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    Overt/Covert territory attacks

    yeah, I think Im gonna do something about this right away. I can easily see how it is not fair on C.SEC. I will work with my GMs for a solution, but the rules for C.SEC are the same for now. Go talk to the board of directors. Anyway, thats a different topic. I believe we are discussing spy...
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    Overt/Covert territory attacks

    nah it doesn't take days. Sometimes, yes. But try it more often and we can practice getting it set up quicker. Doing raids into a enemy area requires a couple days to plan anyway, so that isnt a bad thing. Pardon me if this is forward, but what I think you guys are trying to ask for is; a equal...
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    Overt/Covert territory attacks

    Every base is allotted a area infront of them that is their territory and can reinforce from and ignore ratio rules inside, as is the reinforcing rules. Sneaking or doing crime or what have you in those areas do not require GMs to do it, but you are to enter at your own risk, as the enemy can...
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    Overt/Covert territory attacks

    As much as I don't like how Moon decided to word his reply -- I agree. Theres little to no way to constantly have STs or GMs on staff around the clock to manage this proposal, even if I had a entire fleet of them. I see alot of good ideas and potential here, but alot of it is stuff that should...
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    Suggestion for noding

    "When people are saying 'just do lockpicking' because it's the strongest node at the moment, I feel there is a problem. " This is why I have ambitions on completely redoing the mining system. This is why I have ambitions and plans to make HAX and Mining on an equal footing to LKP. I also have...
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    Suggesting a simplification of mining drills

    Hmmmm this is indeed a problem. We will be creating a complete remake to mining in the coming months.
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    Staff Application

    You can apply to become a member of our team here: >>> Application <<<
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    New appeal form

    To appeal any decision the RoE staff has made, including bans, or rulings on a situation/scene. You may also use this form to report players anonymously. *It can take up to 1 week for staff to receive appeal requests, and we will not reveal any punishments, names, or intimate details of any...
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    The Desktop thread

    @Victoria You're from AN? We're war buddies! I serve the Dark lords now in Chaos