Clearing the Cave in to the Crater Site--Meeting with the Rats 01/24/2020


Justicar Lyrah Ames of the Imperial Order of Venus, Legio VII, Research Log 01.24.2126, scribed by herself, transcribed by prefect Lorraine to scroll, digitally uploaded by Prefect Lorraine. Transcription process overseen by Keeper Sir Franslin de Laciel. Uploaded to the datanet after processing by Justicar Lyrah Ames, for public viewing.

We arrived first at the seen at 1400 hours, near the cavein. Shortly after, the Hel'cathra arrived, and digging began.
It should be noted for posterity, that the Hel'cathra mining team was extremely efficient, effective, and professional. Despite the initial hesitance they showed.

First notable finding, the cave in seems to have expanded slightly. As a test of her capability, we permitted Examiner Rain to oversee the mining.

Second discovery: A corpse. Its exposed head, seemed to be a completely cleaned skull. Yet when removed, it was still attached to maggot ridden body. The pattern of decomposition was odd. We are recovering it for future study. Shortly after, we recovered two large crystals, intact. The Hel'cathra took one, and gave one to us. There was also a large unidentified skull that was unfortunately crushed during sorting through the rubble. Finally, one Hel'Cathra took what appeared to be a 'totem' from the rubble. A territory marker? Maybe a warning.

Successfully, we pushed deeper into the tunnels, the mytharii shored up the tunnel quite effectively, and digging efficiently. Examiner Rain seemed distressed by some stones. But others dismissed them. I think she's too excited. A Hel'cathra located a shotgun, and oddly, our people determined to give it to one of their Tinkerers as a gift.

Digging deeper, we finally neared the end, fumes from the rubble seemed to be harming our people--and a disaster has occurred. The Elder of the Hel'cathra tribe in green was crushed under rubble. Rain and another Hel'cathra too were hurt by rubble. Luckily, our Examiner soon made a recovery. Digging quickly, it seemed the Hel'Cathra Elder was gone--with some more digging. It was revealed a large team of Rattus had noted the collapse--and dug from the other side. Rescuing her.

The Rattus seemed to be involved in trying to 'destroy' all traces of magika, and had been working to do such for a while--though we cleared them off, shooing them from the site. After some interesting diplomatic interactions by Sir Franslin, who seemed to have some kind of...rat mutant connection to these beings.

Final observation as we cleared out--there seemed to be some unique life forms, natural, but not normally seen behind us. Observed entities included what appeared to be a highly colorful sea-slug like creature and a large carnivorous leech. Nearly two feet long--that was preying on other invertebrates.

The Order will be walling this area off, before our investigations continue.

((Lil sloppy of a description, but man am I worn after all that!))

((OOC: People Involved:
Lyrah Ames (werescrib.Resident.)
Franslin De Laciel (garinovitch.raviprakash)
6326 RAIN (ookamisuke.babenco)

Zeela (Zeelasoulstar.resident)
Tabby (Racknor192.resident)
Nala Ahskaza (Bubastes.resident)
Kiu'Tea (Sahiko.Yalin)
Alexis (ultimadivine.resident)

Seshet (Meia Cosmos)
Don (Mrbigstuph1645)
Cirdan (tails.eyre)
Schotzi (seladraste)
Daitou (Jonoleth)
Fate (fatalitywolf)
Ishana (karazu1kun)
Ana Ka'rimah (Suethecake)
Olvalor (olvalor)

