rose Nikki Draconis half-whimpers, kinda standing in the middle of all of the metaphorical gunfire. ;-;
[00:05] Ana Ka'rimah: feels the muscles in her neck tighten all the more. "Officer Taylee is more than capable of that; just because you don't like a ruling doesn't mean it is wrong, Captain. Remember that." Adjusting herself in her seat, she reaches for the champagne bottle again before Riza interrupts her. "You are entitled to your opinion. Give it to someone who wants to hear you waste breath on it."
[00:05] Alasdair nodded. "Yeah, pretty much every bit of medical trainin' is half doc'n half mechanic these days. Even folks that're entirely organic usually got so much cyberware in em ya STILL need to know how to repair mechanical an' electrical components to a small degree. Or at least keep it from meltin' down. Had that happen to a fella once, the internal batteries started to overheat'n melt some components so I had to get the whole rig shut down' an' cooled before it burnt itself out along with all the organic tissue it was attached to. Not fun." The giant then sighed heavily. "Then my search fer that illusive bench continues. I got a bunch of medigel I want to put together to help deal with poison'n heavy bleedin'."
[00:06] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis eased over to table and eased her way onto a chair and she looked to Rose "Miss Draconis. May I borrow a moment of your time?" she asked and looked back to the three at her table "See, these are the types of social activities I enjoy. Formal and generally pleasant of nature. Call me eccentric but when you reach this point in life, it has its attraction." she said with a chuckle
[00:07] Cirdan Levidensis set down his empty glass and leaned back in his chair. "Policy is as it's written not as you believe it. And i will see to it that anyone in my division is punished only for how policy is written, as punishment of people in my division falls on me."
[00:07] Fok Baelfang narrowed his eyes. he had enough of this....just grabbed his glass, refilled it "whoever invited that lass here, please make sure they keep it down or get removed from this party....this is a little insulting."
[00:08] Zelphine Alexander pursed her lips for a moment; reaching into her dress even while Al was speaking. She'd have to stand to find it - waving Rose over with her other hand to echo Taylor's invitation. "Just let them air it out... I... where did..." She'd continue patting herself over - then light up before drawing a small pouch. Where did she hide it? Who knew! But she'd hand it over to the giant, just the same. "A-ha! Well - until ya do; these should tide you over for a little bit." She apparently never went anywhere without at least her supplies.
[00:09] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Selandraste Resident's [Zelphine] gave <5> Medical_Gel to Trigali Resident's [Alasdair].
[00:10] Riza now had her turn to put her paw up in front of Ana. "It is not a privilege to speak AT you, ma'am, it is a RIGHT. Why? Because my tax dollars eventually make their way around to yuour vodka-drenched pockets before their disappear into the void of work-induced depression somewhere between your sweat and pizza stains."
[00:11] Riza "
[00:11] Riza "At least that is what I THOUGHT... public servant meant."
[00:12] Rose Nikki Draconis visually snaps, starting with just the twitch of an eye, smacking her tobacco pipe so hard against the nearest ashtray loud enough to dent the tray, the sound ringing in the air, her eyes shifting to a crimson color, growling a bit, "I think, that I have heard ENOUGH." she takes in a deep breath, her fur frazzled slightly, the sleek sheen gone, "I did NOT put all of THIS together in honor of all of your hard work for it to become the battleground of whether or not an officer should live the life of a monk. I did this because tensions are high, and even officers need a break. So please, if you are just going to sit there, and piss on everyone else's night, the door is in the front." She held her pose, clearly beyond angry at this point, before picking her pipe back up and lighting it once more.
[00:13] Alasdair gave Zel a wink. "Ah, much appreciated. My stock of the stuff was fairly low'n as a fella that relies on bein' able to regenerate an' endure a lotta pain, gettin' shut down completely by the right kinda poison ain't a fun time." The giants eyes widened a bit as he couldn't help but overhear Riza as she continued but he tried to keep his own conversation going instead but that quickly died off as the whole topic quickly consumed the whole room and he just poured himself some more cider.
[00:13] Laython Codwell: He Smiled but added nothing
[00:14] Fok Baelfang huffs. the disrespect was real. he simply continued to drink
[00:14] Cirdan Levidensis winces a little bit at that last one. "Riza, down girl..." He said with a snicker. "Why don't you come share a drink with is miss? We've got some nice Port wine over here."
[00:14] Ana Ka'rimah: just stares at Riza. "Present your ID chip for scanning. I'm going to be ticketing you for disorderly conduct." Rose is wholly ignored in their entirety; she didn't seem to really acknowledge the fact she was being blamed for other people deciding to bring up topics of conversation.
[00:15] Zelphine Alexander had stood, as well - excusing herself from the table to trot over to the group arguing at the other side of the room. If the red-clad Mytharii didn't prevent it - she'd set a hand on each of her shoulders; giving them a soothing squeeze between the muscles lining the shoulders and the slender neck between. "Puuublic also means acting with a measure of consideration to the people around ya." A nod to the frazzled Rose. "We're here to forget about this kinda stuff for a night - if ya wanna have it out; go ahead, just.... not in here, yeah? Otherwise.. let's get'cha some drinks and talk about that amazing dress of yours."
[00:15] Cirdan Levidensis rolls his eyes. "Ana Your not ticketing them for anything, you were asked to leave the party. Leave."
[00:17] Avery McDayne: Her playing became more quiet as she held the dim pedal and tilted her ear to listen to them.
