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  1. GeneralBaz

    Suggestion: A Weather Forecast

    I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but I think it might be interesting if the hud (or at least the text) told you what weather was coming next (with a chance of being wrong)... if not that, then perhaps a display somewhere with a percentage chance of that weather, like you sometimes see...
  2. GeneralBaz

    Accuracy Penalties!

    I don't think they make sense for some weapons. Like the large sniper rifle and related anti-materiel rifle. Considering that everything about these weapons is designed around accuracy, it doesn't make sense to me that using them would harm your accuracy - especially considering, with the L_S...
  3. GeneralBaz

    MOV ability: Rocket Punch

    A MOV ability that allows you to perform a melee attack substituting MOV for STR, so long as you take a run-up. Perhaps using a full sprint could give bonus damage? Discuss.