Zikra (Mahna)
[14:14] Lyrah Ames: sittin around with a notepad waiting for people cos RAPE VICTIM WAS RIGHT HERE A BIT AGO AND PEOPLE HAD TO DELIVER THEM TO CHIMERA.
[14:14] bubastes: (( aah. it wasn't working cause it was turned off. ))
[14:14] Flare Blackheart (tails.blackheart): (ntoher day on the job)
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[14:15] Zeela arrives with cats, giving Lyrah a nod, "Good day, we have a few more expected to arrive later but this is us to start"
[14:16] Kiu'Tee gave a sloppy two claw salute to Lyrah. But she stood in the back. Even leaned at the wall! Just not anywhere near that blasted rubble.
[14:17] Lyrah Ames: looked to the assembled, eying over the lot of them. "Woof. Wow, whole bunch of you folks, huh? Well, salutations... Our party is a bit slow to arrive--we uhm. Had a rape victim on site..." she made a gesture to the Collapse. "That's hwat we need burrowed out... Now, the structure is probably a biiiit weak. Don't worry about those white crystals, they're inert--and fragile. Though the fragility is probably the greatest threat here."
[14:20] Tabby would make her way up with the group.. flattening her ears a bit as she heard about the victim
[14:22] Nala Ahskaza follows right behind tabby and very briefly bares her teeth as she too hears about it. other than that remains quiet and just remains on stand-by
[14:22] Zeela listens and grimaces, "Oh.. I'm sorry to hear, I hope they get the help they need" she admits, before she looks to the rubble and tilts her head, "Hmm.. loose silt and rubble, who knows what could be above it.. I think its best we work from the top but first, we need to shore up the walls and roof as best we can" she explains and muses, using her PDI and underground cat experiences.
[14:22] Kiu'Tee crossed her arms and leaned back. "Thats the main prroblem. They wherre not frragile when the rruble forrmed, but when Kiu touched it. Forrmer stable connections might collapse everry second. A bit like mining a pyrrite vein in a coal layerr. Do we know about the rrats? Not that we get a fast food deliverry herre once we begin."
[14:25] Lyrah Ames: a pause. "...An unknown amount of C-Sec are supposed to show, and an assortment of our own people. I'm unsure why EarthGov is so worried, I'd have preferred work crews but they're a lil terrified.... Errm... As far as rats? I saw a few scurrying about near their tunnel entrance... But none near here. I think whatever harmed the woman spooked them off. However, I know next to nothing about digging...In dirt, at least. The Order lacks any invertebrates willing to burrow in at this time." she sure as heck wasn't gonna start squeezing in cracks.
[14:26] 6326 RAIN sighs as she steps down to teh Tunnels and looks to Lyrah. "She's alright, she's safe. Where do you need me, Pa-" She sotpped, looking around at all the Hel'Cathra. "Uhh.....Hlelo, my Alpha." She said to Flare, going down to a knee. "A pleasure to see you here."
[14:27] Madrona (werescrib): flared ooc
[14:27] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((*points at Flares OOC tag*))
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[14:28] Flare Blackheart (tails.blackheart): (ytou can worship tabby)
[14:28] Flare Blackheart (tails.blackheart): (praise the lolliness)
[14:28] Tabby (racknor192): (>.>)
[14:28] Madrona (werescrib): ((worship zeela, she's the prettiest.))
[14:28] Zeela (zeelasoulstar): :3 )
[14:28] Madrona (werescrib): ((lookit that cute siamese nose. boop it))
[14:28] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Sorry, I can't see your tag from here....*Cam around*))
[14:29] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): WAIT
[14:29] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): Zeela was Alpha when Rain was in teh Tribe.
[14:29] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((My post stands. Just replace flare with Zeela, and Alpha with elder))
[14:30] Zeela shakes her head, "Maybe they are afraid of us" she chuckles, before she nods slowly. "Right well for now, lets get things shored up. Wooden beams for the walls, bracing. We want to make sure the place is secure before we dig" she would instruct, conveniently having enough wood in her bag of holding. As Rain arrives she'd blink before she nods, "Hey there, do you know who else is coming? And I'm Tinker Elder these days, rather than Alpha"
[14:30] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela (ZeelaSoulstar Resident) shows <100> Wood_scrap.
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[14:32] Lyrah Ames: "...Rain, your Alpha is the Imperator, or..Jericho, or...something. God Alpha is such a stupid word. Why can't you guys have something better, how about, 'Skookum Muckamuck Chief Ultra-Honcho BigBossGirl.." she dipped her head to Zeela. "I'll leave all the actual building to you--This is beyond my expertise... Now! Rain. Unless I am needed, I am taking a purely supervisory role--as I stated. So supervisions go to you, until Franslin arives, at least. Assuming we can get that squeaky boy down here. Wiggling his little rat tail--I..." she eyed the Mytharii. "Do not give our Keeper hungry eyes. Alright? He's very big."
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[14:33] 6326 RAIN slowly gets back to her feet. "Apologies, Elder Zeela. It's....been a while." She rubbed at her right ear, the one that she had removed when she left the Tribe. "Not really, my Elder. I don't know who all will be here." She then turned to Lyrah. "Wait, what do you mean supervisions go to me?" She didn't respond to the mentions of Franslin....but she did note it for later review....
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[14:34] Tabby would look over to Zee who had grabbed most of the supplies for this rubbing her head a bit "good to hear that their safe at least.." would offer a wave to Rain who arrived before nodding to Zee aiming to help with buiding anythign thats needed. "keeper... hungry eyes?" tilting her head at Lyrah
[14:34] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((I will brb, dog needs walked))
[14:36] Lyrah Ames: "I am aiming to see how you all perform in a situation without me managing you all." she eyed Tabby. "He's a big rat. Cats..rats... It's a joke. Nevermind."
[14:37] Kiu'Tee snorted at Lyrah. "Raka. That would be Sa'jha." For a Tinker she put in astonishing...little effort. Non at all. Kiu remained leaning at the wall.
[14:38] Madrona (werescrib): ((Now, generally I'm leaving this somewhat freeform, you know your objective is to TUNNEL OUT THE THING. I'll make reactions based on it, if you want to inspect the rubble, state so, I'll get you guys any relevant roles! Be creative. AND BE FORGIVING. OH GOD THERE'S SO MANY PEOPLE HERE. I'VE NOT STd SINcE 2018. Officially, at least. If I miss a post, and don't respond, please prod me in IMs, its easier to keep track of there.))
[14:38] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis) arrives and looks at the pile. "Someone didn't clean up the kitty litter again?" -v-
[14:38] Agatha Lynxi said that
[14:39] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): Back
[14:40] Zeela tilts her head as she listens to Lyrah's responses and explanations to Rain before she'd smile, "We know what we are doing, dont worry~" she would reply, "And we wouldnt do that~" she adds at mention of a rat tail, but would glance to Kiu as she says so anyway. She'd then nod to Rain before she smiles to Tabby, "Right tribe, work with me, lets get this place secure" she would instruct as she works on the structure.
[14:40] Nala Ahskaza takes a step forwards and puts her hands together. "so extra scaffolding?" she asks not having been able to see before this. as she looks around the corner she goes quiet again, sort of ignoring rain getting down on her knees
[14:40] Alt name info set to Narrative.
[14:41] 6326 RAIN takes a step back and stands by Lyrah, arms behind her back as she observes. "I will not interfere unless you are endangering your lives, the tunnel, or are abobut to destroy anything Magika. She glance dto Lyrah to ensure she was doing appropriate things.
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[14:42] Agatha Lynxi would be here for now, just keeping watch.
[14:43] Kiu'Tee suggested to Nala "Yes. Maybe there, upper left at firrst at thos larrge beam. And acrross frrom therre to coverr that crracked concrrete overr therre." She was good in giving advice, from afar.
[14:43] Narrative: The rubble had seemingly expanded since last time--settled moreso, likely due to seismic activity because fuck California. The rubble was heavily silt--but large stones, bricks, and even metal poked out. As well as some suspicious looking bones. Were they there before? Lyrah was in back, taking notes, and just glanced to Rain, squinted, and wrote down something.
[14:44] Franslin arrived a bit late to the party, but mde his way up and stood with the other Order members "Bonjour, many apologies with my late arrival I was a bit preoccupied for zeh moment zhere."
[14:45] Tabby would nod to Zee as she would go to aid them "highest points will be hardest to set up.. she cant fly up there like she use tool.. really should get her wings back in." Looking over to give a wave to teh other people arriving
[14:46] 6326 RAIN pointed to the bones. "Please make sure to extricate those bones intact. If they are not Mytharii we will need them for examination and identification." She said, glancing over to teh stones, bricks, and metal. Elder Tabby, i can still fly and my wings don't necessarily need to flap for low-level flying - MagiTEK after all - where do you need me and what do you need?" She stepped up closer, her wings flappin gup with a mild presence of Yellow Magika.
[14:46] Narrative: turns off sound cos holy shit that buzz is breaking my brain.
[14:46] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Honest I think there may be too many peeps here. Im going to back ot.)
[14:47] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): out*)
[14:47] Zeela nods to Tabby, "Please do, and good idea, Nala, that'll help us reach up higher" she agrees, setting up a scaffold frame and working with whoever helps, "We dont need all overseers, anyone able to help me with this, please do. Need to get the frame up before we can dig and extract"
[14:47] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela (ZeelaSoulstar Resident) shows <1> scaffolding.
[14:47] Madrona (werescrib): ((Yeah we got a LOT more people then I thought.))
[14:47] Feya Wildcat (vulpefelanis): (Sorry you all have fun)
[14:48] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash): Here's some good ol' work music!
[14:48] 6326 RAIN hovers up to the ceiling, holding a paw down for the scaffolding "Just tell me where you need it, Elder."
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[14:49] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela (ZeelaSoulstar Resident) has dropped <20> wood_scrap.
[14:49] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela (ZeelaSoulstar Resident) has dropped <1> scaffolding.
[14:49] Madrona (werescrib): ((Anyone helping with the scaffolding efforts, please roll a 1d20.))
[14:49] Zeela: do I get +4 for craft implant?)
[14:49] Madrona (werescrib): ((Definitely.))
[14:50] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Does that include suggestions from an old miner? ;) ))
[14:50] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela rolls 1d20 + 4
(19) - Unmodified
(23) - Modified
[14:50] bubastes: (( i would like to if i can. just not sure how to ))
[14:50] Zeela: was asking for people to help in setting up supports and the scaffolding to stop the roof falling in :3 )
[14:50] Madrona (werescrib): ((NO KIU. YOU GOTTA HELP TO HELP. NERD. Lazy cat.))
[14:50] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby rolls 1d20 + 4
(1) - Unmodified
(5) - Modified
[14:50] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Hey, i have REASONS))
[14:50] Tabby (racknor192): (woo! >.>)
[14:50] Zeela: tabby put down the lighters)
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[14:51] Flare Blackheart (tails.blackheart): (yup your all dead)
[14:51] Flare Blackheart (tails.blackheart): (gets money for clones*_
[14:51] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((What do I get for crafting implant?))
[14:52] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 4
(9) - Unmodified
(13) - Modified
[14:52] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Darn, no White Shards.))
[14:54] Narrative: Zeela's efforts to aid are reduced by severely by Tabby's blundering. But some progress is made between the involved parties. The scaffolds are going up. The first layer of scaffolds are as good as they're going to get for now. Would they be enough?!
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[14:56] Kiu'Tee perked a brow at Tabby. "Uhm, most ancient elderr seems to be best suited forr mining worrk, size and all. But has she ever done it? Oh hey, maybe that beam therre a bit furrtherr in, make surre its under prressurre!" All from a safe distance.
[14:56] Nala Ahskaza looks to the building process and is saving the process to her database to be improved upon on a later date while also looking for anything of interest
[14:56] Zeela smiles, "Ok, there's a good start, lets start getting some rubble cleared" she'd instruct, "Also, any other ideas please voice them, rather than following my instruction blindly~ Would you like to handle these crystals, Kiu? Rain, the bones, everyone else, the other bits of metal and rubble."
[14:58] 6326 RAIN shakes her head "Give Kiu the bones. I'll takcle the crystals. Kiu is already Tier 5 Balanced. We don't know what energies the crystals have." She backed off, and waved a paw infront of them, tryng to get a measure on what color they most closely resembled in energy signature.
[14:58] Madrona (werescrib): ((Roll yer mae))
[14:58] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Ookamisuke Babenco's [6326 RAIN] HP set to 1.
[14:58] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 6
(1) - Unmodified
(7) - Modified
[14:58] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((....FFS))
[14:58] Narrative: the crystals appeared to be pure-white magika.
[14:58] Kiu'Tee chuckled. "Thats the point Zee the Law. When Kiu was herre last time these crrystals wherre all shiny purrple and strrong. Now they aint. Guess what?" she unfolds her arms and presents some of her own crystals on them. "Goddess knows how many morre of them purrple rremain furrtherr up. So when Kiu comes close, betterr make surre everrything is rrock solid...Then again, it may help then..."
[14:58] Tabby (racknor192): (pretty sure their pink crystals :p)
[14:59] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((JESUS HELL))
[14:59] Selly (selandraste): {YES HELLO.}
[14:59] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((I think the calvary is here))
[14:59] Fate Von Twice-Killed (fatalitywolf.firehawk): we still got more
[14:59] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): WHY
[14:59] Madrona (werescrib): Jeeze you guys.
[15:00] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Don't worry, we're not here to hijack anything.))
[15:00] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( Just security detail ))
[15:00] Madrona (werescrib): ((it's K, we've had a lack of events lately since the BIG THING, so I kinda figured you guys all are a lil bored))
[15:01] Seshet rolled up like a proper jackbooted deathsquad lookin' spook. "Seshet, EIA. Forgive the overkill security. Given the rumors of what lay on the other side, and our ongoing conflict with the pirates, 'over-abundance of caution' is the byword. We'll stay out of your way."
[15:01] Tabby blunder had her trip a bit getting some sandy silt on her face trying to shake it off "pleh..." Looking back at Kiu "shes.. done a fair deal of.. normal mining.. where a lot of our shards came from.." rubbing her head a little before nodding to Zee "sure she can work on that." Going ot move to see what might be safe to move.
[15:02] Narrative: C-Sec would approach a scene, Franslin is on the side, sipping tea, Lyrah is taking notes in back, most of the Mytharii seem to be working on scaffolding except Kiu, who is lazily sitting against a wall being a fat nerd. digging is about to begin, by the look of it. Tabby should ROLL PER.
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[15:02] 6326 RAIN shrugs. "I think I must be too drained from working \on my wings...." She backed off, trying to rub at her head. "UGh....FUcking Stage 1 Headaches...." She whined a little nmore, but th efurther bac she got, the better her headache got. Or was it just her imagination? "I'll....have to supervise from back here...Something abotu those crystals just...doesn't make me feel good." She just observed for now. "Someone else will have to tackle the bo-" She looked over at Seshet, nodding. "As you wish. I'm currently lead supervisor for this recovery operation, unless Keeper Franslinw ishes to take charge?" She asked, looking to him with a curious tone to her voice.
[15:02] Daitou waddles up behind Seshet looking equally badass and cool in his armor. However, he doesn't say anything which is surprising given his character.
[15:03] Seshet nods to the security teams. "Alpha, Bravo, set up 10 meters past the intersection on either side. If you got sandbags, I'd have 'em ready."
[15:03] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby rolls 1d20
(7) - Unmodified
[15:03] Don Halford nods, moving into position.
[15:03] WhitePawn: keeps close to her team, glancing from the mytharii and order members present, eyes scanning for any threats.
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[15:03] Franslin turned to face Seshet and gave off a soft hum looking at all the officer "Well look at zhees, our boys in white have arrived.. I hope zhat you do not find zeh work too droll, but zeh more hardy hands at work makes zeh efforts go by much quick. Anyway. I am Councilor Franslin. I have been placed in charge of supervising zhese efforts, as you can see we already have a few people working at chipping zeh debris away."
[15:04] Madrona (werescrib): ((As a side note, would once this is over, zeela get me a list of Mytharii present, and would Seshet give me a list of C-Sec/EIA present.))
[15:04] Cirdan Levidensis: "right alpha team, Take up position near the green cave entrance."
[15:04] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Sure thing.))
[15:04] bubastes: (( *squeals somewhat.* i'm too slow at reading. i can't follow along ;-; ))
[15:04] Kensei Nobunaga grunted as he hefted his greatsword from his back. "Lucky that there's 'nough room fer me tae swing this." He mumbled, turning to look at Ana to whom he offered a nod.
[15:04] Cirdan Levidensis (tails.eyre): (( llets make sure to stay in chat range though ))
[15:04] Schotzi Smith surveyed the tunnels on their way in; lips pursed around the end of an unlit cigar that she'd eventually... just slide back into one of her pockets. "That junction by the door looks good - got a corner to duck behind if anyone comes waltzin' in with a chem thrower, at least." she'd hum, before unfurling the sack over her shoulder and... actually digging out some sandbags.
[15:04] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( o7 ))
[15:04] Zeela (zeelasoulstar): will do)
[15:04] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( This should be sufficient ))
[15:05] Seshet nodded to Omega, "Let's step back to the side and get out of the way."
[15:05] Zeela looks over from Rain to Kiu, considering before she shrugs, "Fair enough, then. And you dont want to get involved closer, Kiu? Think of it as a workout~" she'd tease. As C-sec arrives she'd blink and look over, warily, "Well, welcome, everyone. Please keep back unless you'd like to try your hands at digging" she requests, "And if there is a fight, no explosives" she adds. She'd then comment in mytharii, <Someone keep an eye on them, dont like feeling cornered>
[15:05] Ana Ka'rimah: does the thing. "Let's get this checkpoint set up, officers." She gestures to Nobunaga and Smith.
[15:05] bubastes: (( i still have 9 posts to read. this isn't going to well for me. owp. 10 now ))
[15:06] Ana Ka'rimah: eavesdrops on the cats speaking Mytharii as well; she squints at the tribe.
[15:06] Madrona (werescrib): ((It should calm down, don't worry, let's give a moment for people to catch up.))
[15:06] 6326 RAIN looked over to Franslin again "Sir? Am I still in a supervisory role, or are you taking over all supervisions of the scene?" She then adds to Zeela, in Mytharii, <You do know it is very likely that at least one of them speaks cat-tongue, yes>
[15:07] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((If it would help, we could CSEC guard-RP over to a group chat and invite Were as the narrator to keep an eye on it. Like I said, we're not here to mess yer guys'es shit up.))
[15:07] Madrona (werescrib): ((That would help, actually, please do.))
[15:07] Daitou doesn't speak Mytharii but squints anyways as he doesn't have his glasses on. Daitou gets his folding chair out and sets it out. It's going to be a long haul here and Daitou has nothing at stake when it comes to digging up rocks.
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[15:07] Zeela: No worries ^^ Zee is just wairy)
[15:07] Zeela: Plus cats like escape routes)
[15:08] Franslin looked over towards Rain and nodded his head "You would more on zeh hands-on supervisory role, after all you can speak with zeh Mytharii and work with zhem quite sublime. However I am more on zeh over all supervisor, dealing with zeh other ordeals such as zeh arrival of Colony Security and zeh EIA."
[15:08] Kiu'Tee made sure she was not looking like a threat for once. Sure she packed enough fire power but...With the support in place and a bit of rubble cleared, and given the nasty looks she got for staying behind, Kiu pushed herself off the wall and made a catwalk over to the rubble. "Okay, lets see. Stay back guys. Kiu got this." She promised. In front she would extend her left paw all Jedi like. And- extend her aura before she would take any other step. The walking magireactor dropped her guard. A field strong enough that even muggle could feel it, the more when all of those glowing crystal fangs caught fire with a fizzling noise. Eerie white flames...
[15:08] Kensei Nobunaga gave a nod as he strode forth, shouldering his greatsword as he vaulted over the sandbag stack. "Best I Keep front 'n center." He affirmed, pulling out a packet of cigarettes.