[00:18] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis just sat there, professionally disinterested and smiling to Cirdan "All things considered, i would say that the evening has been rather successful. I am going to compensate miss Draconis appropriately for this event as well. It is a pleasant one..." then raised her head before she eased up to stand and brushed herself down "Gentlemen." she said politely to Cirdan and Al, then turned to ease over towards the assembly "Miss Alexander. Please have us excused for a moment... I'd like to share a word with the three fair ladies and the gentleman here." she said and leaned against her cane slightly
[00:18] Laython Codwell: "Welcome Please enjoy your self a Our gust tonight"
[00:19] Cirdan Levidensis sighs.
[00:19] Alasdair leaned in and whispered to Cirdan.
[00:19] Laython Codwell: "good to see you again"
[00:19] Fok Baelfang reached up to rub his temples. he got that headache again. was stressed out. still not fully recovered after all. all the bickering got to him. not even the drinks would help. he just kept quiet and let this shit happen right then and there
[00:20] Arshekath Pyronar: tips his hat to Laython and nods, taking a moment to look around the room "Fancy digs you got here
[00:21] Laython Codwell: "Please enjoy your self" He offers a smile
[00:21] Cirdan Levidensis whispered back.
[00:23] Rose Nikki Draconis takes a long drag on her pipe, then looks down to Taylor, staying her anger and responding in calm to her, "O-oh, ofcourse." She tried to smile to her, though her strain was clearly visible, bits of her strange aura starting to waver and leak past its normal domain of self.
[00:23] Arshekath Pyronar: heads further into the room and stops near the gathering of ladies near the piano "Good evening Ladies
[00:23] Riza just raised an eyebrow to Ana. "Ticketing me in public, at an event, after you've had how many drinks and are not /really/ on duty?" She'd clear her throat, but then felt Zelphine's hands on her shoulders. One gloved hand would reach Zelphine's before her rather feral eyes would raise back up to Ana. She'd speak calmly. "I used to look up to you. A lot. Now? I never want to hear you mention Titan or any claim to it ever again." She'd bow her head to Taylor and to Rose. "Forgive me, dear. I get a little heated sometimes when my profession is looked so down upon and talked about in so disgusting a manner."
[00:26] Ana Ka'rimah: rises from her chair and neatly tucks it in behind her. "I don't even know you, and I do not care either way"
[00:27] Zelphine Alexander gave her fingers a little wiggle; then pulled away when Taylor came up; nodding to her CO. "Understood." she'd murmur; but would toss a slight smile towards Riza before departing. "If you do your job well and people enjoy it - and there are posters of ya all over the Colony that say ya do... what a few people think doesn't matter. Some minds aren't gonna be changed no matter how good ya are." she'd murmur, before slipping away to greet Ashe with a lifted hand and a bright smile. "Hey, ya! You're lookin' sharp." And then to Avery - "And I didn't know you could play so well~."
[00:29] Avery McDayne: Didn't so much as care about anything; their words were as much entertainment as the keys she pressed upon the piano. "Thank you, I used to live in a house that had a piano just like this one... that was... a long time ago~" she said, claws poking at the keys gently.
[00:29] Fok Baelfang just reached forth to stuff that drone back in his pocket. the mytharii was probably thinking about leaving. at least he hurried to down the second glass of champagne
[00:30] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis carried on with her approach and upon stopping up, the short rodent raised her cane so fast that it made the 'swoosh' noise in a gesture to part the waters "Cease this immediately. We are attending a high class gala. This conduct is unfitting for this situation." her cane lowered again and she leaned against it "There will be no fines handed, there will be no reports, there will be none of such crude commoner denotations of people in general. As it stands, we are the guests here, at this gala. We are considered off duty and no scanner nor weapon will be drawn unless someone chooses to present themselves as a threat. That is an order. So if we are quite done conducting ourselves at such a level, please, have a drink, lean back ... and do not bring down the mood of any attendees." she stated whilst staring between the sides "... Enjoy yourselves... Whether you consider it celebration of tradition ... or appreciation..."
[00:32] Arshekath Pyronar: all these wonderfully dressed folks and not a single one dancing...tsk tsk...." He blinks at Zelphine and nods with a smile "thanks...I don't have many occasions to wear my old suit much
[00:34] Zelphine Alexander kept an ear slightly twisted towards the conversation behind her; thoug her attention was quite well fixed on those claws gently clinking away at the keys. "Was it hard to learn? It looks like it woulda been.." she'd hum; leaning against the side of the piano for a moment to just enjoy the music. "But it suuuure sounds like it paid off."
[00:35] Zelphine Alexander would also look over her hsoulder back to Arshe; flashing a grin and motioning over her own dress. "I get'cha - I don't exactly get into things like this often, either! It's nice to have a change of pace for a night."
[00:37] Avery McDayne: "It wasn't too hard; Piano is simple in practice. However, my hands are rather large and clumsy; makes it difficult so I use my claws to make fine strikes~" she said, the tips of her claws wrapped in surgical tape to stop her from marking up this wonderful, wonderful instrument! she turned to Arshe and smiled.
[00:38] Avery McDayne: "I tried to find someone who could make me a dress... Ive never worn one before: They don't make them my size." Her words turning to a spiteful mumble as she finished.
[00:41] Zelphine Alexander hummed a moment, at that. "I wonder if we could talk Corporate into putting a piano and a few other things into the Tower somewhere. Easy access to some more.. creative hobbies for officers to pursue in the downtime would help some with all the tension." She'd mull over that a moment, then shrug. "I'm sure there's a tailor somewhere in the Colony that can suit ya - I've seen bigger! And ya'd probably give mine competition."
