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    Suggestion for noding

    "When people are saying 'just do lockpicking' because it's the strongest node at the moment, I feel there is a problem. " This is why I have ambitions on completely redoing the mining system. This is why I have ambitions and plans to make HAX and Mining on an equal footing to LKP. I also have...
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    Suggesting a simplification of mining drills

    Hmmmm this is indeed a problem. We will be creating a complete remake to mining in the coming months.
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    Staff Application

    You can apply to become a member of our team here: >>> Application <<<
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    New appeal form

    To appeal any decision the RoE staff has made, including bans, or rulings on a situation/scene. You may also use this form to report players anonymously. *It can take up to 1 week for staff to receive appeal requests, and we will not reveal any punishments, names, or intimate details of any...
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    The Desktop thread

    @Victoria You're from AN? We're war buddies! I serve the Dark lords now in Chaos