"Gonnae be a long night..."
[15:09] WhitePawn: follows Seshet, thinking a moment and pulls out her chem thrower, glad to feel the familiar weight in her hands. Glances to Daitou, moving to watch ehind them as the other entryways were taken care of.
[15:09] Narrative: Tabby notes that the bones do not seem too deep, the metal parts may be harder to extricate--the crystals at least the large ones--are seemingly pretty in there--almost part of the rubble. Kiu, please roll MAE.
[15:09] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20 + 6
(4) - Unmodified
(10) - Modified
[15:09] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Night of the low again))
[15:10] 6326 RAIN nodded to Franslin. "Yes, Sir. Maintaining position." She looked back to the rubble, observing Kiu'Tee. "careful, Kiu....Don't get too close and dont yank those out. It might cause a total collapse."
[15:11] Narrative: while Rain felt white magika deep inside these stones, a strong presence..Kiu detects nothing. There is no magic here, or possibly, she can't feel past Rain's intense blue aura--or Zeela's sublime Green one.
[15:11] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): (HJOld up)
[15:12] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((I rolled a 1 and got something. How did Kiu not sense anything when she rolled higher?))
[15:12] Madrona (werescrib): ((you got bad info.))
[15:12] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((OK))
[15:12] Kensei Nobunaga gave a sharp whistle. "Oi, Cadet, fall back in line. If there's any contact, you'll be torn tae shreds in that position." He scolded. "Fall back 'n stand by th'support beam like Ka'rimah; Wedge Formation."
[15:12] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Do you want me to add everyone present to the chat so the two scenes are pseudo-separate?))
[15:12] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((You misread Kiu and think of her being inside? :D))
[15:12] Madrona (werescrib): ((Do that, anyone who doesn't want to be in it, can leave it!))
[15:12] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Or just Were+egov))
[15:13] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Gucci))
[15:14] Narrative: Oh, also. Tabby notes a tattered flag, seemingly recently placed in the rubble. Fergot that.
[15:15] Zeela would wait for people to assess before she'd start to carefully dig out the looser rubble, double checking her gas mask was working to avoid breathing in rock dust. (Diggy diggy hole)
[15:16] Madrona (werescrib): Zeela, roll STR + Crafting, no cap.
[15:16] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela rolls 1d20 + 4
(13) - Unmodified
(17) - Modified
[15:16] Seshet clicked on her mission recorder, and checking that it was functioning, she nodded in satisfaction. [Recording] She leaned against a wall and idly watched the Order and Hel'Cathra work, but otherwise left them to it.
[15:17] 6326 RAIN keeps an eye out for any shifting rubble while Zeela focuses ond igging.
[15:17] Punished Nobu (olvalor): ((OH))
[15:18] ᴧsнʟᴇʏ ꜰiʀᴇwiɴɢ (ashfirewing) is offline.
[15:19] Kiu'Tee didnt feel much, yet her eyes went up to the ceiling again. The last time half of that came down when she was close. Not now! Phew, bullet dodged. Her ears went up again. "All safe!" she promised over her shoulder and would go all grabby paws on the first crystal. "Betterr let those with safety equip handle these. No need someone else would have theirr furr pierrced by such nasties." That shoulder view brought Colsec into her sight again as well. And she stated to Zeela overly loud. "Good thing colsec lets us keep that, tons of quality concrrete! Just grrind it up and we will have walls larrgerr than the colonies!"
[15:19] Tabby would hmm a little as she goes to examine the flag a bit seeing if she could pull it out. "this.. looks like its was.. added after the rubble?" Not thinking too much of what might be recorded
[15:20] Katerina Aristov (katerinaaristov) is offline.
[15:20] 6326 RAIN puts a paw up. In Mytharii, she says sharply, <Wait. That could be a trap. Proceed with caution.>
[15:21] ValentinVulpes is online.
[15:22] Narrative: the efforts go well, the dirt and rubble is pushed back a good ways over the period. Nothing is damaged.--Kiu, roll AGI+Craft to remove crystals safely. The flag is easily removed. Tabby receives <1> Rattus_Totem_(Permanent)
[15:22] bubastes: (( *cries inside* i'm sorry. i wanna participate but i don't wanna slow things down cause i can't read fast enough ;~; ))
[15:22] Zeela (zeelasoulstar): its oks, want us to wait for you to post? ^^)
[15:23] bubastes: (( eh. i don't wanna keep you back all the time. i could just watch i guess ))
[15:23] Zeela (zeelasoulstar): its ok, or post when you can)
[15:23] bubastes: (( cause for example. i am again 7 posts behind ))
[15:23] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): (Bubastes, depending on what Flare says you may still get MC or other such reward for participating)
[15:25] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20 + 10
(7) - Unmodified
(17) - Modified
[15:26] Narrative: Kiu's skillful removal of the crystals brings them out intact--they're very, very delicate and unstable, they seem to have no mystical properties she can detect. But they are pretty at least.
[15:26] Ристенок (ristyenok37) is online.
[15:27] 6326 RAIN tries to get another reading on said crystals to determien if they are something hte Order would need to confiscate.
[15:27] Zeela hmms, considering before she shakes her head, "Either someone trying to claim territory, or they could be beyond. I'm not too worried though, if there was a tunnel here we'd see it" she explains. As the rubble is moved back she'd start working on the next set of roof and wall supports, not wanting to risk a cave-in, would be embarrising with so many watching. "Lets get some more supports up. Keep anything of interest separate from the rubble" she would request. (Working on more supports)
[15:27] Kensei Nobunaga gave pause as he saw a familiar figure approach. The Mutant stood himself up tall, his blade braces against his right shoulder with his free hand.

"Slow down there, Zikra." He spoke in a relatively gentle term. "Magika Crystals are past this point. Y'may want tae keep yer clan from expandin' any further fer a time, 'less they fall tae th'corruption."
[15:27] Kiu'Tee hands one of them crystals ro RAIN, and stashes the other carefully away.
[15:29] 6326 RAIN nods in thanks, accepting it and stowing it away with her other items before once again flying up to the ceiling with her MagiTEK wings and helping shore thing sup.
[15:29] Madrona (werescrib): ((Rain, roll MAE, constructors, roll Crafting bonus.))
[15:29] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((So I should roll twice, then?))
[15:29] Nala Ahskaza gently places her hand on tabby's shoulder. "miss elder. maybe you'll be able to reach the ceiling to help with the scaffolding up there if i lift you. want to do that?" she asks with a smile
[15:30] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 6
(13) - Unmodified
(19) - Modified
[15:30] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 4
(12) - Unmodified
(16) - Modified
[15:30] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20 + 4
(15) - Unmodified
(19) - Modified
[15:30] bubastes: (( if that's a possibility that is ))
[15:30] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela rolls 1d20 + 4
(3) - Unmodified
(7) - Modified
[15:30] Tabby would look to Zee "maybe.. will have to see later, for now will see what we can do with this." Moving to help Zee with the supports. Looking back at Nala "maybe.. though if unsteady could make things go worse.. Can see what we can do."
[15:30] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby rolls 1d20 + 4
(8) - Unmodified
(12) - Modified
[15:31] Madrona (werescrib): ((Go ahead and roll, Bubastes. Please!))
[15:31] Don Halford draws his energy rifle, keeping it aimed low to not look too threatening while still "meaning business". He looks at Scyrinal. "Do you have business on the other side of the tunnel? Depending on what it is, you may be granted passage." He turns to Cirdan. "Would that be acceptable?"
[15:31] Kiu'Tee went to this time get her paws dirty. She DID enjoy staying back and ordering for the time being, but - this was her world. Dust in the fur, paws on wood, stone and steel. Not the holy nun her crystals would make her be. This cat had dug in more holes than a honey badger!
[15:31] bubastes: (( roll... str? to keep her steady? or unmodified? i dunno ))
[15:32] Ana Ka'rimah: just... stares. "Are they... really stealing our sandbags?"
[15:32] Madrona (werescrib): ((STR+Crafting bonus if you have an implant, go ahead.))
[15:32] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: bubastes Resident's [Nala Ahskaza] HP set to 0.
[15:32] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: bubastes Resident's [Nala Ahskaza] HP set to 1.
[15:32] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): x((Bubastes, feel free to go above +6 if applicable. Right, Maddy?))
[15:33] Tabby (racknor192): (craft bonus is 4)
[15:33] Kensei Nobunaga furrowed his brow as he watched the Rats.... Begin to take the sandbags. "Aye." He replied, as he began to approach. A point was made to sheath his damn weapon, last thing he needed was a dose of poison.

"Hey, hey, y'can't take those. These're ours." He explained. "We need 'em fer cover. Whot're you takin' 'em fer?"
[15:33] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Nala Ahskaza rolls 1d20 + 4
(15) - Unmodified
(19) - Modified
[15:34] Narrative: the cats set up a VERY quality set of scaffolds. They're pretty sure digging will be easy for the next go. Rain detects no magic from the crystals--maybe she sensed Kiu? Maybe she's just drunk.
[15:34] Seshet is just watching from where her marker is, her mission recorder running, but otherwise just watching.
[15:34] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( You need to use it on a channel, if you've set a custom one ))
[15:36] 6326 RAIN frowns, hmm'ing quietly before saying, "Alright. Hel'Cathra, resume digging. Structural integrity appears optimal." She then slapped her face. "RIght..." Then she adds, "I mean, things look good, go ahead." She gave anotehr look back to Lyrah and Franslin, a small hint of nerves appearing on her face.....And right on cue, she takes a hit of catnip, popping a sachet into her mouth.
[15:36] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN (Ookamisuke Babenco) has used <1> catnip.
[15:37] Nines Saefield (nozai) is online.
[15:37] MoonToxin is offline.
[15:37] MoonToxin is online.
[15:38] Schotzi Smith watched the rats take quite the keen interest in the sandbags she'd put together just earlier that day - holding up a palm and taking a few steps forward. "Ya'll like those? They're not hard ta make - if ya leave ours alone, I can put some more together ya can have later."
[15:38] Kensei Nobunaga shook his head. "Not offering. Bad for bed anyway." He explained, taking a wary step forward before kneeling down. He came to slap his hand twice on one of the sandbags. "See? Hard, like stone."