[00:42] Arshekath Pyronar: tips his hat to Avery and smiles "good to see you Miss Avery...and nice outfit!
[00:43] Riza just solemnly nodded toward Taylor before she brought her chin back up and pulled her long red hair back to show the pink collar around her neck to Ana. The old, familiar slave collar with the name blazened in pink neon lights across her throat that read as 'Ajanu.' And then she'd toss her hair back behind her as she turned around and click-clacked across the room toward Cirdan and Al with a warm smile, unless stopped.
[00:45] Avery McDayne: She missed a note almost immediately after hearing that a missplaced *DINK* emitting before she prompty regained her composure and began playing calmly once more.

"I-I wouldnt be ageist s-such an idea." she said, measured excitement at the thought of having permanent access to such a GLORIOUS and fine instrument~

Oh what a life.
[00:47] Rose Nikki Draconis blinks some and sighs, smoothing her fur out and waiting, taking another long and unhealthy drag from her pipe. "Thats.. all I asked for." she stated, sighing once more.
[00:47] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis looked to Riza with a risen brow for a moment and sending them the 'glance' - That glance which was the noble scolding before she looked back ahead of herself once more, just standing and leaning on her cane
[00:48] Ana Ka'rimah: tilts her head. Her whiskers twitch, and a wistful smile takes hold on her features. Glancing down at her watch, she chortles quietly. Fourty-seven. My, my. "You know what, Captain," she begins, glancing over at Riza before shifting her attention back to Taylor. "You are absolutely right. I miss the days when I served under the man who hated me. Things were different, then. Maybe for the better." Reaching up, she moves her hand to her lapel. "So let me give you, and Cirdan over there, a Christmas gift that I know both of you will appreciate." Unfastening her Lieutenant rank pin, she sets it on the table - and takes off her officer's cap, placing it gently beside the pin. "There was a time when that meant something. But I guess it's true what they say - things change, and people like me, we aren't needed anymore. Things have changed, haven't they? Department 202 needs help, more than I can give, and more than it is willing to receive. Help I no longer wish to give. Goodnight, Captain Levidensis." Adjusting
[00:48] Ana Ka'rimah: her dress uniform, she turns to head towards the door.
[00:49] Zelphine Alexander giggled gently at that reaction; then smiled back at Arshe and rolled her shoulders. "I'll see who I can pass the idea to. If we can't put it in the tower, maybe I could pick up one of those new rentals and.. open a little music store, maybe?" She certainly had the credits to spare for such a venture. "Mm.. But I'll let'cha two catch up - it's nice t osee you both!" she'd bid, before briefly moseying over to Rose. "Feeling all right?" she'd ask.
[00:51] Avery McDayne: Would nod as a goodbye gesture; though it seemed Zelphine wouldn't see it... and it felt like a shame to call out to her and ruin such music... Instead she played. Played and smiled.
[00:52] Rose Nikki Draconis would turn some, striking her pipe against the dented ashtray and sighs heavily, watching Ana act, then turning back to Taylor with a slight frown.
[00:52] Fok Baelfang pursed his lips. and spoke up "ana ya cant do this.....dont....." well he was legit lost by now. knew what her quitting meant for IA.
[00:52] Cy was evidently still standing in the corner holding an empty champagne glass. Maybe he'd spent the last several hours playing games on his cybernetics or something, but he was still vaguely tuned in.
[00:53] Arshekath Pyronar: comes up abit closer to the piano, looking at the internal strings for a minute before looking to Avery "Some fine playing there Avery...Heh...I tried to learn one of them things once...just wasn't my thing...though I can play a guitar halfway decently...This tune have a name?
[00:53] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis remained standing there and merely just raised her head "I am afraid I cannot accept that choice Ana. They will be waiting on the Sergeant Major's desk for when you change your mind. This has nothing to do with what people want, as I am sure there are some who do not want me in the position I am in, but it is something we will all have to accept." she said but did not seem to move at all otherwise and merely just maintained that neutral expression on her face
[00:56] Avery McDayne: "Iran Mosko's wind gale in G" she said simply her attention mostly on the piano and it almost seemed like she wasnt paying attention before sh piped "-I tried to learn the guitar... my claws cut the cables..." her words slow and a distracted tone underneath them.
[00:59] Ana Ka'rimah: steps over to the door with a brisk pace. "I won't be in to collect them, Captain. Accept it or not, it doesn't matter to me. Have a pleasant evening." The airlock slides open with a hiss and she steps out into the Red Tail, letting it shut behind her. Whoosh.
[01:00] Riza made her way on over toward Cirdan and Al's table since she was not stopped. She said nothing to Ana's departure, she just smiled to the two she came up to and bowed her head. "Evening, you two. I miss you both so much..." she looked up to Al. "Especially you, big guy. Your presence is needed at the Neon Demon more often."
[01:00] Arshekath Pyronar: nodsnods, listening while watching Avery play "Yeah I use althletic tape on mine to avoid that...You know Avery...this is the 1st time I've ever seen you in civvies...I was beginning to think you never went off duty" He says with a chuckle
[01:01] Fok Baelfang now officially had this evening ruined. he was distressed. ana quitting meant ia would crumble back to the minimum. he would have to sit down with taylee, couldnt quit no more himself, the pressure rose once again. fok blank faced. stared down his glass
[01:01] Cirdan Levidensis raised an eyebrow, but chose to keep their mouth shut for the time being. Waving Riza over to join them for a drink. He'd pour them a glass of wine. "Well stated over there" He said offering them a glass. "As for me.... well... i need to make an appearance more often... the ND's my favorite spot to drink but lately i've been so busy i haven't been down there, believe me i miss your lovely company."
