[COLSEC Contract] 555-555-TIPS

Meia Cosmos

COLSEC's Investigation division is trialing a new tips program!

Credible tips bringing new information to light on criminal activity or leading to the arrest of wanted criminals may be rewarded with a base reward of 10,000 credits (negotiable).

Lying to investigators or otherwise trying to defraud the system will result in heavy fines and criminal charges.

Particularly valuable information may be subject to a bonus payout.

Tips and inquiries should be directed to Kaylee Von Schafer [official contact number provided].

As well, Colony Security is revitalizing the legal bounty board. Bounty rewards set case-by-case. Check back often for new bounties and new opportunities to make Rise a safer city, for all citizens. Be a model citizen, help make a safer Rise, together!

((NOTE: Tips must be in compliance with the Spy and Crime rules. Please provide an RP log of how you acquired your information to prevent any accusations of impropriety.))