A sigh soon left his lips as he stood himself up, holding up a finger. "Wait a moment?"
[15:38] Croue Battle is online.
[15:39] Ana Ka'rimah: leers at Nobunaga. "We aren't a soup kitchen for the homeless, Warrant. We have a job to do. Let us not become so easily distracted."
[15:39] Zeela smiles as progress goes well, "Ok, supports look good, lets dig some more. Everyone doing ok?" she'd ask, not too worried of loot at the moment but keeping an eye out none the less. (Diggy diggy)
[15:39] Keldor (keldor.rosca) is offline.
[15:40] Narrative: Lyrah Continued to just squinted at Rain. Silently judging. Digging was probably necessary. Anyone who wishes to do so, again, roll STR + Craft, no cap. Anyone wanting to recover the skulls, please roll just a flat 1d20 for that.
[15:41] 6326 RAIN would try to retrieve one of the skulls. Cat was curious.
[15:41] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20
(2) - Unmodified
[15:41] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela rolls 1d20 + 4
(18) - Unmodified
(22) - Modified
[15:41] Zeela: (for diggy)
[15:41] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((....That...could ahve been bad. Curiosity almost killed ALL the cats...))
[15:41] Don Halford: "I believe so, Captain."
[15:42] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20 + 4
(12) - Unmodified
(16) - Modified
[15:42] Nala Ahskaza is just moving the already removed rubble out of the way(if that makes sense) so that if something goes wrong, they are in less danger of tripping over something and losing a leg
[15:42] Don Halford: "I'll radio to the other side and let them know, if needed."
[15:42] ᴧsнʟᴇʏ ꜰiʀᴇwiɴɢ (ashfirewing) is online.
[15:42] Kiu'Tee took out her second favorite tool. Time to DRILL! Kiu 'Mad Cat' Tee went all angry kitten on the rocks with a maniac laugh
[15:43] Tabby would go to aim to help with digging now Aiming to pull out smaller metals and debris in the way, unsure what issue colsec was having
[15:43] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby rolls 1d20 + 4
(16) - Unmodified
(20) - Modified
[15:43] Kensei Nobunaga glanced over his shoulder and nodded up. "Our job's tae keep folk from interferin' with th'Order's operation." He replied. "Would rather they have no reason tae come back 'ere 'til we're done."

He paused as he looked back to the now departing rats. "Hm. Not that it matters anymore."
[15:44] Don Halford: "On it." He keys his comm. "Got someone heading through to the Undercity. They seem to be on business and their ID appears clean."
[15:45] Narrative: Rain goes for the more human of the skulls. The tunnel RUMBLES a bit--and if not for the quality scaffolds, she may have caused an issue. Interestingly, once pulled out--it actually be quite fresh. It was attached to a body. Partially decomposed. The meat from the exposed parts were quite cleaned off--but a mass of worms and writhing maggots followed from the ruined body. A rip of flesh binding the back of the skull-to the rest of the corpse. ROLL SANITY--I mean wrong system. However, digging efforts were very successful, with the good scaffolding, the tunnel was pushed back a great long distance.
[15:45] Don Halford waves Scyrinal through. "You're clear. Move along."
[15:45] MoonToxin is offline.
[15:45] Madrona (werescrib): ((would Bubastes and Tabby roll PER?))
[15:46] bubastes: (( yes. cause nala's got an eye at the scaffolding since we started ))
[15:46] bubastes: (( sorta ))
[15:46] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Nala Ahskaza rolls 1d20
(14) - Unmodified
[15:46] Madrona (werescrib): ((It's actually cos you were sorting out debrie, but I will keep note of that.))
===== Lyrah Ames's Inventory ===== 52 18/5
Crafting_Neuro-Implant_(Permanent) <1> [Installed]
Cybernetic_Implant_(Permanent) <1> [Installed]
Formless_Shape_(Permanent) <1> [Installed]
Gunlink_Implant_(Permanent) <1> [Installed]
Medical_Training_Neuro-Implant_(Permanent) <1> [Installed]
Nano_Machines_(Permanent) <1> [Installed]
Regenerative_Epidermis_(Permanent) <1> [Installed]
Acoustic_Dampener_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
Agility_Boots_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
AGI_Opportunist_(Ability) <1> [Equipped]
Backpack_Medium <1> [Equipped]
BAL_Ammo_Belt_(Ability) <1> [Equipped]
Esper_Cloak_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
Head_Mounted_Targeter_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
Heavy_Caliber_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
Heavy_Caliber_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
ID_Chip_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
ID_Scanner_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
===== Lyrah Ames's Inventory ===== 52 18/5
Light_Armor_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
Mobility_Array_(Ability) <1> [Equipped]
Motion_Tracker_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
Potential_Generator_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
S_s_Pistol_Class_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
S_s_Pistol_Class_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
Target_Painter_(Permanent) <1> [Equipped]
Acoustic_Dampener_(Permanent) <2>
Adhesive_Grenade <4>
Anti_Coagulant <5>
Apple <76>
BAL_Overdrive_(Ability) <1>
Basil <9>
Berserk <1>
BlueShot_Rounds <6>
Bobby_Pin <3>
Bone <1336>
Bottled_Brain <1>
===== Lyrah Ames's Inventory ===== 52 18/5
Box_of_Pizza <1>
Can_of_Sardines <14>
Chocolate <220>
Credit <44711>
Cyberdeck_(Permanent) <1>
Donut <8>
EMP_Grenade <3>
Fake_ID_Chip_(Permanent) <6>
First_Aid_Injector <36>
Flashbang_Grenade <2>
Fluid <4>
Gas_Mask_(Permanent) <1>
Green_Magika_Shard <27>
Hand_Cuffs <22>
Health_Stim_Pack <23>
Heavy_Caliber_(Permanent) <1>
Hush <4>
Hydrocodone <18>
===== Lyrah Ames's Inventory ===== 52 18/5
Medical_Gel <14>
Mega_Credit <1>
M_s_Shotgun_Class_(Permanent) <1>
Night_Vision_Goggles_(Permanent) <1>
Perception_Stim_Pack <19>
Pineapple <38>
Poison <12>
Potato_Chips <4>
Ration <5>
Redline_Energy <7>
Rend_Rounds <14>
Resuscitation_Stim <2>
Silver_Tongue_Implant_(Permanent) <1>
Smoke_Grenade <2>
Speed_Stim_Pack <4>
Strength_Stim_Pack <9>
Strong_Arm_Enhancement_(Permanent) <1>
Sugar <22>
===== Lyrah Ames's Inventory ===== 52 5/5
S_s_Injector_Class_(Permanent) <1>
Tomato <54>
White_Magika_Shard <12>
YellowShot_Rounds <3>
Yellow_Magika_Shard <1>
[15:47] 6326 RAIN falls back to a more managerial position, and observes, holding the raw meat out to Lyrah. "For later, Ma'am?" She asked, without looking away.
[15:47] bubastes: (( yih. well. i'm doing both :3 ))
[15:47] Schotzi Smith let out a small sigh and relaxed her shoulders when the rats began to disperse; tensing up once more as the individual from the other checkpoint came through. Her ears turned before the rest of her did, to the tune of the brief rumbling behind her - but ultimately fell back to her previous post and continued watching the barricade.
[15:48] Alt name has been removed.
[15:48] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): [Rain is currently keeping an active eye on the overall dig, from structural integrity to notable items revealed in the dig]
[15:48] Kensei Nobunaga immediately just paused, before slowly putting two fingers to his ear.