[01:02] Avery McDayne: Paused her playing to slowly raise her Carpi Sun to her mouth -void-
[01:02] Rose Nikki Draconis would sigh heavily, "Im so sorry that the party turned into this, this isn't what I envisioned at all, and.. frankly, its kinda disheartening. I do hope the rest of the night is enjoyable at least though."
[01:03] Alasdair gave Riza a small apologetic shrug. "Sorry, work's keepin' me more'n a lil occupied these days. I'd be pickin' up more shifts over at the Demons doors if I had the time or comin' in fer a drink. But how has the place been? I've been tryin' to keep up with the notices when they roll out. Somethin' happen with Marshals?"
[01:04] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis merely just stepped over to pick up the items placed and stored them in a reserved bag which she placed in her inner pocket "She will be back. Of that, I am sure." she said after a moment and turned to Rose with a polite nod "This aside, this evening has been an absolute dream and I must compliment you on your choice of setting and logistical setup. It has been pleasant." she said before she sturned to ease over towards the other table, but along the way - stopped. Her gaze briefly turned towards Fok "This is not the first time we have had this happen. That is why I am not all that concerned." she said after a moment
[01:04] Zelphine Alexander offered Rose a smile; shaking her head. "It's not your fault in the slightest. It was our night to mar.... and it's still our night to enjoy!" She'd purse her lips, though - looking to the left-behinds on the table... then to Fok.. then to the door. "... Whatever happens from there, that's for tomorrow to decide."
[01:05] Rose Nikki Draconis nods some, picking up the dented ashtray, and sighing, moving to the supply crates and replacing it, setting the new one on the table where she took the old on, then inspected her pipe for damage, just considering how hard she slammed it into the tray.
[01:08] Fok Baelfang just grabbed his glass and moved further away. he got legit upset there. a LOT happened, this topped it. he moved swiftly to the last table to just sit there. he was struggling to not start crying right then and there.
[01:09] Arshekath Pyronar: You been at this piano all night Miss?" He asks briefly, turning and giving a polite not to Cy nearby against the wall
[01:10] Cy pinches his cap to Kath, then purses his lips some as he see's Fok look rather crestfallen, and steadily clanks his way on over to him, "Want some more champagne?" He queries him, "You look like yer gonna fold up into a ball and get stuck there." He offers. Evidently with no context he wasn't going to offer magic, but the roboposs offers a warm smile all the same.
[01:11] Riza leaned down and kissed Cirdan's cheek and gave his chin a scritch. "You had better. You need to unwind, after all..." she'd bring her eyes up to Al and grin. "You too. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help bring you around more?"
[01:12] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis merely carried on and stopped over at the table at last "Well. That was rather dull." she murmured before she shook her head "I am not appreciative of that outcome but alas alea iacta est..."
[01:12] Avery McDayne: "From the moment I stepped in: I used to love playing..." she said, almost with sorrow; knowing that soon she'd have to leave it again~
[01:14] Fok Baelfang gulped. he simply remained silent for the most part, considering his brain wasnt 'up to date'. the cat almost jumped when someone spoke up. he zoned out enough to not see the lad approach. "no.....if i drink any more im gonna cry myself to sleep. its already bad as it is." well he was honest....not one to lie to people. perhaps that got him killed-
[01:14] Alasdair shook his head. "Not that I can think of, the service there has always been to my likin'. Maybe make the bathhouse a little deeper?" The giant gave Riza a cheeky grin, it was obvious he was just kidding with that one. "It's just a matter of time. Too much work, not nuff hours in the day. Once this whole pirate fiasco is handled though I sure as shit am gonna be takin' some extra time off. Unless of course we immediately rebound into a NEW set of problems. That happens a lot."
[01:15] Zelphine Alexander dipped her head in agreement with Al. "Yeah.. basically that. Maybe a few more escorts... goodness knows I could use some relief when all this blows over.." she'd mutter. "Legal relief!"
[01:16] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Laython Codwell (Lustfulpride Resident) has used <1> coffee.
[01:16] Arshekath Pyronar: been at it that long you should get paid for being the entertainment...or at least tips...heheh....Don't mind me and my bad humor...ahh well I'll stop pesterin you and letcha play
[01:16] Laython Codwell: He sips from his thermis
[01:16] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis looked to Al "Well. Perhaps it is time for us to head home as well Al? I am feeling less sprite than I usually am" she said after a moment
[01:17] Cy moves to steadily plant his ass on the table, making it creak slightly with the extra weight of all the cybernetics. He smiles idly down to Fok, giving him a few teeth on his grin, "Nn, probably for the best. Maybe best to not mope much, go someplace else? If you ain't been reviewed by medical yet, great excuse to get some space. I'm Cy, by the way. Forgot if I ever introduced myself." He says, extending his hand, evidently wanting to change tracks and topics.
[01:18] Cirdan Levidensis blushes softly at the kiss on the cheek, he'd take their hand if allowed and kiss them gently on the top of the hand. "I'll make sure to come by when im all cleared from the hospital... Or perhaps for new years.... a new years party there could be fun." He gave a small yawn after that. "Though i should get back to the hospital... they're going to want to make sure i didn't over exert myself today."
