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  1. GeneralBaz

    New wings! ^_^

    New wings! ^_^
  2. GeneralBaz

    Magic Corruption Changes

    Personally - I like the idea of non-dark corruption being mandatory. But I do like the idea of it being considerably less vicious.
  3. GeneralBaz

    Suggestion : Theorycrafting "New Edition"

    I would actually have graded levels of hacking nodes, myself. Legal ("White hat") node: Lower payout, no chance of auto-bounty. This would represent legal counter intrusion testing Semi-legal ("Grey Hat") node: Medium payout, small chance of auto-bounty. This would represent doing intrusion...
  4. GeneralBaz

    Sim Improvement, fall through sim cross patch idea

    This isn't needed. A simpler option would be a prim under the ground on each side that extends across the gap from each side would fix the issue. Though with the size of the border, the teleporter might work better.
  5. GeneralBaz

    Suggestion: A Weather Forecast

    I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but I think it might be interesting if the hud (or at least the text) told you what weather was coming next (with a chance of being wrong)... if not that, then perhaps a display somewhere with a percentage chance of that weather, like you sometimes see...
  6. GeneralBaz

    Idea for credit sinks using Tiered Gear/Gear Upkeep

    I'd like that. I'd pay a regular upkeep for a slightly-pimped rifle. Perhaps not fielding kits that require gathering, but... power cells from a vendor maybe?
  7. GeneralBaz

    A SUGGESTION for a new combat system

    Naah I don't want crystals on Daisy =3
  8. GeneralBaz

    Reworking Executions.

    Mortal wounds, by the text, mean you are dead (and here's the important bit) or at real risk of death. I don't see how it's god-modding , if you follow that logic and play your character as suitably injured and/or getting medical attention.
  9. GeneralBaz

    A SUGGESTION for a new combat system

    I like the idea of it remaining that way. Buuut I'm a speed freak so....
  10. GeneralBaz

    A SUGGESTION for a new combat system

    If I remember rightly, MOV isn't capped...
  11. GeneralBaz

    Research & Development Projects

    Item Name: M_S_Spotting_Scope_(Permanent) Item Stats: 1d20 BAL This weapon does not require reloading. Pairs with any other character carrying a weapon using the [Sniper] item property. This item does 0 damage to the target, instead it provides the following; On hit: Provides an ACC bonus to...
  12. GeneralBaz

    Suggestion: Neural Backups For Boo Bot

    I agree with this. And while we're at it, can we automate chipping too? It's fucking tedious to do. You also need a neural backup for a clone to actually be you, with your memories.
  13. GeneralBaz

    Accuracy Penalties!

    I don't think they make sense for some weapons. Like the large sniper rifle and related anti-materiel rifle. Considering that everything about these weapons is designed around accuracy, it doesn't make sense to me that using them would harm your accuracy - especially considering, with the L_S...
  14. GeneralBaz

    A small list of suggestions

    *waves the 'tea' flag* I also agree with most of these points and think these need tiscussing.
  15. GeneralBaz

    Event Calander that's publically viewable.

    I would like this too.
  16. GeneralBaz

    BAL Ability Suggestions.

    It worked for the Zorg ZF-1...
  17. GeneralBaz

    Money-Sink Idea: Billboards

    I would pay for billboards on my pig to advertise Fly'N'Fry! ColSec could also include bounties on there!
  18. GeneralBaz

    Overt/Covert territory attacks

    The Colony and Junktown are somewhat treated like bases, though. If we can't have something like this, can we like, be authorised to go into the wastes? Things are a little one-sided right now.
  19. GeneralBaz

    Overt/Covert territory attacks

    That sounds fine to me then!