"Good job, y'jsut let a Junk Hound through."
[15:48] Madrona (werescrib): ((please roll PER then, Rain))
[15:49] Lyrah Ames: "...Dude Rain I don't eat random dead people. I'm a Paladin. Ha. Ha. What are you implying? I'm not some kind of monster. Get back to work, would you? Pretend I'm not here."
[15:49] Alt name info set to Narrator.
[15:50] Kiu'Tee made all hungry eyes at the corpse. "Crrawling meat. Hmm..:"
[15:50] Zeela would frown and look up, "Are C-sec going to be checking for IDs here?" she asks, hearing mention of IDs, before she focuses back on the digging, grimacing at the sight of the body and glad she did not need to smell it. As digging progresses she'd smile, "Ok, time for more scaffolding, as before. We may want to add some concrete if any areas look unsteady" she requests.
[15:50] Novis Quill: arrives, a bit late. "Elders Tabby, Elder Zeela, Kiu. Sorry I'm late."
[15:50] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 3
(1) - Unmodified
(4) - Modified
[15:50] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( OOF ))
[15:52] 6326 RAIN shot a look back at Lyrah at that, oblivious to the scene before her. "Ma'am...I didn't imply eating it. I only meant for medical analysis. We are both DOCTORS, are we not?"
[15:52] Kiu'Tee opened the lid of her pocket towards Zeela. "No worries Law. Kiu has us coverred, in case..."
[15:53] Rayne (foxxey.mistwood) is offline.
[15:53] Narrator: Lyrah stared to Rain, and pointed to the Rubble. Quietely. Rain failed to find anything of value. Nala found.. Oh! The corpse had a intact shotgun. She could take it if she wanted.
[15:53] Zeela: (want me to craft again?)
[15:54] Madrona (werescrib): ((Scaffolding is +Craft, please do the resource drop, you think you don't have much longer to go.))
[15:54] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela (ZeelaSoulstar Resident) has dropped <40> wood_scrap.
[15:54] Seshet glances over at Zeela, "We're only checking people passing through. If they're here to help the Hel'Cathra dig, it's not an issue if they don't have a chip for the purposes of the dig." Her mission recordered continued to roll.
[15:54] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela (ZeelaSoulstar Resident) has dropped <1> scaffolding.
[15:54] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela rolls 1d20 + 4
(13) - Unmodified
(17) - Modified
[15:54] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20 + 4
(7) - Unmodified
(11) - Modified
[15:54] Tatara Ling is online.
[15:56] Nala Ahskaza walks up to Tabby again as she sees the others starting to work on scaffolding again. "wanna go again?" she asks with a smile
[15:56] 6326 RAIN turned right the hell back around and maintained visual coverage on teh dig. "I'll head up top again." She flies up,a nd helps shore up the top scaffolding.
[15:56] Tabby would move to help Zee with more scaffoldings trying to see what she can do, nodding to Nala to have them help her reach areas
[15:56] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby rolls 1d20 + 4
(10) - Unmodified
(14) - Modified
[15:56] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Nala Ahskaza rolls 1d20 + 4
(13) - Unmodified
(17) - Modified
[15:57] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 4
(9) - Unmodified
(13) - Modified
[15:57] Kiu'Tee had her fur all full of dust already. She must more look like a tiny lioness by now with all that color. So- nothing wrong at scaffolding a bit more.
[15:57] Zeela nods as the id situation is assessed, "Hmm, ok. Fair enough there!" she comments before she'd work some more on the scaffold situation, "Mmm, looking good with the progress, can someone double check for any weakpoints they can see?" she requests
[15:58] Nala Ahskaza lifts tabby up again so she can work on the scaffolding alongside rain
[15:58] 6326 RAIN says into her comms, "//COMM <Rain> Including Roisin?"
[15:58] bubastes: (( sorry, wrong order, already rolled ))
[15:59] Narrator: scaffolds GO UP. The structure rising. Maybe less exceptional than last time. In the dust, I would like ANYONE who is not a Cybernetic, or using a gas mask to roll a flat 1d20.
[15:59] Zeela: Did you grab that shotgun Nala?)
[15:59] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( CSEC included? ))
[15:59] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela (ZeelaSoulstar Resident) shows gas_mask_(permanent) [Equiped].
[15:59] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20
(5) - Unmodified
[15:59] Madrona (werescrib): ((Nah, just miners))
[15:59] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( Kk ))
[16:00] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Primary or Secondary Cyber?))
[16:00] Madrona (werescrib): ((Primary))
[16:00] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Think this is about breathing, so...primary?))
[16:00] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby rolls 1d20
(3) - Unmodified
[16:00] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Novis Quill rolls 1d20
(3) - Unmodified
[16:00] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20
(19) - Unmodified
[16:01] bubastes: (( moved it aside. haven't taken it for myself ))
[16:01] Narrator: Tabby... Kiu. Novis....
[16:01] Madrona (werescrib): ((early post sorry))
[16:02] Iz (harrend) is online.
[16:02] Narrator: Tabby... Kiu. Novis.... All are feeling ill. Until scene end, they are at half HP. The old sewage, rotted corpse,, null magika dust. Stuff sucks yo. There is also a SHOTGUN on the ground. It seems to be fresh and intact! Up for grabs.
[16:03] Narrator: digging may commence.
[16:03] Hazard (hazardll): ((Could we pass to head to our event?))
[16:03] Madrona (werescrib): ((please, if its ooc pass by))
[16:03] Madrona (werescrib): ((COnsider us bubbled unless you want to interact, there's many tunnels in the UC))
[16:03] Zahra Zaweii (karazu1kun): (yea ooc go for it.)
[16:03] Hazard (hazardll): ((Thank you))
[16:04] Zahra Zaweii (karazu1kun): (have fun with your event ^^)
[16:05] ᴧsнʟᴇʏ ꜰiʀᴇwiɴɢ (ashfirewing) is online.
[16:05] Zeela looks over as people look a little uneasy, "Is everyone doing ok? If you are feeling up to it, lets keep digging the rubble away.. we must be near the end soon.." she comments as she keeps working, trying to lead by example, "And does someone want to grab the shotgun?" (diggy)
[16:05] Kensei Nobunaga scowled as he vaulted over the sand bags, breaking into a run. "I'll be back as soon as I choke Shumba tae death on six feet o' steel!"
[16:05] Madrona (werescrib): ((STR+craft to dig!))
[16:05] 6326 RAIN is probably somehow mysteriously well because she's in the air. Which doesn't make sense, because...well, dust tends to stay airborne. She does go down to grab the shotgun and thrusts it at Nala. "It's dangerous to go alone. Tkae this." She said, then went back to the dig site, beginning to summon forth her Blue Magika. "I got y'all. Blue Phage ready to help." She used [Geyser]
[16:06] Nala Ahskaza had put tabby back down (obviously) before going back to the shotgun. "hey hey. i found a shotgun in the rubble. seems functional. what do i do with it?" she asks, not too loudly but just enough to be heard by everyone without risking a cave-in (or... tunnel-in?)
[16:06] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 6
(19) - Unmodified
(25) - Modified
[16:06] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Bub, Rain handed you the shotgun))
[16:07] bubastes: (( wait. what? ow. ehm... sorry than? ))
[16:07] Kiu'Tee bend over, coughing. Rotten corpses? Her favorite steak! But sewer eeew and especially that null dust took a hard hit on her, the more with these giant cheeha lungs. The smol cat sounded as if she was coughing up a furball. But this time- it was just a giant cloud. For now.
[16:08] Novis Quill: suddenly was feeling uneasy and, covering his mouth and gagging a little. Coughing but going closer to help out his tribemates. "Hacking hell that... Blech..." He hacked.
[16:08] Seshet continues to idly watch the cats work while issuing orders. Her mission recorder continues to roll.
[16:08] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela rolls 1d20 + 4
(9) - Unmodified
(13) - Modified
[16:10] - ̗̀ sɪʀ ʟᴇʟᴇ ᴍᴀʀɪɢᴏʟᴅ ̖́- (francescamorielli) is offline.
[16:10] Tabby coughs a bit as she stumbles a little from teh scent and stuff around. Leaning on the wall for a few moments. She would move forward to help Zee "can keep going, shes.. worked in worse conditions.."
[16:10] Queen of Hugs (morcinna) is offline.
[16:11] Narrator: Rain's magic alleviates some of the symptoms, it doesn't heal them--they're not hurt--but they at least feel a lil better. The condition would heal up faster for sure! Lyrah notes that Rain's just giving away the corpses possessions, but says NOTHING. Nala acquires <1> Shotgun. (Doing something for dig)
[16:11] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Lyrah Ames rolls 1d4
(2) - Unmodified
[16:11] Nala Ahskaza looks around between the other cats, concern clearly visible on her face. "what is wrong? are you okay?" she asks before adding: "are you you seem sick?"
[16:11] bubastes: (( nope. just concern ))
[16:11] Madrona (werescrib): ((everyone in the passage please roll [AGI]))
[16:12] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Nala Ahskaza rolls 1d20
(14) - Unmodified
[16:12] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: WereScrib Resident's [Lyrah Ames] gave <1> M_s_Shotgun_Class_(Permanent) to bubastes Resident's [Nala Ahskaza].
[16:12] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Whatcha mean by passage?))
[16:12] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( CSec still excluded? ))
[16:12] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zeela rolls 1d20
(1) - Unmodified
[16:12] Madrona (werescrib): ((Just diggers! You guys are far from the tunnel))
[16:12] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( Just making sure ))
[16:12] bubastes: (( can i help with that? ))
[16:13] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 1
(2) - Unmodified
(3) - Modified
[16:13] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby rolls 1d20 + 1
(18) - Unmodified
(19) - Modified
[16:13] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((God damnit))
[16:13] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20 + 6
(5) - Unmodified
(11) - Modified
[16:13] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Rain's still airborne, y'know. Just saying))
[16:13] Punished Nobu (olvalor) is online.
[16:13] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Also, all allies within 20 meters of my position just healed for 18 HP))
[16:13] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: UltimaDivine Resident's [Novis Quill] HP set to 1.
[16:14] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: UltimaDivine Resident's [Novis Quill] HP set to 0.
[16:14] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: You did not format the command right. 1d20 is example.
[16:14] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Novis Quill rolls 1d20
(7) - Unmodified
[16:15] bubastes: like. can i try to pull zeela out away from whatever is going on?
[16:15] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Sadly for all i know we got a warframe viral debuff until end of scene, not damage. Unless ST lets the geysir do something else?))
[16:16] Narrator: digging goes well--she is almost through when...DISASTER STRIKES! ZEELA has major, major issues. The tunnel collapses on top of her. She is (prone) and crushed under rock, silt, stone, etc. She needs rescuing. Quickly. As she is probably unable to breathe. The reaction causes an old vent to rip down the center of the passageway, dealing 25 damage to Novis and Rain--Rain herself takes it directly in the head, smacking herd straight into the ground like a basketball being slam-dunked.
[16:16] Madrona (werescrib): ((Yeah, sadly its a debuff, not damage.))
[16:16] - ̗̀ sɪʀ ʟᴇʟᴇ ᴍᴀʀɪɢᴏʟᴅ ̖́- (francescamorielli) is online.
[16:17] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((I assume I just got [Daze}d?))
[16:17] Madrona (werescrib): ((yep, and damage.))
[16:17] Zeela: does zee take damage? or is just squished?)
[16:18] Kiu'Tee reacts with cheetah reflexes! Standing still like a deer in headlights and being too small to be hit apparently. But that gave her a good view on Zeela. She quickly grabbed the closest beam she could find to use it as a lever/to get the pressure off Zeela.
[16:18] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Ookamisuke Babenco's [6326 RAIN] HP set to 48.
[16:19] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Ookamisuke Babenco's [6326 RAIN] HP set to 23.
[16:19] Madrona (werescrib): ((Oh, sorry, yeah. Zee is reduced to 1HP, She is not Wounded, yet. She's just helpless and can be healed if she's gotten out.))
[16:19] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: ZeelaSoulstar Resident's [Zeela] HP set to 1.
[16:20] 6326 RAIN is knocked flat to the ground, and lays there prone, unable to do anything but say, "That was the worst blow job n history."
[16:20] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Zikra Shadowscale rolls 1d20
(16) - Unmodified
[16:20] Nala Ahskaza runs over to zeela, on the way there, points at tabby. "miss. go help them. we got elder zee" she says as she goes to help kiu with freeing zeela
[16:22] Tabby jumps back at tunnel collapsing "is everyone.. zee?" looking over at the trapped cat, She would go to give a bit of medical attention to Novis "try to help Rain out, magika works better for healing when not on yourself." (Triage to Novis for 17 hp.. potentailyl cure a condition too? >.>)
[16:22] Seshet jumps a bit as the tunnel partially collapses, but she remains on standby unless her team is asked to help, not wanting to get in the way. Her mission recorder continued to roll.
[16:23] Zeela is a little squished, in fact.. very squished. She'd remain down, groaning. Or was that what little air escapes her lungs?