[01:18] Rose Nikki Draconis sighs a little and starts to gather up the stuff from the tables that have no guests, cleaning and tidying as she went, rocking her head to and fro some.
[01:18] Avery McDayne: "Wait~" she said, stopping her playing for a moment as she reached out, pausing she'd let her hand fall back to the keys once more. "I haven't really talked to anyone all night.. besides Nobu and hes... well... nobu." she trailed off in the bliss of music...
[01:20] Arshekath Pyronar: puts his hands in his pockets and stands there, looking around the room again "Thanks to whoever hosted this...it was a nice change of pace " Kath turns back to Avery at her speaking up "MMmm?...ehhh...don't even get me started on Nobu..." he says with a wry smirk. "But if you wanna talk I'm here okay?
[01:22] Fok Baelfang leaned awkwardly back when that hand was offered. very touch sensitive "fok....baelfang. i just got....out of the hospital...some bird nurse...aelwyn? (or whatever that name was sssshhhhh) they got me out of there. dont think i ever talked to you......and if i did, im probably lacking memory.....so.....external review, not internal."
[01:24] Riza "smiled and gave Cirdan NO chance to resist. "Very well. A new year's party and you and Al will both be there? Done! Theme already decided and you are the first two names on the guest list," she winked. "Fail to show up? And you will lose all VIP and employee benefits for six months." She'd pat Cirdan on the head. "See you then! Goodnight, now."
[01:24] Cy doesn't seem to let it phase him as his hand goes into his pocket, "Right yeah. I think I know em'. Good to meetcher Fok" He comments idly, "And that's what I meant. External review, give you a check or summin'. Then you go get some sleep in the barracks, or go home or summin'. Cuz' you ain't doing yourself any favours if all y'doing is sitting around dwellin' on shit."
[01:25] Alasdair downed the last of his cider in a single swig before nodding. "Sure, Love. It's near time fer me to get some sleep as well so it works out. I'll carry ya home." He slowly circled around the table before offering a hand for the mouse to climb up into. As Cirdan roped them both into the new years party he just glared a bit over at him. "Good'un. Leftenant. Well, I was probably gonna go anyway, long as there ain't shit explodin' ya can expect a visit. What's the theme fer the party?"
[01:27] Avery McDayne: "where were you all day?' she questioned, taking some glances towards him in between getting herself reoriented.
[01:27] Fok Baelfang flattened his ears. it got a tad to personal for his taste. he generally was a mistrusting fella "dont need no checkup now though. was ordered to get my ass on the treadmill but i aint gonna do that when i just downed champagne. thats fucking suicide." however, the second part had him think for a moment "no home, i live in the barracks. much safer. but i rather not go there and just flop into bed...cause at least here i aint seeing the same depressing colors over and over...:"
[01:28] Cirdan Levidensis snickers softly and nods. "Alright then i'll make sure to show up." He said before looking up at Al. "Can you take me back to the hospital?" he asked
[01:28] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis eased up into the wolf's grasp and nods "We'll sleep together tonight." she said before she chuckled "If they go, I go." she said after a bit
[01:30] Arshekath Pyronar: shrugs "Don't really have a good excuse...I've just been at home relaxing...Didn't have a date for this party so I felt abit awkward showing up stag...But curiosity got the better of me and since its late...I figured I'd at least stop by for a short bit...To be frank I wasn't expecting to see you here tonight...
[01:30] Cy shrugs lightly to him at that, "You do you mate." He offers rather simply as he then moves to slump down into one of the cushy chairs, "I just meant a look over your basics, make sure you're healin' fine and all that. But if you wanna hang around here n'try to cheer yourself up some that's fine too." He says with a little sniff, "Eh, sleep does wonders for you if you let it." He comments idly, rubbing his forehead a tad, before giving up, "Want me to sod off? I can be proper boring company if you don't wanna chat."
[01:31] Zelphine Alexander retreated from the table after a few moments to assist Rose with cleaning and - it seemed - putting things away! Right into the ungodly hours of the morning, if her character had to.
[01:31] Rose Nikki Draconis looks longingly to the fountain and the many wine bottles before going over and taking a seat on the bench, leaning back some and huffing, having brought an ashtray with her for her pipe, tapping it out some and rubbing her head.
[01:32] Avery McDayne: "I'd normally be in medical... but I was ordered to do some 'R&R'" she admited before adding, "I was the only medical officeron shift... didn't seem right to go home~"
[01:34] Fok Baelfang sighed "you aint boring but super chatty.....just aint around chatty folks a bunch so...might as well get desensitized" he wasnt trying to be rude there....he just had that wastelandy touch to him. not skilled with wording. "so you work at the medical branch...since when?"
[01:35] Arshekath Pyronar: Everyone's got a right to live Avery...can't expect you to be on duty 24/7...not even Cyber's do that...
[01:36] Cy snerks to him at that, "Oh yeah, I gotta proper motormouth. I mean." He frowns, checking his jaw, "I don't think there's a motor there. I got a lot've work done." He says with a snicker, looking back to him and tilting his head a little, "Good to get used to em'. But I can stow it, I'm used to that too." He nods, "Week or so." He says with a huff, "It's good work."
[01:38] Avery McDayne: "I was designed for this.. and Med-bay is my second home." she said simply, the splicer unphased by his attempts at reason.
