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I'm back at it again with some new big derpy plan. HOOOOOT

Jokes aside..

[New name needed, as the old one was a little too close to 40k reference xP]

So I’m trying to plan a new faction. A downtrodden hated or at least annoyed with kind of pest faction. The faction will be comprised of smaller characters mostly, Mutants, Splicers, Humans maybe. But the rest of the races are a no go, as those in this faction are basically sewer crawlers and filth gatherers, you won’t find an uptight drevii in this faction, or a mytharii. Kobolds, rats, and pest races.

Races Primarily

Pick pocketing

Well you do get to endlessly harass people on sim, there are no limits, rape, kidnapping, ransom, you get it. Limit on new players.
Hopefully we will get some faction specific items. My thoughts are poisons, and vast junk item collection nodes(Breakdown items). Maybe items with poison procs or some kind of plague proc. Which we will not sell or give away.
We'll be hording poison and bleed weapons, or burn. DoT weapons. As faction specific crafting is not a thing, I guess.
We trust our own, betrayal does not happen, cast out by the rest of the world, we find comfort in the company of our gathered family. Joining is difficult, it’s not an open door policy to anyone wanting to join.

The faction does not enslave people, too much hassle and a drain on resources. At least officially, illegal enslavement only, and on the slavers purse that hassle goes.
If you join this faction, be ready for close IC bonds with the faction, and be prepared to lose, a lot. As most factions will not be trading with us, so getting good gear is probably not going to happen.
Do not join us if you can’t handle losing fights, or being treated like sewer waste. Cause that’s what this is about, causing trouble and generally taking the heat and racism of the sim, ICly, and the beatings.
We will win sometimes, just not often.
None of us will have any kind of chip, so theft is pretty much the only way to get anything specific.
No implants due to not having any affiliation with chimera or Vultures.
This is probably the closest thing to a hardcore PvP faction on sim.

Planned Appearance
The first appearance of this faction, will be after the planned Void event(Oct 5th?), there first showing will be emergency calls of illness and theft. A new strain of poison, and disease, currently incurable, and unknown. Then kidnappings will occur forcing Col-sec/EiA to investigate, upon finding the victims a fight will occur, that will prove this faction as the maker of the poison, or at least the users of it. The fight will take the lives of many Plague Bringers, thus opening the faction to new characters, steadily fading out the npc/ST aspects until players are the dominant force.

For players in the faction, you must appear dirty, and have a look of something that will stab someone in the back to win. Dirty fighting tactics, etc.
Basically no one should look pretty.

In closing
This faction is for the pvp oriented player type, that don’t mind losing, PVPers for the sake of RP, not winning, glory, or money. But to add threat to the sim, even within the colony walls, a threat that is not tied to STs.

So what do you lot think? As stated this is going to be a pvp faction, for the sake of rp, while they won't always zerg rush to fight, half baked plans of attack are a constant. XD
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I think this idea is beautiful and sounds like a lot of fun!

Though I did think people were already complaining about the number of factions


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As I told you in private, this idea sounds really neat, and I like the idea of this, but that doesn't mean theres major problems with it that you are going to have to overcome. If I have learned anything in all my time hosting RoE, it's that the community will not do exactly what you want. You want a "downtrodden" faction of beasties and critters, thats oppressed and such. -- Problem is with that, most of our sim is beasties and critters, that means the faction isn't going to be an oppressed underdog minority, it will be the exact opposite, a very popular, very large faction, with alot of supporters and protectors. We also can't force other roleplayers to ICly hate or oppress them, no matter how hard you try to drive a that narrative. You need to either be very selective with who you let into the group, or take alot of care and planning on how you intend to ensure the narrative of them being oppressive underdogs will prevail. This will be difficult, but something that is possible, and Im interested to see what you come up with.

*squints at Mahna*
I see where this is going...