[16:23] Narrator: condition is cured!! Rubble slides over Zeela completely--she'd need to be extricated--fast...!
[16:23] Madrona (werescrib): ((Anyone trying to dig Zee out, please roll 1d20, flat.))
[16:24] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20
(13) - Unmodified
[16:24] 6326 RAIN summons otu her BLue Familiar and directs it to help Rain dig Zeela out! ((Since I have my Familiar helping, can I roll 2d20, one for me one for my Familiar?))
[16:24] Madrona (werescrib): ((you're dazed! Sorry.))
[16:24] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( DERP ))
[16:24] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((See above post.))
[16:24] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Nala Ahskaza rolls 1d20
(12) - Unmodified
[16:24] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Plus they dont have an action first round))
[16:25] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): [16:20:35] 6326 RAIN is knocked flat to the ground, and lays there prone, unable to do anything but say, "That was the worst blow job n history."
[16:25] J. Doe (peopleonfire.sporg) is offline.
[16:25] Madrona (werescrib): ((Ya, but dig action is first-round. Sorry. Yer dazed fer it. I don't want to enforce turn-order suddenly, but since there's suddenly a 'time limit' we have 1 action available per 'turn'))
[16:26] starbabe1701 is offline.
[16:26] Novis Quill: did not even see what was happening until he felt it, hissing in pain he stumbled when the old vent, falling to his knees. "Nngh... I'll get to her..." He says through clenched teeth as he would go over to Rain to heal her
[16:27] Alexis (ultimadivine): ((sorry i am lagging kinda hard here a bit )
[16:27] Tabby (racknor192): (yeah i reduced my settings)
[16:27] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: UltimaDivine Resident's [Novis Quill] HP set to 1.
[16:28] Narrator: Nala and Kiu rush forward to dig Zeela out--it takes effort, pulling aside rubble--shifting it away...and...Wait. No Zeela? Novis cures Rain, Rain is undazed--Tabby cures Novis, and the rubble is being dug away--with some digging--you can see light on the other side. All Mytharii and Rain, please roll per. Except Zeela!
[16:28] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 3
(5) - Unmodified
(8) - Modified
[16:28] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Sahiko Yalin's [Kiu'Tee] HP set to 1.
[16:28] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby rolls 1d20
(8) - Unmodified
[16:29] starbabe1701 is online.
[16:29] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee rolls 1d20
(15) - Unmodified
[16:29] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Sahiko Yalin's [Kiu'Tee] HP set to 0.
[16:29] Korva Nightwing hums " So wots goin' on back there, lads?"
[16:29] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Nala Ahskaza rolls 1d20
(7) - Unmodified
[16:30] Zombie doggie (tarquin.evermore) is online.
[16:31] 6326 RAIN is still laying on the ground, but soon recovers and slowly gets to her feet. "Ow....." She simply says.
[16:32] Narrator: Kiu....Sees MOVEMENT. She hears scurrying. Pitter-patters of claw feets. Flickering lights... Something was on the other side. WIth a bit more digging--the tunnel was clear--aaaaaand because of what's on the other side, we go to MAHNA to post.
[16:33] Rattus Peon: Updating information
[16:33] Rattus Peon: Entered ready state
[16:33] Rattus Peon: Updating information
[16:33] Rattus Peon: Entered ready state
[16:33] Rattus Peon: Updating information
[16:33] Rattus Peon: Updating information
[16:33] Rattus Peon: Entered ready state
[16:33] Rattus Peon: Entered ready state
[16:34] Rattus Skulker: Updating information
[16:34] Rattus Skulker: Updating information
[16:34] Rattus Skulker: Entered ready state
[16:34] Rattus Skulker: Entered ready state
[16:36] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: UltimaDivine Resident's [Novis Quill] HP set to 40.
[16:37] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: bubastes Resident's [Nala Ahskaza] HP set to 66.
[16:37] Seshet continues to watch, mission recorder rolling, as the cats make progress, continuing to stay back unless they're called in.
[16:37] Daitou stands at the ready as a medical professional.
[16:39] Zikra Shadowscale: A massive Rat is currently holding Zeela by the face, off the ground, he occupies 90% of the tunnel, he is currently sniffing at the elder mytharii, "Can eat?" the brute asks in a deep voice. A sigh is heard and Zikra walks out from behind the brute, "No not eat." the brute grunts, "Mate?" the white rat stops, "NO, put dirty cat down on ground!" she says loudly. The brute grunts and looks about to smash Zeela into the ground, Zikra jumps, "GENTLY! EASY! SAFE DOWN!!" she shouts, the brute recoils a bit, and drops Zeela to the ground, Zikra rolls her eyes. Well I guess that's safe.
[16:40] Don Halford turns toward the commotion. "The hell's going on over there?!"
[16:40] Kiu'Tee immediately backed off. Paws to the side like a western hero, and with a loud FFFFZZZZT!- her crystals ignited once again. Pulsed, the white hedgehog cat charged up and let arcs dance between her claws and crystals. "INCOMMING!" She did go into a stance not unlike a martial artist. "You...again." her glowing eyes focused on Zikra.
[16:41] Kiu'Tee did of course not make any attempt to hit the cat that was holding Zee...
[16:41] Slifar: ((Okay I came to watch everyone get blown up. And also cause like the entire sim is down here haha))
[16:41] Novis Quill: smiled a bit. "There you go.." He'd say to Rain and he would start to stand himself. "Elder Zeela?"
[16:42] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((This was supposed to be a small event. >_______> ))
[16:42] 6326 RAIN nods to him. "Thank you." She then looks down to the scene on the other side, and reaches for her rifle, unslinging it, but keeping it aimed at the ground. [Draw L_s_Rifle_Class_(Permanent). Only action taking this turn]
[16:42] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): draw
[16:42] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((The event is still primarily Order/Hel'Cathra. Egov is mostly here as a contingency in case the rumored void portal was present. And security is only so heavy at that because of ongoing faction warfare.))
[16:43] Slifar: ((Ooooooh so THIS is finally taking care of that void portal Slifar was asking about.))
[16:43] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((If it still exists questionmark))
[16:43] Narrator: the tunnel behind them was the most clearly formerly corrupted--the walls--the ground--it was corroded away, almost looking like a natural cave--just...Made of broken crystal dust, old leaky sewage, dirt, grime, and the growing flora that had taken over the abandoned crater--Heck. Was that a GIANT SEA SLUG in the back? How was it alive down here?! Must have been all the rain flooding into the crater site. It looked like a veritable ecosystem in the dim light. Flashlights bouncing about the colorless crystal-dust covered cavern.
[16:43] Slifar: ((I actually have no idea cause that was before I was here lol.))
[16:44] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): draw
[16:44] Narrator: There was a large amount of rats, too. RATTUS. But for old Dawn survivors, none were leaking pustules of greasy spaceaids.
[16:44] Zeela is safe downed, assuming out for the count for now. Thankfully not eaten or mate.
[16:44] Ana Ka'rimah: is a Dawn survivor; she is very not happy at the PTSD coming back.
[16:45] Narrator: ...Zeela also seems to be in a bad way. She may need some help. Or maybe some mouth to mouth!
[16:45] - ̗̀ Exotic Jazz ̖́- (jackeryfox) is online.
[16:45] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( ....Nose goes ))
[16:45] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( *taps nose* ))
[16:46] 6326 RAIN peers through her zoom scope on her rifle to the sea slug in the back, while her Familiar darts to Zeela's side, healing her for the specified amount. [Using PER to see what the sea slug actually is,w hile Blue Familiar is ehaling Zeela]
[16:46] Tabby coughs a bit more walking closer trying to get to Zee, as they were dropped, recognizing the smaller mouse.. "Zee are you alright?" She was prepping some of her medicine stuffs. (attempt a biotech leech to Zee.. not sure what they have >.>)
[16:46] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN (Ookamisuke Babenco) shows L_S_Rifle_Class_(Permanent) [Equiped].
[16:46] Kiu'Tee would grab Zee with one arm, from behind, typical first responder. The other, her right, she kept risen into the Rattus direction, buzzing with energy. "We just go this way and you the other, right?" she told
[16:46] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN (Ookamisuke Babenco) shows Zoom_Scope_(Permanent) [Equiped].
[16:47] Zeela: (please let me know how much heals)
[16:47] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Zee is healed for 8 HP. Shoulda used Revive. >.>))
[16:48] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: ZeelaSoulstar Resident's [Zeela] HP set to 9.
[16:48] bubastes: (( there was a person right? ))
[16:48] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((BRB, dogs need walked))
[16:48] bubastes: (( didn't misunderstand that in some way? ))
[16:48] Tabby (racknor192): (mine depends if you have conditions,12 +4 per condition >.>)
[16:48] Narrator: Zee is saved from death. But she has breathing issues, but the leech helps filter out the dust that she was forced to inhale, her gasmask having been knocked to the side. She is not wounded!
[16:49] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Sahiko Yalin's [Kiu'Tee] HP set to 1.
[16:49] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): BRB
[16:49] Seshet just... observed, letting the Hel'Cathra and order do their thing, her mission recorder rolling. She adjusts her gasmask and makes sure the seals are tight.
[16:50] Zeela is currently KOed for the moment but groans and coughs as wounds are treated and lungs are cleared
[16:50] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: ZeelaSoulstar Resident's [Zeela] HP set to 21.
[16:51] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Sahiko Yalin's [Kiu'Tee] HP set to 31.
[16:52] bubastes: (( i'm confused. how'd zee retreat to safety? ))
[16:52] Madrona (werescrib): ((Kiu grabbed her and dragged her.))
[16:52] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((I took her with me. Standard action pickup, then move for half movement))
[16:52] bubastes: (( okay than ))
[16:53] Kiu'Tee wasnt the strongest of them all, but hell those legs could pull some weight. She carefully, yet quickly retreaded with Zee in her arms and would make sure this rat diplomat Tabby was between them.
[16:53] - ̗̀ Exotic Jazz ̖́- (jackeryfox) is offline.
[16:54] bubastes: (( and here i had something typed out for after receiving yes as an answer to my question ))
[16:55] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((LYah, do I roll PER?))
[16:55] Madrona (werescrib): ((please))
[16:56] bubastes: (( everyone? ))
[16:56] Madrona (werescrib): ((Nah Rain was looking at someone, if you want to do any spotting/inspection of the cavern/rats. Please roll.))
[16:56] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((ONe sec, lemme check something))
[16:57] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 3
(13) - Unmodified
(16) - Modified
[16:57] Franslin slowly made his way up towards the group, holding his cup of tea at hand still "I would like to speak with Rattus... I believe zhat I may communicate with zhem more clearly." he spoke
[16:57] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Reminder that Kiu yelled INCOMMING ? ))
[16:58] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((I swear, Kiu...If you're about to cause an incident))
[16:59] Narrator: Rain would note that the large slug seemed to be a mysterious being, a strange critter. It didn't SEEM magical, but she'd need to inspect it closely. It slithered along, kind of half-drifting from spot to spot. There were also rattus--some uninvolved, who seemed to be...Collecting crystals, and smashing them into dust, and pouring them into sewer drains. Odd behavior. They were not the ones in front, and could have been easily missed, mostly small minions.
[16:59] ღ (sasukiuchiko) is online.
[17:00] Novis Quill: looks up when had Kiu shouted and he looked to the Rattus, ears perking just a bit but he kneels down when Zeela was brought over to check on her.
[17:01] Zeela groans out as she slowly comes around, opening her eyes, "W.what happened, nrg.."
[17:01] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((One sec, checking things...))
[17:01] Madrona (werescrib): ((also, wow, there's so many people here, the rattus tokens I rezzed haven't loaded yet. o.o I think I put down four.))
[17:02] Madrona (werescrib): ((I'll avoid putting down more, but imagine a small swarm in back.))
[17:02] Slifar: ((Yeah thats what I was saying. You guys actually really do have like 60-75% of both sims down here lol))
[17:02] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): I see 6 of them
[17:02] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( Tokens ))
[17:02] Kiu'Tee kept her eyes at the Rats. But when Zeela woke up she got a smile. "Nothing Zee the Law. Kiu just wanted to hug you." With that she would for a short moment strengthen her grip around Zees chest and then gently let her loose.
[17:02] bubastes: (( i can make it better.
it's 2am. so i need sleep ))
[17:02] Seshet continues to watch like a creep from the back, her mission recorder rolling.
[17:02] Madrona (werescrib): ((Go rest if you have to, thank you for being here!))
[17:03] bubastes: (( i enjoyed it. thanks for the event. and sorry for being slow. just can't help it ))