[01:39] Fok Baelfang kept an eye on the possum. intrusive as heck. ".....you dont look really....cybernetic. but judging by the fact that you almost crushed the table i suspect there is more to it than your legs and tail...and arms..." fok rubbed his temples once again. the headache got on his nerves, literally "that aint very long. fairly new then....."
[01:40] Arshekath Pyronar: headshakes "designed or not...you still got a right to do what you wanna do on your own free time Avery...I mean, if thats what you wanna do...then go for it...but ehhh...even I get bored...I mean, who doesn't?
[01:41] Alasdair gave the mouse an affectionate squeeze as he picked him up and tucked him in the crook of one arm. "See ya folks. Thanks fer yer playin Avery. Thanks fer hostin' the event Rose. An' I'll see ya at the new years party Riza. Here's hopin' it'll stay quiet until then."
[01:43] Avery McDayne: Also as an answer to him she'd smile at Alasdair's thanks and bit him a farewell nod~! "-I'm not bored now... I like simple things like this... I think maybe it I could start over and choose my own life... I'd be a musician~' she mused, stopping a moment to rub the side of the piano's glossy finish.
[01:44] Rose Nikki Draconis sighs heavily, relaxing by the fountain, looking around some and smoking her pipe still.
[01:45] Arshekath Pyronar: nods to Avery and grins "actually..you still could do that if you wanted to...The Casino is always hiring talent for gigs...I used to do that back in Dawn years ago...Would be fun to play some tunes with ya
[01:45] Riza turned and bowed to both Taylor and Al. "Do take care, you two. PLease be safe and yes, I will have to actually organize it. I promise that you will be excused from any security duties while there, Ale, so that you can come with your family. Have a good night."
[01:46] Alasdair gave Riza a wink. "Ah, thanks fer that. Makes it a bit easier to actually attend rather'n work security. Dunno if Talia'd be up fer it but I can certainly bring Taylor'n Cirdan along." He then waved to everyone and carried the mouse with him out the door.
[01:46] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis smiled warmly to Riza "It is much appreciated. With recent events, I think ending the year -not on duty- would be a big bonus for me, and getting to spend it with Al would be wonderful
[01:46] Laython Codwell: He would get the door "Thank you for coming i hope you enjoyed your self" He would offer a small bow
[01:46] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis: "
[01:47] Alasdair gave a nod to Laython as he headed out the doors. "I did, ya have a good'un now."
[01:48] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis dipped her head to the doorman and smiled "Thank you for tonight. Send my compliments to the organizer. I will be seeing them tomorrow."
[01:48] Laython Codwell: he stil held the door smiling
[01:48] Laython Codwell: he let the door close
[01:50] Cy snerks a little, "Lots of sytnh fur. I'm kind've a vain asshole, yeah? Lots of my internals are either heavily augmented or completely replaced. Lots of augments. Nerves all rewired, blood pumped with extra help. Heart kinda mostly not there." He shrugs, "It works fine for me either way." He muses, "Yeah, but I'm ex-merc. I know my business."
[01:53] Fok Baelfang would nod in return, he listened. was responsive despite the fact that he was super shaken up "ah, so you are only mostly cyberneticly augmented, not a complete cyber lad. fair." fok swished his tail a little, almost as if he would swat a fly. nervous for sure "merc....? ya been on earth all your life or did you migrate here from another planet?"
[01:54] Cy nods lightly as he continues to yammer about whatever felt good to talk about, "Yeah. I mean, I'm pretty much 80% synthetic bullshit. Got a lot of my basics still there but. I hugged a bomb, what can you expect?" He says with a snicker, nodding to that, "Yeah, have been. The aforementioned hugging incident got me out of that line for a good few years. Been on Earth this whole time."
[01:55] Avery McDayne: "I might be good at playing, but I'll never be THAT good; this fingers are too big, I can only play slow peices..." she said, before adding "-and it'd be a shame to waste the only things ive been given~" refuring to her medical knowledge...
[01:56] Laython Codwell: he typed on his comuncator
[01:56] Arshekath Pyronar: wouldn't have to quit mediciny stuff...just as an occassional side gig...and judging by what I'm hearing tonight...you'd be fine
[01:59] Fok Baelfang grimaced "hmmn not a pleasant way to....get things handled....hope its been worth it though....sounds like ya bit the grass in line of duty. happens.....i for once just try to wrap my head around things too....apparently the corsairs play a role but i aint entirely certain what part....so i gotta dig.....when i recovered. miss kyrees sorta forbid that i get into it at this point."
[02:01] Arshekath Pyronar: shrugs and yawns "I'm getting tired here myself Miss Avery...I'm gonna head on home okay? " The raptor then takes a moment and writes something down on a small piece of note paper from a small tablet he had in a pocket. He then places the folded sheet of paper next to the standing sheet music and turns to leave
[02:01] Avery McDayne: Stopped, finally after hours. "Maybe I could..." she said before looking up to him. "Im rather hungry; have you eaten yet?" she questioned.
[02:01] Cy snerks a tad, "It was shit at the time. Everythings shit at the time." He comments musingly, "But it got better. I got better." He shrugs to Fok, "And everything does eventually figure out." He offers with a grin back over to him. He nods lightly to Fok, "Best to keep your head low while you get your things sorta or summin'. It ain't bad advice."
[02:02] Rose Nikki Draconis taps her ashes out of her pipe and sighs once more, packing some new tobacco into the end and giving a few puffs to spread the embers and light the new batch.
