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Sahiko Yalin

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Ain't you tired of that ugly face of yours? Need more vitamin B to your chest to get that promotion? Fear you must not, for Dr. Usagi has you covered! From new fun toys between your legs to play with to upgrading that slow wet bread between your ears, Dr. Usagi has you covered! Need a new console, want to make sure your new legs stay yours? High quality cyber security equipment available now!

Welcome to Dr. Yuki Usagi's Body Shop.
The place in Rise for all your transhuman, transmetahuman and even transalien needs!

Price Catalog: Sales

Products marked as ✔ are currently on stock
Products marked as ➯ for "on request" are produced on order only and may require time and an upfront fee.


⚚ Implants & Cybernetics: ⚚
Berserker Precision 39.000 ₪ ➯
Cybernetic Ocular Implant 16.000 ₪ ✔
Excavator Implant 15.000 ₪ ✔
GunLink Implant 45.000 ₪ ➯
Hacking Implant 16.000 ₪ ✔
Handler Interface 50.000 ₪ ➯
Nano Machines 45.000 ₪ ✔
Regenerative Epidermis 50.000 ₪ ➯
Speed Cybernetic Leg 26.000 ₪ ➯
Wired Reflexes 65.000 ₪ ✔

⚒Tools & Equip:⚒
Blue Magika: Heal 42.000 ₪ ✔
Codecracker Goggles 65.000 ₪ ➯
Code Cruncher 15.000 ₪ ➯
Cyberdeck 17.000 ₪ ✔

More products available on request. All fees including implantation if you choose so, no refunds if not.


Assembly : Negotiation, depending on equipment value.

Disassembly: 1.000 ₪ Basic fee + 500 per disassembly procedure.

The body shop is supported by a pharmaceutical lab to supply you with everything necessary after the surgery, or other requested medicine as well.

Price Catalog: Buy orders

Prices listed in this category are offered prices from us to you for a variety of products in demand.
We usually also accept them as part of the payment, though the specifics may differ depending on product in question.
((E.g. if you bring some resources necessary to build an item and this item is build regularly,
chances are the prices here are deducted from the price at least fully, often even with a small bonus. ))


Corpse 2.000 ₪
Cybernetic Nervous System 20.000 ₪

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