[17:04] Tabby would look back "get Zee back into safety " Looking over to stay in front as she has dealt with Zikra before.. "was.. not aware you all were behind the rubble here.." She would cough a bit more as she leans against the wall, looking back to see what might be going on behind her at all as well
[17:04] Franslin perked his tall ears seeing the ratus grinding up all those crystals he shook his head once and began to gently push his way through the group while clearly his throat a bit as he got ready to speak"Greetings-Hello, I wish to speak to warlord or clanleader of fester-rats, speak, yes-yes?" he spoke with a stunningly different voice all of a sudden.
[17:06] 6326 RAIN projected her Magikal senses towards the slug, adjusting her scope to try and get a clearer image. She keeps her left eye open so she can see the scene in front of her, while the right eye is focused through the scope. She pays attention to the input from her right ey oer her left. [Roll MAE and PER, or just MAE]
[17:06] starbabe1701 is offline.
[17:06] Zikra Shadowscale: was busy shooing the big brute away, who did eventually leave, and went back to breaking down crystals. Zikra looked to the group, "What want here? We warn of danger, why come?" she asked then regarded Franslin, "Not rattus, clean, pure is clan. This one leads clan." she said places a hand on her chest.
[17:06] Madrona (werescrib): ((Roll PER, you can try a MAE roll, but its far away.))
[17:06] starbabe1701 is online.
[17:08] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 3
(6) - Unmodified
(9) - Modified
[17:08] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 6
(13) - Unmodified
(19) - Modified
[17:08] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((My flaoring of the both eyes open stands for my roll. Imagine that!))
[17:10] Zeela groans and tries to move to stand as she is guided back, "What, rattus? What is going on?" she asks, listening to Zikra and frowning a little as she does.
[17:10] Narrator: Lyrah took many, many notes all of the sudden, her brow sharply raising. Franslin squeaking like some kind of NERD. She always figured he was from a Venusian colony...! Meanwhile, Rain would have trouble really focusing in the dim glow, the scope was making v ision even worse--as it reduced incoming light. Just glaring from the odd bio-luminescence. Her roll of mae, though, she could just feel it. An oddly strong aura in the slug. But she couldn't feel a color.
[17:10] starbabe1701 is offline.
[17:11] Franslin looked over towards Zikka "Franslin not call fellow fester-rat rattus no-no, big-great misunderstanding. We understand danger, we help, but we also need shiny-crystal, don't grind-destroy them all, we research-study. Let me through to collect-gather a few and we trade, what does this one need? Fresh-meat? Shiny-clinkies? Strong-steel?"
[17:12] 6326 RAIN gestures to the giant slug in the back. "And please allow this one to see to that creature, so she may keep it from impeding your progress."
[17:12] Seshet perks an unseen brow as the Order rep plays diplomat. She didn't exactly mind. Her mission recorder continued to roll.
[17:14] Novis Quill: nods to Tabby and keeps with Zeela and Kiu, standing with Zeela and placing a paw on her shoulder.
[17:15] Kiu'Tee took a few steps back. Her eyes went left and right, then she told Don:"Hey officerr. Look at this. A whole rrattus infestation digging below yourr beloved colony, kaing swiss cheese of yourr basement. Might wanna see that." She pointed back to the corner of the tunnel she just came from.
[17:15] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): *kaing making
[17:16] Zikra Shadowscale: frowned, "Fester-rat? We not fester, not- Want crystal?" she asked picking up a large crystal and tossing it to Franslin, "Not danger single. More danger here." she said kicking a wall, then whole thing collapsed. She waited crossing her arms, "Tunnel danger.. crystal make weak." she explained. She glared at Kiu, "Should have finders keepers cat friend of rude cat." she grumbled, glancing at Zeela.
[17:17] Madrona (werescrib): ((Is Zikra stopping Rain from going deeper?))
[17:17] starbabe1701 is online.
[17:17] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( For the record Kiu, I'm at the blue marker behind me ))
[17:17] Zeela offers Kiu a smile, "T.thanks.. and uh.. wha?" she then looks to Zikra, "I.. am thankful you did not. Do you.. have ways to communicate like through our comms?" she asks, "And are you stabilising things?" she asks, as she gets her wits slowly back, ignoring the hurty achy
[17:17] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Yeah, Rain did ask in *CoughKhajiitCough* speech to proceed))
[17:17] Tabby would give a small hmm looking back as someone else came up to talk. "we were trying to clean up the debris and such that was here to start." Coughing a bit more still feeling ill.. wiht the order member there she would pull back for the moment heading towards Zee as she wanted to go check on them herself
[17:20] Fate turns around after hearing ku'tee talk to don
[17:21] Kenny (mrbigstuph1645): (( Alright, I need to bounce for the night. ))
[17:21] Franslin shook his head once "Apologies-sorry, Franslin mistake-thought Leader-Rat was different kind-thing." he offered a soft smile. He perked his tall ears when she tossed him the crystal and he elected to let his tea cup fall to the ground to catch the crystal and held it at his side while ordering an NPC Mini-- Order to clean up the tea cup shards. He focused back towards Zikra and nodded his head "Tunnel-sewer dangerous, yes-yes. Fellow rat-things should not be here, be safe. Work-build somewhere safer. Let us work on tunnel-sewer, we have big-machine to help fix-repair safely."
[17:22] Seshet continued to watch from the back. She'd glance over at Kiu, "We're here to observe and make sure there's not a void portal. The repairs and status of the refugees is a matter for corporate to decide."
[17:22] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((*Coughs* Mahna. >.>))
[17:22] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Hokay Don, be good))
[17:26] Madrona (werescrib): ((Afk a sec, sorry, gotta piddle))
[17:28] Zikra Shadowscale: did not stop Rain, nor did any of the rats, they were actively choosing to ignore the slugs existence. She looked at Zeela, then rubbed her index fingers together, "Had, but broke." she muttered, then cleared her throat. She tilted her head, "We make safe safe." she said gesturing the wide spread destruction of crystals going on in the background, "Clan good diggers, not worry about cave drop."
[17:30] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash): Hey Mahna did you see my post?
[17:30] 6326 RAIN proceeds with caution to the slug, her Magikal senses feeling along the way, just like her eyes were. [PProceeding with caution]
[17:30] Shift (renegadee) is online.
[17:31] Narrator: Rain unstopped, would find that the path forward wasn't too bad, the corrupted caverns footing was pretty steady--it had been crunched down first after all. Near the slug--she needs to roll per.
[17:31] Seshet calls over to Franslin, "Can you ask them if there's a portal in the area? If not we can get out of your hair and leave you to it."
[17:32] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: 6326 RAIN rolls 1d20 + 3
(18) - Unmodified
(21) - Modified
[17:32] 6326 RAIN continues to proceed with caution, her Magikal senses still feeling before her.
[17:33] ᴧsнʟᴇʏ ꜰiʀᴇwiɴɢ (ashfirewing) is offline.
[17:34] Zeela nods to Zikra, "I'm Zeela, Elder of the Hel'Cathra tribe. You are settled close to our territory, the green magika filled caves are ours" she explains, "If you like I can try and fix your comm, so we can keep in touch to avoid issues going forward. If not, we are based in the wastes and I can let you know where to go to talk with us" she suggests
[17:34] Franslin looked back towards Seshet and nodded his head "Of course, dahling; give me one moment would you?" he spoke before looking back towards Zikra "Franslin has question for leader-rat, curious-wondering, is there portal-rift in tunnel-caves? Must know even if there are only ruin-remains of a portal-rift."
[17:34] Tabby would go to kneel over Zee "they.. are who tabby mentioned the other day before." Putting a hand on them as she checked them over giving them a small injection since chances are they were not going ot just sit and rest for the moment.
[17:35] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Tabby (racknor192 Resident) has dropped <1> adrenaline_stim.
[17:35] Zeela never rests unless she does
[17:35] Narrator: Rain was greeted with something BEAUTIFUL...! First, the slug itself was pretty--it moved via almost swimming in the air--before landing. It had a strong aura, but no color. Perhaps from consuming raw magika? But she was in a giant crystal cavern--shapes still formed out of ruined parts of citystuff. Hanging metal pipes were now crystalline sculptures--There were markers, totems by the Rattus about certain areas. Maybe..they were warnings? Or some way of designating certain sites for the peons of the clan. Even the dim lights of a few surface-holes made the whole area glow with an odd light. There was still magika in the air, here. Even if most was long since purged. The crater site, free of corruption, was something beautiful. Nature having regrown. Though most of it was of the crawling sort. She even saw a rather large (two foot long!) land leech aggressively swallowing a very large earthworm, almost its size. How grim.
[17:37] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Am i the only one now waiting for a giant skyscraper sized amoeba? Or who has seen "EvolutioN"? :D))
[17:37] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Lets stock up on Head n Shoulders))
[17:37] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Nostalgia.))
[17:38] Alexis (ultimadivine): ((I was thinking Graboids))
[17:38] Hazard (hazardll): ((O.O))
[17:39] Selly (selandraste): {We're fucked if it's Graboids. No Burt Gummer.}
[17:39] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((WrongNeighborhood.mp4))
[17:39] Hazard (hazardll): ((I am tempted to join in, but I know this is closed off xD))
[17:39] Madrona (werescrib): TBH I'm cool if you join in atm if c-sec lets you
[17:39] Bonita Eliseabetha Knight (bonnyjestra) is online.
[17:40] Madrona (werescrib): the 'combat' portion is over
[17:40] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((I mean fair warning, if you enter the area Security is gonna ask for ID. I'm fine with you entering the scene if the order/cats are cool with it, it's primarily their event.))
[17:41] Hazard (hazardll): ((I think I am good from the scan))
[17:41] Hazard (hazardll): ((Got scanned a few days ago High_Tech_Chip :p))
[17:41] 6326 RAIN hmm'ed. "Hmm....Not....really sure what to do with you." She said, moving closer still to the slug, keeping her rifle at the ready...before looking at it. "What am Id oing...." She said, putting her rifle away. "ALl ife is sacred." She said to herself, pulling out her datapad and calling up the ritual circle she had made for her last journey to the Blue Void. "I might have to do something with you....send you to Kui's Domain, maybe? NO..." She rubbd at an ear. "One thing os for're definitely not from Her realm, y-" She swayed in spot, holding a paw to her forehead. "Ooooh....OK, too much Magika in the air right now....." She looked then upon the natural sights before her....and just...her pupils went wide as dinner plates. "Woooooow....." Was all she could say. ((Getting tired myself))
[17:41] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Up to you if you want to enter scene then :V))
[17:42] Will (procyonwill) is online.
[17:42] Alt name has been removed.
[17:42] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: ZeelaSoulstar Resident's [Zeela] HP set to 0.
[17:43] Sasra: would walk down the ladder and notice a very large gathering of armed people around they would sigh "What the hell is going on here?"
[17:43] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Sahiko Yalin's [Kiu'Tee] HP set to 0.
[17:43] Salandras Adamant is offline.
[17:43] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): Arf Arf Arf Arf Arf
[17:43] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): Arf Arf Arf Arf Arf Arf
[17:43] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): FFS
[17:43] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): draw
[17:43] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): sling
[17:43] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): SLING
[17:44] Salandras Adamant is online.
[17:44] Lyrah Ames: approached a bit forward, taking a more aggressive stance for just a moment. "Heyo, Franslin--don't want to be a dick, but can we get the squeaks cleared out? Try and get them to get out of here... We need to inspect these tunnels-recover magika--and clear it for restructuring... I'm sure the Hel'Cathra want to see the birthplace of the Green Dragon in this world to boot."
[17:44] Hazard (hazardll): KONO DIO DA !
[17:46] Seshet glances over her shoulder, her hand coming to rest on the grip of her rifle. "State security matter. Do you have business here?" She'd whistle for the attention of the attention of Bravo squad. "Oi, got a visitor." Her mission recorder continues to roll.
[17:46] Kiu'Tee shrugged at colsecs indecisiveness and went back into the tunnel. She stood right with Lyrah and nodded. "You bet! You know, forr once Kiu has to agrree with this one." She would even totally try and pat Lyrahs shoulder. Totally not pushing her somewhere.
[17:46] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Watch it Kiu. >.> YOu're messing with [REDACTED]'s [REDACTED]))
[17:47] Ana Ka'rimah: gestures to Seshet. "Smith, get over there and check it out."
[17:48] Sasra: they would nod "Yeah I am just trying to pass through, Trying to get to a contact of mine so I can grab a few drinks with them at the Smiling man." Keeping their cool. "Cleaning up more messes are we?"