[02:03] Arshekath Pyronar: normally I'd be all over that Avery...but I can barely see straight right now...though I'd be all up for breakfast after I've had a few winks?
[02:04] Fok Baelfang shook his head "it would be...good to get that knowledge as soon as possible though...they took over the undercity.....and garret just....sorta almost killed my sister at the hospital."
[02:06] Avery McDayne: "Alright~" she relented and standing close the cover to the piano. 'I suppose it is late~' she agreeed.
[02:06] Cy nods just lightly to that, "Nn, jeez. These guys really seem to like fucking with you." He says with a sniff, "They'll get their dues though. Can't keep waving your dick around and expect not to get your balls kicked evnetually." He comments musingly.
[02:07] Arshekath Pyronar: I'll call it a date then...heh...see you then okay? the burrito's are on me
[02:09] Avery McDayne: "Hmmm, I'll bring my own meal~' she'd say, dobiuos of such burrito's" she watched him leave before heading over to the ran-sacked buffet herself.
[02:11] Fok Baelfang grumbled "ya tell me that..." another sigh. fok just mockingly held up his hands "whatever it was, im sure it gets cleared up and...things will get back to normal. i just gotta face garret once we got him...cause wishing me a good recovery...then chucking flying plant pots at my sister.....i cant even..."
[02:12] Cy tail swishes idly around behind him, "Some people are just cunts." He says with a shrug, "I don't think it's worth thinking too hard over. Easy to say from this side of th'fence, of course."
[02:14] Fok Baelfang hmms "not wrong there though, with the 'easy to say if' remark. garret used to...be my partner. we both worked for the former security director. not easy to see him go up against colony security now..:"
[02:16] Cy blinks to that, "Jeez! I didn't know that." He says, shaking his head some, "Sorry your shit is so in knots, fella. But I still know things'll untie em'selves. Hundreds of thousands of ways for things to get knotted up, but things like not being tangled." He says, not totally sure if what he was saying was clever or not, "But I imagine yer oppurtunity'll come soon. To shake things out."
[02:20] Fok Baelfang groaned "......do you think i gotta run through another psychological evaluation before i get on duty....? i can imagine so.....i already...failed one before....apparently cause i said moody was part of my personality....that crossed me out."
[02:23] Cy shrugs lightly, "Not my call, but yeah probably." He says with a huff, "Can't really go through everything you've been through without a check in to a shrinl."
[02:24] Fok Baelfang squints at the other "figured...." once he was done judging, he just rolled his shoulders "this is a frikkin mess....."
[02:25] Cy shrugs to him in turn, "Can't help you there, sorry. It's important we check you got everything in order with you, feller." He says with a huff. The poss seems satisfied he was moping... less, at least.
[02:30] Fok Baelfang shook his head "i understand.....we just got a bunch of folks who should go through the same evaluation stuff. am particulary worried about two individuals but that can be discussed another time. no business stuff today....R&R was ordered after all....just gotta....prey i aint gonna get fired. its only Taylee and i now that Ana quit."
[02:31] Cy tilts his head slightly as he looks to him and nods just a little as he purses his lips, "The no business stuff is for the best." He says with a little sniff, folding his arms over his chest, "I'm sure you two'll sort things out."
[02:35] Fok Baelfang reached for the bottle he was offered earlier, poured himself a glass. he didnt ask or offer since he was used to the fact that cyber folks dont drink. even the partially once declined when he asked in the past "optimistic......" the mytharii rolled his eyes, sipped the champagne
[02:37] Cy snickers as he looks to him at that, "Gotta try to be a bit optimistic. Sprinkle in some realism and you're just sensible with a good attitude." He comments with a musing smile.
[02:40] Fok Baelfang snorts "right....well....lets hope i aint gotta pick ya up on the field at one point. i aint good with cybernetic stuff....but i am good as field medic for organics."
[02:42] Cy shrugs, "Eh, I kinda put back together like lego at this point." He comments with a snicker, "I'm a para-medic and ICU sorta person. So you can count on me for any help if y'need it."
[02:45] Fok Baelfang grumbled for a moment "hmmmn.....hopefully i aint gonna need it...but knowing what role we play in these times lately it aint unlikely medical gets busy with a lot of folks beside myself
[02:46] Tatara Ling gives a little nod to his words, tilting his head some, "Yeah, I don't think it's gonna slow down much at all."
[02:46] Cy gives a little nod to his words, tilting his head some, "Yeah, I don't think it's gonna slow down much at all."
[02:49] Fok Baelfang nods "at least your medical division picks up the business by now. it used to be the opposite. nobody available ever. which was frustrating.
[02:52] Cy shrugs to that, "True. But all these sorts of things have some ebb n' flow." He says with a little huff... "Speaking of ebbing though, I'm beat. Been good talking to you Fok, but I'm gonna buzz off."
[02:55] Fok Baelfang nods "yeah....well....ya probably got things to do. aint gonna keep ya from it. thanks for butting in. helped a bit....stay safe"
[02:56] Rose Nikki Draconis taps her pipe out once more, setting the item down so that she may fix her kimono and smooth out the hosiery she wore, stifling a yawn as she grabs her pipe and takes a drag, then starts moving to clean up the various tables, as her headset blinks to let her know that its five minutes till the event is over.
[02:56] Cy pinches the brim of his cap to Fok, "No worries feller. Glad to be of some sorta use." He says with a snicker, sliding up from his seat and moving for the door, "See you out there, yeah?" He says, moving on off!
