AutoDoc not showing cure addiction prices

sally Marenwolf

New member
Basically what the title says. I went through the trouble of pulling a doctor to treat Dusks addiction, but nothing listed the prices. I figured I'd try with the auto doc, but ended up charging myself 24k I did NOT want to spend, because it never displayed the cost for addiction treatment at all. So a massive waste of credits, and spoiled an intended rp to actually get treatment from another vultures doc.

This is a bit of a problem and it would be nice to see the prices listed correctly to avoid this happening, and actually see what I need to be charging or charged, before I blow that many credits at once.

[16:15] ===Cost of services===
Inserting implant: 3000
Race change: 150000
Racial change: 75000
Implant removal: 3000
Implant cleaning: 3000
Size change: 15000
Mortal Wound Healing: 30000

Services rendered by this bot are on average three times more then staff rendered services. It is highly encouraged you role-play with the hospital staff.
[16:15] Your addiction level has been reduced to 0. You have been charged 24000 for this operation.

Accidentally got it from the auto-doc when I did not intend to, trying to get the price, which it never showed. ^ Prices are also missing from the Vultures price document, but idk who handles that.