[17:48] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((You mean its a bad idea to touch a <redacted>, made to <redacted> <redacted>, like Kiu?))
[17:50] Schotzi Smith nodded, "On it." She'd look to the officers, then Seshet. "One of ya got a scanner handy?" she'd ask before approaching the one who'd come down - holding up a palm. "Going to need your idenficiation, 'fore anything else."
[17:51] Freyrr is online.
[17:52] Zeela nods to Tabby, "Thank you" she'd reply, taking it easy due to her wounds, but not wanting to lay down or sit out discovery. To Lyrah she'd nod in agreement, "For sure there" she agrees, "But I should lay down I think.. If there is green magika there, where the dragon was.. please, bring some back for me and the Alpha, or anything directly linked to the great goddess" she requests and explains. "Ow.. breathing is sharp" she adds
[17:52] Sasra: would show her their wrist "Here."
[17:53] Blackjack (garinovitch.raviprakash): Sorry I got pulled away for a moment there with a phonecall)
[17:53] WhitePawn: glances over, her fingers drumming along her weapon as she keeps an eye out, turning back to watching the tunnel. shifting a bit on her hooves.
[17:53] Zeela: I need to sleep sadly)
[17:53] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kaylee Von Schäfer (Meia Cosmos) shows eg_scanner_(permanent) [Equiped].
[17:53] Madrona (werescrib): Hey
[17:53] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((OK.))
[17:53] The Malicious Malkovitch (valentine.tuncsik) is online.
[17:53] Selly (selandraste): {Pssty. Someone else with a scanner will have ot lfash it - Schotz has not been issued... thanks!}
[17:53] Seshet gave a shrug. "Just living the dream. If you're passing through, you'll be allowed to continue on your way after an ID scan." She'd wave over to Smith. "If you don't mind, Cadet." She handed Smith her scanner.
[17:54] Madrona (werescrib): quick question, if I do a followup (tomorrow) maybe, would any hel'cathra/order be up for more of an investigation of the site thing, since I know britain is getting tired?
[17:54] Zeela: I'd like to!)
[17:54] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Hell yeah!))
[17:54] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Yep))
[17:54] Alexis (ultimadivine): (I'll be working all day so, sorries on that XD)
[17:54] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Egov just literally needs to know if there's a portal or not. ;w; Then we can leave you guys to it and get out of your hair.))
[17:55] Schotzi Smith dipped her head to the spook; taking the scanner and passing it over the offered wrist. "As the lady says~."
[17:55] Madrona (werescrib): ((Rain can CONFIRM THERE IS NO PORTAL when she posts))
[17:55] Tabby (racknor192): (7 portals on the way)
[17:55] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((GUCCI))
[17:55] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Well, who you gonna call IF there is a portal? Oh wait, they are already here :D ))
[17:56] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco) shouts: ((Speech time))
[17:56] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((I'm going to call in an alertcon until the thing is dealt with, because some of us don't like the idea of repeating Dawn. >:C))
[17:56] Hazard (hazardll): ((Why is this stupid thing not letting me show this ID xD))
[17:56] Zeela: is it ok if I sleep now?)
[17:56] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): (@showequip)
[17:57] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Fucks me up every time))
[17:57] Madrona (werescrib): go sleep
[17:57] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Go sleep bb.))
[17:57] Zeela: ninis~)
[17:57] Franslin looked down towards Lyrah and nodded his head once "Of course, dahling--" he spoke with a more normal voice "--Allow me but a moment to try and convince zhem" he stated before focusing back towards Zikra "Tunnel-caves very dangerous, but fellow-rats do alot to help-protect and dig-burrow alot, we are grateful-thankful, very-much, yes-yes! But we must ask fellow-rats to please leave-evacuate to safer place-home. Big city, we use special equipment-machines to repair-fix and inspect-look to make sure everything is safe, fellow-rat should feel burdened-forced to fix tunnel-caves, you are great digger-burrowers, but we have special useful-tools."
[17:58] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Schotzi (Selandraste Resident) shows ID_Chip_(Permanent) [Equiped].
[17:59] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kiu'Tee (Sahiko Yalin) shows <1> Butt_Plug.
[17:59] 6326 RAIN steps back into the group and clears her throat. *VERY VERY LOUDLY* "May I have your attention please. I wish to make a small speech." She then began thinking over what she wanted to say.
[17:59] Tabby (racknor192): (nini zee)
[17:59] Seshet turns her attention to Rain.
[17:59] Seshet still recording, obv.
[17:59] Novis Quill: turns to Rain ash well.
[17:59] Iz (harrend) is offline.
[17:59] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Sabena Saber (HazardLL Resident) shows High-Tech_ID_Chip_(Permanent) [Equiped].
[18:00] Hazard (hazardll): ((already rolled this month so I am good for rolling))
[18:01] Zeela (zeelasoulstar) is offline.
[18:02] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Big speech is big. Sorry, guys. Still writing))
[18:03] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((All good))
[18:03] WhitePawn: lets Seshet take care of the speech, keeping to her posting watching the tunnels, flicking her tail as she listens in.
[18:03] Selly (selandraste): {Hm. I don't see anything about a month cooldown on those anymore - anyone dealth with the high-tech variant recently?}
[18:04] Hazard (hazardll): ((Cerdian had))
[18:04] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((I think that once a month thing is...a little OP'ed.))
[18:04] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Those got added after I retired I think.))
[18:04] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((You need a special scanner to contest at all. And a nat roll high enough, or competitive))
[18:04] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((The choice between both goes to the owner of the chip))
[18:04] Tabby would mostly be treated and watching over Zee, perking one of her ears at a supposed speech coming?
[18:04] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((No cooldown other than "scene"))
[18:05] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((Not anymore anyways, once they where GM -rolled at creation. But too much of a hazzle...))
[18:06] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Not seeing anything about a month, am confuse))
[18:06] Selly (selandraste): {Hrm. Thanks, Kiu! So - your call between a HAX vs HAX or me rollin' against an 18 DC, after my.. probably flubbed roll.}
[18:06] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((That was iirc just an interim between gm rolled and current state))
[18:07] Raina Selone-Morse (ookamisuke.babenco): ((Watch, Selly rolls a 20))
[18:07] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Schotzi rolls 1d20
(3) - Unmodified
[18:07] Nyte Cortes (meia.cosmos): ((Lmao))
[18:07] Selly (selandraste): {Not today! Got me them Nobu rolls.}
[18:07] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Sabena Saber rolls 1d20 + 6
(8) - Unmodified
(14) - Modified
[18:07] Lyrah Ames: listened. She was taking notes, and finally, put away her pad. She would listen, but turned to speak towards Seshet. "...I'm going to want to do a followup of this site--it's late... While negotiations are going on, we can't really barge in here... So I'm going to see about a short term barricade."
[18:08] Hazard (hazardll): ((Better luck next time!))
[18:08] Sasra: would stand and wait "We done here?"
[18:08] Kiu'Tee (sahiko.yalin): ((and- onwer chooses between competitive roll (+6 in case of high tech for the defender, no matter the hax), or requiring a nat18 from the scanner. Id strongly recommend the later, always. Unless you wanna buy another, selling! But pshhht :p ))
[18:08] Seshet gave a nod. "Once the presence of the portal is confirmed or debunked, we'll be out of your hair and you won't have us breathing down your neck. We greatly appreciate you cooperating with us, by the way. This has been eating away at me for a good bit."
[18:09] 6326 RAIN sighed, putting all of her gear away and turning around to return to Lyrah. "HIgh Paladin Ames, the tunnel has been cleared and I can currently see no present danger to anyone present. There is no evidence of a Portal being present, and if there was I would have already called in resources to close it." She addressed everyone present. "To all who came together to make this excavation a success, you have the Venusian Order's thanks. We have been working very hard to get to this point, and it was not just the Order that made it possible." She gestured towards the Hel'Cathra. "Hel'Cathra tribe of Mytharii, located outside Rise Colony District 201. Thank you for assistance with teh scaffolding, and the digging. Your efforts have been invaluable in getting everything cleared away safely, and with minimal injury. Nothing is perfect, though, and I regret that Elder Zeela was injured. I wish her a speedy recovery." She turned next to Zikra, and said to Franslin, "Please translate as necessary," Before addressing
[18:09] 6326 RAIN: the rats directly as a group. "To the pure brethren of the species known as Rattus: Zikra's clan-family. THank you all for your own efforts in getting this debris cleared away. And more importantly, thank you for helping Elder Zeela free from the rubble taht collapsed on her. YOu have my thanks, and you have the 7th Legio's thanks as well." She paused, silently and mentally remarking ot herself, 'in spite of the brute's desire to eat or fuck her', then continud again. "YOU have brought much honor to your family, and your efforts are also appreciated I would hope that once the Colony hears of your assistance here tonight, to so many different factions, you will be allowed to come and go as you please with minimal hassle or harassment." She then turned to Colony Security. "And to the Earth Goverment Colony Security of Rise Colony Sector 201. Thank you for watching our backs and keeping our crews and friends safe. The Order appreciates your efforts and it will not be forgotten by those present here today." She
[18:09] 6326 RAIN: then turned to the last remaining group: The VEnusian Order. "And to all Order members present. As Examiner of the Augury, I want to congratulate all of our Initiates who were here today. I hope this has been a lesson to all of you on how to best deal with potentially hazrdous situations. Please remember what you have seen today, and more importantly what you now know:" She gestured to Zikra. "These rats are not the Rattus. They are not our enemies. At worst, they are respected allies. At best, they are our friends" She then turned to Franslin and Lyrah. "And for the two of you. Thank you. FOr letting me try my hands at being in charge of a situation..." She then just flumped down onto the ground, obviously exhaustedf roms uch a long speech!
[18:09] Schotzi Smith dipped her head after a few moments; then motioned along the tunnel with a brief squint at the back of her scanner. "Looks good! Still - this is a quarantined area and I'll have to ask ya to mosey on to whatever business you've got.
[18:10] Zombie doggie (tarquin.evermore) is offline.
[18:10] Sasra: would shrug "Whatever." Then would head out of the tunnel way
[18:12] J. Doe (peopleonfire.sporg) is online.
[18:12] Seshet gave a nod to Rain's speech and sketched a casual salute. "And Earthgov appreciates the efforts of the Hel'Cathra and Order in getting that contaminated debris cleared and confirming the portal is gone, if it was ever there at all." Checking her mission recorder, she was going to need to change tapes soon. "If we're wrapping up for the night, I'm going to send our teams home. Shumba's been causing trouble and we have to see to that."
[18:12] 6326 RAIN adds to Seshet, "Put a bullet in his nuts for me?"
[18:14] Zombie doggie (tarquin.evermore) is online.
[18:14] J. Doe (peopleonfire.sporg) is offline.
[18:16] Salty Rat (rantzon) is online.
[18:16] Kiu'Tee mumbled to Rain. "How...mundane. What about shaving, then bathing?"
[18:16] Seshet nodded to Rain, "I think that can be arranged."
[18:17] Zikra Shadowscale: tilted her head, "No evil shimmer door here." she said flatly, "We break smash if had been." she added then looked around at her rats, and back to the party. She rubbed her head, "Let surface being fix then, but if you die in collapse, it own fault." she said turning and clapping and speaking to her rats, whom dispersed faster then one would expect, some opening vents, some pushing cleverly placed sections of broken wall that concealed passages. All this showed was they could probably use poison darts from every angle in these tunnels. She walked through the party leaving in full view, not ducking out via secret passages. She paused to look back at Rain for a moment, then nodded and continued on her way, was guess that was as much as one could expect.
[18:18] J. Doe (peopleonfire.sporg) is online.
[18:20] Eisenite (eisenhower.ectonite) is offline.
[18:21] Lyrah Ames: took a breath. "Alright everyone! That's a wrap... Let's clear out--any Hel'Cathra, EarthGov, or Order able to help us with a barrier construction, please line up. We're going to be building ourselves a temporary barrier to try and keep civilians from raiding the site for loot before our teams can recover artifacts! We'll get some Order members in here to hopefully keep the Rats from screwing about with our archeology site!"
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