[02:58] Fok Baelfang nods "aye." and after a moment, he got up too. ready to take his leave. of course the mytharii drank up, emptied his glass for the sake of manners "even though i was late....thanks for that party. i think some of our officers really needed this"
[03:05] Rose Nikki Draconis would stop a moment and bow to the small kitter, "I.. apologize for it getting out of hand, none of this was intentional. I just REALLY wanted Col-Sec and EarthGov to know that they are appreciated, I had no idea things were this tense." she clears her throat some, "I mean.. I was aware of the attacks, but.. I'm sorry. Please feel free to stop by the Red Tail some time, dinner's on the house." She would offer him an apologetic smile and bow once more.
[03:08] EIDE slowly got up from his bench with his formal shoes clicking on the tiled floor. He'd approach Rose and gave his head a light bow "I hope the incident does not stress you out... Things happen that are way beyond our control... I am positive things will be alright with Ana once she's had time to cool down... And I am sure you'll be speaking with Riza, assuming they are an associate of yours of course."
[03:08] Laython Codwell: "they did seem to get heated. I do hope Despite that you al had fun the music has made the time pass in a enjoyable way" he smiled at the reaming their
[03:10] Rose Nikki Draconis returns the gesture to EIDE, "I see. And no, Riza is not one of mine, shes an assistant manager over the Neon Demon, you probably know them better as Ajanu. She.. wasn't wrong, despite her hot hotheadedness. The IAB's put a dampen on their business. Maybe not as drastic as she claims, but it was a noticeable impact. Seeing a cop in there for something other than their duty is a rare sight these days, so I understand their platform. But nonetheless, I will have a word with her."
[03:12] Fok Baelfang sighed once again "the impact thought wasnt the fact that we pulled folks aside who did things in public...its the terrorism that grew over the past months. our officers barely get out anymore at all"
[03:13] EIDE slowly nodded her head "Although I'd argue there's a time and place for everything, such as not during an event you're in the middle of hosting."
[03:16] Rose Nikki Draconis shrugs some and sighs, "I didnt want to take part in it, I only got upset about.. Ana was it? They were brooding and it was having a detrimental effect on the atmosphere, which is really bad for events like these, ones that promote piece and relaxation."

[03:18] Fok Baelfang nods "i aint been here soon enough to observe that....thats a fair point. i will...have a word with my superior, which is hers or...was. this should not happen in the future. let alone should the presence of IA be all around negative. thats not the point of the job we do. im sorry" he bowed his head in an apologetic manner. fok really didnt know what else to do at this point
[03:19] EIDE gave off a small hum for a moment and nodded "Well either way... It's done and over with.. But it's nothing that was your fault, so I hope you don't let it get to you."
[03:21] Rose Nikki Draconis returns his bow once more, "Oh right, I forgot you came in late, ask Taylor about her... mood tonight.. Though, I understand her side of things too, honestly, and shes not wrong either, is kinda the issue I feel. But we shall see, whats done is in fact done, so we shouldn't dwell on it. Just.. when you speak to her bosses, inform them that if she shes like this during another Red Tail hosted event, then I won't have a choice but to bar her, which.. I really don't want to do, you know?" She sighs some and takes a drag from her pipe.
[03:23] Laython Codwell: He remained silent
[03:23] Fok Baelfang nods "as much as that would be inconvenient, its for the greater good if it comes that far. officers gotta behave on these parties, so does the staff and hosts...and other guests. same rules for everyone. that is only fair. but i shall get out of your feet now. you probably want to clean this place up and get your well deserved rest"
[03:24] EIDE glanced around for a moment and then looked over towards Rose "Need any help cleaning up? I don't really have much going on at the moment."
[03:25] Rose Nikki Draconis nods, "I do agree... And no, Ive got it all taken care of, you two have a wonderful evening." She would smile and offer a deeper bow.

[03:27] Fok Baelfang gave a parting wave before he turned around. he would take his leave unless something came up
[03:27] EIDE reached into his vest to gently pull out a lotus flower to which he'd offer it to Rose with the light bowing of his head "Thank you for a lovely event, do take care of yourself now."
[03:28] Laython Codwell: "Let me ger that door for you" he reaches out to hod the door open
[03:28] Rose Nikki Draconis blinks, accepting the lotus and smiling, she would stand there and hold it a moment with a small smile., "It was my pleasure, thank you for coming. You take care as well."
[03:29] EIDE gave Rose a soft smile, and as he made his way out, he'd take the moment to bow his head towards Laython with gratitude before stepping out
[03:30] Laython Codwell: he pulls the door open "Safe travels to you"
[03:31] Rose Nikki Draconis would spin on her heels, looking towards the piano in the back and putting her hands on her hips.
[03:31] Laython Codwell: "Mama thank you for the oprtuinty to work here to night. I hope to be of serveice again the the futer"
[03:34] Rose Nikki Draconis turns back to Laython, "Of course. I am happy to have had someone able to man the door through the night, I will be sure to let your bosses at the Demon know you worked quite well, thank you."
[03:35] Laython Codwell: "I am Greatful for the Kind words Any other seveice you need before i depart"
[03:38] Rose Nikki Draconis shakes her head, "No, you are free to go, again, thank you."
[03:39] Laython Codwell: "May the night keep you safe in her enbrace" He offers a deep bow that maintains eye contated before departing out the front door
[03:39] Rose Nikki Draconis would offer a bow as he departs.